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Promote Reading: Sustained Silent Reading
I use Sustained Silent Reading daily with every ESL Newcomers class to promote reading. Every Monday each class goes to the library for the first 20 minutes to select library books of their choice to read for the week. ESL students have a wonderful selection of new books (high interest/lower reading levels)at the Central Campus library. After checking out their books, students are allowed to sit and read their books or magazines and newspapers, while waiting. Daily at the beginning of each class period, students read silently for 10 minutes with ethnic background music. Often students will request "just a few more minutes". If students finish their book during the week, they return to the library for another book. Keys to Success * Everyone reads - The teacher needs to be a role model. * Long term and consistent - 10 minutes daily *Availability of suitable material - A wide range of high interest materials at varing reading levels * Choice - Students are allowed to choose their book.
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This has worked well with my students. They really enjoy going to the library every Monday. I am surprised how their vocabulary and reading comprehension has improved.
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