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Promote Reading: General Reading Promotion
In my horticulture class, students are finding through experience the importance of reading in our subject. Here are a few examples: I had the students pick several varieties of seeds and plant them according to the instructions. Several students did not follow the instructions as written. The result was several thousand seed rotting because of poor depth placement. The result was powerful proof of why reading and following instructions to the letter are important. The next unit,the seeding interval,went a little better but the students had to figure out timing of the calender to relate to the transplanting time. Plant tags and labeling became extremely important as the customer would determine if the students did a good job at our plant sale by labeling the correct plant. I also used KWL to introduce our garden plot drawings. The class told me about their favorite vegetable and we then discussed the raising of them as it relates to family budgets, health, and source of origin. They compared prices and then figured what they could save on a food budget by raising their own produce.
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It is working better than I thought. Several students have shown an intense interest in the class and how we are progressing as a business. They and their parents are giving me some positive feedback to the project. I will expand this type of activity for next year.
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