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I teach home building technology. My students need to know technical terminology to understand building concepts. One activity I've tried is playing a jeopardy-style game. I wrote the terms on the board under categories (eg. walls,floors,roofs etc.). Students were put into two teams. The category was given, then a definition was read. The first student to raise their hand was given a chance to answer the question correctly. If answered correctly their team received a point. If they missed it, the team would lose a point. The game continued until the last ten definitions, then I would call on students who had not participated.
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The students were very competitive and enthusiastic. By choosing specific students toward the end I ensured that all students participated. I was surprised at some of the students that were able to answer a lot of the questions. In the future I think I'll make cards for the words so this is a little easier to set up.
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