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Vocabulary: General Vocabulary
I have used this game for vocabulary building. I call it Vocabulary Basketball. In this teacher-made game the class is divided into two teams. The teacher can hand pick the teams matching students of equal ability. A wastebasket is the hoop. Wadded up paper wrapped in masking tape is the unbouncable ball. Tape is put on the floor marking off 2pts., 5 points, 7 points, and 10 points (higher points are further from the basket). The teacher stands at the front with the large flashcards. One student from each team comes up and the teacher says 1,2,3 and turns the card toward the students. The first student to say what is on the card gets to decide how many points they want to shoot for. The first team to get to 21 is the winner.
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Very Useful and Effective
The kids love this game! It works better after they have gotten to know one another. It is very flexible and any class that needs to work on vocabulary of any sort (pictures, words, definitions, matching etc.) could get students involved in this fast-paced game.
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