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Promote Reading: General Reading Promotion
I teach two one semester classes: Introduction to Health Careers and Medical Terminology. I have developed a shadowing component to the class. The student is out one day a week for a period of ten weeks. They shadow health professionals in fields as diverse as PT,RN,Resp,Dr.,Peds,Lab, xray, EMS,or operating room. The students have a guided journal for the day, points are assigned. Each week there is a different focus. The journal for reading is: 1. Introduce yourself 2. Ask your professional how long they have been in a health career. 3.Did they have previous work experience? 4.What types of reading takes place in this career? 5.How would they classify the reading material: easy, fairly difficult, difficult? 6.Can someone get along in this environment that does not know how to read? The student then journals according to the expectations set by me. The following week, I asked how math and science were used. The questions can be tailored to your class.
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Here's a smple from a student's log - "Reading is a big part of the physical therapists job. Drs have a tendency to scribble...PTs must be able to piece out the information...they must pay attention to notes by nurses...the reading material is difficult...I was reading some notes that were in some kind of code, I found out they were abbreviations, anyone else would think they wrote gibberish. In absolutely no way could someone get a long in this environment that does not know how to read. They would not know what they were doing, not know the patient's sympoms or complaints... they would be lost." TJB
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