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Combinations: Graphic Organizers
Preparation: 1. I present a variety of graphic organizers to my students at the beginning of the course. (eg. Fish bone, mind map, web etc.). I give examples and go over the reasons to use organizers. 2. Then students get the chance to create organizers to take notes from their reading. I provide large tablet paper for them. Students are instructed to turn headings to questions while they read the text. They use the answers to their questions to fill in their organizer. 3. Each student then presents to the class. They share their large tablet paper organizer. During their presentation, vocabulary should be especially highlighted and explained. The students usually need several chapters to get the "hang" of it, especially since they want to write every "the and and". The training takes some time, but from the student's evaluations, they appreciate this method very much. I also use this in small groups once they know how to do it. The student groups are given a section of information to present. Responsibility to read the entire unit is the students. Participation points can be given, by breaking the presentation into: 3 points Objectives met 3 points Content presented clearly 3 points Everyone in the group participated 6 points Evaluation tool used to see if learning took place or if the group does not come prepared, the entire class takes a "pop" quiz.
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We have a lot of content to cover - I am pleased with the way the students take more responsibility for the reading now. Here are some of my students comments: "They put into words, so that I could understand; The pictures were helpful; Everyone's input is better than just one person; It was cool, because we just didn't sit down and do work all day; In order to teach something you have to learn yourself; 
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Family/Consumer Science
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Grade 11
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