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Combinations: KWL
KWL was used with an article to introduce a new unit to electronic students. I wanted to emphasize the history of the concept being taught, as the textbook is weak in this area. I specifically wanted to spotlight an inventor and his discoveries and their impact on electronics. We did the "Know" column on the board as a large group. Students were actively involved. When it came to "Things I Want to Know" there was stoney silence. Students completed the "What I Learned" column on their own, then we discussed it in the large group.
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Useful but Needs to Be Modified
I can see how this strategy can connect the "know" to the new knowledge. However, I'd tweak it a bit before using it again. I liked doing the "Know" section in a large group. There was intense competition to participate, and things got lively in a hurry! However, next time I will change the middle column to what's EXPECTED to know and write in some starters myself before soliciting information from students. I would also have students take notes at the end to see what has been learned collectively. That way they're learning from each other.
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Technology Ed
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Grade 11
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