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Research Collection

The Iowa Department of Education Content Network was created to provide local districts with current information about scientifically research-based instructional practices that will:
  1. help local districts to attain their goal(s) for increasing student achievement.
  2. provide local districts and AEAs with a resource for identifying strategies that are research-based and have the potential for implementation in Iowa school settings.
  3. support the implementation of the Iowa Student Achievement and Teacher Quality Program and to address the requirements of No Child Left Behind.

Through implementation of scientifically based research practices and programs, educators will have greater confidence that what they are doing in the classroom will have the greatest likelihood of improving student performance. Part of the challenge will be to accept the research and be prepared to change policies and practices to reflect it. Educators must examine what is taught, when it is taught, and how it is taught.

Teams of Iowa educators have read and analyzed research studies and rated them using specified criteria. The current reviews are not exhaustive, and additional content will be regularly reviewed and added to this site. The Department welcomes input from Iowa educators on studies that could be considered as potential inclusions on this site.

Iowa Department of Education Research Collection