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Strategy Toolbox: Internet
General Internet Reading

Internet reading is an emerging literacy, so research in this area is ongoing. One strategy that is emerging as a best practice however is modeling. Teachers talk through their own online reading practices. This works best if the teacher takes some time to become aware of their own online reading: How do you read web pages? Where do your eyes go? What decisions are you making while reading? Why? How do you use hyperlinks?

In general, online reading is more purpose-driven than text reading. Therefore, teachers need to be sure their purpose is clear before giving an assignment which requires online reading.

Reading Web Sites

Many teachers are including web resources in their teaching. One classroom teacher put up a large laminated poster of the units to be studied for a semester; each unit had a blank 12” square below it. As students discovered web sites pertaining to the unit, they wrote them on sticky notes and stuck them to the poster.


The following site has great information on searching the web:
How to Search the Web

Using a web search can be a great pre-reading activity. Students can be directed to answer specific question on the topic to be read. Another variation of this is to give students a set time.For example, “Find out all you can about the digestive system in the next ten minutes.”

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