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Strategy Toolbox: Promote Reading
General Reading Promotion

This isn’t really a “strategy” "per se"; however, there is a link between promoting reading and students’ reading improvement. The following are ways to promote reading:
Read Aloud - Share a newspaper article, children’s book, magazine article or short story - any "read aloud" material to awaken interest or introduce a topic. Eventually students may want to bring something in to be read.
Model – While students are testing, read! Modeling is a powerful tool. Talk about books you enjoy. Be sure you are reading when students read during sustained silent reading (SSR).
• Create a Classroom Library – Ask for donations from students and parents. Keep a variety of materials at hand.
Book Talks – It only takes a few minutes to have a “book commercial.” Another variation of this is a laminated poster of “Good Books” where students write in books they’ve read and would recommend.

Sustained Silent Reading

The following are the keys to successful sustained silent reading:
• Teacher is a role model – The teacher uses the time to read when the students are reading.
• Long term and consistent – A regular time is set aside for reading.
• Availability of materials – A wide range of materials at varying reading levels is easily accessible for students.
• Choice – Students are allowed to choose their reading materials. Teachers can impose boundaries on that choice; however, more reading gains are made when students choose their materials.

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