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Adolescent Boys and Literacy

Adolescent Literacy and the Content Areas

Background Knowledge – Research on the Importance of Pprior Knowledge

Best Practices

Book Magazine Article on Teen Literacy

Iowa Teaching Standards

IRA Position Statement

Metacognition and Reading Comprehension

Metacognition and Strategic Reading

National Reading Panel Home

NCTE Position Statement on Reading

RAND Reading Study Group Report

Research About Strategic Reading

Struggling Adolescent Readers

Vacca Article ASCD, November 2002

What Does Research Say About Reading?

Why Use Reading Strategies

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Basic Graphic Organizers

Examples of Anticipation Guides

Four Strategies

Frayer Model

General Strategies

Graphic Organizer Worksheets

Guiding Principles to Strategic Reading

Guidelines for Creating Graphic Organizers

How to Search the Web

Index of Graphic Organizers

Introduction to Teaching Strategies

Library of Organizers

Multiple Intelligence

Organizational Strategies

Post-Reading Strategies

Pre-Reading Strategies

Puzzle Makers

Questioning Strategies 1

Questioning Strategies 2


QAR – Questioning Strategy

RAFT Strategy

Reading Comprehension Online Reading – Research

References for Graphic Organizers

Sample Graphic Organizers

Sample Graphic Organizers 2

Strategies for Instruction – Best Site for Strategies!

Strategies: SQ3R, etc. and Reciprocal Teaching

Vocabulary Strategies

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Cooperative Learning Activities

Cooperative Learning in Higher Education

Cooperative Learning in Math – Applicable to Other Subjects

General Teaching Tips

how to Promote Discussion

Reading Strategy Awareness Survey for Students

Reciprocal Teaching NCREL

Think Alouds


Useful Instructional Strategies

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