State of the Iowa Democratic Party
Dec 2, 2016 | 29 min

Developing blueprints. Election losses driving democratic assessments and retooling. Insights from three democratic activists on this edition of Iowa Press. Funding for Iowa Press was provided by...

Brad Anderson
Dec 2, 2016 | 1 min

Democratic strategist Brad Anderson says part of the reason Democrats weren't successful in the 2016 election is that they didn't have the right message reaching the right people.

Sen. Rob Hogg
Dec 2, 2016 | 2 min

Sen. Rob Hogg (D-Cedar Rapids) says Democrats have to be reactive to what Republican legislators do, but they also must present a positive vision for how Democrats could govern better and win back...

Jessica Vanden Berg
Dec 2, 2016 | 1 min

Democratic strategist Jessica Vanden Berg says she agrees with recent comments from former Iowa Gov. and U.S. Sec. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack about Democrats needing to pay more attention to rural...

Market Plus: Sue Martin
Dec 2, 2016 | 13 min

Pearson: This is the Friday, December 2, 2016 version of the Market Plus segment. Joining us now is Sue Martin. Sue, welcome back. Martin: Thank you, Mike. Pearson: We are glad to have you. We did...

Dec 1, 2016 | 1 min

Caveman and Abby Brown talk about the importance of saving money!

Seth And Jenny Van Zante
Dec 2, 2016 | 6 min

According to USDA, net farm income has reached its highest five-year average, due in part to record prices in 2012. Today, the payout is decidedly lower than those drought infused years as net farm...

Market to Market (November 25, 2016)
Nov 25, 2016 | 28 min

World leaders defend globalization in the wake of U.S. free trade uncertainty and the history of old iron is revived through sibling rivalry. These stories and market analysis with Ted Seifried.

All-State Music
Nov 23, 2016 | 1 hr 27 min

This annual special features the top high school musicians in Iowa performing during the All-State Music Festival.

All-State Music
Nov 23, 2016 | 4 min

Performance from Iowa's 2016 All-State Music Festival, the annual special featuring top high school musicians from across the state.