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History Detectives

Crack the Case

How do we develop and support theories about historical events using primary and secondary research sources? In this lesson based on PBS’s History...


Iowa Outdoors in the Classroom

Iowa Outdoors focuses on outdoor recreation, environmental issues, conservation initiatives, and Iowa’s natural resources. From giant caves that...

Students at Computer

What Is Cyberlearning?

We are living in the information age. The development of networked computer technology has created a world in which information flows freely, and...

Teaching Channel

Teacher Channel: Inspired Professional Development

Everyone has a story about a remarkable teacher. Teaching Channel has several. Teaching Channel is a professional development site where teachers can...

City Farm

City Farm

Everyone knows that foods like vegetables, grains, meat and fruits are grown or raised on farms. Most of us, however, get our food from a grocery...

Math + Problem Solving = Cyberchase

Math + Problem Solving = Cyberchase

How do you help your students develop stronger math and problem solving skills? How do you create a positive environment about math? And how can you...


Farming the Desert

Every year, more than 40 percent of our planet’s land suffers drought, and more than two billion people call this parched land home. So how do they...

Teen girls with mobile devices

Social Media in Education. Is it a Good Thing?

There are a great number of arguments, however, for why social media should be used in education—the most compelling being that since its inception, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. have been sites that students want to use.

Period Table

Elemental Resources

In celebration of NOVA’s Hunting the Elements , we thought putting together a list of elemental resources would be appropriate. Here you will find...

Woodchopping Contest | Iowa State Fair 2014

Woodchopping Contest | Iowa State Fair 2014

| 00:02:42

We all know IPTV’s Paul Yeager likes to wear flannel shirts and lumberjack boots, so we sent him to the Wood chopping Contest…but since it’s summer, w...

Seeing Beyond-PBS Digital Studios

When Science and Art Collide

STEM or STEAM? When we talk about science, technology, engineering, and math, are there truly four individual, separate subject areas or can there be...

The President Speaks on Promoting Community Broadband

The President Speaks on Promoting Community Broadband

| 00:19:41

On Wednesday, January 14, the President traveled to Cedar Falls, Iowa, where he laid out new steps to increase access to affordable, high-speed Internet...