Iowa Public Television

Race in Iowa
Elaine Graham Estes
Charles P. Howard Jr. (1921-1994)
Dean Philip Hubbard (1921-2002)
Hon. Harold Hughes (1922-1996)
Arlene Roberts-Morris
James B. Morris, III
Robert A. Wright, Sr.
Race in Iowa Race in Iowa
1900-1919 A New Century of Hope and the Great WarRace in Iowa1919-1940 The KKK and the Great DepressionRace in Iowa1941-1946 A World War and Jim CrowRace in Iowa1946-1968 Civil Rights to VietnamRace in Iowa

I produced the following interviews in support of my “Tradition And Valor” television documentary that aired in February 1994 on Iowa Public Television. They feature individuals who not only knew my family for many years but are each important players in Iowa history in their own right. My interviewees provided first person accounts of important events and people making the multi-racial history of our great state. I hope you will enjoy their comments as much as I do and cherish the contributions of these great Americans.
- Robert V. Morris