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Elaine Graham Estes Charles P. Howard Dean Philip Hubbard Hon. Harold Hughes James B. Morris, III Arlene Roberts-Morris Robert A Wright, Sr.
1900-1919 A New Century of Hope and the Great War1919-1940 The KKK and the Great Depression1941-1946 A World War and Jim Crow1946-1968 Civil Rights to Vietnam


1941-1946 A World War & Jim Crow

A second great war provided another hopeful opportunity for blacks and they enlisted in the military by the thousands. Unfortunately, racial discrimination met them head on dashing many of their dreams to fight in Europe and the South Pacific. Black Iowans served bravely in the few black combat regiments on the ground as infantry and tankers, and in the air as Tuskegee Airmen fighter pilots. Although met again by violence and Jim Crow segregation upon their return home, the GI bill unlocked the door of higher education to thousands of black men who would lead the emerging black socio-economic middle class.