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Barbecue University with Steven Raichlen

Rib Master (#406)

This is the rib crash course, featuring classic spare ribs, dinosaur beef ribs and Mint Julep ribs. [26 minutes] TV-G Closed Captioning

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Series Description: Grilling is the world's oldest and one of the healthiest cooking methods. It also is the perfect way to cook for today's healthy lifestyle, being naturally high in flavor, low in fat and short on preparation time. BARBECUE UNIVERSITY offers viewers a complete crash course on the how-to's of barbecuing and grilling. THE BBQU "campus" is the historic Greenbrier resort and the "classroom" features a state-of-the-art collection of grills and smokers. BARBECUE UNIVERSITY host Steven Raichlen has become the world's foremost authority on barbecue. His multi-award-winning Barbecue Bible cookbook series has sold more than 1.4 million copies.

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  • Gone Fishing (#105)

    Cedar-planked fillet of salmon, halibut in a basket, grilled tuna London broil, salmon and trout. [27 minutes]

  • Birds on the Can (#107)

    Beer can chicken is the most eye-popping, jaw-dropping dish on the American barbecue circuit [27 minutes]

  • Tackle The Tailgate (#109)

    Steven grills up jalapeno stuffed wieners, "buffa-que" wings, s'mores and the perfect burger. [27 minutes]

  • Fowl Play (#112)

    Tuscan-style chicken under a brick and a fail-proof version of barbecued chicken are showcased. [27 minutes]

  • Shellfish on the Grill (#113)

    Bacon-grilled Shrimp, Scallops on Rosemary Skewers and Grilled Lobster basted with Basil Butter. [27 minutes]

  • High On Hog (#201)

    Bratwurst with grilled bell peppers and an 18-pound Cuban Christmas Eve ham called lechon asado, [27 minutes]

  • World of Steak (#202)

    Prepare different recipes of steak from Cuba, Mexico and Viet Nam. [27 minutes]

  • BBQ from Soup to Nuts (#203)

    Smoky corn chowder Brazilian stuffed rib roast and goat cheese cooked on a pair of Weber grills. [27 minutes]

  • Go Fish (#204)

    Planked Salmon, grilled Prawns, Tuna Steaks and juicy grilled Swordfish Steaks are served. [27 minutes]

  • Where There's Smoke (#205)

    Steven covers the slight differences between smoking in a smoker, a kettle and a gas grill. [27 minutes]

  • Greatful Bread (#206)

    Grilled Pizza, quesadillas, real bruschetta, Spanish pan con tomate and hand stretched Naan. [27 minutes]

  • Stuck On Skewers (#207)

    Highlights include sweet and salty bacon grilled prunes, authentic shish kebab and grilled quail. [27 minutes]

  • Fire Birds (#208)

    Iced tea chicken, ylver paper chicken, piri-piri chicken from Portugal and grilled game hens. [27 minutes]

  • Vegging Out (#209)

    Cooking vegetarian dishes for the grill including tofu on stilts, Robatataki and crisp artichokes. [27 minutes]

  • A Little Lamb (#210)

    A classic Turkish combination of lamb and eggplant and spicy Australian-style lamb steak.. [27 minutes]

  • What's Your Beef? (#211)

    Different recipes from places around the world where beef is the pitmaster's meat of choice. [27 minutes]

  • Party Down (#212)

    Regional favorites, including Wisconsin Double Brats and a version of Cheese Steaks on the grill. [27 minutes]

  • The Five Methods of Live Fire Cooking (#213)

    Stoned Chicken and Peking Duck and potatoes roasted to succulent tenderness are served. [27 minutes]

  • Chicago and the Midwest (#301)

    The professor finds Grilled Pitas, Grilled Red Pepper Dip, Veal Burgers and Bratwurst "Hot Tub." [27 minutes]

  • The American Tropics - Hawaii (#302)

    A Tuna "London Broil" with a Sesame-Pepper-Wasabi Crust & Rotisseried Honey Lime Huli Huli Chicken. [27 minutes]

  • New England (#303)

    From shoreline to foothills, the professor covers New England fish to fowl, summer to fall. [27 minutes]

  • Louisiana and the Gulf Coast (#304)

    New shrimp and smokies; Grill blackened catfish with fennel; Cajun roastin' chicken on a beer can. [27 minutes]

  • Texas and Oklahoma (#305)

    Drunken steak, smoke-lahoma brisket with baked beans and bourbon and apricot spit-roasted ham. [27 minutes]

  • The Pacific Rim (#306)

    Lemongrass pork sates with peanut Sauce and cucumber relish and grilled salmon with citrus butter. [27 minutes]

  • America's Crossroads (#307)

    Louisville Wings, Memphis Dry rub ribs with Memphis Mustard Slaw and St. Louis Pork Steaks. [27 minutes]

  • Northern California (#308)

    Hog Island BBQ oysters and Grilled Tenderloin in Herb Crust with Grilled French Fried Potatoes. [27 minutes]

  • The Mid-Atlantic (#309)

    Grilled soft-shell crabs, Baltimore pit beef, and Spit-roasted lamb with Potatoes and Garlic. [27 minutes]

  • The Southwest (#310)

    Grilled fry bread, BBQ bean and chile rellenos, churrasco portabello and salsa verde. [27 minutes]

  • The South (#311)

    Chicken with white BBQ sauce and grilled okra popsicles, and Tennessee pork loin with Whiskey. [27 minutes]

  • Florida (#312)

    Jalapeno jerk ribs with pineapple BBQ sauce and grilled bananas with spiced butter and rum. [27 minutes]

  • Southern California (#313)

    Grilled Caesar salad, grilled artichokes and Santa Maria Tri-tip with Pinquinto Beans. [27 minutes]

  • Fire and Water (#401)

    Our host gives his favorite strategies for grilling fish as he creates some delicious meals. [26 minutes]

  • The New Face of Beef (#402)

    A clod is 18 pounds of pure beef pleasure cooked low and slow to fork-tender perfection. [26 minutes]

  • Meatless Grilling (#403)

    This menu includes Portobello mushrooms, ginger-studded grilled tofu and Macaroni and Cheese. [26 minutes]

  • High on the Hog (#404)

    The Professor spit roasts coconut-crusted ribs and fruit kebabs in a hi-tech outdoor kitchen. [26 minutes]

  • Louisiana Tribute (#405)

    Grill-top shrimp "boil" jazzed up with grilled bratwurst, Big Easy barbecued turkey and Cajun tuna. [26 minutes]

  • Grilling with Wood (#407)

    Tips to select the proper woods, match them to your menu, build a perfect fire & get maximum flavor. [26 minutes]

  • Extreme Grilling (#408)

    Butter and Herb split roasted turkey with flaming hot pepper kebabs will add theatrics to your meal. [26 minutes]

  • Southwest Revisited (#409)

    The menu includes green lightening shrimp kebabs, millionaire brisket & oven-grilled tortilla chips. [26 minutes]

  • Tailgate Warriors (#410)

    A platter of grilled polenta with Italian sausage and peppers, prosciutto panini and Calgary wings. [26 minutes]

  • On The Lamb (#411)

    Succulent Lamb on the Rod with sweet peppers. Chops and Steaks with a Feta Cheese Sauce. [26 minutes]

  • The Best of the Breast (#412)

    Tarragon chicken paillards, which are pounded paper thin and maple-smoked turkey breast. [26 minutes]

  • Fire Away (Getting Started) (#413)

    Pancetta-grilled diver scallop rumaki, summer sausage s'mores, and barbecued Chinatown ribs. [26 minutes]

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