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Garden SMART

Episode #810

An ugly duckling is turned into a beauty in just one week during this tough landscape makeover. [26 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: "Garden Smart" is a "hands in the dirt" program that provides its' viewers with practical, timely gardening advice. Produced in association with The National Gardening Association, a non profit organization whose purpose is to educate and promote gardening to young and old alike, "Garden Smart" each week provides valuable gardening tips, the latest trends "on the verge" and design advice, all with the purpose of making gardening fun and interesting. "Garden Smart" is filmed each week at beautiful resorts and gardens in every region of the country. These locations provide not only a stunning backdrop but additionally provide a sort of mini vacation for the viewer. The visiting resident horticulturist and the host provide practical advice useful to a country-wide audience. Plants are tagged on-screen with growing zones where they thrive. Even when filming at a hot, desert location information will be presented making it pertinent for those in cold climates - how to grow Cactus in containers, for example. Gardeners are always looking for new ideas and new plants - "Garden Smart" is unique in that it's a gardeners show and presents new information each week that lets gardeners know what other gardeners are growing and how. Frequently addressed topics include landscape design, household and garden pests and kids gardening. The goal each week is to take the mystery out of gardening, make it fun, present new ideas and let the audience "Garden Smart." Viewers are encouraged to contact the shows' experts and ask gardening questions via email and toll free phone lines, when a trend is noticed that topic is then addressed on the show. No other gardening show provides the timely, up to date gardening advice available from "Garden Smart." Don't let other names cause confusion-there is only one "Garden Smart."

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  • Episode #201

    Wake up your yards and gardens from their long winter nap. It's the time of year to think about outdoor gardening, this episode provides "Garden Smart" tips for making your garden look great. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #202

    Orchids have become one of the most popular potted plants available today. This show shares important tips about growing Orchids in your home. Our experts also discuss variety selection, fertilizing, potting and propagating. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #203

    Bulbs are a springtime favorite. This show focuses on some old favorites, some common and uncommon spring flower bulbs and our experts show you how to plant and naturalize these springtime gems in your garden beds. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #204

    Annuals provide some of the most vivid color in our yards and gardens throughout the season. Today our experts explore some of these beautiful plants, discuss planting techniques that will be helpful for maintaining colorful and dramatic displays in your garden and offer tips helpful for extending the season utilizing annual flowers. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #205

    The garden center can be intimidating - so many products, so many choices. Our experts provide tips and techniques for selecting and buying trees, shrubs, flowers and supplies. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #206

    Topiaries are becoming more and more popular. Today our experts will share their ideas for selecting, planting, pruning and maintaining topiary shrubs and flowers in your yard and in containers. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #207

    Container gardening continues to grow in popularity. Container gardening allows anyone to garden, even in a small space. Our experts show us different containers, discuss plant selection, fertilizing, watering and how to maintain a productive container garden. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #208

    Kid's Gardening is popular with kids and adults of all ages. Create a garden any child, big or small, would enjoy. Learn about the best plants for kids, kid's garden design ideas and how to maintain the garden with your child or grandchild. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #209

    Today our experts talk lawns. A beautiful lawn needs a good start. Learn the basics of amending the soil, seeding, patching, fertilizing, watering and starting a lush lawn. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #210

    Perennial Borders provide a beautiful "punch" to our gardens. A colorful perennial garden requires a mix of different flowers blooming throughout the season. Our experts discuss selecting perennials, color choices, planting techniques and bed maintenance, all with the goal of constructing a healthy, beautiful perennial flower garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #211

    Roses are the most popular flower in America, yet every week we receive many questions about Roses and Flowering Shrubs. Today our experts show us how to use different Roses in the landscape. As well, we'll explore flowering shrubs that compliment Roses and learn how to keep Roses and Shrubs looking their best. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #212

    Herb Gardening. Not only are herbs attractive in the garden, they're also a healthy addition to our diet. There is nothing better than picking fresh herbs from your garden for a meal. Learn about the best culinary and medicinal herbs and how to keep them productive. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #213

    Today our experts discuss ways to make gardening easier on your physical well-being. This "in" topic is called adaptive gardening. From raised beds to special tools and techniques, we'll show you ways to adapt your garden with the objective of having less impact on your body. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #401

    With the rolling Tennessee countryside as a backdrop Garden Smart visits a wonderful garden with extensive boxwood plantings, a color garden, an award winning wildflower garden and more. This is not only a pretty show but packed with gardening and design information. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #402

    Garden Smart visits a trial garden in South Carolina. On display are more than 1,500 different flowers and vegetables including this year's All-American Selections competitors. If there's not something here that tickles your fancy, gardening is not for you. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #403

    Tour the wonderful gardens of Taos, New Mexico, located on a high-desert that is steeped in history. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #404

    A resort in Taos, NM incorporates water filtration methods for beautiful tropicals and perennials. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #405

    Visit homes that are made from materials such as recycled tires, stone, adobe and other materials. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #406

    Visit with a landscape designer who shows his own extensive creation in Dallas. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #407

    Experts at a Texas resort show both indoor and outdoor native plants and how they care for them. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #408

    Experts share ideas on how plants can outlast the heat. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #409

    Visit a mother and daughter duo that put gardens antiques and jewelry together with pizzazz. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #410

    Visit Cape Cod and a wonderful landscape designer with a garden filled with focal points and gems. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #411

    Visit a folk artist who combines fairytales and castles with gardening and landscape design ideas. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #412

    Situate rare, exotic plants, woodlands gardens, beautiful flowers and ferns around a stream valley. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #413

    Visit a historic, summer country estate located in the garden state of New Jersey. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #501

    Ideas for diagnosing, treating and preventing problems related to pests and diseases. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #502

    Visit a historic resort with beautiful gardens, pastureland, historic cypress and eucalyptus trees. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #503

    Visit a beautiful golf course and their experts share their tips for lawn care. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #504

    Visit with the winner of the Landscaping Make Over Contest and a landscaping expert. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #505

    Visit historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, an area where some of America's first gardens flourished. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #506

    Visit Skagit Valley in Northwest Washington state, one of the largest bulb growers in the country. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #507

    Visit the Central Valley of California, where much of the fruit we eat in this country is grown. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #508

    Visit a historic women's college in Philadelphia and explore the trees and shrubs in the arboretum. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #509

    Learn to design gardens to be more body friendly and select adaptive tools to reduce joint stress. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #510

    Visit Seattle and explore an English cottage garden and an unusual Japanese garden at an arboretum. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #511

    Visit one of the oldest public rose gardens in the country, Elizabeth Park in Hartford Connecticut. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #512

    Visit a nursery in Connecticut that has beautiful demonstration gardens with a wide range of plants. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #513

    Volunteers at a penitentiary in Philadelphia explain how they created & maintain this garden oasis. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #601

    Visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden and explore their Children's Garden. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #602

    Green roofs are all the rage in cities around the world. Visit the top of Chicago City Hall. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #603

    Tour the Herbfarm restaurant outside of Seattle as their chef shares recipies for herbal syrups. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #604

    Learn from central California experts how to plant and grow grapes & how to train and trellis them. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #605

    Go behind the scenes to see how gardening is transforming the Chicago into a more beautiful place. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #606

    Learn how easy is it is to grow a patch of berries. A small space can yield pounds of fruit. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #607

    Visit a historic resort in Georgia to learn about Heirloom Roses, Clematis and flowering shrubs. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #608

    With a little planning and experience, going to the garden center can be a fun and rewarding. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #609

    Learn about garden art ideal for use around water gardens and how to maintain water quality. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #610

    Visit a beautiful demonstration garden in Vermont for great ideas, from plant material to spacing. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #611

    Learn about the ideal plants for perennial border gardens which can add life & excitement to yards. . [27 minutes]

  • Episode #612

    Visit the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C and learn from experts about caring for Orchids. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #613

    Visits with a Vermont viewer and explore her sunroom and elaborate gardens. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #701

    Visit with a leading breeder who teaches the difference between small and dwarf plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #702

    You may be surprised at the number of desert plants that can make great additions as indoor plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #703

    Lush gardens in a desert environment give hope for those dry conditions faced during many summers. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #704

    Expert give tips on choosing perennials and which plants should you choose for sun or shade. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #705

    Visit the desert where University experts share their knowledge for dealing with succulent plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #706

    Visits with the horticulturist behind the landscape work for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #707

    Visit with an expert propagator who shows what is new, exciting and different. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #708

    Visit a stunning, historic Victorian period cemetery that has been carefully tended and nurtured. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #709

    An English walled garden, a secret shade garden and rare plants are all discussed. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #710

    Visit a garden inspired by Tuscany. These themed gardens can be understood as vast outdoor rooms. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #711

    Visit a botanic garden that has assembled an outstanding collection of tropical plants since 1938. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #712

    Visit a beachfront estate that features orchids, palms, a fruit grove and 5 environmental zones. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #713

    Container gardening is a "hot" topic. Visit with a viewer to see what new plants she has found. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #801

    Experts in Dallas show what plants will survive and even thrive in a hot environment. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #802

    Visit Cape Cod and a truly unique, very talented craftsman and gardener and his inspiring garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #803

    Visit an All American Selection Trial Garden and see what plants will make it and what ones won't. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #804

    Visit Dallas and two gardens designed by two very talented landscape professionals. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #805

    Visit with a landscape designer who has fresh, innovative ideas to make your garden look its best. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #806

    Explore new concepts that can change your gardening outlook, such as installing a pond in hours. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #807

    Travels to Wisconsin and visits an award winning outdoor display garden that features a Rose Garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #808

    Visit with Ecological restoration experts and learn about their research and land care practices. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #809

    Visit a garden with international themes. Get new ideas that are very educational. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #811

    Continuing the landscape makeover, we put back together everything that was taken apart last week. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #812

    Visit with a landscape designer who has turned his backyard into an inviting masterpiece. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #813

    Visits a unique garden in Alaska and explore native pants, arctic horticulture and great views. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #901

    Visit the Alaska State Fair to find large perennials and even larger vegetables. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #902

    Meet a well known garden writer in Alaska whose gardening knowledge and advice is helpful. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #903

    Visit a historic estate that features organic vegetables and mind boggling formal gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #904

    Stay ahead of the curve as we provide a peek at gardening trends on the horizon. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #905

    Visit with a landscape professional who shares ideas and tips for a dramatic landscape. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #906

    Take a look at the next generation of roses as experts provide tips for fall care. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #907

    Winter flowering perennials, along with rare, unusual Helibores make for a great fall show. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #908

    Temperennials are plants that look tropical but are cold hardly. Get new winter gardening ideas. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #909

    Fall is in the air. That can mean that your garden has some great months of interest ahead. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #910

    Experts discuss why leaves turn colors & why fall color is sometimes stunning and sometimes bland. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #911

    Experts discuss how and when garden beds should be put to sleep for the winter. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #912

    A golf course superintendent demonstrates overseeding, sod installation, and making a putting green. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #913

    A visit to New Jersey and one of the premier rock gardens in the eastern United States.. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1001

    A visit to a public garden on Cape Cod and another nestled away behind an unusual location. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1002

    Extending outdoor living spaces is a hot trend. Garden Smart shops to find what's new and exciting. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #1003

    Visit gardens tucked away in unsuspecting places and meets some great gardeners in Taos, New Mexico. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1004

    A premier display garden in Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania is visited. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #1005

    Discover how Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Michigan mixed art and horticulture. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1006

    Visit a garden center in the high desert of Taos, New Mexico, where a number of plants thrive. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1007

    Leu Gardens in Orlando showcases many different collections and unusual or historical plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1008

    The Hermitage, President Andrew Jackson's home, is a classic example of an 1800's home and garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1009

    Rutgers Gardens in New Jersey are unique and provide valuable gardening information. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1010

    In Texas everything is big and this indoor garden laid out in a four acre atrium is no exception. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1011

    Container gardening is a hot trend. A viewer shares hot new plants, containers and garden art. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1012

    The Philadelphia Flower Show is a great place to see the latest in plants and design. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1013

    A visit to Holland, Michigan to talk with their experts about tulip care, maintenance and design. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1101

    Go behind the scenes to see how the grounds of Churchill Downs are prepared for the Kentucky Derby. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1102

    An expert propagator shares his ideas on plant trends. Tune in to find the next "hot" plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1103

    Longwood Gardens has a new experimental Children's Garden, where young and old alike can explore. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1104

    Witness the construction process of fine French-style gardens at a historic Delaware mansion. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1105

    Learn all about Green Gardening and Sustainable Gardening at the Philadelphia Flower Show. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1106

    A very unique, historic and beautiful ocean front property provides valuable gardening lessons. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1107

    A desert garden from the 1930's and a desert oasis for the arts provide unique gardening lessons. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1108

    A visit to The Living Desert Zoo showcases a large number of plants that grow in a natural desert. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1109

    Learn how talented gardeners in Palm Springs, California deal with difficult growing conditions. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1110

    Rotary Gardens in Janesville, Wisconsin has a variety of beautiful gardens & is loaded with color. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1111

    The Missouri Botanical Garden is renowned for its botanical research and horticultural displays. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1112

    Discover how Forest Park in St. Louis blends historical formal gardens with contemporary gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1113

    Visit the amazing conservatory, greenhouses and collection gardens of a botanical institution. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1201

    A Connecticut home and stunning gardens on Long Island Sound provide inspirational lessons. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1202

    The Alamo represents nearly 300 years of history, but few people are familiar with the gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1203

    The Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas is an urban park with annuals, perennials and rock gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1204

    The San Antonio Botanical Gardens, formal and display gardens and sensory gardens are explored. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1205

    Gardening in Alaska is showcased. The season may be short but the results are beautiful. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1206

    Colonial Williamsburg gardens are known for cool, green spaces. The Governor's Palace is visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1207

    Learn about heirloom plants and18th century tools and techniques such as hot beds and cold frames. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1208

    Colonial Williamsburg dates back to the 1700's. Hear what their experts have learned over the years. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1209

    Gardening ideas from the Alaska State Fair, giant vegetables and microclimates are highlighted. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1210

    Betty Ford Alpine Gardens is the world's highest altitude botanic garden and has many unique plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1211

    A visit to Vail, Colorado and bedding plants, perennial beds and hanging baskets are featured. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1212

    A visit to Colorado and the homes of two gardeners who address gardening in this environment. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1213

    The Madison Arboretum in Madison Wisconsin is the birthplace of ecological restoration. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1301

    The Coastal Maine Botanical Garden features spectacular gardens, wildflowers and majestic stonework. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1302

    Pick up some new gardening ideas on a visit to several stunning, traditional Maine gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1303

    Boothbay, Maine is visited. Native plants, stunning flower beds and garden lessons are featured. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1304

    Experience the summer sub-artic growing season and native flora at the Alaska Botanical Garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1305

    Skylands, the New Jersey Botanical Garden, has gardens, paths and species from all over the world. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1306

    The New York Botanical Garden has historic landscapes, diverse collections and beautiful gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1307

    The gardens of Reeves-Reed Arboretum in New Jersey have design trends of the early 20th century. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1308

    Arizona's Boyce Thompson Arboretum features towering trees, captivating cacti and specialty gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1309

    Charleston, South Carolina plantations are historic and provide gardening lessons for all. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1310

    Visit with an expert propagator who answers all of our questions about roses. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1311

    Meet the landscape architect behind a renovation of a historic New York Estate with great gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1312

    Highlights new technology that helps deal with reclaiming abused land and containing water runoff. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1313

    Two renovated, historic homes with beautiful gardens in Charleston, South Carolina are visited. [26 minutes]

  • Gardening Lessons and Early Rural Cemeteries (#1401)

    Landscape architects got a lot of their ideas from rural cemeteries, including meandering roadways. [26 minutes]

  • Fall Gardening In Oregon (#1402)

    Tune in for great fall gardening tips and ideas from Jacksonville, Oregon, a town rich in history. [26 minutes]

  • Gardening at a World Class Inn and French Restaurant (#1403)

    Explore the grounds of this restaurant and Inn found in a beautiful spot in Greenwich, Connecticut. [26 minutes]

  • Gardening in the Desert Southwest (#1404)

    The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix was formed in 1939, in part, to preserve native plants. [26 minutes]

  • Rock Garden Plant Nursery (#1405)

    Interesting plants and planting ideas are found at this premier collector nursery in Michigan. [27 minutes]

  • American Renaissance Gardens In South Florida (#1406)

    Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami provides a great source for excellent landscape design ideas. [26 minutes]

  • Gardening In Charleston, South Carolina (#1407)

    Discover the city's rich gardening history, beautiful Fall season and wonderful Garden Festival. [26 minutes]

  • The Kentucky Home and Gardens of a Plant Breeding Legacy (#1408)

    Theodore Kline's amazing plant collection is vividly on display at the renovated Yew Dell Gardens. [26 minutes]

  • A Phoenix Resort That Dates to the 1920's (#1409)

    Tour the stunning grounds of the Arizona Biltmore, as the Director of Landscape shares his secrets. [26 minutes]

  • Extraordinary Plants That Look Good During Fall And Winter (#1410)

    New ideas and multi use plants are found at one of the nation's best specialty nurseries in Oregon. [26 minutes]

  • Gardensmart Visits Ft. Lauderdale (#1411)

    A long gardening history, unusual plants and hurricane damage all are present at Flamingo Gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Container Gardening (#1412)

    Highlights include stunning containers, unusual plants, outdoor furniture and accessories. [26 minutes]

  • Plant Propagation (#1413)

    Visit a propagator to learn about breeding and how a plant ultimately makes it to your garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1501

    Kula Botanical Gardens showcases nearly 2,000 flora and fauna indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1502

    The Maui Tropical Plantation features fruit trees, coffee, bananas, flowers, guava, mango and more. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1503

    An inventive landscape designer takes us on a tour of several stunning Hawaiian landscape examples. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1504

    Nemours Mansion and Gardens is a fine example of a French formal garden in North America. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1505

    An eco-friendly irrigation system is installed and native plants are incorporated into a landscape. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1506

    The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a renowned zoo, natural history museum and botanical garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1507

    Biosphere 2 is an innovative center for research and learning about earth and its living systems. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1508

    A bulb expert and an the extraordinarily beautiful Missouri Botanical Garden are visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1509

    The gardens of Rosedown Plantation are known for their sophistication and refined plant collections. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1510

    The Garden Stroll in historic St. Francisville, Louisiana aims to promote good gardening practices. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1511

    Afton Villa Gardens is a poignant evocation of a grandeur long past where flowers bloom year round. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1512

    A visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden features shade plants, cherry trees and azaleas in bloom. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1513

    Thomas Jefferson's Monticello is a laboratory of ornamental and useful plants from around the world. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1601

    There's a lot to be learned at the spectacular Children's Garden in Pennsylvania's Longwood Gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1602

    Visit Colonial Williamsburg to take a look at vegetable gardening in the 1700's and get great ideas. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1603

    Experience the fantastic weather and beautiful gardens of Coastal Maine in the summer. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1604

    Visit the University of Virginia and learn how gardeners can manage storm water runoff beautifully. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1605

    Join us in Virginia, a state that is not only historic but also home to many beautiful gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1606

    Making use of desert plants is discussed in Palm Springs, California, home of the Cahuilla Indians. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1607

    The collections at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden are a blend of gardens and exhibits. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1608

    Learn about the benefits of natural landscaping at Five Rivers Metroparks in Dayton, Ohio. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1609

    The author of "50 High-Impact, Low-Care Plants" discusses beautiful plants that can grow anywhere. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1610

    Plants found at the Alamo are Texas tough. Turf, full sun, shade and pushing the zone are shown. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1611

    Cheyenne, Wyoming is home to gardeners who do their best to make the area a gardener's paradise. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1612

    The climate in Wyoming is extreme which makes the Cheyenne Botanic Garden even more impressive. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1613

    A visit with great gardeners in Cheyenne, Wyoming provides lessons that can be applied anywhere. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1701

    Renovating the landscape in a historic park provides many gardening lessons for the home gardener. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1702

    Visit Colorado for gardening lessons from the highest elevation botanical garden in North America. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1703

    The scenery is beautiful, the gardening lessons numerous in and around Lake Tahoe in Nevada. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1704

    Discover new garden tips and beautiful, unusual gardens on a garden tour in Lake Tahoe. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1705

    Acres of natural beauty, native growth and plantings in the Sierra Buttes provide lessons galore. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1706

    The San Antonio Botanical Garden in Texas incorporates unique flora into their gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1707

    Colonial Williamsburg is filled garden history and lessons learned have applications countrywide. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1708

    A horticulturist who gardens indoors in a most unlikely location offers great gardening lessons. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1709

    Visit a memorable home in Washington, DC that boasts equally memorable gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1710

    History, great plants and tremendous gardening lessons are found in this visit to Washington, DC. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1711

    Desert gardens provide a glimpse at unique plant species that many can use as house plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1712

    Visit two beautiful gardens in Maine that are sure to inspire and provide great gardening lessons. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1713

    The New York Botanical Garden is one of the finest gardens in America and provides great lessons. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1801

    Visit an historic estate where they've been making the most of the fall season for over 150 years. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1802

    One of the most unique and innovative garden designers in the U.S. shares his gardening approach. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1803

    Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta was created for the 1996 Olympics and redesigned for daily use. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1804

    Experience gardening viewed from a boat at the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1805

    The challenge of selecting new plants for historic settings is discussed in Colonial Williamsburg. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1806

    Colorado is a great summer spot with beautiful flowerbeds featuring 67 different plant varieties. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1807

    Landscape designers from Coastal Maine provide ideas for designing gardens from the ground up. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1808

    Learn how experts work with and care-for cut flowers as the create a float for the Rose Parade. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1809

    Woody ornamentals are the new perennials. Who knew we can get so much color from flowering shrubs? [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1810

    Southern California in the winter is a great spot to visit and offers a lot for gardeners to learn. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1811

    Elegant formal gardens and gentle garden paths highlight Greenwood Gardens, in New Jersey. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1812

    Two interesting gardens, two captivating gardeners and great tips are featured in Vail, Colorado. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1813

    Reeves Reed Arboretum in Summit, New Jersey provides great gardening ideas and tips. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1901

    Visit Monticello to learn lessons about gardening from Thomas Jefferson's time that are timeless. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1902

    An eco-friendly irrigation system is installed and native plants are incorporated into a landscape. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1903

    Discover ideas for plants and garden design from Rosedown Plantation in Louisiana. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1904

    With over 2,000 plants, there's a gardening lesson for everyone at a fantastic Maui, Hawaii garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1905

    Visit a garden in Key West Florida that is home to endangered flora and fauna and native vegetation. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1906

    Discover rare collections of native and exotic trees and plants with the Key West Garden Club. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1907

    A garden tour in Key West, Florida includes gardens big and small, young and old. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1908

    Woody ornamentals are the new perennials. Who knew we can get so much color from flowering shrubs? [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1909

    The New Orleans Botanical Garden is one of the few remaining examples from the Art Deco Period. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1910

    A French Quarter garden tour highlights lush gardens with lots of charm, history and lore. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1911

    New Orleans is a city rich with beautiful gardens, but Longue Vue is an unrivaled jewel. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1912

    Five Rivers Metro Park in Dayton, Ohio encompasses over 15,000 acres and is truly magnificent. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1913

    A look at some great new water management ideas that focus on improving water quality and storage. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2001

    The American Horticultural Society's gardens at River Farm provide a great learning experience. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2002

    Visit a remarkable gardener who has restored an 1800's garden and made it a showplace in Louisiana. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2003

    Many people are experiencing the satisfaction of raising their own food community gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2004

    A look at agricultural crops in Hawaii makes an interesting and informative gardening experience. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2005

    Expert advice on keeping your yard and garden looking good, any time of year is showcased. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2006

    Visit a great garden, with a great gardener who shares her gardening secrets. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2007

    Many design principles George Washington utilized at Mt. Vernon are adaptable to today's gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2008

    Blending our landscape into the local environment has become a "hot" topic. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2009

    New plants and design ideas are frequently on a gardeners mind. Where do we as gardeners start? [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2010

    There are a lot of gardening lessons to learn in the Sierra Buttes, a beautiful woodland paradise. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2011

    Gardening can seem a daunting task. Where do we start? Several home gardeners reveal their secrets. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2012

    Real experts explain how plants use water and discuss how to best utilize this valuable resource. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2013

    Several experts discuss what plant works best in a particular environment. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2101

    Cool days, ample rains, and splendid colors all combine to lure the gardener into the fall garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2102

    Stroll through two unique gardens in historic St. Francisville, Louisiana and get great lessons. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2103

    A talented and flamboyant garden designer shows his personal garden, designed with fall in mind. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2104

    Visit a beautiful garden setting in Louisville, Kentucky that features tall trees and long vistas. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2105

    Visit with an expert who provides great gardening tips no matter what the time of year. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2106

    Roses need not be a thorny issue. If you think roses are tough to grow, this is a do not miss show. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2107

    Porches and patios, even small balconies, are perfect spots to garden with containers. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2108

    Come along on our visit to a remarkable location to find extraordinary plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2109

    Visit one of the most incredible floral displays in the world, the Tournament of Roses parade. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2110

    A landscape designer takes us behind the gates of two homes with beautiful gardens in Maui, Hawaii. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2111

    The Huntington, located in Pasadena California, is one of the premier public gardens in the country. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2112

    A skilled designer showcases inviting and functional landscape design ideas for outdoor spaces. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2113

    Visit a global plant hunter who shares some of his newest finds from around the world. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2201

    Learn how to turn your backyard from boring to beautiful, a retreat where you can enjoy the view. [24 minutes]

  • Episode #2202

    The makeover process is continued and a patio is installed complete with outdoor furnishings. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2203

    The Denver Botanic Gardens offers insights into how to garden in hot, dry summers. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2204

    The bold, the sophisticated, and the improved are used in new and maybe even forgotten ways. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2205

    The fascinating finer points of plant propagation and a number of new species are highlighted. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2206

    The horticulturist of Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta provides insider garden tips. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2207

    Experts provide ideas on how to manage water in our own yards and gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2208

    Many favorite garden plants are connected to the history of another country or another era. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2209

    Learn how gardeners deal with wind, low rainfall, hot summers and heavy snowfall. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2210

    Our guest host's gardening experience, including plant selection, provides great gardening ideas. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2211

    Visit with experts who provide ideas ranging from plant selection to the latest in planting ideas. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2212

    Visit with plant experts who fill us in on the latest: What's new, what's old and what's changed? [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2213

    The Director of Horticulture at Churchill Downs has a wealth of information to share. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2301

    Visit a tropical paradise and tour two very different gardens with a talented landscape designer. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2302

    A visit to New Orleans highlights a home and gardens that are a National Landmark. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2303

    A garden club in Key West provides great gardening tips and inspiration no matter where you live. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2304

    Visits a garden originally built in the 1930s that has been beautifully restored. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2305

    Get gardening ideas from a tropical garden with over 480 species of plants, many that are rare. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2306

    Go behind the gates and visit two fantastic gardens - one smaller, one larger in New Orleans. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2307

    Growing your own vegetables, growing local, etc. have become "hot" topics for young and old alike. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2308

    Mt. Vernon was not only the home of our first President, it was also a plant laboratory of sorts. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2309

    Lake Tahoe is beautiful and the gardens along the beautiful Tahoe blue Lake are equally stunning. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #2310

    Learn great plant ideas at an historic site that's been preparing for spring for a long time. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2311

    It's spring, thus time to prepare our garden beds. Visit with an expert who does this for a living. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2312

    You may need sunglasses for this show. Color and beauty are the stated goals of this great garden. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #2313

    Containers provide a splash of color right where you need it, providing great accents to gardens. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2401

    Make your garden changes where they have the most impact, at the front of your home. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2402

    Retaining walls can either be just functional or a beautiful addition to your landscape. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2403

    Connecting people to colors, textures and native plants is important at the Denver Botanic Garden. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2404

    Visit a garden alive with the plant world's natural beauty. A beautiful location and a lot to learn. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2405

    Come along as a terrific garden with an excellent horticulturist is visited. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2406

    Explore some innovative products and new gardening ideas that expand our growing opportunities. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2407

    Beautiful plants and expert gardeners bundled into a historic setting. What's not to like? [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2408

    Historic homes and gardens are toured. Gardening lessons from the past can take us into the future. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2409

    Learn how to create surprise and excitement, no matter what the size of your garden. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2410

    Several experts demonstrate how to undertaking a landscape makeover in a backyard. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2411

    Great tips for making your backyard a place you want to spend time, while keeping the cost down. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #2412

    Visit a container gardening author who shares ideas for beautiful and colorful containers. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2413

    An expert shows how to grow vegetables attractively in containers that you can display on a porch. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2501

    Fall brings weather for enjoying the open-air. An expert shows how to make a beautiful fall garden. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2502

    Chilly air doesn't mean all plants are worn-out. Visit a gardener who plants for fall enjoyment. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2503

    Learn about lawns and visit an expert who shares lawn care and maintenance tips. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2504

    A horticulturist who tends trees discusses which trees are best suited to home landscapes. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2505

    Learn how to extend the season with plants that take over for the summer bloomers. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2506

    Using native plants in the garden sounds simple but blending nature with our landscape is not easy. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2507

    Building a garden is a progression. Today's guest gardener teaches how to beautiful garden. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2508

    A rose expert and industry leader teaches about the many rose varieties. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2509

    A behind the scenes look at the float designs, construction and plant selections of the Rose Parade. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2510

    A gardening expert discusses the advantages of fall planting. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #2511

    Visit with an expert who explains what should be finished in time for the garden's winter sleep. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2512

    An expert on lawns appears. Thick, green turf begins in the fall, as grass is ready to go dormant. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2513

    Growing our own food is very rewarding. Join GardenSMART as we celebrate a fall harvest. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2601

    Garden expert share their ideas on how to achieve a relaxing, comfortable, easy-care landscape. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2602

    Experience clear skies, fresh air and stunning indigenous plants in this gardener's paradise. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2603

    The gardens of the 1800's in the South provide real inspiration to gardeners today. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2604

    Understanding how water behaves in plants is fascinating and most helpful when gardening. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2605

    Learn how many of the principles in fashionable eco-friendly subdivisions can apply in your yard. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2606

    Visit with experts who show us that friendly gardens don't need to be fancy or time consuming. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2607

    Spring will soon be here. Visit with experts that evaluate plants for staying power and impact. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2608

    Visit experts who explain how to choose the perfect plant from the rows of color at the nursery. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2609

    Visit a magical garden with an equally inspiring gardener. A don't miss show! [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2610

    Virginia's Historic Garden Week always features outstanding gardens. Two gardens are toured. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2611

    Learn how to manage rainfall in our yards. Wildlife and humans alike benefit from these lessons. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2612

    Welcome spring with our experts as they share their ideas for making a garden special. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2613

    Experience great gardening lessons before the "run for the roses" at Churchill Downs in Kentucy. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2701

    An expert who has been planting gardens for years provides a review of the basics. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2702

    An expert shows how to get great yields and beauty from vegetables grown in containers. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2703

    Visit a historic estate awash with beautiful spring color for tips on making your yard look great. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2704

    Visit a garden that was a catastrophe, but with TLC, it was turned into a paradise. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2705

    Plants for sun, plants for shade; what works in each situation? Experts tackle these issues. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2706

    Two very different homeowners' gardens, one smaller ,the other larger, provide abundant lessons. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2707

    Urban gardens can make a huge impact in their community. Meet two very talented gardeners. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2708

    Meet a container gardening expert who shows how to create colorful, unique container combinations. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2709

    A historic garden at a wonderful location that has faced many challenges over the years is visited. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2710

    Visit an expert who shares their ideas on landscape design with family in mind. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2711

    A challenging site is landscaped using beautiful plants and stunning containers. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2712

    A beautiful front entrance sets the tone for your whole house and garden. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2713

    Gardening experts show how to overcome some significant landscape challenges. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2801

    Experts share interesting annual and perennial plant ideas for a summer garden full of flowers. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2802

    Tune in to the pros and cons of going native as gardening experts discuss native plants. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2803

    GardenSMART visits a unique location to see diverse plants in varying sets of growing conditions. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2804

    What's it like to garden in a cooler climate? Tune in as GardenSMART provides a break from the heat. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2805

    Tough plants survive and some even thrive. Experts talk about plants that love summer heat. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2806

    Learn how the experts plan for a beautiful garden, colorful gardens and gardens with themes. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2807

    An expert shares his ideas for creating the relaxing and beautiful landscape of your dreams. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2808

    Visit a beautiful garden and learn the secrets of the talented gardener-artist who created it all. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2809

    Find an unusual location and you will often discover uncommon gardens. Tune in for inspiration. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2810

    Mixing history with gardening is always a GardenSMART favorite. Tune in for a look back. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2811

    Summertime is berry time. Learn from berry experts as we visit growers who know their business. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #2812

    Visit several accomplished gardeners who share their ideas for properly creating formal gardens. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2813

    Visit a garden that really is rocky and the garden is fantastic. If they can do it, you can too. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2901

    Tune in for fall lawn care tips, as an expert shows how to revive that summer-suffering lawn. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #2902

    Fewer insects and less heat stress make the cooler days of fall rewarding in the vegetable garden. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2903

    Tune in as GardenSMART visits with a grass expert who shares some great fall grass care tips. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #2904

    Expert provide advice on what plants grow well inside and how should we care for them. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2905

    Daffodils, tulips, and many other unusual bulbs are easy to grow but need advance planting. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2906

    Join GardenSMART for a look at an exceptional garden in a unique part of the United States. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2907

    Many folks don't know where to start when planning a garden. Experts show how to design a garden. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2908

    Experts provide ideas for gardening responsibly, including controlling rainwater runoff and more. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2909

    A landscape makeover of a historic 1920's era home, including planning and rebuilding are featured. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2910

    The landscape makeover of a 1920's era home includes choosing the plant and digging them in. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #2911

    Visit two similar gardens where gardeners have chosen very different solutions to their challenges. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2912

    An unusual location and a gardener's use of uncommon plants provide great plant and craft ideas. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #2913

    A visiting expert provides a unique look at how native people utilized everything nature provided. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3001

    A classical botanical garden makes a perfect outdoor garden school. Experts provide garden tips. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3002

    Gardening in full sun to full shade as well as pushing the zones in your garden are addressed. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3003

    A garden that overflows with flowers is visited. This unique garden full of great gardening ideas. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3004

    The person credited with first cataloging and painting plants in the US in the 1700's is revealed. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3005

    A renovated garden that incorporates the old with the new provides lessons for gardeners of any age. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3006

    Lessons in good landscape design are shared. Be sure to watch this GardenSMART episode. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3007

    If you are ready to plan your garden, find out what's new under the sun (and in the shade). [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3008

    GardenSMART visits with experts who share their ideas about garden design. Be sure to join us. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3009

    Visiting experts share their ideas to help make your yard and garden a showplace. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3010

    Visits a landscape architect who applied a "simple, yet elegant" approach to a 1920's estate. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3011

    Two gardens in Maine are visited. Challenge and diversity is just these gardeners day at the office. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3012

    A premiere garden in St. Louis known for its plant life and demonstration gardens is visited. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3013

    Refurbishing a garden can be tough. Visit a historic estate undergoing an extensive renovation. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3101

    Visit an 1895 home with grand outdoor gardens, charming indoor gardens and containers you can copy. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3102

    Garden bloggers and some of the gardens they visited during the Bloggers Spring Fling are featured. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3103

    The gardeners at the Biltmore Estate and Gardens share their gardening secrets. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3104

    A beautiful, historic garden with a world-class view is visited and design tips are shared. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3105

    Experts whose job it is to keep the grass looking spectacular share their expertise and ideas. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3106

    Beauty and history combine in this little Florida town where they take their gardening seriously. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3107

    Visit a town that realized the effect gardens and gardening can have on their community. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3108

    The retired president of a landscape company provides insight into selecting plants and plant care. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3109

    A gardening expert provides ideas for unusual container groupings and unique color combinations. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3110

    Shade gardens, sunny gardens, vegetables and history all combine in this gardening gem in Atlanta. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3111

    Join in the planning and planting of a great community garden that will bring neighbors together. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3112

    Known as a sanctuary for the senses, the Fort Worth Botanic Garden provides great gardening ideas. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3113

    Dallas Blooms at the Dallas Arboretum is one of the most spectacular floral displays in the world. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3201

    Members of an unusual garden club site discuss how they deal with the aftermath of intense weather. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3202

    Great gardening ideas, including garden rooms and plants that are easy to grow, are shared. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3203

    Meet a man who spent 40 years carving out a beautiful space for home and gardens from raw land. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3204

    The outdoor spaces of the latest Presidential Center and Library are at the forefront of design. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3205

    An abandoned waterfront has been transformed into a public park filled with lush lawns and trees. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3206

    Learn from expert long time gardeners how to transform ordinary dirt into extraordinary soil. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3207

    The "real gold coast" is Long Island's nickname. The great homes here have some amazing gardens. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3208

    One of Lake Tahoe's most outstanding pieces of history features beautiful gardens. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3209

    Meet a group of locals who banded together to bring a declining historic garden back to life. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3210

    A husband and wife team successfully creates beautiful gardens that attract wildlife. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3211

    A garden tour that features some of the finest and most exquisite gardens is highlighted. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #3212

    An author whose book describes thousands of plant varieties is visited and presents great ideas. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3213

    The US Botanic Garden, established in 1820 in Washington DC, and a living plant museum are visited. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3301

    An expert who puts a whole new spin on growing vegetables is visited. Be sure to tune in. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3302

    Gardening in the fall may take a little advance planning, but the results can be spectacular. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3303

    Fall produces color in the garden and it's a fantastic time to ready your garden for next year. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3304

    What plants work particularly well in the Fall? Old standards and new plant ideas are featured. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3305

    A beautiful park in an unusual setting provides many great gardening lessons. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3306

    Experts provide essential advice and ideas for planning a garden for all seasons. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3307

    One of the most unusual places we've ever visited for flower and gardening ideas is showcased. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3308

    A container gardening expert shares her unique and beautiful container gardening ideas. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3309

    Unique gardens and garden ideas provide lessons that are often helpful no matter where we live. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3310

    A unique garden and gardener who have done a great job of connecting people and plants are shown. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3311

    Gardeners share garden ideas. Hands-on care and attention to detail is a trait of many gardeners. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3312

    New plant introductions and innovations in the gardening industry are highlighted. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3313

    Experts share their knowledge regarding how to put the correct plant in the correct place. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3401

    Experts demonstrate some amazing containers and unbelievable container design ideas. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3402

    Experts show how to make yards and gardens more inviting. Be sure to watch. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3403

    Learn how to create more usable space in yards and how to make challenging sites more attractive. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3404

    From an accidental garden to a challenging site, there are great gardening lessons in this episode. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3405

    Our garden can be an extension of our home. An expert who's been doing this for years shares tips. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3406

    A low maintenance, medium cost landscape can be accomplished with a little planning. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3407

    The finishing touches are put on a beautiful outdoor living space and it all comes together. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #3408

    The gardening guru at a historical location shows us how they welcome Spring. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3409

    Native plants can provide a glimpse into the botanical heritage of an area. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #3410

    A grass expert shares his ideas and tips to help us get the most out of our turf. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3411

    A very impressive daffodil collection and a knowledgeable daffodil expert are visited. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3412

    Gardens that preserve history while still incorporating new and exciting plants are highlighted. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3413

    An expert shares tips for great looking containers to bring color and focal points to landscapes. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3501

    Native plants reflect the unique personality of your area and they can help conserve water. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3502

    An expert shares her tips for planting and caring for welcoming signs of a new gardening season. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3503

    An individual tackling a patch of ground and a town restoring community gardens are highlighted. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3504

    An expert shares her time tested techniques for planting and caring for a vegetable garden. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3505

    Planting a garden and maintaining that garden over time presents challenges, from the ground up. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3506

    A gardener shares her experiences, from establishing a garden to maintaining it on a daily basis. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3507

    Keeping the environment in mind when gardening is discussed at a garden that has a "green" purpose. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3508

    Gardeners introduce new innovative gardening ideas that aim to connect us to nature. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3509

    One of the world's leading authorities on soil ecology gives interesting and helpful information. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3510

    GardenSMART visits an expert who provides her take on plant choice. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3511

    New plant ideas, from native plants to container gardening, are shared. Join us as we GardenSMART. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3512

    An expert shares her proven methods for growing vegetables, and a lot of vegetables at that. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3513

    Few things are more special than spending the day with a gardener and their garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3601

    A container gardening expert shares tips and shows how to create unique, colorful containers. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3602

    A garden author who transformed her empty, rectangular backyard into a garden paradise is visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3603

    GardenSMART visits a town that created a Community garden that provides inspiration and passion. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3604

    Two gardeners in New Orleans demonstrate their love of their gardens as well as hands-on care. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3605

    A fascinating city that features beautiful gardens and very interesting gardeners is visited. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3606

    Two gardeners who are making a big impact on their neighbors and neighborhoods are visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3607

    A secluded woodland garden that provides tremendous gardening lessons is highlighted. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3608

    Low maintenance gardens that reflect the homeowners' personality can be beautiful and attractive. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3609

    A unique individual shares his expertise in developing naturalistic gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3610

    History is a great teacher for gardeners. The creative mind behind this great landscape is visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3611

    An individual committed to showing the natural beauty of a unique piece of land is visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3612

    A garden club is visited. How these gardeners tackle their yards and gardens is an inspiration. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3613

    An inspired landscape designer for a beautiful property provides design information and much more. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3701

    Experts show us what they do in the fall to create the perfect lawn in the spring. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3702

    Historic gardens can provide tremendous insight into gardening today. Experts provide great lessons. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3703

    Experts provide great information about what goes into the planning of new gardens. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3704

    An extraordinary garden that mixes formal aspects with informal plantings is visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3705

    Native plants, wildlife and more make this "wild garden" unique and interesting. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3706

    An expert gives his take on the topic of making the correct decision in choosing plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3707

    Gardeners who started with less than perfect lots have been carving out their own garden paradise. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3708

    An unusual garden in an unusual location provides some great and unusual garden ideas. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3709

    Fall presents unique challenges for gardeners. A refresher course in Fall gardening is showcased. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3710

    An expert who shows us how he choses plants that stand out in winter is visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3711

    Garden designers have a unique eye and perspective on gardening. An expert who shows us his work. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3712

    An expert shows us what we can do to make our yards and gardens interesting and unique. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3713

    An unusual landscape, a location with an interesting story and a great horticulturist are featured. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3801

    Experts discuss the plants they choose and the materials they use in growing those plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3802

    Gardening experts have some great ideas and tips for combining the practical with functional. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3803

    Gardeners who overcame significant challenges and created outstanding results are visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3804

    Beginning with an empty palette, a picture is painted with plant material. Be sure to tune in. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3805

    GardenSMART visits with an expert who fills us in on the old and new functional uses of roses. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3806

    Great springtime plants and plants that will do well in shade are showcased. What's not to like. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3807

    Innovative solutions for the problems of erosion and storm water runoff are shared. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3808

    How do we make sure we have a landscape plan, not a nursery? An expert presents a great solution. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3809

    A historic property that's been preparing for spring for a long time is visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3810

    A garden that has a "magical" feel and goes beyond traditional paths and plantings is explored. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3811

    An unusual garden in an unusual location is visited. There is plenty for a gardener to learn. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3812

    Containers are a great way to bring vibrant color and focal points to your landscape. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3813

    A gardener who has had a lifelong passion for plants and his outstanding garden are visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3901

    Mixing artistic talent, horticultural knowledge and hard work results in a successful garden design. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3902

    Several experts share their ideas for a great looking entryway and the results are impressive. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3903

    Visit a spectacular garden where the ideas and lessons stimulate thought as well as inspiration. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3904

    Two exceptional gardens are visited and two fantastic gardeners provide informative advice. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #3905

    A viewer with a small parcel solves the problem by growing almost exclusively in containers [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3906

    Carve out a space in your garden for growing food and you'll be surprised at how much you can grow. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3907

    Several experts show some methods of managing water runoff that have been successful for them. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3908

    An expert shows how to grow a lot of good looking vegetables in a small space. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3909

    An expert shares some terrific tips that will help us keep a beautiful lawn all year long. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3910

    Gardens evolve from season to season. An expert shares his take on changing a garden seasonally. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3911

    Visit with an expert who shares her ideas and tips for creating unique, colorful containers. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3912

    An outdoorsman who has reclaimed a wonderful piece of land with fantastic results is visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #3913

    Visit with a self taught gardener who has transformed her backyard into a showplace. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #4001

    Join us as GardenSMART talks with a leading expert on soil ecology. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #4002

    GardenSMART visits with an expert who shows us how he designs garden beds. [27 minutes]

  • Episode #4003

    Experts discuss native plants and water conservation. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #4004

    Join us as we visit a great location and while there we design and plant a vegetable garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #4005

    Gardening in urban areas can present unique challenges. But it can also produce fantastic results. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #4006

    GardenSMART visits the home of an artist whose canvas of choice was nature. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #4007

    A great park that combines brilliant design with exceptional plant choices is visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #4008

    A garden that fell into disrepair, but with a lot of work has been revitalized, is visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #4009

    Experts shed light on how to make better use of the landscape space we have. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #4010

    An expert who specializes in xeriscaping and environmentally conscious landscapes is visited. [27 minutes]

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