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Masterpiece Theatre

Talking Heads: The Hand of God (#3403)

Legendary actress Eileen Atkins ("Bertie and Elizabeth") stars in Alan Bennett's delightful monologue about an amiably avaricious antiques dealer, Celia, who finds that prize heirlooms lurk in unsuspected places. When Celia lucks into a Good Samaritan relationship with a dying woman who owns a houseful of treasures, it'salmost more than her conscience can bear. The 40-minute gem is followed by a short monologue featuring Bennett himself, reminiscing about growing up in postwar Britain. [56 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: For more than 30 years Masterpiece Theatre has enthralled audiences with the works of the finest classic and contemporary writers interpreted by the world's foremost actors. Little wonder it is the longest running prime-time drama series on American television. Whether you've been with us since the beginning or are a new recruit, you'll find all the detail and background you crave here.

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  • Traffik (#1923)

    A British government minister is trying to reform the drug trade by tackling it at its source--the poppy fields of Pakistan. But the heroin traffik is more complex than he imagined. At the same time, German secret police have found a link in the smuggling route that connects Pakistan and the rest of western Europe through Hamburg. After catching a smuggler, they uncover and dismantle a Hamburg connection. In Pakistan, Fazal, a poppy grower, is forced out of business by the government army. He goes to the over-populated city in hopes to find work and support his family. There he discovers Tariq Butt, an influential and powerful tradesman and heroin dealer. While the British minister is working on the problem from the European end, problems on the homefront arise when his daughter Caroline is discovered to be a heroin addict. The program is followed by a filler, THE MAKING OF TRAFFIK featuring the writer, Simon Moore and producer Brian Eastman talking about the film and the world-wide drug problem and possible solutions. [144 minutes]

  • Traffik (#1925)

    Fazal asks Butt to teach him how heroin is processed. Butt goes to Afghanistan--out of reach of Pakistanian restrictions--to his heroin chemist. After watching Butt's method of doing business, Fazal discovers that Butt is a ruthless and cold-hearted man; qualities Fazal does not want to emulate. In London, Caroline has to depend on drug addicts and pushers to survive. She turns into a petty thief to support her habit until a near-fatal overdose puts her in the hospital. Jack has her admitted to an expensive treatment program. Jack returns to Pakistan to check on the drug situation before handing out any foreign aid to the country. Helen is determined to keep Ledesert from testifying at her husband's trial. She hires a professional hit man to kill him. The hit man wires Ulli and Deiter's car, but the plan takes a different and fatal turn for Helen and the police. [144 minutes]

  • Jeeves and Wooster IV (#2413)

    3 ADDITIONAL RELEASES WILL BE AVAILABLE COMMENCING ON A DATE TBA BUT ENDING NO LATER THAN 2/5/98. 3 ADDITIONAL RELEASES WILL BE AVAILABLE COMMENCING ON A DATE TBA BUT ENDING NO LATER THAN 2/5/98. Summoned by his indomitable Aunt Agatha, Bertie Wooster sets off for the coastal resort of Westcombe-on-the-Sea. As always, he is accompanied by his indispensable valet, Jeeves. No sooner has he arrived than Bertie discovers his match-making aunt has commanded his presence so he can meet Aline Hemmingway. All is not what it seems, however, and Bertie soon falls victim to the Hemmingways who turn out to be notorious confidence tricksters. When Aunt Agatha's pearls go missing, Jeeves' suspicions are aroused and he decides to do some investigating. [56 minutes]

  • Jeeves and Wooster IV (#2414)

    When Bertie takes up the trombone and his neighbors start to complain, he decides he must "retire to the depths of the country for the summer." The idea is enough to make Jeeves hand in his notice and go to work for Bertie's pal, "Chuffy." Bereft of a valet, Bertie hires the insubordinate Brinkley and repairs to a cottage on the grounds of Chufnell Hall, Chuffy's estate in deepest Devon. [56 minutes]

  • Jeeves & Wooster IV (#2415)

    Uncharacteristically, Bertie is brooding on the subject of marriage and parenthood. His life, he tells Jeeves, is empty. To fill the void, he decides to marry Bobbie Wickham, of whom Jeeves has always taken a dim opinion. Attempts at proposal are continuously foiled by the presence of Bobbie's young niece, Clementina. [56 minutes]

  • Jeeves & Wooster IV (#2416)

    Bertie is instructed by Aunt Dahlia to visit a particular jeweler's shop to inspect a rare silver cow-creamer greatly coveted by her husband, Tom. Bertie manages to bungle this simple task, and the creamer is bought by Sir Watkyn Bassett, Uncle Tom's silver-collecting arch rival. Infuriated by this turn of events, Aunt Dahlia commands Bertie to steal the cow-creamer back from Sir Watkyn. [56 minutes]

  • Jeeves & Wooster IV (#2417)

    Bertie, along with Gussie Fink-Nottle and friends, prepares for the annual Ball at Totleigh Towers, during which Gussie's engagement to Madeline Bassett is to be announced. To overcome fear of his prospective father-in-law, Sir Watkyn Bassett and his old friend, Roderick Spode, Gussie is advised to draw stength from their shortcomings. Events take a farcical turn and Jeeves is called upon to expose Spode's "dark" secret and to set things right. [56 minutes]

  • Much Ado About Nothing (#2427)

    Kenneth Branagh directs and stars in William Shakespeare's classic comedy about love and deception, opposite his Academy-Award-winning wife, Emma Thompson. Denzel Washington portrays Don Pedro, a visiting prince fresh from war with his kinsmen. Keanu Reeves is his brother, Don John, who maliciously creates trouble for a betrothed couple (Robert Sean Leonard and Kate Beckinsale). Michael Keaton plays Dogberry, a local sheriff. [115 minutes]

  • The Choir (#2506)

    After a massive financial campaign to refurbish the organ, Dean Hugh Cavendish learns that the roof of Aldminster Cathedral is in dire need of repair. To raise the needed money, the Dean works covertly with city councilman Frank Ashworth to sell off the cathedral's choir to the town council. Both Headmaster Troy and Choirmaster Beckford oppose this move, and try every means they can to dissuade the dean from destroying a 400-year-old institution. The bishop desires peace at all costs, and orders the choir disbanded, rather than sold. This ruins Frank Ashworth's plans, which he had hoped would lead to the selling of the Headmaster's house to the city as well. Ashworth's grandson Henry has just been made a full member of the cathedral choir, and is disturbed at it's possible demise. Henry's mother is becoming romantically involved with the choirmaster, and become enraged when she learns of Frank's involvement in the project. [146 minutes]

  • The Choir (#2508)

    Headmaster Troy uses a scholastic opportunity to deliver an impassioned speech in support of the choir, much to the fury of Dean Cavendish. Ianthe's record company finishes then releases the cd of Henry Ashworth, which sells far better than anyone expected, raising much money for the choir. Leo Beckford agrees to play organ on another album, and on his return, makes up with Sally Ashworth. Beckford makes it clear to Ianthe that he's in love with Sally. Frank Ashworth attempts to withdraw his proposal for the city to purchase the Headmaster's house, but finds that it's already been purchased, behind his back [116 minutes]

  • The Peacock Spring (Pt. 1) (#2516)

    In 1959, Una (Hattie Morahan) and Hal (Laura Barneby) are suddenly withdrawn from their English boarding school and relocated to New Delhi to be with their diplomat father, Edward (Peter Egan). The girls find their father has arranged for a governess, a beautiful Eurasian named Alix (Jennifer Hall), to supervise their education. Since Alix is not really qualified to teach more than music and French, it soon becomes clear Edward has sent for his daughters to provide a respectable cover for his affair with Alix. Thus begins a power struggle between Alix and Una for Edward's affections and for supremacy in the household. [86 minutes]

  • The Peacock Spring (Pt. 2) (#2517)

    As "The Peacock Spring" continues, Edward reveals he's asked Alix to marry him while Una continues her secret relationship with Ravi. Edward and Una travel throughout India, and visit Hal, who has been sent away to school in hopes of dissolving her attachment to an Indian captain. Una discovers that she is pregnant, and while Edward and Una are away on their honeymoon, Ravi takes Una to his grandmother's to avoid their parent's presumed wrath. When their absence is discovered, Edward mounts a search campaign and discovers the lovers. Ravi is persuaded to give up Una in return for his poetry and freedom, and Una returns to New Delhi. From there, she is returned to England and to boarding school. [86 minutes]

  • Signs and Wonders (#2523)

    Claire Palmore, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Palmore, has left her native England to join a cult in Los Angeles. This is a fact that her father, who has lost most of his own congregation to an evangelical street preacher, has miserably given in to accepting. Her brother Stephen, who is himself obsessed with the teachings of Professor Van Damm, has accepted this fact with angry dismissal. Mrs. Palmore, however, can not accept the "loss" of her daughter, and so covertly travels to LA herself. There she places herself in the hands of Diamond, an "exit counselor" for people leaving cults. Diamond has removed Claire from the Mercy House against her will, just days before Father Mercy was to send Claire to Moscow to start a chapter there. All the while, the FBI is searching for the kidnappers of Claire Palmore. [86 minutes]

  • Signs and Wonders (#2524)

    Rev. Palmore has a stroke while at the evangelical service, and is taken to the hospital where he begins recovery. Diamond starts his deprogramming with Claire, and she fights his and her mother's efforts. Inside information is revealed to Stephen, showing that his hero Van Damm is an ex-Nazi. After a coal mine collapse, Rev. Palmore leaves the hospital to attend his former parishioners. The FBI catches up with Diamond, but by then he has convinced Claire to agree to stay away from Mercy House on her own. Stephen comes to terms with his own past failures, and publicly denounces Van Damm, though he knows it means sacrificing his career. Claire and Mrs. Palmore return home to greet Rev. Palmore, whose heroic deeds have won him back his congregation [86 minutes]

  • Interview Day (#2525)

    Starring Alec Guinness, 'Interview Day' follows three different families on the day of their interviews for entrance into Cambridge University, revealing that often parents are more anxious than their sons and daughters. [86 minutes]

  • The Merchant of Venice (#3101)

    Shakespeare's most controversial play is set in cafe society in Venice during the 1930s in this acclaimed Royal National Theatre production, called "the best 'Merchant' for many years" by the London Times. The tragedy of a money-lending Jew seeking vengeance on a Christian merchant is intermingled with three love stories, one involving a fairy tale test of true worth. Henry Goodman ("Broken Glass") stars as Shylock. [146 minutes]

  • The Cazalets (#3102)

    Elizabeth Jane Howard's family epic in the tradition of "Upstairs, Downstairs" and "The Forsyte Saga" opens on the eve of World War II, as the Cazalet clan assembles at the family estate in Sussex, England. The drama centers on three brothers and a sister, their spouses, and their children, from infants to adolescents coming of age in an ominously changing world. [116 minutes]

  • The Cazalets (#3103)

    As war is declared with Germany, Rupert, who has given up his artist's career to join the family firm, now signs up with the navy. Edward joins the RAF as a ground officer in the Battle of Britain. Hugh elects to stay with the firm and serve as an air raid warden during the Blitz. Meanwhile, Zoe is pregnant again after the death of her baby, and Edward's daughter Louise learns of his affair with Mrs. Macintosh. [56 minutes]

  • The Cazalets (#3104)

    Rupert is reported missing during the Dunkirk evacuation. The family is resigned to his death, but his daughter Clary believes he is alive and fighting for the French resistance. Louise, now a drama student, catches the eye of handsome Michael Hadleigh, a famous portrait painter; while Rachel falls out with her lesbian lover. During the Blitz, the family sawmill is obliterated. [56 minutes]

  • The Cazalets (#3105)

    With a new baby and a missing husband, Zoe volunteers at a hospital and befriends a horribly disfigured airman, who falls in love with her. Christopher, the 18-year-old cousin of the Cazalet children, announces his pacifism and refuses to enlist, incurring the wrath of his father, a wounded veteran of World War I. Refusing to give up hope for her father, Clary writes General DeGaulle for information on his whereabouts. [60 minutes]

  • The Cazalets (#3106)

    While working on airfield construction, Christopher has a mental breakdown and is hospitalized, not knowing his own name. Sibyl and Hugh struggle with her terminal cancer, which each knows about but won't discuss with the other. Edward's mistress announces she is pregnant. More happily-Clary learns her father has been seen alive in France; wedding bells ring for Louise and Michael; and America enters the war, ending the darkest days for Britain. [56 minutes]

  • My Uncle Silas (#3107)

    Set in the idyllic England of 1900 and based on the short stories of H.E. Bates, this film follows the adventures of 10-year-old Edward, sent to the country to spend the summer with his lovable, roguish Uncle Silas. Albert Finney stars. [116 minutes]

  • The Murder of Stephen Lawrence (#3108)

    This gritty docu-drama-style film is based on the celebrated British case of police mishandling of an investigation of the murder of a young black man. [116 minutes]

  • Othello (#3109)

    Eamonn Walker stars as John Othello, London's first black police commissioner, in Andrew Davies's riveting modern retelling of the Shakespeare tragedy. A black man at the pinnacle of fame and power rejects the woman he loves under the influence of the man he thinks is his best friend. Davies introduces Dessie (Keeley Hawes) and Jago (Christopher Eccleston) as updated versions of Desdemona and Iago. The notorious handkerchief also appears in a new guise. [116 minutes]

  • Bertie & Elizabeth (#3110)

    This sumptuous feature-length portrayal of the life of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, focuses on her courtship by the shy, future George VI, known as Bertie, the love story that followed and the birth of their daughters, Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and Margaret. From their first meeting in 1920 to the King's death in 1952, their romance and subsequent married life together is set against the backdrop of major national and world events. "Bertie and Elizabeth" coincides with Great Britain's Jubilee celebration marking the 50th anniversary of Elizabeth II's accession to the throne. [105 minutes]

  • Love in a Cold Climate (#3111)

    Based on the popular novels of Nancy Mitford, this high-spirited but classic story captures the coming of age of three young women as their carefree days are replaced by their long-awaited adulthood. [86 minutes]

  • Love in a Cold Climate (#3112)

    Based on the popular novels of Nancy Mitford, this high-spirited but classic story captures the coming of age of three young women as their carefree days are replaced by their long-awaited adulthood. [86 minutes]

  • Lucky Jim (#3113)

    Stephen Tompkinson stars in this new adaptation of Kingsley Amis's classic satire about university life in the early 1950s. The story follows the misfortunes of Jim Dixon, a newly-appointed instructor at an English university, who, despite his charm and enthusiasm, is at odds with the madcap departmental head Professor Neddy Welch. Jim also attracts the unwanted attention of fellow lecturer Margaret, while he falls head over heels in love with Christine. Also starring Robert Hardy, Keeley Hawes and Helen McCrory. [116 minutes]

  • The Way We Live Now (#3114)

    Andrew Davies' adaptation of Anthony Trollope's epic Victorian novel is about the trials and tribulations of young love, honorable men, the antics of the upper class, and the greed that lies just beneath the surface of the most powerful city the world had ever seen. At the center, David Suchet stars as the great financier, Member of Parliament - and swindler - Augustus Melmotte. [116 minutes]

  • The Way We Live Now (#3115)

    Andrew Davies' adaptation of Anthony Trollope's epic Victorian novel is about the trials and tribulations of young love, honorable men, the antics of the upper class, and the greed that lies just beneath the surface of the most powerful city the world had ever seen. At the center, David Suchet stars as the great financier, Member of Parliament - and swindler - Augustus Melmotte. [116 minutes]

  • The Way We Live Now (#3116)

    Andrew Davies' adaptation of Anthony Trollope's epic Victorian novel is about the trials and tribulations of young love, honorable men, the antics of the upper class, and the greed that lies just beneath the surface of the most powerful city the world had ever seen. At the center, David Suchet stars as the great financier, Member of Parliament - and swindler - Augustus Melmotte. [56 minutes]

  • The Way We Live Now (#3117)

    With Brehgert asking for security against the declining railway shares, Melmotte tries to get Marie's money. Marie refuses, and Melmotte contemplates forgery as a way out. Georgiana insults Brehgert's Jewish heritage and he ends their engagement. Hetta visits Winifred, who confirms her worst suspicions about Paul. [56 minutes]

  • Innocents (#3118)

    INNOCENTS follows the stories of two women, Julie Johnson and Sharon Peacock, who became friends when both of their sons tragically died following heart operations by the same doctor at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. The parents became aware that their boys' deaths were not simply accidental, when they learned that over the years, many other children had died or suffered brain damage after having the same operations at BRI. In 1997, the General Medical Council met to examine this alarming trend and the alleged misconduct of three doctors. The film also follows the shocking events that occurred inside the hospital, as revealed by hospital anesthesiologist Steve Bolsin, as well as the hearing that finally brought the two-decade-long tragedy to an end. [116 minutes]

  • The Road from Coorain (#3119)

    Based on the memoirs of Jill Ker Conway, this film adaptation of the book of the same name begins with her childhood, growing up on a sheep ranch in New South Wales. It then follows her life and incredible career in academia, which saw her become the first woman president of Smith College. Along the way, she endures an ultimately tragic relationship with her remarkable mother. Australian actress Katherine Slattery plays the grown-up Jill. The film also stars Juliet Stevenson as her mother, Richard Roxburgh as her father, Tim Guinee as Jill's first love and Alec Merton as the American who finally introduces her to an enjoyment of life that she never thought possible. [116 minutes]

  • Warrior Queen (#3301)

    [86 minutes]

  • Goodbye, Mr. Chips (#3302)

    [116 minutes]

  • Doctor Zhivago (#3303)

    [116 minutes]

  • Doctor Zhivago (#3304)

    [116 minutes]

  • The Forsyte Saga, Series II (#3305)

    [116 minutes]

  • The Forsyte Saga, Series II (#3306)

    [56 minutes]

  • The Forsyte Saga, Series II (#3307)

    [116 minutes]

  • Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness - Part 1 (#3310)

    Helen Mirren (Calendar Girls, Gosford Park) stars as Inspector Jane Tennison. It's been seven years since Tennison put the handcuffs on a psychotic killer in the last episode. Now, amid pressure to retire, she faces a death squad that has unleashed the horrors of the Balkan civil war on London. Episode 1--Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison (Helen Mirren) is ripe for retirement in the eyes of her boss at the London Metropolitan Police. But it's the farthest thing from her mind as she brazenly takes over a high-profile murder case from her underling DCI Simon Finch (Ben Miles). The victim: a Bosnian Muslim woman named Samira. Injuries: torture followed by strangulation. Motive: none. Police turn up a suspect with a strange connection to the victim: Bosnian Serb Duscan Zigic (Velibor Topic), who during the Bosnian civil war spared Samira's life when ordered to kill her and her sister, Jasmina (Ingeborga Dapkunaite). Suspecting that someone gave orders for Zigic to correct this lapse, Tennison begins looking for the mastermind, worried that Jasmina might be next. [116 minutes]

  • Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness - Part 2 (#3311)

    Episode 2--Tennison's investigation takes her to Bosnia with her old flame, Robert West (Liam Cunningham), a journalist with wide experience in the region. There, she makes a crucial breakthrough. But on her return she is dismayed to learn that her prime suspect is in an international witness protection program. Inspired by her father's (Frank Finlay) reminiscence of liberating a World War II concentration camp, Tennison makes her move anyway, resulting in her dismissal from the case. Justice for the killer now hinges on the cooperation of the cop whose judgment Tennison spurned at the outset: DCI Finch. [116 minutes]

  • Prime Suspect 1 (#3312)

    [116 minutes]

  • Prime Suspect - Part 2 (#3313)

    [116 minutes]

  • Prime Suspect 2 (#3314)

    [116 minutes]

  • Prime Suspect 2 - Part 2 (#3315)

    [116 minutes]

  • The Lost Prince (#3401)

    The little-known story of Edwardian royal, Prince John, the youngest child of George V and Queen Mary, whose short life spanned one of the most momentous periods in history -- the political build-up to the First World War and the machinations of European royalty in the early part of the 20th century. Set against a backdrop of unprecedented upheaval in Britain, "The Lost Prince" tells the very human story of a unique family and an extraordinary boy. Diagnosed as an epileptic, and suffering from autistic-like learning difficulties, Prince John was unable to participate in public life and became increasingly isolated from his family. Written and directed by Steven Poliakoff. Starring Gina McKee, Tom Hollander, Miranda Richardson and Michael Gambon. [116 minutes]

  • The Lost Prince (#3402)

    The little-known story of Edwardian royal, Prince John, the youngest child of George V and Queen Mary, whose short life spanned one of the most momentous periods in history -- the political build-up to the First World War and the machinations of European royalty in the early part of the 20th century. Set against a backdrop of unprecedented upheaval in Britain, "The Lost Prince" tells the very human story of a unique family and an extraordinary boy. Diagnosed as an epileptic, and suffering from autistic-like learning difficulties, Prince John was unable to participate in public life and became increasingly isolated from his family. Written and directed by Steven Poliakoff. Starring Gina McKee, Tom Hollander, Miranda Richardson and Michael Gambon. [116 minutes]

  • Henry VIII - Part 1 (#3404)

    Ray Winstone stars as Henry VIII, England's cruel and colorful monarch, who married six times, founded a new church and presided over a bloodbath -- all in pursuit of a male heir. Helena Bonham Carter plays Anne Boleyn, with Emilia Fox as Jane Seymour, David Suchet as Cardinal Wolsey and Charles Dance as the Duke of Buckingham. Infatuated by the beautiful Anne Boleyn and desperate for a male heir, King Henry VIII seeks an annulment from his Spanish wife, Katherine of Aragon. When the pope objects, Henry breaks from the Catholic Church and banishes Katherine, leaving her powerless. Their daughter, Mary, is declared a bastard. Henry marries Anne, who gives birth to a daughter, Elizabeth, and thereafter suffers several miscarriages. Anne, falsely accused, is convicted of adultery and condemned to death. Henry, now besotted with Jane Seymour, offers Anne the option of an annulment. If she accepts, Elizabeth will be labeled illegitimate. Anne would rather die than allow this to happen. [86 minutes]

  • Henry VIII - Part 2 (#3405)

    Shortly after Anne Boleyn's execution, Henry weds Jane Seymour. Battles rage throughout the country; hundreds are being tortured and slaughtered by Henry's soldiers, while churches are burned to the ground. Three days after giving birth to a healthy boy, Jane dies. A few years later, the aging, ailing king is persuaded to marry Anne of Cleves, whom he has seen only in a painting. When he meets her, he is repulsed. Their marriage is unconsummated and the union dissolved at great expense and embarrassment to the king. Captivated by the beautiful Catherine Howard, Henry proposes, but the marriage of the impotent king to the sensual 17-year-old is a disaster. Catherine's lovers are executed with their young queen. The aged Henry then weds Catherine Parr, who undertakes to repair his relations with his daughters Mary and Elizabeth. The excitement of the reconciliation overwhelms Henry and he collapses. On his deathbed, he advises his son, Prince Edward, "For you to be successful as a king, you must first be successful as a man." Moments later, King Henry VIII is dead. [86 minutes]

  • Pollyanna (#3406)

    Pollyanna Whittier enlivens her aunt's gloomy village in this new adaptation of Eleanor H. Porter's children's classic about an orphan who teaches grown-ups how to look on the bright side. Eleven-year-old Georgina Terry stars as the dogged devotee of the glad game, a charming -- if maddening -- contest to find "something about everything to be glad about." [116 minutes]

  • He Knew He Was Right - Part 1 (#3501)

    Handsome, well-connected Louis Trevelyan (Oliver Dimsdale) visits the Mandarin Islands and falls in love with Emily (Laura Fraser), daughter of the island's governor Sir Marmaduke Rowley (Geoffrey Palmer). They marry and move to London, where they lead an idyllic life with their infant son and Emily's sister, Nora (Christina Cole). But their happiness is disturbed by Emily's friendship with Colonel Osborne (Bill Nighy), an old friend of her father's and a man with a reputed taste for married women. Louis forbids her to see him, but his lack of trust wounds her feelings. Meanwhile, Nora is in love with Louis's friend Hugh Stanbury (Stephen Campbell Moore), a journalist who has been disowned by his fearsome Aunt Stanbury (Anna Massey). A much better catch, rich and charming Charles Glascock (Ray Coulthard), courts Nora, but she prefers Hugh. The rift between Louis and Emily deepens, and Louis sends Emily and Nora to live with Hugh's mother (Joanna David) and sister Priscilla (Amy Marston). Meanwhile, Hugh's younger sister, Dorothy (Caroline Martin), has been summoned as a companion by Aunt Stanbury, who soon arranges a match for her with the local vicar, Reverend Gibson (David Tennant), to the dismay of the French sisters, Arabella and Camilla (Fenella Woolgar and Claudie Blakley), who are vying for his attentions. Dorothy turns the vicar down. Suspicious that Emily continues to see Osborne, Louis hires a private detective named Bozzle (Ron Cook) to watch her, and he catches Osborne paying a visit. Furious, Louis sends Emily and Nora to stay with their uncle the Reverend Outhouse (John Alderton) and his wife (Lynn Farleigh). Again, Osborne shows up, and Louis, by now living in Italy, decides to take his son from Emily. [86 minutes]

  • He Knew He Was Right - Part 2 (#3502)

    Aunt Stanbury has fallen ill and handsome Brooke Burgess (Matthew Goode) is sent for as her heir. Brooke has already hit it off with Dorothy and he proposes, and she accepts. But when she tells the happy news to Aunt Stanbury, the old woman unaccountably demands that Dorothy break it off. On another nuptual front, Arabella takes to her bed when she learns that her mother (Barbara Flynn) has arranged a match between Camilla and Reverend Gibson.. Meanwhile, an attempted reconciliation between Louis and Emily fails, and Louis orders Bozzle to seize little Louis. By now, Emily and Nora's parents have arrived in London and find they have a kidnapping on their hands. Sir Marmaduke is also furious that Nora wants to marry Hugh, a journalist of all things. Hugh nonetheless proves helpful in tracking down Louis. Emily and Lady Rowley (Geraldine James) meet him and make an unsuccessful plea for the boy's return. They are shocked by Louis's condition. Reverend Gibson is beginning to have second thoughts about marrying Camilla, thanks, in part, to the canny strategy of the bedridden Arabella. Meanwhile, Louis flees to Italy with little Louis. Prompted by his wife (Patsy Palmer), Bozzle sees that his employer has lost his mind and reveals Louis's address to Hugh. Emily, Nora, and their parents follow in hot pursuit. The climax is reached when the Rowleys find Louis, Reverend Gibson sees the light and marries Arabella, Sir Marmaduke decides that Hugh is not a bad chap after all, and Aunt Stanbury reveals the secret of her objection to Dorothy and Brooke's marriage-and decides to forget about it. In the touching final scene, Emily and Louis are reconciled at long last. [86 minutes]

  • Island at War - Part 1 (#3503)

    Out fishing in French waters, policeman Wilf Jonas (Owen Teale) of St. Gregory in the Channel Islands witnesses British soldiers being cut down as they try to escape from the Germans. Back on the island, James Dorr (James Wilby), deputy head of the government, is unhappily married to Felicity (Clare Holman). When news comes of the imminent arrival of the Germans, Felicity decides to leave James and return to England, but she is caught in a bombing raid at the harbor. Having come so close to death, she resolves to stay and support James. Meanwhile, Cassie Mahy (Saskia Reeves) runs a successful grocery store with her dreamy husband Urban (Julian Wadham). Urban is given a photography shop by the Jewish Mr. Isaaks (David De Keyser) who is fleeing the island. Having failed to find a decent boat to ensure the safe evacuation of his family, Urban is thrilled to have the distraction of the shop, which he explores with his daughters-June (Samantha Robinson), a cabaret singer, and Angelique (Joanne Froggatt) , a government worker. Later, Urban is killed at the harbor during the air raid. Wilf and his wife Kathleen (Julia Ford) have managed to evacuate their daughter Mary to England, but their son Colin (Sean Ward) refuses to go. German commander Baron von Rheingarten (Phillip Glenister) quickly takes control. At Urban's wake, Cassie gets drunk and accuses Felicity of sleeping with her husband. [86 minutes]

  • Island at War - Part 2 (#3504)

    Cassie refuses to serve Germans in her shop and receives a visit from Oberleutnant Walker (Conor Mullen), who all but shoots her in reprisal. Meanwhile, Angelique and June re-open the photography shop with the help of Zelda (Louisa Clein), a Jewish shop assistant who is hiding her identity. When German airman Bernhardt (Laurence Fox) asks June if they can develop his film, Angelique accuses her of fraternizing. James shows the baron around his home. When Felicity is rude, the baron decides to move in. Philip Dorr (Sam Heughan), who has been in the army in England, secretly arrives on the island on a reconnaissance mission with a comrade, Eugene La Salle (Richard Dempsey). They split up and Philip spends a few days with his parents, hiding from the Germans by night and pretending to be a gardener by day. At their aborted beach rendezvous with a submarine, Philip and Eugene are surprised by a German soldier. They shoot him, and then flee and hide out in the Jonas's barn, as a manhunt gets underway. Bernhardt courts Angelique, getting a very chilly reception, while the fiercely anti-Semitic Walker does the same with Zelda. [86 minutes]

  • Island at War - Part 3 (#3505)

    Kathleen's wheeler-dealer brother Sheldon Leveque (Sean Gallagher) mysteriously has access to everything forbidden by the Germans, including a truck. He drives Philip and Eugene to another farm where they hide. James visits and persuades Eugene to give himself up in uniform with a story that he landed on the island by accident en route from France. Philip can't do the same, since the Germans know him as a gardener. When Eugene surrenders, Wilf's confused mother (Ann Rye) accidentally reveals his secret and he is condemned to deathas a spy. Meanwhile, the baron warms to Felicity and even seeks out her company during her solitary walks in the garden. Angelique is forced to take French prostitutes to a VD clinic to be examined, where a guard insists that she be examined as well. Bernhardt intervenes to save her. Later, they have tea together. Harbor Master Wimmel (Colin Tierney) discovers that Cassie is running a black market business from the back of her shop. Her options are to join forces with him or he'll have her imprisoned. Wilf, who is now the baron's driver, witnesses Eugene's execution, as does a distraught Philip, who, as "the gardener," is then forced to cut down the tree where it happened. [86 minutes]

  • Island at War - Part 4 (#3506)

    James is becoming suspicious of the baron's relationship with Felicity and challenges him to a fight. James wins, punching the baron in the face. Missing his own sons, the baron takes a shine to Philip, whom he knows as "Mr. Brotherson" and helps him repair the wall around the house. Walker has become obsessed with Zelda, insisting that she accompany him to the cinema to see an anti-Jewish film. When he is put in charge of removing any Jews from the island, he discovers Zelda's secret: she is a German Jew who registered for evacuation but never left the island. He's impressed by her disguise and willing to let her remain. But she now has to sleep with him. The next day when June opens up the photography shop, there's no sign of Zelda, who has gone underground to escape Walker. Angelique, now deeply in love with Bernhardt, is terrified that he's been killed in a German air raid on England. Still spying, Philip takes photos of German fortifications on the island, accompanied by Angelique posing as his girlfriend. She is using the opportunity to search for Bernhardt. Finally she sees him and, telling Philip she's not well, she is reunited with her German lover. [86 minutes]

  • Island at War - Part 5 (#3507)

    Cassie is now sleeping with Wimmel and enjoying the luxury food items they can get on the black-market. In a back room behind a cupboard, Cassie is hiding Zelda from Walker. Philip is determined to escape back to England and report on German fortifications. Wilf offers Philip his boat, and a plan is hatched to get Philip and Zelda off the island together. Felicity meets the baron in the garden and they talk about their sons. He has just heard that one of his sons has been killed in the war. Wilf gets Wimmel to accompany him on a fishing trip so that he can maneuver his boat round to the meeting place, where Zelda and Philip are hiding in the sand dunes. Meanwhile, Wilf's son Colin has bought a gun from a German soldier. When he sees Wilf alone in a boat with Wimmel, he presumes the German has kidnapped his father and starts shooting. Wimmel thinks it's a trap and calls for reinforcements. Philip and Zelda manage to get to the boat and start it but are quickly intercepted. Zelda manages to slip overboard unseen. But Philip is arrested and his photos of the German fortifications are found. Philip, Wilf, and James are all implicated in the plot and their fate hangs in the baron's hands. [86 minutes]

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Silk Stocking (#3508)

    When the body of a young girl is discovered, police assume she's a prostitute. However, the silk stocking wedged in her throat suggests otherwise. Sherlock Holmes (Rupert Everett) detects an error and concludes that the body is, in fact, that of the missing debutante Lady Alice Pentney. Oddly, she is dressed in shabby clothes, and the garments she was wearing the night of her disappearance are gone. These later turn up on the body of another debutante, Lady Georgiana, who has been killed in the same manner. Will her missing clothes appear on the next victim? And what about the shabby outfit discovered on Lady Alice? Did it belong to an as-yet-unknown first victim? "The first victim always tells the detective more than any other," says Holmes, who sends Dr. Watson (Ian Hart) to the graveyard to disinter a promising candidate. Meanwhile, Watson's fiancee, the American psychoanalyst Mrs. Vandeleur (Helen McCrory), steers Holmes to a plausible motive for the slayer. Armed with this psychological insight, Holmes baits a clever trap. But the killer outwits him and seizes yet another victim, who is doomed unless Holmes and Watson can track him to his lair. [86 minutes]

  • Kidnapped (Part 1 of 2) (#3509)

    Iian Glen stars as Scottish hero Alan Beck in Robert Louis Stevenson's swashbuckling adventure. [86 minutes]

  • Kidnapped - Part 2 (#3510)

    Davie convinces Alan to save James from being hanged and fool Ebenezer into confessing his crime. [56 minutes]

  • The Virgin Queen - Part 1 (#3511)

    Anne-Marie Duff stars as in this film based on the life & 40-year reign of the iconic Elizabeth 1. [116 minutes]

  • The Virgin Queen - Part 2 (#3512)

    A lavish production based on the life and tumultuous 40-year reign of the iconic Elizabeth I. [116 minutes]

  • Bleak House - Part 1 (#3601)

    The wards of the lawsuit of Jarndyce and Jarndyce come to Bleak House to live with John Jarndyce. [116 minutes]

  • Bleak House - Part 2 & 3 (#3602)

    Ada and Richard, the two wards in the Jarndyce case, fall in love, but can't yet marry. [76 minutes]

  • Bleak House - Part 3 (#3603)

    [56 minutes]

  • Bleak House - Part 4 & 5 (#3604)

    Tulkinghorn closes in on the true identity of Nemo and his mysterious relationship to Lady Dedlock. [76 minutes]

  • Bleak House - Part 5 (#3605)

    [56 minutes]

  • Bleak House - Part 6 (#3606)

    [116 minutes]

  • My Family and Other Animals (#3607)

    Gerald Durell's account of his life with his eccentric family on the sun-drenched island of Corfu. [86 minutes]

  • Carrie's War (#3608)

    A girl and her brother are evacuated from London to a very strict family in Wales during WWII. [86 minutes]

  • Under The Greenwood Tree (#3609)

    An adaptation of Thomas Hardy's novel about courtship and love in rural England in the 1870s. [86 minutes]

  • Casanova - Part One (#3610)

    Both Peter O'Toole & David Tennant bring the infamous lover to life, recounting his randy escapades. [86 minutes]

  • Casanova - Part Two (#3611)

    He relates the aftermath of his daring prison break & travels to England & Naples to get a pardon. [86 minutes]

  • To The Ends of the Earth - Rites of Passage (#3612)

    A foppish aristocrat sets off on an old warship & meets a gruff crew who face a few disasters. [86 minutes]

  • To The Ends of the Earth - Close Quarters (#3613)

    After the keel and mast fall from the ship, Edmund speaks to Summers about altering the course. [86 minutes]

  • To The Ends of the Earth - Part Three (#3614)

    An enemy ship announces the war is over. Edmund meets Sir Henry's ward, Marion, and falls in love. [86 minutes]

  • Jane Eyre - Part One (#3701)

    Jane becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall and is attracted to the owner, Mr. Rochester. [118 minutes]

  • Jane Eyre (Part 2 of 2) (#3702)

    Rochester admits he has no intention of marrying Blanche and instead proposes marriage to Jane. [116 minutes]

  • Dracula (#3704)

    Bram Stoker's infamously menacing & famously undead character comes to life in this new adaptation. [86 minutes]

  • The Wind in the Willows (#3705)

    Matt Lucas and Bob Hoskins star in this magical tale of animals who behave like country gentleman. [86 minutes]

  • The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton (#3706)

    Anna Madeley stars as the most famous cookbook author in British history. [86 minutes]

  • The Amazing Mrs Pritchard (Part 1 of 5) (#3707)

    A supermarket manager and mother decides to run for Parliament, determined to make a point. [116 minutes]

  • The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard (#3708)

    Ros considers invoking an Act of Parliament, but has doubts about making her first official move. [56 minutes]

  • The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard (#3709)

    Disenchanted with candidates in the upcoming election, Ros Pritchard decides to run for Parliament. [56 minutes]

  • The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard (#3710)

    Disenchanted with candidates in the upcoming election, Ros Pritchard decides to run for Parliament. [56 minutes]

  • The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard (#3711)

    A local supermarket manager decides to stand on an Independent ticket at the General Election. [56 minutes]

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