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Sofie Coppola's Marie Antoinette (#244)

Music: Police and Sting on Super 8 - In the late seventies and eighties one of the biggest band's in the world was the British trio the Police. Lead singer Sting had a knack of writing great pop melodies and with the music heavily influenced by ska and reggae they produced unique hits like "Roxanne" and "Message in a Bottle". The band was actually the brainchild of drummer Stewart Copeland and it was Copeland who documented life on the road with his Super 8 camera. Now he's finally brought out a behind the scenes documentary about the Police.

Living: Best Place to Live in Europe - For the last five years a German property investment company has held an annual competition to find out where the best place to live in Europe is. This year's DIFA award went to the Aarker Brugge neighbourhood of Oslo. The jury considered this particular area of the Norwegian capital to be the most attractive environment to live and work in. So let's see why.

Film: Sofie Coppola's Marie Antoinette - O ne of the most opulent places to live here in Europe is undoubtedly the Palace of Versailles just outside Paris. That's where the French queen Marie Antoinette lived almost a surreal existence in the 18th century surrounded by sycophantic courtiers and endless wealth. Sofie Coppola's film of Marie Antoinette's life at the French court actually used the original location for many of its scenes.

Travel: Slow trip via Carriage - Through modern technology our life today is very fast-paced. Instant access to news all over the world, instant communication by phone and computers, instant food. Everything is "now". So it's refreshing to hear of an entrepreneur who is trying to slow things down a bit. Roland Belz loves vintage carriages and recreates classic horseless carriages from the 19th century. The only modern touch is the engine - but it only has one speed - slow!

Entertainment: Moscow's Highbrow Clubs - Now back up to speed to Moscow's nightlife which is definitely a growing industry in the Russian capital. But it's not all loud discos and clubs for the nouveau riche. For those looking to broaden their minds intellectually of an evening, there are also plenty of choices too. This is mainly due to one man Dmitri Izkovich, Russia's top intellectual entrepreneur. His clubs combine all sorts of highbrow activities under one roof.

Fashion: Woman with a nose for perfume - Sissel Tolaas from Norway has a highly developed sense of smell which she has spent years training. While she does sometimes work for the perfume industry she really concentrates on her conceptual art, using smell as an art form in itself. She has her own archive where she stores thousands of aromas from everyday life created artificially in her laboratory. Right now one of her unique artworks can be smelled at an exhibition in the German town of Essen - not to be sniffed at! [26 minutes] Closed Captioning

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Series Description: DW-TV's euromaxx provides an insight into the cultural side of Europe and the people who live there with colorful stories that reflect the rich variety of cultural life in Europe. From architecture and design to pop culture and fashion, euromaxx explores the region's new trends as well as its old traditions. euromaxx is as multi-facetted as Europe itself: an entertaining kaleidoscope of people, places and lifestyle. Each half-hour is packed with features focused on the latest in music, movies, fashion, food and travel. euromaxx always has a fresh take on today's culture - it's what's happening today and this week. It's topical, relevant, and as fresh as this week's Sunday newspaper.

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