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The Zula Patrol

Hey Kids, Amazing Space Monkeys!/The Blorp (#303)

Wizzy and Wigg get their own space monkeys, but the primates sneak out and take apart headquarters. [28 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: In THE ZULA PATROL, a group of animated aliens travel the galaxies to learn new and exciting things about science and space exploration. The series, targeted to pre-kindergarteners through third-graders, delivers both astronomy-based science education (orbits, eclipses, moon phases, asteroids, comets, gravity), as well as character-building lessons. The Zula Patrol, stationed in the far reaches of outer space on the bright orange planet Zula. The group, always on the lookout for the villain Dark Truder & his toupee-wearing sidekick Traxie, includes: Bula, the fearless captain and intrepid explorer; his co-pilot Zeeter, a wild space jockey in her own right; Multo, an intergalactic absent-minded professor; Gorga, a loyal puppy-sized pet with amazing tranformative abilities, and Wizzy & Wigg, a cosmic pair of flying dictionaries. THE ZULA PATROL provides a dynamic, focused and fun learning experience for children, while encouraging them to think innovatively and approach problems evenhandedly.

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  • A Comet's Tale/This Looks Like A Job for the Zula Dudes (#101)

    A COMET'S TALE: When a comet passes near Zula, Zeeter decides she wants to race it. But when Zeeter, Wizzy and Wigg get too close, their Space Ship starts to freeze and they are forced to land on the comet. Bula, Multo, and Gorga's mission is to assist their Team in returning safely home to Zula. THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR THE ZULA DUDES: In his latest attempt to take over the Universe, Dark Truder empties out the Asteroid Belt, sending all the asteroids in the direction of Planet Zula. The ZP uses Multo's latest invention "The Multo-Grabber" to grab all the Asteroids and return them to their proper home. [28 minutes]

  • Bula's Spin Party/Day for Night (#102)

    BULA'S SPIN PARTY: The Zpers learn about rotation as they practice a dance routine to compete in Bula's Zula Spin Party dance contest. Meanwhile Dark Truder, who wasn't invited, crashes the party disguised as a mysterious dancing planet so he can ruin it for everyone else. DAY FOR NIGHT: Dark Truder has somehow stolen daytime from the planet Zula, and won't give it back till the Zuleans accept him as Master Of The Universe. The Zula Patrollers assume he has hijacked the Sun, and go looking for it. They discover that Truder hasn't made off with the sun, but has invented a Ray that has stopped Zula from turning. [28 minutes]

  • Shadow Play/The Jealous Moon (#103)

    SHADOW PLAY: Gorga sees a large shadow and runs back to the ZP team. Bula notifies them that a Space Monster has landed on Zula, sent from none other than the nefarious Dark Truder. His plot: to have the monster eat the Zula Patrol ship, thus incapacitating the ZP. But the Patrollers use a shadow of their space ship from a distance to distract the monster from its original intention, thus foiling Truder's plan. THE JEALOUS MOON: An unscheduled Total Solar Eclipse threatens to shroud Zula in darkness forever. It's all due to Dark Truder, who's kindled the Moon's jealousy over the Patrol's celebration of the annual Sun Festival. [28 minutes]

  • Sun Day/Time Out (#104)

    SUN DAY: Truder tries to get rid of the Sun by hijacking all her birthday cards and gifts. The Sun, depressed that no one appreciates her, decides to quit her job. The Zula Patrollers must recover the cards and gifts and rescue the solar system. TIME OUT: When Dark Truder knocks out all the clocks on Zula, Multo shows the Zula Patrollers how to tell time by using shadows cast by the Sun. Unfortunately, Truder blocks the Sun too, so the Patrollers have no idea if they're in time to save Zula from being demolished [28 minutes]

  • The Probe Who Came to Dinner/Forget-Me-Naut (#105)

    THE PROBE WHO CAME TO DINNER: When Multo discovers a far away planet, he sends a probe, Spaceus Exploreus, to safely investigate it and send back information. Much to the Zulean's surprise, at the same time, a probe from that planet arrives to investigate them. After jumping to a few wrong conclusions, they learn that while there are differences, the quest for information, pizza and friendship is universal. FORGET-ME-NAUT: When a fall seems to have given Bula amnesia, it turns out that Dark Truder has secretly abducted Bula and replaced him with a robot, in hopes of getting rid of The Zula Patrol forever. But when the Bula-bot goes through Astronaut re-training at The Zula Academy, he becomes a "rock solid" member of the team and single-handedly foils Truder's latest plan to rule the universe. [28 minutes]

  • Small Is Beautiful/Case of the Missing Rings (#106)

    Truder shrinks all nine planets and Multo and rockets away. The rings around the planets are stolen. [28 minutes]

  • Blue Moon/Going Through A Phase (#107)

    Wizzy and Wigg journey to Earth's Moon to prove theories. Bula is turned into a Zulean Were-Mouse. [28 minutes]

  • Giant Litterbugs from Space/Rv of the Giants (#108)

    GIANT LITTERBUGS FROM SPACE: The Zula Patrol learns about simple machines when a passing spaceship of giant Zlorgs (from the Zulean Panhandle) drop some huge litter on their headquarters -- including a massive paper cup that completely covers the building! They manage to remove the cup using two simple machines, the inclined plane and the lever, only to discover that the littering was no careless act, but a result of Dark Truder's latest plot! RV OF THE GIANTS: After running into their friends, the gigantic Zlorg family, who are camping in their huge R.V., the Zula Patrollers get accidentally trapped inside the R.V. They have to figure out how to get out, using two examples of simple machines, a wedge and a pulley, before Dark Truder steals their spaceship! Mistakenly thinking he's no longer wanted, Gorga leaves the Zula Patrol in search of a new home. In an effort to find him, the Zula Patrol searches The Solar System and all Nine Planets before ultimately rescuing him from the Intergalactic Pet Catcher. [28 minutes]

  • Chili Cook-Off/Treasure in the Clouds (#109)

    CHILI COOK-OFF: Multo's cooking up a pot of "Galactic Goo" for lunch. But when Bula unwittingly puts Multo's Goo in the freezer, The Zula Patrol finds themselves face to face with a "whirlgoo" of gigantic proportions. TREASURE IN THE CLOUDS: After hearing Multo tell a story about a Golden Cloud, Wizzy and Wigg set out to find it to give to Multo as a surprise present. Dark Truder overhears them and, unaware it's just a story, plots to find the Golden Cloud himself so he will be rich. Our heroes hike up Mount Zula, meeting many types of clouds along the way. When they reach the top, they actually see a golden cloud that Truder attempts to grab, but it turns out to be the Zula Space Patrol ship hidden in a cloud of astro-smoke. Dark Truder is foiled by his own greed, but Wizzy and Wigg discover that sometimes the key to happiness is making others happy. [28 minutes]

  • Star Crossed/Night of the Fweebs (#110)

    STAR CROSSED: After luring the Zula Patrol into deep space, Dark Truder steals all the constellations in the sky. He corrals them in a caravan of cages so the ZPers won't be able to "steer by the stars" and chart a course home. The quarrelling, star-crossed constellations have to learn to work together before the Zula Patrol can set them free - and make Truder see stars. NIGHT OF THE FWEEBS: It's the Night of the Fweeebs and the Zula Patrol gets a front row seat as these furry creatures migrate to the North Pole using Polaris, the North Star, as a guide. But chaos ensues when the Zula Patrol discover the North Star is missing, causing the Fweeebs stumble around in confusion, utterly lost! Our heroes must find and return Polaris to its rightful spot in the night sky or the Fweeebs are doomed! [28 minutes]

  • Mutual Distraction/What Goes Up Must Come Down (#111)

    MUTUAL DISTRACTION: Dark Truder hides a magnet in a cloud to magnetize the Zula Patrol, rendering them ineffective, but it's Wizzy and Wigg who end up magnetized. The Zula Patrollers learn all about magnetism as they try to save the siblings - and themselves, when their ship becomes a giant refrigerator magnet. WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN: Explorers from the planet Polkadottia make an emergency landing on Zula and send cryptic visual messages for help to the Zula Patrol. Once our ZPers are able to decipher these messages and find the stranded Polkadottians, they are also able to figure out their problem: The visitors come from a smaller and less massive world than Zula, so they aren't used to the stronger gravitational pull and mass of the ZPers' planet. Our heroes tow the Polkadottians to Mercury - a planet that equals Polkadottia in mass and gravity. There, they help the visitors fix their ship so they can return home. [28 minutes]

  • Dog Gone Gorga/The Milky Way Galaxy Games (#112)

    Gorga leaves in search of a new home and gets captured by the Intergalactic Pet Catcher. [28 minutes]

  • Matter, Matter Everywhere/Family Feud (#113)

    MATTER, MATTER EVERYWHERE: Inside a hollow meteorite, the ZPers find the treasure map of Long John Jupiter, notorious rhyming Space Pirate. Following the clues, they learn all about matter, and find a surprising treasure. FAMILY FEUD: Earth's water has disappeared! Part one of the molecular mystery is soon solved when Multo discovers that all of Earth's water molecules have separated into their individual atoms of Hydrogen and Oxygen. When Bula and Zeeter shrink to atom-size they find the reason for the separation is a family feud. It's up to the Zula Patrol to get the feuding atoms together as molecules -- and get Earth back together -- before it's too late. [28 minutes]

  • Round and Round We Go/The Go'er-Slower Motion (#114)

    It is up to Zeeter to rescue the team when Dark Truder traps them on a huge inflatable planet. [28 minutes]

  • Club Mars/The Outsider (#115)

    The Planets hurt Pluto's feelings and he refuses to orbit. The Zula Patrol must bolster his spirits. [28 minutes]

  • The In and Outs of Planets/Young at Heart (#116)

    When the team goes on a treasure hunt through the Solar System, Truder gets wind of the plan. [28 minutes]

  • The Big Mess/Telescooped (#117)

    THE BIG MESSA sticky mess in Wizzy's & Wigg's room spawns a microscopic city. But when Wizzy's & Wigg's vacuuming threatens to destroy the micro-world, the other ZPers are ZAPPED into the tiny city by its resident microscopic Mad Scientist. TELESCOOPED: When all the telescopes on Zula begin disappearing, the Zula Patrol investigates and learns a lot about telescopes. They even shrink down to get inside one, just as it's stolen. The culprit: Dark Truder, who doesn't realize the tiny Zula Patrol are now trapped in his new 'asteroid headquarters.' They must escape to not only save themselves - but all the telescopes in the Solar System! [28 minutes]

  • Show of Force/Adventures In Pet Sitting (#118)

    SHOW OF FORCE: The ZPers hold a race to see who can use clever variations of force to win. Hoping to buck astronomical villainous odds, Dark Truder also enters the race, intent on winning it on behalf of villains everywhere -- for as we've all seen, no bad guy ever wins a race - ever. Dark Truder, to his amazement, does win --only to learn that the ZPers were more interested in having fun and learning about force, rather than achieving victory. Dark Truder is so angry he forfeits the race to our heroes -- setting a new record low for villains everywhere. ADVENTURES IN PET SITTING: While pet-sitting the Zlorgs' pet blob, Gloopy, the Zula Patrollers discover that Dark Truder is plotting to steal their entire Headquarters building and everything in it! With some help from Gloopy -- and two simple machines, the wheel-and-axle and the screw -- they manage to overcome the baddie and save their building. But first, Gorga must learn to deal with an attack of jealousy. [28 minutes]

  • Fly Us to the Moon/Castaway Asteroid (#119)

    FLY US TO THE MOON: Wizzy and Wigg want to go to the Moon to see the moon-ball championship game. But when their rocket-powered scooter breaks down, and the other ZPers are too busy to give them a ride, the industrious twins try to find a new way to go to space. Their failed attempts frustrate them, but amuse their not-so-friendly friend, Larvi. However it's the imperfect Larvi who inadvertently gives them the pieces needed to build a rocket - the only true way to get to space. CASTAWAY ASTEROID: After Gorga snorts up Wizzy's and Wigg's toy box full of toys, Multo proposes that they make a solar sail kite to play with instead, and teaches them all about solar sails. Then a Zula Patrol fan (Dark Truder in disguise) calls to compliment the ZP on their new billboard on a distant asteroid. Our heroes get suspicious -- the Zula Patrol doesn't advertise. When they fly up to the asteroid to investigate, they discover it's a trap! Pirate Truder and his robot crew steal their ship, and the Zula Patrollers are left stranded on the asteroid. But Wizzy and Wigg use their new knowledge of solar sails to come up with a solution -- a "lifeboat" using the shiny foil of the billboard as a solar sail. [28 minutes]

  • Take Me to Your Ferret/Earth Hunt (#120)

    When the team is forced to land on Earth, they learn about the planet from a ferret named Buzzy. [28 minutes]

  • Wish You Were Here/Weather Vain (#121)

    WISH YOU WERE HERE: The Zula Patrol is ready to go on vacation, but they can't decide which season is the best for R&R, especially when they think back, in a series of flashbacks, to their past vacations. Eventually they resolve to visit all the seasons again, and make new, better vacation memories. WEATHER VAIN: Zeeter takes over the weather forecasting job from Bula, and learns all about the components of weather. But when she tries to improve her forecast by using Multo's Weather-Matic machine to create weather, she unleashes a storm that threatens Zula Patrol headquarters. [28 minutes]

  • My Episode Lady/You're Cramping My Space (#122)

    Our heroes are plunged into a Zulean version of the dark ages. Buzzy the Ferret rescues the team. [28 minutes]

  • Wigg and Wizzy Light The Way/Look to the Rainbow (#123)

    WIGG AND WIZZY LIGHT THE WAY: When the Zula Patrol goes camping, a ghost story unnerves Wigg. His fears increase when a strange sound seems to be coming from behind their tent. As the Zula Patrol investigates, Bula warns everyone to stay together but Zeeter doesn't listen and wanders off by herself. Worried, the team enters the dark forest to search for her. When the flashlight goes dead, it's up to Wigg and Wizzy to use their lights to lead the group. LOOK TO THE RAINBOW: The Zula Patrol arrives in the Canyon Of The Rainbow just in time to prevent the native Chromeleons from being bilked by Professor Spectrum in a plot involving their world-famous rainbow. [28 minutes]

  • Three Ring Gorga/Moon Mayhem (#124)

    Bula tells the story of when Gorga was a circus performer. Wizzy and Wigg visit a fortune teller. [28 minutes]

  • A Star Is Born/Galactic Star Games (#125)

    A STAR IS BORN: When the ZPers travel through a Wormhole created by Wilson, he sneezes, accidentally shooting them into a region of space that is far from home. Their fuel is lost and the only way our heroes can return to Zula is by using the solar energy that will be emitted by protostars inside a nebula, after they change into full-fledged stars. But the protostars our ZPers meet are afraid of changing and fulfilling their destiny. Our heroes help them through that process, and the protostars learn that change can be good. GALACTIC STAR GAMESAt the Sun's request, the Zula Patrol travels to the Star Games, a competition for stars, to help out the Sun's Aunt Dorothy, an older red dwarf star that wants to compete. But they soon discover that Dorothy and her older friends are being discriminated against because of their age. [28 minutes]

  • Blub-Glub/Power Flower (#126)

    BLUBGLUB: Dark Truder returns to his roots by starting small to jumpstart his career in villainy. He pretends to be the mascot of a water theme park, which he ruins when he replaces the water with a gooey substance called Blub-Glub. Thankfully, the Zula Patrollers happen to be enjoying the park at the time, and they use their knowledge of water to put an end to Truder's scheme, and save the water supply on Zula. Our heroes learn not to take something as wonderful and as necessary as water, for granted. POWER FLOWER: When Zeeter finds a lone flower on a previously unexplored island on Zula, she wants to save it by bringing it home. But when she accidentally leaves the lid off of its contained environment, the flower must venture out for water. However in its new environment, the flower automatically clones when it's fully hydrated. It isn't long before The Zula Patrol has more flowers than they ever imagined, and the water cycle, indeed, all life on the planet, is at risk. [28 minutes]

  • The Things In Rings/How The Rust Was Won (#201)

    Deliria and Cloid dump junk into Saturn's rings. Dark Truder raises rust-eating Battle Cattle. [28 minutes]

  • Ice Station Zula/Ice Truder (#202)

    The Zula Patrol must find who is stealing Professor Precipito's precipitation experiments. [28 minutes]

  • Dueling Space Stations/Don't Look Now (#203)

    The Zula Patrol must stop Dark Truder from building a giant robot to help him take over the galaxy. [28 minutes]

  • Rock and Patrol/Support Your Neighborhood Volcano (#204)

    Cann Bula and Zeeter convince The Bowlin' Stones to get along and play a benefit concert? [28 minutes]

  • Down Under/Singin' in the Rain Forest (#205)

    The Zula Patrol comes to the aid of Zulean insects whose has been bulldozed away by. [28 minutes]

  • Hide 'n Seek On Jupiter/A Tale of Two Planets (#206)

    Wizzy, Wigg and Gorga discover that the huge planet is filled with storms, while playing a game. [28 minutes]

  • The Sound of Multo/Eyes in the Skies (#207)

    Deliria leads a swarm of Zulean Music-Munchers into the city to devour musical instruments. [28 minutes]

  • Birds of a Feather/Bula's Heros: The Great Camouflage Caper (#208)

    When the ZPers crash land in a forest and find an abandoned egg, they try to track down its mother. [28 minutes]

  • Moon Struck/Me, Myself and Io (#209)

    The Zula Patrol must rescue Venus from her erratic behavior in her quest to acquire her own moon. [28 minutes]

  • A Friend Named Breezy/Erosion Today, Gone Tomorrow (#210)

    Deliria and Cloid try to use a gentle breeze named Breezy to blow down Zula Patrol Headquarters. [28 minutes]

  • Blast to Earth's Past/The Great Climb (#211)

    Zeeter gets whisked along when Deliria takes a time machine back to 250 million years ago. [28 minutes]

  • Creature Features/Fried Greenhouse Tomatoes (#212)

    The Zula Patrol learns about the Greenhouse Effect when a robot starts making duplicates of itself. [28 minutes]

  • If It Looks Like a Plant/Splitsville (#213)

    When Deliria shapeshifts into a sickly looking plant, Wizzy and Wigg take care of it. [28 minutes]

  • Larva Or Leave Me/Egg Hunt (#301)

    The team learns about a stage of growth called metamorphosis when they find a butterfly. [28 minutes]

  • Spin Control: The Venus Effect/Crater Raters: Journey to Mercury (#302)

    Venus doesn't want to be in a picture of the Solar System because she feels that she doesn't fit in. [28 minutes]

  • Vanishing Cream/There Goes The Neighborhood (#304)

    Deliria and Cloid start a galaxy-wide "beautification" project to remove craters from the planets. [28 minutes]

  • The Missing Elements/Journey to the Center of Gorga (#305)

    Truder accidentally releases gremlin creatures. Multo uses the Sizerizer to shrink Bula and Zeeter. [28 minutes]

  • Choosing Sides/Camp Worm (#306)

    The flowers, beetles and bees stop making honey. Zeeter and Bula learn about worm activities. [28 minutes]

  • May The Force Be Wigg You/Five Zuleans in a Boat (and Gorga) (#307)

    Wigg lives out his superhero fantasies when one of Multo's gadgets gives him super- strength. [28 minutes]

  • Where Did All The Water Go?/The Dew Drops (#308)

    Zeeter is skeptical when she hears about a vanishing lake. She investigates and finds Dark Truder. [28 minutes]

  • The Show Must Float on/the Truder Crown Affair (#309)

    The team needs to find the source of a pollution that is ruining the Ballet of the Water Striders. [28 minutes]

  • The Great River Race/When You Wish Upon A Sea Star (#310)

    Dark Truder plans to win a race by cheating. At the beach, the team helps a sea star get home. [28 minutes]

  • Mine Shaft/The Crystal Cavern (#311)

    Truder causes chaos by switching the labels of minerals. The team needs a crystal for their ship. [28 minutes]

  • The Lizard Who Came to Dinner/Island of the Endotherms (#312)

    Ziggy the Iguana loses eggs he's babysitting and the team mounts a rescue expedition to the desert. [28 minutes]

  • Villain of the Year/One Is The Loneliest Number (#313)

    Dark Truder, Deliria and every other villain are trying to outdo each other with acts of nastiness. [28 minutes]

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