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This Old House Hour

Episode #1404

Flitch beams are installed. A laminated veneer lumber factory is toured. The landscape is planned. [56 minutes] TV-G Closed Captioning

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Series Description: America's favorite home improvement series, the Emmy Award-winning THIS OLD HOUSE, airs in the first half of the hour. In the second half-hour, ASK THIS OLD HOUSE, host Kevin O'Connor, general contractor Tom Silva, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey and landscape contractor Roger Cook address specific, viewer-driven home maintenance and repair questions.

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  • Episode #410

    In the first half of The This Old House Hour, host Kevin O'Connor and plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey visit a local burger shop to try the new "This Old House" burger. Master carpenter Norm Abram explains the decision to use a formerly controversial exterior cladding system know as an "exterior insulated finishing system", or EIFS. Installer Dan Rourke shows Norm how EIFS product manufacturers have adapted over the last decade to solve problems with installation and water infiltration. In the library, Kevin finds general contractor Tom Silva and chimney specialist Mark Schaub installing the new gas fireplace. Kevin helps Tom demolish the old stairs and rebuilding the new landings that will eventually accept a new steel stair system. In the garage, Tom shows Kevin how he's prepped for the pour of the new slab using a clever new technology - 1/2" plastic clips that fasten rebar together with one click of a specialized tool, eliminating time-consuming wire ties. In the second half of the Hour, landscape contractor Roger Cook helps a pair of homeowners tame an overgrown privet hedge with some "rejuvenation pruning." Then, Richard helps a homeowner install a laundry sink in the basement of her new townhouse. Together, they run the copper pipes for the water supply, make the new PVC drain connection, and connect the plumbing vent. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #412

    In the first half of The This Old House Hour, host Kevin O'Connor arrives to find exterior coatings specialist Dan Rourke and his crew applying the EIFS finish coat. Custom pool specialist Bob Snay installs a black pebble finish on the bed of the new water feature. Inside, general contractor Tom Silva oversees the installation of the steel stairs. Kevin visits the custom metal shop that fabricated the steel as well as the dramatic bronze "wishbone" balustrade that will be installed later on the job. Reclaimed wood specialist Richard McFarland shows Kevin samples of reclaimed wood from all over the world as Tom's crew installs exterior redwood siding harvested from giant olive casks. Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey gives Kevin an update on the mechanicals - the new boiler has arrived, radiant panels are installed underneath the first floor, and PEX water supply lines have been run. In the second half of the Hour, in the Ask This Old House, Kevin heads to southern California and meets with a local expert to learn about the proper tool techniques for window-washing. Then back in the loft, Kevin, along with landscape contractor Roger Cook, Richard, and Tom ask "What is it?" Then, Richard helps a pair of homeowners flush the sediment out of their aging electric water heater. Later, up in the loft, Richard demonstrates several water heater maintenance tips. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #413

    In the first half of The This Old House Hour, landscape contractor Roger Cook shows host Kevin O'Connor how he's installing a pre-fabricated pitched structural foam trench drain at the entrance to the garage. Inside, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows Kevin the radiant tubing going down in the master suite, the cast iron waste pipe and PEX water supply lines in the walls of the library, and how the high-velocity mini duct system is saving valuable space on the first floor. Painting contractor Jim Clark shows master carpenter Norm Abram the challenge he's facing in developing a stain formula that will work with all of the various wood species in the house. General contractor Tom Silva shows Kevin the water-blown expanding soft foam insulation going in on the second floor. Kevin visits the Stata Center at MIT to see how modern architecture is serving the needs of one of the country's most advanced universities. At the end of the day, Tom lowers the 12kW generator into place on the newly poured pad next to the garage. The unit will cover just the "essential loads" during a power outage -some lights, mechanical systems, refrigerator, and sump pumps. In the second half of the Hour, on Ask This Old House loft, Tom heads to New York's "lower east side" to help a pair of apartment-dwellers install a new vinyl floor. Then Tom, along with Richard, landscape contractor Roger Cook and Kevin ask "What is it?". Then, up in the loft, Richard shows Kevin some ways to prevent pipes from freezing and shows what to do if you have frozen pipes. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #414

    Preservation efforts on historic buildings at Harvard Universiuty and a custom mill in Rhode Island. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #415

    Installations include bluestone treads set on a stringer that appears to float over a water feature. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #416

    Installations include a brushed nickel mortise lockset on an oak door and a new irrigation system. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #419

    Build an inexpensive radiator cover, install a humidifier and see the new project house in D.C. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #420

    A garden tour of the nation's capital and a granite address marker is installed in front of a home. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #421

    Visit the Solar Decathlon on the D.C. mall where students build model homes with zero energy costs. [56 minutes]

  • New Orleans Project, Part 3 (#619)

    Norm works on the side porch and homeowner Rashida Ferdinand strips paint from the historic windows. [56 minutes]

  • New Orleans Project, Part 4 (#620)

    Richard Trethewey shows Norm the plumbing. A plan is drawn up for the yard and gardens. [56 minutes]

  • New Orleans Project, Part 5 (#621)

    Historically accurate French doors are milled out of cedar and spray foam insulation gets underway. [56 minutes]

  • New Orleans Project, Part 6/Replacing Rotted Stairs/Leaky Polybutylene Pipes (#622)

    Amazing progress is made on the project house. Lead carpenter Mike Gettle trims the side porch. [56 minutes]

  • New Orleans Project, Part 7/House Lawn Improvements; Leaky Ceiling (#623)

    Templates for quartz countertops are made. The family room's pine engineering flooring is put down. [56 minutes]

  • New Orleans Project, Part 8/Tribute to Tile Expert Joe Ferrante (#624)

    Landscape architect Brian Sublette creates both public and private space on the sizable lot. [56 minutes]

  • New Orleans Project, Part 9/Pressure Reducing Valve; Problems with Crown Molding (#625)

    In the first half of The This Old House Hour, host Kevin O'Connor meets with District Fire Chief Tim McConnell to see how his own firemen, with the help of volunteers and the Denis Leary Foundation in New York City, are rebuilding 22 damaged firehouses on their own time. In Holy Cross, master carpenter Norm Abram drives up to the project house to find plants arriving and master mason Teddy Pierre Jr. laying local St. Joe brick on the front walk. Lead carpenter Mike Gettle installs new custom composite shutters that are functional for privacy and security and also meet the Historic District guidelines. In the French Quarter, Kevin stops by Bevolo Lighting to see how Drew Bevolo, a third generation lighting fixture manufacturer, is carrying on the family tradition while also building lights for our project. At Musicians' Village, landscape contractor Roger Cook helps the volunteers establish grade and plant screening shrubs and grasses in homeowner Calvin Johnson's front yard. In the second half of the Hour, on Ask This Old House, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey helps a homeowner with very high water pressure by installing a "pressure reducing valve." Roger is joined in the Ask This Old House loft by turf expert Mary Owen to discuss which types of grass are appropriate for certain climates and conditions. General contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner who had problems installing crown molding on his kitchen cabinets. [56 minutes]

  • New Orleans Project, Part 10/Tips for Watering Lawns/Building a Bookcase (#626)

    In the first half of The This Old House Hour, host Kevin O'Connor opens the show as the Krewe of Zulu prepares for Mardi Gras. At the project house in Holy Cross, landscape contractor Roger Cook finds metal worker Joe Strain finishing the installation of the "hoop and scroll" iron fence in the front yard. Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey looks at the final paint color scheme with colorist Louis Aubert then checks inside on the new laundry area and first floor bath. Master carpenter Norm Abram reviews the punch list with lead carpenter Mike Gettle. Furniture maker Bill Taber arrives with two custom tables that he made out of the old bargeboard walls that came down in the renovation. At Musicians' Village, five months of following the progress is concluded with the dedication ceremony at Calvin Johnson's house. The next day, at the project house, landscape architect Brian Sublette gives a final tour of the front garden and side yard. Inside, homeowner Rashida Ferdinand and her interior designer Nancy Robbins show Kevin the choices they made to blend the old house with the new addition while using Rashida's artwork to personalize the spaces. Knowing that many folks in New Orleans are still struggling, the whole crew celebrates the completion of Rashida's house and the rebirth of one small corner of the city. In the second half of the Hour, on Ask This Old House, Roger and Kevin head outside to look at different types of above-ground sprinklers and Roger shares basic tips on how to water a lawn. Back in the loft, general contractor Tom Silva shows Kevin how to build a simple but elegant bookcase using plywood and portable power tools. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Pt. 1/Collapsing Garage Roof/Installing a Dry Well (#701)

    The crew begins building a new prefab, eco-friendly home that will look and feel like an old barn. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Pt. 2/Mature Tree/Noisy Heating System (#702)

    A tour of the new house via a 3-D software program allows the owners to design the home virtually. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Part 3 of 16/Pendant Lighting/Care for Succulents (#703)

    Pre-cast foundation walls are poured in a factory, then trucked to the site and lifted in by crane. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Part 4 of 16/Damaged Lawn/Curved Stair Molding (#704)

    The interior and exterior wall systems are prefabricated. The crew pre-wires a plug and play system. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Part 5 of 16/Water Pressure/Transplanting a Bush (#705)

    The completed floor systems are craned into place and the crew closes in the basement level. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Part 6 of 16/Repairing Laminate Countertops/Rebuilding a Brick Walkway (#706)

    A ceremonial timberframe is raise on the first floor by hand. Laminate countertops are repaired. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Part 7 of 16/Reducing Heating Costs/Using a Whole House Fan (#707)

    Norm Abram tours the first and second floors. Roger Cook works on building the landscape plan. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Part 8 of 16/Waterproofing System/Installing a Privacy Screen (#708)

    The crew places the final roof panels and sets the five-thousand pound cupola to cap off the house. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Part 9 of 16/Building A Retaining Wall/Loud Faucet (#709)

    A New England fieldstone natural stone veneer is installed, with the help of a busload of masons. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Part 11/Repairing A Deck/Hydrangea Bush (#711)

    Eighteen solar panels are installed that can provide up to 75 percent of the home's power needs. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Part 12/Removing A Boulder/Securing Loose Pipes (#712)

    Roger Cook installs Granite steps on the entry porch and Goshen stone for the front patio. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Part 13/Energy-Efficient Water Heater/Leveling Concrete Walkway (#713)

    A deck-fastening system on the back porch and underground tanks for rainwater harvesting are set. [56 minutes]

  • House Weston Project, Part 14/Repairing Backyard Gate/Drafty Window (#714)

    Porous pavers are installed in the driveway and the Port Orford cedar pergola is set in the lawn. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Part 15/Painting Kitchen Cabinets/Installing Cabinet Accessories (#715)

    A berm and fence are installed in the yard and eco-friendly carpet tiles are set in the bedroom. [56 minutes]

  • Weston Project, Part 16/Converting A Bathtub/Solar-Powered Fountain (#716)

    A bocce court, an irrigation system and rustic granite hearthstone for the fireplace are tended to. [56 minutes]

  • Brooklyn Project, Part 1/Staining A Deck/Preventing Sewage Backups (#717)

    Kevin O'Connor and Norm Abram head to New York City to restore a neglected 1904 brownstone. [56 minutes]

  • Brooklyn Project, Part 2/Pruning A Tree/Installing a Shower Mixing Valve (#718)

    The kitchen layout is planned as the framing progresses. A rowhouse in the East Village is visited. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1119

    Roger Cook learns about orchids at a tropical botanic garden. A kitchen wall cabinet is installed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1120

    Geothermal bore holes are filled and shingles are weaved around a corner for a cottage look. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1121

    The barrier-free walk that leads to the house is finished using granite and bluestone but no steps. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1122

    Wallboard installer Brian Jones shows how he uses a panel lift to install ceilings singlehandedly. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1201

    Three New Jersey homeowners who are determined to rebuild after Superstorm Sandy are showcased. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1202

    Norm tours the Bay Head, NJ revetment project and gets a lesson on FEMA zones and foundations. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1203

    Kevin gets a look at decimated Mantoloking, NJ. The Bay Head home's new first floor is framed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1204

    Seaside Heights, NJ scrambles to bring the boardwalk back. A new, pre-hung front door is installed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1205

    A Texas contractor explains how they're dredging sand shoaled in Barnegat Bay after Sandy. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1206

    Breakaway walls and flood vents are installed in Point Pleasant. A leaky skylight is replaced. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1207

    Sea-level foundation footings are installed at Bay Head. Roger Cook helps plant a maple tree. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1208

    Three projects conclude on the Jersey Shore. The guys help homeowners prepare for severe weather. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1209

    Work begins on an Italianate style home in Arlington, Massachusetts. Demolition work gets started. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1210

    Dramatic discoveries are made while demolishing the kitchen and baths and a rhododendron is moved. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1211

    Breaking through the living room ceiling, more headroom and the original plaster molding are found. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1212

    Masonry repairs with a mortar additive provide a waterproofing solution for the fieldstone basement. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1213

    Landscape architect Cricket Beauregard shares her solutions for the home's shady front yard. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1214

    Kevin enjoys the windows from inside the new eat-in kitchen. Tom installs vertical beaded siding. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1215

    Arborist Matt Foti does some selective tree pruning. A doorjamb is converted into a cased opening. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1216

    A paint color consultant presents exterior color schemes. Norm and Tom patch old oak veneer floors. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1217

    Edgar Hansen from Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" patches cracks in the plaster walls. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1218

    Plaster is repaired by hand. A 3D printing specialist shows how repairs can be made in a computer. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1219

    Painting contractor Mauro Henrique offers strategies for working with potentially messy red paint. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1220

    A new water line, pre-finished Brazilian chestnut flooring and fiberglass gutters are installed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1221

    Roger installs a front walk in a running bond pattern. Tom runs a custom profile for the chair rail. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1222

    Countertop contractor Michael Parodi creates final edge detail for soapstone countertops. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1223

    A custom PVC fence is installed and a marble herringbone pattern is created in the powder room. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1224

    A teak island top in the kitchen and a solid surface vanity top in the master bath are showcased. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1225

    A replica ceiling medallion is made using a 3D printer and a custom copper vent hood is installed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1226

    The newly finished basement spaces highlight the completion of the Arlington Italianate project. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1301

    Renovations of an 1850s-era Greek Revival house begins in Charlestown, Boston's oldest neighborhood. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1302

    Tom works on the exterior walls which are bowing out from the weight of the roof over 160 years. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1303

    The chimney is modified for the new gas fireplace units. The third floor master suite is framed up. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1304

    Tom shows Norm the progress on the approved dormer and how he's waterproofing its low slope roof. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1305

    Fireplace expert John Sullivan roughs in the ductwork for the new direct vent gas fireplace units. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1306

    The house gets a major upgrade with a Greek Revival-style front door. Angela's cabinets arrive. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1307

    The Cararra marble island top is highlighted. Fence contractor Mark Bushway installs a PVC fence. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1308

    The exterior is restored on the Charlestown house with a dormer, windows, shutters and front entry. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1309

    A kitchen is redesigned and a farmer's porch is added to a Colonial in Lexington, Massachusetts. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1312

    The new architectural shingles on the roof and the progress on the new back deck are highlighted. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1313

    Landscape designer Tim Lee shows how the stream in the backyard affects other areas of the yard. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1314

    The new mudroom door and the work required to patch in new clapboards are showcased. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1315

    Reinforced fiberglass columns are installed to support the new farmer's porch. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1316

    Gutter fabricator Mike Vidulich installs a one-piece covered gutter that won't have to be cleaned. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1317

    Norm recaps the progress on the mudroom and the kitchen. A porcelain plank floor tile is installed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1318

    The second floor is sanded, stained and sealed. In the kitchen, the cabinets are mostly installed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1319

    Tile contractor Mark Ferrante installs porcelain tile made to look like slate in the screen porch. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1320

    A new mudroom storage system is built. LED ribbon strip lights are used under the kitchen cabinets. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1321

    Insulated steel garage doors and the simple cabinets in the upstairs laundry room are showcased. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1322

    Sod grower Pat Hogan installs a new variety of turf that needs less water and fertilizer. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1323

    Norm and Kevin review the transformation that has taken place in the 1966 Garrison Colonial. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1324

    Norm, Tom and Kevin join builder Ken Dionne and his team to help with framing the exterior walls. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1325

    An ADA-compliant threshold is created in the shower and the automatic door technology is discussed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1326

    A special design for the master closet is discussed and a table for the new dining room is built. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1401

    A new project on an 1895 Victorian in Belmont, Massachusett focuses on salvage and restoration. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1402

    Plants are saved and the demolition begins. Window pulley repair and chainsaw use are featured. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1403

    Rotten lally columns are replaced, hardwood floor are salvaged and a driveway pothole is fixed up. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1405

    The mudroom foundation, kitchen cabinet options and vacuuming old insulation are showcased. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1406

    Porch piers, a custom bay window, window restoration and an entryway cantilever beam are showcased. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1407

    An HVAC plan, a copper water main line and an interior design plan are highlighted. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1408

    Front porch framing and ductwork are highlighted and the Brimfield Fair is featured. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1410

    [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1411

    [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1412

    [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1413

    [56 minutes]

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