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Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish

La despedida (The Farewell) (#105)

Raquel leaves by train for Madrid to meet Sra. Suárez concerning the letter she wrote to Fernando. [28 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: DESTINOS teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish. This telenovela, or Spanish soap opera, immerses students in everyday situations with native speakers and introduces the cultures, accents, and dialects of Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. Understanding of Spanish and appreciation of many Hispanic cultures increases as students become absorbed in the mysterious and entertaining story. Closed captioning in Spanish may be used as a teaching and literacy resource.

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  • La carta (The Letter) (#101)

    The narrator explains the three types of Spanish that will be spoken in the series: conversational Spanish by native speakers (informal, colloquial), the Spanish spoken by the narrator (formal, non-native speaker), and the Spanish spoken by the principal character Raquel (formal, native speaker). The story of the Castillo family begins. [28 minutes]

  • El secreto (The Secret) (#102)

    Fernando reveals that he was first married to a woman named Rosario in Spain just before the Spanish Civil War, but left the country after he believed she was killed in a bombing raid. He recently received a letter from a friend telling him that Rosario survived and, as a result, becomes obsessed with finding his wife who, when he last saw her, was pregnant with his child. [28 minutes]

  • El comienzo (The Beginning) (#103)

    Raquel Rodriquez travels to Sevilla, Spain, to speak with Sra. Suárez, the woman who sent Fernando Castillo the letter about Rosario. [28 minutes]

  • Perdido (Lost) (#104)

    Raquel is still in Sevilla and learns that Sra. Suárez wishes to see her in Madrid. While at a market in Sevilla, Raquel helps chase a loose dog and gets lost. [28 minutes]

  • ¿Maestra? (Teacher?) (#106)

    While on the train for Madrid, Raquel inadvertently reveals to a reporter that she is conducting an investigation and he begins to follow her to try to find out what she is doing. [27 minutes]

  • La cartera (The Wallet) (#107)

    Most of the episode is devoted to Spanish conversation dealing with Raquel's arrival in Madrid, her lost wallet, checking into her hotel, meeting people, and traveling to the home of Sra. Suárez. Fernando Castillo is sent to the hospital because of his declining health. [28 minutes]

  • El encuentro (The Encounter) (#108)

    Raquel finally meets with Sra. Suárez and learns that Rosario survived the bombing, gave birth to Fernando's son, Angel, while living in Sevilla, and moved to Argentina where she remarried a man named Martin Iglesias. [28 minutes]

  • Estaciones (Seasons) (#109)

    Fernando's condition improves and he is informed about the information Raquel learned in the last episode. Raquel intends to leave soon to Buenos Aires where she hopes to meet with Rosario and Angel. [28 minutes]

  • Cuadros (Paintings) (#110)

    'Cuadros' features the paintings of El Greco, Velazquez and Goya. Raquel visits El Prado and bids farewell to her friends in Madrid as she leaves Spain for Argentina to search for Rosario and her son, Angel. [28 minutes]

  • La demora (The Delay) (#111)

    Raquel's plane to Argentina is delayed and she spends time reviewing her experiences in Spain. This provides the backdrop for reviewing the conversation elements learned during the past five lessons. [28 minutes]

  • Revelaciones (Revelations) (#112)

    Raquel arrives in Buenos Aires where she learns from Arturo, Rosario's son from her second marriage, that Rosario is dead and that he has lost contact with Angel who became a sailor. [28 minutes]

  • La búsqueda (The Search) (#113)

    Raquel and Arturo search the harbor of Buenos Aires for information on Angel, but fail to find anyone who knows anything about him. [28 minutes]

  • En el extranjero (Abroad) (#114)

    Raquel and Arturo meet with a man who knew Angel and believes Angel may be living in Puerto Rico. Raquel and Arturo begin to develop a strong friendship. [28 minutes]

  • Culpable (Guilty) (#115)

    Raquel and Arturo spend time shopping in Buenos Aires and relaxing in a park. Hector, the man who knew Angel, finds an old letter from Angel and plans to show it to Raquel and Arturo. [28 minutes]

  • Caras (Faces) (#116)

    Raquel and Arturo meet with Hector who shows them the letter Angel wrote to him. Arturo worries that Angel might be dead. Raquel plans to travel to Puerto Rico to search for Angel. [28 minutes]

  • Inolvidable (Unforgettable) (#117)

    Raquel and Arturo visit the National Museum of Fine Arts, the home of Jose Luis Borges, the Plaza de Mayo, and other places of interest in Buenos Aires. [28 minutes]

  • Estimada señora Suárez (Dear Mrs. Suarez) (#118)

    This episode reviews the vocabulary and sights of Raquel's visit to Buenos Aires. Arturo says goodbye to Raquel at the airport where she departs for Puerto Rico. [28 minutes]

  • Por fin.... (Finally....) (#119)

    At this point in the series there is no longer an English narrator. Raquel learns that Angel Castillo and his wife have died, but meets Angel's daughter, Angela, who tells Raquel that she also has a brother, Roberto. [28 minutes]

  • Relaciones estrechas (A Close Relationship) (#120)

    Raquel meets Angela's uncles and aunts who express concern over the story of the Castillo family and how it may effect Angela. Raquel and Angela plan to meet with Angela's grandmother who is the family matriarch. [28 minutes]

  • El peaje (The Tollbooth) (#121)

    Raquel, Angela and Angela's cousin are driving to visit Angela's grandmother in San German, when their car breaks down near Ponce. [28 minutes]

  • Recuerdos (Memories) (#122)

    Angela's grandmother gives Angela a box of Angel's personal items and agrees that she should go to Mexico to see Fernando. [28 minutes]

  • Vista al mar (A View of the Sea) (#123)

    This episode covers words for rooms in a home, words used when shopping for an apartment, and the Puerto Rican community in New York City. Raquel meets Jorge, Angela's boyfriend. She calls Arturo in Buenos Aires and he plans to meet Raquel and Angela in Mexico. [28 minutes]

  • El don Juan (The Don Juan) (#124)

    Angela's boyfriend Jorge makes a verbal pass at Raquel. When Raquel tries to talk to Angela about Jorge, Angela gets upset and thinks everyone is out to get him. On the way to the airport, Angela learns from her uncle that her brother Roberto has had a serious accident. [28 minutes]

  • Reflexiones I (Reflections I) (#125)

    This episode reviews the highlights of Raquel's journey from the time her investigation began to her departure for Puerto Rico. [28 minutes]

  • Reflexiones II (Reflections II) (#126)

    This episode continues to review the whole series which covers the time Raquel came to Puerto Rico to the present. [28 minutes]

  • El rescate (The Rescue) (#127)

    Raquel and Angela travel to the excavation site where Angela's brother Roberto has had an accident, but are told to go to a local hospital where they find no information about him. [28 minutes]

  • Atrapados (Trapped) (#128)

    Raquel and Angela travel to the excavation site where they learn that Roberto is one of three men still trapped, but alive. Arturo arrives in Mexico and waits to hear from Raquel, unaware of the emergency. Fernando's health deteriorates and a specialist is called. [28 minutes]

  • ¡Se derrumbó! (It Collapsed!) (#129)

    Roberto remains the only person still trapped in the excavation tunnel. Angela breaks down and must be taken away from the rescue area. [28 minutes]

  • Preocupaciones (Worries) (#130)

    With Roberto still trapped, Raquel and Angela go into town to call family and friends. [28 minutes]

  • Medidas drasticas (Drastic Measures) (#131)

    Raquel and Angela still await word on Roberto. [28 minutes]

  • Ha habido un accidente (There Has Been An Accident] (#132)

    Luis, an old boyfriend of Raquel, meets with Raquel's parents in Los Angeles and they all decide to go to Mexico to visit Raquel. Rescuers locate Roberto who appears to be alive. [28 minutes]

  • Si supieras... (If You Only Knew) (#133)

    Roberto is finally rescued from the excavation sight. Juan and his wife Pati argue about whether she should go back to New York to deal with problems her theater group is experiencing or stay in Mexico with Fernando. [28 minutes]

  • ¡Exito! (Success!) (#134)

    Raquel and Angela talk about their boyfriends as they drive to Mexico City where Roberto was flown to a hospital. Juan wonders if he and Pati are still compatible. [28 minutes]

  • Reunidos (Reunited) (#135)

    This episode features Raquel finally reuniting with Arturo in Mexico City, Arturo's first meeting with his niece Angela, and Arturo's first meeting with the Castillo family. [28 minutes]

  • ¿Qué estarán haciendo? (What Could They Be Doing?) (#136)

    This episode reviews the scenes of the last nine episodes, particularly the dilemmas and hardships experienced by the Castillo family. [28 minutes]

  • Llevando cuentas (Keeping the Books) (#137)

    The Castillo family has a gathering for Raquel and Arturo. Angela does not want to meet the Castillos until Roberto wakes up. Raquel's mother contacts Raquel about meeting her in Mexico, but still doesn't tell her that her old boyfriend Luis is coming along too. [28 minutes]

  • Ocultanso la verdad (Hiding the Truth) (#138)

    The Castillo family suspects Carlos, one of Fernando's sons, of misappropriating funds from the family business. The Castillos remain optimistic that Juan and Pati will work out their problems. [28 minutes]

  • La misma sonrisa (The Same Smile) (#139)

    After Carlos tells his wife Gloria that he has hidden the truth from his family, she disappears. As a result, Carlos also disappears. Roberto rapidly recovers and meets with Raquel and Arturo. [28 minutes]

  • Entre la espada y la pared (Between a Rock and a Hard Place] (#140)

    In New York, Pati is told she must change some of the controversial themes in her play or the University will not allow it to be shown. Fernando is transferred to a hospital in Guadalajara where he will see a specialist. [27 minutes]

  • Algo inesperado (Something Unexpected) (#141)

    Carlos reveals to his family that Gloria has a gambling habit. Roberto tells Angela he does not want her to sell the apartment in Puerto Rico because he knows she will give some of the money from the sale to her boyfriend Jorge. [28 minutes]

  • Yo invito (My Treat) (#142)

    Luis, Raquel's former boyfriend, shows up and has an awkward dinner with Raquel and Arturo. Raquel realizes that her mother is behind this 'surprise.' Juan returns to New York to talk to Pati. [28 minutes]

  • Seremos cuatro (There Will Be Four of Us) (#143)

    This episode covers phrases used when making travel arrangements. Juan talks to Pati about their marriage and its future. Angela calls Jorge in Puerto Rico and a woman answers the phone. [28 minutes]

  • Una promesa y una sonrisa (A Promise and a Smile) (#144)

    This episode features words for popular sports; Aztec and Mayan artifacts, and paintings by Mexican artists Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. Luis surprises Raquel with a vacation at a beach resort in Mexico, but she thinks he is inconsiderate for not consulting with her. Coincidentally, Arturo asks Raquel if she would like to take a similar trip and offers to take her parents along as well. [28 minutes]

  • ¡Estoy harta! (I'm Fed Up!) (#145)

    In this episode, Raquel's parents arrive in Mexico and Raquel confronts her mother about not letting her know of Luis's surprise arrival. Fernando's doctors realize there is nothing more they can do for him. [28 minutes]

  • Las empanadas (The Turnovers) (#146)

    This episode, "Las Empanadas," features Roberto discussing again with Angela the sale of her apartment in Puerto Rico and whether she is planning to give some of the money to Jorge, a meeting between Arturo and Raquel's father, Pancho, Raquel talking with her mother about Arturo, Luis returning to Los Angeles, and Raquel taking a stroll through Chapultapec Park with Arturo and her parents. [28 minutes]

  • Tengo dudas (I Have Doubts) (#147)

    In this episode, Arturo asks Raquel if she would be willing to move to Buenos Aires. Carlos speaks to Arturo, who is a psychiatrist, about Gloria's gambling problem. Fernando finally meets Angela and Roberto and reveals he has doubts that they are really his grandchildren. [28 minutes]

  • Asi fue: I (That's How It Happened I) (#148)

    This episode begins a four-part review of the entire series and covers the time Raquel spent in Sevilla and Madrid. [28 minutes]

  • Así fue II (That's How It Happened II) (#149)

    Part 2 of the four-part review covers the time Raquel spent in Argentina. [28 minutes]

  • Asi fue III (That's How It Happened III) (#150)

    The third segment of the four-part series review features highlights from Raquel's trip to Puerto Rico. [28 minutes]

  • Asi fue IV (That's How It Happened IV) (#151)

    This episode reviews the entire series and features Raquel talking about her experiences since arriving in Mexico. [28 minutes]

  • Siempre lo amó (She Always Loved You) (#152)

    Angela presents Fernando with a wedding cup that belonged to Angel. Fernando shows her his wedding cup that reveals that Angel's cup originally belonged to Rosario. Later, Raquel and Arturo stroll through a plaza in Mexico and talk about the future. [28 minutes]

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