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Bill Nye the Science Guy: Physical Science

Energy (#705)

This episode is sure to rev things up when it covers water, muscles, heat, light, sound, and other types of energy that make things go, run, or happen. See how to conduct home experiments that will transform potential energy into kinetic energy and use falling water to make energy. [23 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

PBS Video

Series Description: Follow the Science Guy through an award-winning series of fast-paced, entertaining programs packed with physics. In the world of Nye Labs, students learn important physical concepts such as electrical current, pressure and momentum through comedy, interviews with real scientists and hands-on, easy-to-replicate experiments.

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  • Architecture (#701)

    Bill uses the 'Dollhouse of Science' to demonstrate how architects design buildings. Then, he travels to Japan to learn how pagodas are built to withstand earthquakes. [21 minutes]

  • Atoms (#702)

    What's the 'big' deal about atoms? They're too small to see with our eyes, so what good are they? Bill explains how atoms combine to form molecules in this fascinating program. [22 minutes]

  • Buoyancy (#703)

    Bill Nye takes to the sky in a hot air balloon, and goes scuba diving in the Seattle Aquarium to explain why objects like boats, helium and balloons are buoyant. [21 minutes]

  • Electrical Current (#704)

    Bill Nye explains how birds, kites, and airplanes fly, and talks about lift, air pressure, dynamic pressure, and Bernoulli's Principle. [21 minutes]

  • Fluids (#706)

    Watch Bill Nye go with the flow in this episode. What do syrup, milkshakes, and air all have in common? They're all fluids, or stuff that can flow, bend, squish, move, dodge, or mosey out of the way without breaking or separating. Liquids and gases that flow are all fluids. [21 minutes]

  • Light and Color (#707)

    Bill goes somewhere over the rainbow to reflect on light and color as he disco dances to Stayin' Alive with lights a blazin'. The 'Check It Out' segment shows how neon art and lasers are made. [21 minutes]

  • Momentum (#708)

    Brace for the impact of this moving program as Bill shows how weight and speed affect momentum. The crash test dummies know a lot about momentum in a car and the importance of wearing a safety belt. [21 minutes]

  • Pressure (#709)

    The Science Guy visits Hoover Dam and takes to jackhammering concrete blocks to explore different types of pressure, while special equipment enables him to scuba dive and explain the effects of pressure underwater. In this powerful program, check out fire boats, fancy car hydraulic lifts, and a jet ski shop that pushes water at three times the speed of sound to cut through wood, granite, and even titanium. [21 minutes]

  • Science of Music (#710)

    Each musical note, and every tone of each instrument is, in fact, a unique sound wave. Getting the exact sound waves in the pattern you want -- now that's way cool science! [23 minutes]

  • Spinning Things (#711)

    The Science Guy tells us what the Earth, a big storm and a rolling ball have in common. They're all 'Spinning Things' -- out of control! Discover why some things spin and others don't. [21 minutes]

  • Static Electricity (#712)

    Why do socks stick together when taken from the dryer? Learn the shocking truth in this program on static electricity. Bill bumps into Elaine Miles (Northern Exposure) at the laundromat where she experiments with electron buildup. [21 minutes]

  • Waves (#713)

    Catch a few waves with the Science Guy! Bill explores sound waves, light waves, seismic waves, energy waves, and even 'the wave' that's so popular with stadium crowds! [21 minutes]

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