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Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie

Just Desserts (#108)

See some of the world's culinary masters of confection in action, from New York to Barcelona. [26 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: The edgy and provocative GOURMET'S DIARY OF A FOODIE provides exclusive entree into the passionate inner circle of the food world to uncover the latest cutting-edge food trends, must-use ingredients, kitchen gadgets and food destinations. The 20-part series affords viewers privileged access to an arsenal of trusted industry journalists and epicurean experts who deliver compelling food stories from all around the globe. From street food in Shanghai to a "flameless" restaurant in Spain, GOURMET'S DIARY OF A FOODIE mixes travel with food to explore, inform and entertain.

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  • China - One Billion Foodies (#101)

    Explore Chinese cuisine in its authentic form, from the rural countryside to the urban epicenters. [26 minutes]

  • Anatomy of a Meal with Jose Andres (#102)

    Deconstruct a meal from start to finish, looking at the philosophies, ingredients and methods. [26 minutes]

  • Italy - Home Cooking (#103)

    Hungry travelers are treated to the authentic and delicious tastes of traditional Italian homes. [26 minutes]

  • H2o (#104)

    Dive in & discover how this versatile ingredient has evolved into more than just a thirst quencher. [26 minutes]

  • The Hungry Luddite (#105)

    A visit with a Japanese knife maker and a trip to a market run by a passionate Parisian gardener. [26 minutes]

  • The Green Kitchen (#106)

    Go across the globe to explore ways that food and cooking impact our environment and vice-versa. [26 minutes]

  • Brazil - When Foods Collide (#107)

    Foreign chefs settle and blend their own cultural traditions with newfound indigenous recipes. [26 minutes]

  • Living Off The Land (#109)

    Learn how the purest natural ingredients and local traditions influence cuisine around the world. [26 minutes]

  • Australia - Slow Food (#110)

    Exercising the key principles of time and patience, these Aussie foodies create a slow food feast. [26 minutes]

  • Science of Deliciousness (#111)

    Innovative chefs use the combination of science and food to revolutionize the culinary world. [26 minutes]

  • Zen and the Art of Cooking (#112)

    Learn how chefs find inner peace & true culinary enlightenment through their relationship with food. [26 minutes]

  • Salt & Pepper (#113)

    Take a look at food's most renowned duo by visiting chefs in England and a New York chocolatier. [26 minutes]

  • Delicious Indigenous (#114)

    Learn how the immediate accessibility of these foods makes for rich traditions & delicious cuisine. [26 minutes]

  • Noble Rot (#115)

    Meet the rot experts who turn "food gone bad" into creative and exceptionally great cuisine. [26 minutes]

  • Cure De Force (#116)

    NY salami king Mark Buzzio demonstrates the art of producing fine Italian dry-cured meats & cheeses. [26 minutes]

  • Raising The Bar (#117)

    Learn the process of crafting Peruvian Pisco brandy and explore the American micro-brewing movement. [26 minutes]

  • Contraband Cuisine (#118)

    Explore some enticing but controversial foods such as Absinthe, Poitin liquor and the coca leaf. [26 minutes]

  • Anatomy of a Meal 2 with Lydia Shire (#119)

    The intrepid chef enjoys rich, full flavors and uses fine quality ingredients for a family dinner. [26 minutes]

  • Avant-Garde A La Carte (#120)

    A new generation of chefs explore a culinary discipline that focuses on the science of cooking. [26 minutes]

  • Southern India: The Spice of Life (#201)

    A chef makes a local recipe with the region's seafood and coconuts. Tandoori Chicken is prepared. [25 minutes]

  • New Zealand: The Rugged Land (#202)

    Meet the faces behind the "purest honey," hand-crafted goat cheese and farm-raised venison. [25 minutes]

  • Bread: The Foundation of a Meal (#203)

    From France to Upstate New York, explore the diverse realm of the world's best artisanal bakers. [25 minutes]

  • Hidden Hong Kong (#204)

    Spice up your life with oyster sauce. Explore the city's private kitchens and buried storefronts. [25 minutes]

  • North Carolina: BBQ and Beyond (#205)

    Experience the unique combination of Asian and BBQ cuisine. Okra fritters are prepared. [25 minutes]

  • Bloggers: Confessions of the Food-Obsessed (#206)

    Star bloggers go incognito on the outskirts of Hong Kong and gather sweet goods on Paris streets. [25 minutes]

  • Baja: The New Provence (#207)

    The Mexican hotspot is becoming an epicenter in the culinary world. Mongolian stewed garlic is made. [25 minutes]

  • Bovine Rhapsody (#208)

    Learn everything you need to know about cows in Southern Tuscany, Morocco and Upstate New York. [25 minutes]

  • Trompe L'oeil: The Art of Culinary Deception (#209)

    Meet a chef who's been fooling diners for years with fantastic creations and visit a cake "studio." [25 minutes]

  • The Open Flame (#210)

    Travel to Italy, Morocco and Massachusetts to visit chefs who are redefining the art of grilling. [25 minutes]

  • France: The New Guarde (#211)

    Visit an extraordinary garden that is taking the organic movement into new directions in France. [25 minutes]

  • The Anglers (#212)

    A look at the world of fish is shown through the eyes of the best seafood chefs and professionals. [25 minutes]

  • The Inventors (#213)

    From France to Chicago, visit people who are using advanced industrial technology in the kitchen. [25 minutes]

  • Chile: Mestizo (#214)

    Chile's cuisine is a fascinating cross-pollination of native ingredients and European technique. [25 minutes]

  • Anatomy of a Meal: Paul Bartolotta (#215)

    A wonderful chef shows the fresh ingredients and classic techniques behind his Italian cuisine. [25 minutes]

  • Fine Fast Food (#216)

    Visit chefs in New York City, Hong Kong and Florence, Italy who make spectacular meals in a flash. [25 minutes]

  • The World of Sweet (#217)

    Amazing sugared pastries at a Moroccan tea ceremony and a sweet meat dish in Shanghai are sampled. [25 minutes]

  • Aromas: Fragrance and Taste (#218)

    Meet chefs and scientists from Philadelphia to France who are exploring the importance of aromas. [25 minutes]

  • Vietnam: The Taste of Simplicity (#219)

    Sweet and Sour Fish Soup and Clay Pot Pork seamlessly combine fine cuisine with utter simplicity. [25 minutes]

  • Drinks: The Golden Age of Spirits (#220)

    Travel the globe to explore an exciting, flavorful world of spirits, mixology and cocktail artists. [25 minutes]

  • Hawaii's Big Island: Food Lover's Paradise (#301)

    Discover the ways Hawaii has developed into a unique melting pot of flavors from around the world. [25 minutes]

  • India & Vietnam: Complex Cuisine (#302)

    Discover sophisticated cooking traditions, exotic spices and recipes for chicken vindaloo and chao. [25 minutes]

  • Ancient Traditions (#303)

    Showcases chefs keeping ancient food traditions alive in Hong Kong, Chile and India's Malabar Coast. [25 minutes]

  • Oaxaca: Food of the New World (#304)

    Experience the unique culture and customs of this Mexican state. Beef in tomatillo sauce is made. [25 minutes]

  • Farm to Fork (#305)

    A sustainable ranch in New Zealand, a chef in France and a baker in upstate New York are showcased. [25 minutes]

  • Korea: Ancient Food, Modern World (#306)

    A royal-cuisine chef creates kimchi and North Korean recipes and pyog'o mushrooms are showcased. [25 minutes]

  • Tasmania: The Next Culinary Frontier (#307)

    A Wagyu beef ranch and an organic apple orchard are visited and Roast Lamb Salad is prepared. [25 minutes]

  • Iftar In Istanbul (#308)

    The traditional feast that ends the fasting of Ramadan is showcased. Spicy grilled kofte is made. [25 minutes]

  • The Collective (#309)

    Chefs and farmers who are helping reshape society in Vermont, Vietnam and Mexico are showcased. [25 minutes]

  • Tuscan Simplicity (#310)

    The area's masters of cucina rustica are visited and a baker reveals the secrets of saltless bread. [25 minutes]

  • Chile Peppers: Playing with Fire (#311)

    A Pennsylvania farmer who harvests 100 kinds of chiles and an Indian shrimp curry are highlighted. [25 minutes]

  • Montreal: Cooking on the Wild Side (#312)

    The biggest indoor market in Canada is toured and a chicken in a pan is prepared with maple syrup. [25 minutes]

  • La Cocina Andaluza: The Flavor of Flamenco (#313)

    Learn the history of gazpacho and visit a family of flamenco musicians as they create gypsy dishes. [25 minutes]

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