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Hands On Crafts for Kids

United Kingdom (#207)

Fiber and texture are a unique feature of United Kingdom crafts, These projects are the type you'll carry along and enjoy for a long time. Craft projects this week include: Easy Tatting, Snip Shots, Afternoon Tea, Over and Under Weaving, and Knitting Spool. [27 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: Hands on Crafts for Kids is packed with fun craft projects. We want crafting to become a part of your life every day; surround yourself with things you make, and make being creative a part of who you are. Projects include kids' crafts for ages 7 to 12.

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  • A Craft Adventure (#201)

    Travel around the world with HANDS ON Crafts for Kids. Learn about different cultures and countries through their crafts. But first you need to get ready, pack your bags, and get started on some travel crafts to make your journey special. Craft projects this week include: Adventure Album Cover, Tag Your Bags, Flag Bulletin Board, Add-on Travel Bag, and Sea Mist Shirt. [28 minutes]

  • China (#202)

    Our first stop is the Far East and wonderful crafts from China. We' re having a party a New Year's Party complete with games, masks dancing, music and lights. Craft projects this week include: Tongram set, Chinese Dragon Mask, Dragon Dance Stick, Panda, Magpie Wind Chime, and Festive Hanging Lantern. [29 minutes]

  • Africa (#203)

    African art is filled with beautiful designs and color. Capture the spirit of Africa in five unique projects from music to games. The crafts this week are: Dance Mask, Shekere, Kwanza Beads, Floor Cloth, and Mancala Game. [28 minutes]

  • U.S.A. (#204)

    Our travel to the USA steps back to the roots of the country and the traditional crafts it is know for, quilting, dollmaking, Native American jewelry and more presented in this historical program. [28 minutes]

  • Mexico (#205)

    When you think of Mexican crafts, the first thing that comes to mind is color: vibrant reds, blues, greens, and yellows appear in pottery, flowers and dolls. Craft projects this week include: Mosaic Bead Pottery, Worry Dolls, Paper Blooms, Fiesta Doll, and Pinata Basket. ~ [28 minutes]

  • Japan (#206)

    Visit Japan next, the land of symbols, where every craft activity has another meaning. Though the designs appear to be simple, the crafts can be very intricate. Craft projects this week include: Origami Kimono and Pin Wheels, Temari Balls, Origami Fish, Watercolor Windsock, and Plum Blossom Fan. [28 minutes]

  • Canada (#208)

    Visit a wonderful country where nature and the outdoors play an important part of many of their crafts. We also feature the tribal heritage of Canada. Crafts this week include: Beat a Leaf Journal, Walking Stick, Nature Stamp, Friendship Story Hide, and Totem Pole. ~ [27 minutes]

  • Australia (#209)

    Travel to the Land Down Under for fun crafting ideas. Your journey explores historic Australian crafts and the common things and animals associated with Australia, even down to crocodiles. Craft projects this week include: Cave Painting, Pony Bead Crocodile, Boomerang, Koalas, and Wooly sheep. [26 minutes]

  • African Animal Kingdom (#210)

    A visit to Africa wouldn't be comlete without taking time for some of the different animals which inhabit this continent. You might not find ones that look exactly like our crafts, but you never know! Craft projects this week are: T-Shirt Snake, Wild Animal Puppets, Paper Chain Animals, It's a Jungle Out There, Lizard Shirt and Baby Hippo. [28 minutes]

  • Egypt,India and Morocco (#211)

    Our next stop is a region of the world rather than just one country. We'll stop in Egypt for a picture opportunity and travel to India and Morocco too. Craft projects this week include: Wind Chime, Batik Shirt, Magic Carpet, Pyramid Pictures, and Clay Pull Toy. [27 minutes]

  • Italy (#212)

    Travel north and then east for our next stop, where we visit Italy and the Renaissance period. We feature the beautiful glass crafts which are an important part of Italian art. Craft projects this week include: Mosaic tiles, Stained Glass Suncatcher, Crayon OresistO Pot, Cathedral Window, and Glow in the Dark Glass. [26 minutes]

  • Home Again (#213)

    yfter such a whirlwind tour, I'd hate to forget any of the places we visited. This show is about preserving our memories and reminiscing about your trip. Crafts this week are: Travel Briefcase, Pencil Pals, Luggage Pocket Page, Travel Memories, and Around the World Game. [27 minutes]

  • Traditions (#301)

    These are the crafts passed from generation to generation, with roots early in our history when crafting was more functional, but no less fun! Open: Foam Quilt Block -- Who says quilting is just with fabric! Arrange colored squares of foam to make interesting patterns and a great door sign for your room. #301-1: Brown Bag Applique Cat -- This project is just purr-fect and you'll even learn basic stitching and applique with paper. #301-2: You've "Woven" My Heart -- Weaving takes all different forms, but here's a new twist. Watch carefully and make a paper heart pocket. #301-3: Decorated Candle -- Candle making is the traditional craft, but candle decorating is just for today. Did you know you can paint on wax? #301-4: Functional Family -- A system of interlocking gears makes a perfect family wall hanging to illustrate working together. #301-5: Editor's Feature -- Apples are not just for eating! Carve your way to very expressive dolls with Family Fun. #301-6: Hands On Project -- The Paper Doll Project. [27 minutes]

  • Fall Into Crafts (#302)

    Cool weather is our catalyst for great fall ideas, but don't wait for the leaves to fall to enjoy these crafts. Open: Beady Bugs -- Bugs, beads and glow-in-the-dark, put them together and you've got a "frightfully" great craft. #302-1: Pony Bead Corn Cob -- Colorful beads create these ears of corn made to decorate but not eat! #302-2: Fall Banner -- Announce the seasons with a painted banner for your door or room. #302-3: Pine Cone Repousse -- Not sure what 'repousse' means, tune in and find out a fancy way to emboss using paint, glue and foil. #302-4: Oak Leaf Frame -- Find a pile of leaves and when you're done jumping in them save a few for a casted picture frame. #302-5: Editor's Feature -- Leave your troubles behind with a wreath of thank you's made from your own handprint. #302-6: Hands On Project -- Sun Beads [27 minutes]

  • Putting It All Together - Mosaics (#303)

    Traditional mosaics are made from bits of glass and tile, but why stop there. Learn to create mosaic designs from these materials plus paper, beads and paint. Open: Did you know that scraps of paper could be put to good use? Create your own unique design from paper squares. #303-1: Butterfly Mosaic -- Delicate colors and design highlight this mosaic interpretation of a butterfly. #303-2: Mosaic Tiles -- We aren't actually breaking tiles as much as 'making' tiles. #303-3: Many Faceted Mosaic Frame -- Faceted beads are the mosaic pieces in a great frame. #303-4: Painted Mosaic Box -- Different colors of paint are the mosaic pieces in this box project. #303-5: Editor's Feature -- Get out those old dishes and a hammer for a clay pot mosaic from Family Fun. #303-6: Hands On Project -- Mosaic Wall Hangings. [29 minutes]

  • Puppetry (#304)

    Bring your favorite characters to life with all different ways to develop people and creatures from the most basic of materials. Open: Take a safari and create a scene right out of Africa with your own creative inhabitants. #304-1: Jungle Puppet Theater -- Finish up the scene created in today's first project. Who knows what animal you might find behind that paper tree. #304-2: Giant Stick Puppets -- Gather up all sorts of odds and ends and your creativity to make wonderful, giant characters_ on a stick of course. #304-3: Mini Marionette -- From giant to miniature marionettes, puppets come in all sizes and this one really moves. #304-4: Stick Figures -- You all know how to draw stick figures, now try creating stick figure puppets. You'll want to make a whole crowd. #304-5: Editor's Feature -- Krause presents pop-up puppets. #304-6: Hands On Project -- Visit Adventures in Art in Cleveland, Ohio. [29 minutes]

  • Tis' Better to Give Than Receive (#305)

    This gift was made just for you! With a little creativity you can make unique presents that are custom made for everyone on your list. Open: Brothers are the hardest people to shop for, but we've got a great key chain guaranteed to be perfect. #305-1: Desk Set -- Mom, Dad, Teachers: we can't think of anyone that wouldn't like this desk set. Introducing a new plaster from clay and sand. #305-2: Wrap it Up -- Special guest Carol Scheffler from the TODAY SHOW shares rubberstamping ideas to package those presents. #305-3: Etched Chore Jar: Doing something nice for someone is the greatest gift of all. This painted chore jar will get you started. #305-4: Sticks and ? -- I'll bet you thought we were going to say stones, but the next line is clothespins! Here's a great gift to keep someone organized, a wall hanger for papers, hats, mittens, or whatever you'd like. #305-5: Editor's Feature -- Make your own nesting gift boxes from Krause. #305-6: Hands On Project --Make a Folk Heart. [28 minutes]

  • Spring Forward (#306)

    Look outside for creative materials for warm weather, spring crafts. Open: A favorite spring holiday is Valentine's, but don't wait until then to make a very cute heart person for your favorite valentine. #306-1: Bird Bath -- Celebrate Earth Day everyday with a whimsical bird bath made from paint and clay pots. #306-2: Spring Totem -- Totems often feature wild creatures. Celebrate the rebirth of spring with a Styrofoam totem of bunnies, eggs, and chicks. #306-3: Shooting Rocket Windsock -- Catch the wind with a foam windsock, perfect for a breath of spring. #306-4: Metamorphosis of a Butterfly -- Follow the life of a simply beautiful creature of the earth: the butterfly. Craft a life cycle chart using glue, paint, leaves and tissue paper. #306-5: Editor's Feature -- Eggs-citing! Make a bunny and his basket of eggs from Styrofoam and paper from CraftWorks. #306-6: Hands On Project -- 4H Birdhouses. [28 minutes]

  • Rainy Day Fantasy Crafts (#307)

    Open: Gather up your dreams, wishes and collectibles and save them for a rainy day or even a sunny one. #307-1: Checker Game -- Who says that checkers have to be black and red? Make your game in a very creative way. #307-2: Medieval Castle -- Create a Styrofoam fantasy world. Make a medieval castle complete with drawbridge, but you'll have to supply the dragons, knights and damsels in distress from your imagination. #307-3: Who, What, Where, and When -- Create a quiet game sure to be a hit with your friends and a great way to get to know them better. #307-4: Disguise Yourself -- Masks are the perfect prop to fantasy fun. Become whoever you'd like with these simple techniques, like the beautiful bird in our sample. #307-5: Editor's Feature -- FamilyFun brings creative candle crafting. #307-6: Hands On Project -- Gecko Project from Design Originals. [28 minutes]

  • Heritage (#308)

    Remember where you came from, your parents, grandparents, country and nationality. Here are crafts that will help you chronicle your personal history. Open: When keeping track of your history, the first place to start iswith photos. See how to display your pictures in a creative way, especially those extra wallet sized prints of school pictures. #308-1: Family Tree -- Paint a form for recording family history. This is a great way to open conversation with your parents and grandparents. #308-2: Memory Game -- In this updated version of the matching game, use reprints of old photos to learn about your family. #308-3: Paper Dolls -- This is one craft that's never lost its popularity. Create a doll that looks just like you and reflects your heritage. #308-4: Marbelized Journal -- Become your family historian keeping track of all of the track events that are important to you in a great journal. You'll be using a new technique with chalk to marbelize. #308-5: Editor's Feature -- Carol Sheffler of THE TODAY SHOW uses rubber stamping to keep all members of the family in touch. #308-6: Hands On Project -- Update. [28 minutes]

  • Colonial America 1500 to 1776 (#611)

    Crafts include a Silver Tray, Log Cabin Quilt, Bandboxes, a Wired Candle Holder and a Tassel Holder. [26 minutes]

  • Americana 1900's to Present Day (#613)

    Art Deco architecture and the fresco painting technique are discussed. A hologram bracelet is made. [26 minutes]

  • Animals- Vertebrates - Birds (#1201)

    A colorful, paper toucan mask and a watercolor bird mobile featuring commonly seen birds are made. [26 minutes]

  • Animals - Vertebrates - Amphibians (#1202)

    Features a hinged salamander made from foam board and a fun, "dancing" frog made from Styrofoam. [26 minutes]

  • Animals - Vertebrates - Fish (#1203)

    Features a tropical fish bowl, a clay fish fossil and machine sewing to create a crazy quilted fish. [26 minutes]

  • Animals - Vertebrates - Mammals (#1204)

    An interchangeable mammal using clay, a wired dog and beads that copy hide or fur are created. [26 minutes]

  • Animals - Vertebrates - Mammals - Herbivores (#1205)

    A clay frame that copies an elephant's hide, a squirrel sock puppet and mammal t- shirts are made. [26 minutes]

  • Animals - Vertebrates - Mammals - Carnivores (#1206)

    An owl is made from paper. Match paws and fur patterns in this easy matching game. [26 minutes]

  • Animals - Vertebrates - Reptiles (#1207)

    A stained glass snake, a clay turtle and an alligator made with an egg carton technique are shown. [26 minutes]

  • Animals - Invertebrates - Arthropods - Insects (#1208)

    Features a clay dragonfly, a personal mouse pad, a Styrofoam ant and a bumblebee made from felt. [26 minutes]

  • Animals - Invertebrates - Arthropods - Arachnids (#1209)

    A whimsical spider made from found materials and a glittery window cling spider web are featured. [26 minutes]

  • Animals - Invertebrates - Crustaceans and Mollusks (#1210)

    Projects include an octopus, a wall decoration of crustaceans and pearl and shell beads from clay. [26 minutes]

  • Plants - True Plants - Flowers (#1211)

    Canes are created from clay to make flowers and color pounded is used from flowers to make artwork. [26 minutes]

  • Plants - True Plants - Fruits and Vegetables (#1212)

    Turn t- shirts into aprons with a fruit stamp. Corn turns into a paintbrush for creating a frame. [26 minutes]

  • Plants - True Plants - Trees and Bushes (#1213)

    Projects include a seed container made to look like a tree and clay letters used as room decor. [26 minutes]

  • China (#1307)

    A Ming design vase, the ancient art of Chinese paper cutting and a paper dragon mask are showcased. [26 minutes]

  • India (#1309)

    A batik method using glue creates a peacock feather on a shirt. An elephant is designed with paper. [26 minutes]

  • My Workspace (#1401)

    A recycled portfolio with monster clips and a great organizer made from old CD's are created. [28 minutes]

  • Keep In Touch (#1402)

    Projects include a giant team card, cards for all occasions and pizza party invitations. [28 minutes]

  • Wacky Ideas (#1403)

    Projects include an out of this world photo station, some crazy glasses and a silly hat. [28 minutes]

  • Trendy Jewels (#1404)

    The easiest way to update your style and show off your crafting is to wear your creations. [28 minutes]

  • Year Round Parties (#1405)

    Party favor pencils, gingerbread garland and three dimensional pumpkins in far out colors are made. [28 minutes]

  • Kitchen Crafting (#1406)

    Gift wrap is made from recycled containers. Cupcakes are decorated with sugar sheets. [28 minutes]

  • Personal Space (#1407)

    Crazy duct tape buttons are made. Put all of your stuff in a handy denim chair cover. [28 minutes]

  • Just Have Fun (#1408)

    Emoticons, crazy computer symbols, are crafted. Next funny animals are made from just one shape. [28 minutes]

  • Crafting for Your Friends (#1409)

    A belt made from recycled materials, a pin cushion, a tree vase and a coffee cozy are featured. [28 minutes]

  • Right In Your Own Backyard (#1410)

    Highlights include seed packet flowers, a clay nest and eggs and a flower headband. [28 minutes]

  • Holiday Party (#1411)

    Lollipop ornaments, door hangers and an Easter garland featuring bunnies and chicks are showcased. [28 minutes]

  • Crazy Creatures (#1412)

    Start with clay monsters of every color, shape and size. Then, it's a hardware plaster casting. [28 minutes]

  • Games and Sports (#1413)

    Team bracelets in your school colors and a shoe tag for your backpack or sports bag are created. [28 minutes]

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