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High School Mathematics

Applications of Trigonometry (#102)

This program is guaranteed to spark interest in trigonometry by illustrating the exciting, dynamic ways in which it is applied. Dramatic footage looks at problem situations that arise in areas such as navigation, architecture, astronomy, automotive engineering, ballistics, and more. As the problems are discussed, clear and vivid graphics are used to help students fully understand the properties of trigonometric functions that come into play.
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This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

PBS Video

Series Description: This series focuses on some of the most difficult aspects of middle school and high school math: logarithms, trigonometry and conic sections, while at the same time giving students a look at how this important knowledge is relevant to their lives, and their future. The programs provide a real-world complement to classroom instruction, and offer several answers to the popular question, "Why do we need to know this?"

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  • Applications of Logarithms (#101)

    This program brings exponential and logarithmic functions to life. Students will come away with a clear mental picture of the behavior of these functions and of their many occurrences in the real world. Applications involve carbon dating on dinosaur fossils, nuclear decay, population models, interest and amortization, seismology, learning curves, and more. [22 minutes]

  • Applications of Conic Sections (#103)

    A team of teens seeks to answer that age-old question, 'What good is math in the real world?' Each of the conics is introduced by Professor McConical, a teacher from bygone days when math was thought of as all formulas and memorization. His stark definitions are vividly illustrated as the teens navigate through video segments and computer graphics. The conics are seen in action as we take a tour of architectural structures, astronomical phenomena, medical technology and more. Each application serves to reinforce students' understanding of locus definitions and reflective properties. [22 minutes]

  • Desktop Realities (#104)

    Students will be taken on an entertaining excursion through a world where problems arise at every turn--problems that may involve fun and games, business and industry, or life and death. In each situation, it's mathematics to the rescue. Students are challenged to address the problems presented. In the process, they'll be exploring indispensable topics in secondary math, such as graphing techniques, geometry, probability, and analyzing functions. [22 minutes]

  • Promath: Crime Stoppers (#105)

    This program shows how math is used in every facet of law enforcement. Detectives, forensic scientists, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and other officials present stories where the tools of mathematics are invaluable. High-profile people giving their insights on math and the law include a former police commissioner of New York City, and a forensic pathologist whose skills have been demonstrated in many news-making trials. [25 minutes]

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