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Passport to Japan: Konnichiwa

Passport to Japan: Konnichiwa

PASSPORT TO JAPAN--KONNICHIWA is the only passport you'll need to take students on a trip to modern day Japan. Follow a Japanese student through a school day and then go home for a look at family life. Compare and contrast America's community, government, history and traditions with those of Japan. PASSPORT TO JAPAN is an integrated, cross-curricular approach to teaching western children about the children of contemporary Japan.

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Information For Teachers

Grade Levels
6-8, 9-12
Curricular Areas
Social Studies
Series Length
4 episodes
Average Episode Length
20 minutes
Record Rights
Recording/duplication allowed in perpetuity. If you miss the broadcast, contact your AEA for copies.
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  • School (#101)

    Go to school for a day in Japan and see Japanese children waking up, walking to school, participating in the classroom, attending school-sponsored clubs and going to private 'cram schools' (juku). Learn about the educational system of Japan and see how the physical layout of a Japanese school is built to reflect and accommodate the culture of Japan. [20 minutes]

  • Family (#102)

    Spend a day with two Japanese families from morning, through their average day and finally at dinner. Learn how families interact with one another, with their extended families and within their community involving both the traditional and contemporary culture of Japan. Compare and contrast American lifestyles with those in Japan. [20 minutes]

  • Community (#103)

    Tour various Japanese communities that exemplify the typical lifestyle in cities and towns across Japan. Explore the geography, history and industry of Japan using the city of Kurashiki as a case study. Five geography themes show similarities and differences of physical and human environments between an American community and a Japanese community. [19 minutes]

  • Traditions (#104)

    Visit Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan, to learn about its rich and long cultural heritage. See examples of traditional Japanese arts and sports. Explore the architectural landscape of traditional homes, temples, shrines and the famous gardens of Kyoto. [20 minutes]

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