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Visualizing Cell Processes

DNA Replication, Mitosis and Cell Reproduction (#104)

Modules: Mitosis: Chromosome Condensation, Mitosis Stages, Cytokinesis, Meiosis, Nucleotide Structure and Bonding, Replication Enzymes, Replicating the Strands, Topoisomerase and the Twisting Problem, Proof Reading and Repair, Replication Review. [14 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

PBS Video

Series Description: Each program presents an essential process of cellular biology. This series supports the National Science Standards for teaching cell biology.

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  • Cells and Molecules (#101)

    Modules: A Variety of Cells, Cell Organization, Overview of Organic Molecules, Prokaryotic Cells, The Evolution of Eukaryotic Cells. [14 minutes]

  • Cell Movement and Transport (#102)

    Modules: Structure and Behavior of the Plasma Membrane, Osmosis, Transport Proteins, Phagocytosis, Pinocytosis, Receptor Mediated Endocytosis, Golgi Function, Lysosomes and Hydrolytic Digestion, Microtubules, Cilia, Actin and Myosin Motor Proteins [14 minutes]

  • Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration (#103)

    Photosynthesis Modules: Chloroplast Structure, The Light Dependent Reactions of Photosynthesis Cellular Respiration Modules: Glycolysis and Fermentation, Mitochondrion Structure, Aerobic Respiration, Krebs Cycle, Electron Transport Chain and ATP Synthesis [14 minutes]

  • The Genetic Code and Its Translation (#105)

    Modules: The Protein Nature of Life, Protein Structure, Transcription, Translation and Protein Synthesis, Gene Regulation in Prokaryotes, Exons and Introns, Mutations, Renegade DNA--the Viruses. [14 minutes]

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