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Red Dwarf

The End (#101)

A radiation leak wipes out the crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf, leaving only one survivor. After three million years in suspended animation, Lister emerges to find he is the last human being in the universe. But he is not alone. [30 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: Red Dwarf X, the tenth series of the British science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf, was broadcast on UK television channel Dave between 4 October 2012 and 8 November 2012. There are six episodes and it is the first full series of Red Dwarf since 1999

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  • Future Echoes (#102)

    When Red Dwarf breaks the speed of light, time dilates, and the crew begins to experience visions from their own futures. Sadly for Lister his future appears to include being reduced to his component atoms by a rather large explosion. [30 minutes]

  • Balance of Power (#103)

    Rimmer encounters his most dangerous blood chilling challenge ever - Lister is taking the chef's exam. If Lister passes he will hold sufficient rank to have Rimmer replaced as the ship's hologram. [29 minutes]

  • Waiting for God (#104)

    Holly recovers a strange, unidentified pod floating in the frozen wastes of Deep Space. Rimmer is convinced it contains the remains of an alien warrior and begins a scientific investigation to decipher the pod's hieroglyphics. [28 minutes]

  • Confidence and Paranoia (#105)

    Lister contracts a mutated pneumonia virus. The hallucinations of his fevered brain materialize in solid form, and suddenly the ship is beset by herring rain and exploding sixteenth century mayors of Warsaw. [30 minutes]

  • Me2 (#106)

    Rimmer creates his perfect companion - an identical duplicate of himself. At first things are blissful, but soon Rimmer and his doppleganger find themselves locked in a conflict so fierce, only one of them can survive. [29 minutes]

  • Kryten (#201)

    Rimmer's donned his best uniform. Lister's put on his smelly orange moon boots. Even Holly's wearing a toupee After all, what self respecting smeg head could possibly resist a cry for help from three damsels and an android in distress? [28 minutes]

  • Better Than Life (#202)

    The mail finally arrives from Earth, three million years late. Rimmer learns that his father is Dad…er, dead. He passed away quietly in his jeep…er, sleep. Also enclosed is a Better Than Life virtual reality game. [29 minutes]

  • Thanks for the Memory (#203)

    The crew aboard Red Dwarf awake to find that someone has erased their memory of the last several days. Lister and Cat have broken legs set in plaster casts. Rimmer puts it all down to aliens. [28 minutes]

  • Stasis Leak (#204)

    They have found a way to go back in time three million years to the freaky fungus and the luscious Kochanski - the two loves of Lister's life. Rimmer might even find Rimmer before he dies and bring him back so he doesn't have to be dead anymore! [30 minutes]

  • Queeg (#205)

    Holly's been deposed, and the backup computer Queeg 500 is in control of Red Dwarf. Will Lister and Cat lead a revolt after they've cleaned the corridor floors? Has Holly got something up his sleeves? Does he have sleeves? [30 minutes]

  • Parallel Universe (#206)

    Climb aboard Holly's new "hop drive" and journey into a parallel universe where everything exists exactly the same but opposite. Imagine the a world with a female Rimmer and a pregnant Lister. [29 minutes]

  • Backwards (#301)

    The Red Dwarf crew return to Earth to find Time is running backwards. They all become in a huge, backwards barroom brawl, complete with chairs un-smashing over heads. [27 minutes]

  • Marooned (#302)

    As Red Dwarf heads on a collision course towards a minefield of Black Holes, the crew is forced to abandon ship. Lister is marooned on an arctic moon with Rimmer and only a pot noodle and a tin of dog food between him and starvation. [28 minutes]

  • Polymorph (#303)

    A horrific genetic mutant which salivates unspeakable slobber gets loose aboard Red Dwarf, and the nightmare begins. The crew is subjected to 24 hours of non-stop horror in a gruesome, petrifying comedy blood-feast. [27 minutes]

  • Bodyswap (#304)

    A scutter goes beserk and rewires all the ship's circuitry. When Lister orders a chocolate bar from one of the snack dispensers, he accidentally triggers the ship's self-destruct sequence. [28 minutes]

  • Timeslides (#305)

    When Kryten discovers some mutated developing fluid, which prints photographs the crew can walk into, they find they are able to change their pasts. They run amok through history ignoring the consequences of causality. [28 minutes]

  • The Last Day (#306)

    Kryten discovers his built-in expiration date is almost up and he has less than twenty-four hours to live. The crew are determined to give the mechanoid the best night of his life. [28 minutes]

  • Camille (#401)

    Kryten rescues a female droid, Camille, from a crashed vessel. She's a 4000 series just like him, only a GTi model with realistic toes and a slide back sunroof head. Kryten finds himself falling in advanced mutual compatibility. [27 minutes]

  • DNA (#402)

    The crew lock on to an unidentified craft containing the ultimate genetic engineering technology. It is a machine that can transform any living thing into any other living thing by re-writing its DNA. ~ [28 minutes]

  • Justice (#403)

    The crew discover Justice World, an abandoned penal colony equipped with a "justice field" which inflicts the consequences of a crime on its perpetrator. The innocent have nothing to fear. Rimmer is in big trouble. [28 minutes]

  • White Hole (#404)

    Holly regains her genius level IQ, but for reasons best known to herself powers down the ship, leaving the crew drifting helplessly towards a White Hole. Will Rimmer sacrifice his hologramatic life to save the rest of the crew? [27 minutes]

  • Dimension Jump (#405)

    In a universe almost identical to our own, another Arnold Rimmer exists. He is charming, popular, brave and modest. After his test craft breaks the speed of reality, he finds himself face to face with his counterpart aboard Red Dwarf. [29 minutes]

  • Meltdown (#406)

    A matter transporter whisks the crew to Waxworld - a giant theme park, where the waxdroids are running amok. Hitler, Caligula, and the Boston Strangler lead an army of darkness against the forces of Elvis, Gandhi and Stan Laurel. [26 minutes]

  • Holoship (#501)

    Rimmer is transported from Red Dwarf to the advanced holoship, Enlightenment. Everything he has ever dreamed exists on this ship -even a woman who has fallen in love with him! [28 minutes]

  • The Inquisitor (#502)

    A rogue droid who has survived at the end of time has concluded there is no God or purpose in the universe. His self appointed task is to roam through time weeding out the wastrels. Is that Red Dwarf he has spotted? [28 minutes]

  • Terrorform (#503)

    The crew have landed by mistake on a Psi-moon, a planet that becomes the inner workings of the mind that has landed on it. They are forced to battle against the workings of RimmerIs self-loathing subconscious. [27 minutes]

  • Quarantine (#504)

    After an encounter with an insane and very dangerous hologram at a viral research center, Rimmer forces the crew to spend twelve weeks in quarantine. But who is watching the watcher? [28 minutes]

  • Demons and Angels (#505)

    A duplicating experiment leaves Red Dwarf exploded into millions of pieces and two new duplicated Red Dwarfs. One contains all that is good in the universe. And the other? [27 minutes]

  • Back to Reality (#506)

    The crew make some startling discoveries. Rimmer and Lister are in fact brothers. Kryten is a half-human cop. Cat wears anoraks and is named Duane Dibley. Can this be reality or just a ghastly nightmare? [27 minutes]

  • Psirens (#601)

    Sometime during 200 years of suspended animation, Red Dwarf is stolen and the crew are left in Starbug. They pursue Red Dwarf and encounter the beautiful but deadly Psirens who lure them into their asteroid belt. [29 minutes]

  • Legion (#602)

    Docking at an abandoned space station to re-supply, the crew discover Legion, a mysterious genius with phenomenal powers. Will he help them find Red Dwarf or does he have something more sinister in mind? [28 minutes]

  • Gunmen of the Apocalypse (#603)

    Kryten contracts a deadly virus. The only way the crew can help him beat the disease is to enter his fevered dream state wearing artificial reality suits. They enter a Wild West town with Kryten the drunken sheriff. [29 minutes]

  • Emohawk: Polymorph (#604)

    The crew crash land in a zone inhabited by the fearsome and stomach-churningly ugly Kinatowi. The tribe have an interesting trade in mind that involves Lister marrying the chief's daughter. [28 minutes]

  • Rimmerworld (#605)

    In a craven attempt to save his own hide, Rimmer bales out on the crew. When he leaps into the only remaining escape pod he is unaware that he will not see another human face for 600 years. [28 minutes]

  • Out of Time (#606)

    It's back to the future for Lister, Rimmer and crew. They have received an SOS call from themselves, 15 years in the future. Should they go to the aid of their future selves, or are some things best left unknown? [28 minutes]

  • Tikka to Ride (#701)

    The crew are dead, slain by their future selves in the cliff-hanger that ended series VI. But coming back from the dead is a piece of cake compared to the real dilemma confronting Lister. His curry supplies have been destroyed and he's 3 million light years from the nearest Indian food. Lister ignores causality and goes back in time intending to order "500 vindaloos to go" but winds up in Dallas in November, 1963 where he accidentally pushes a gunman out of a fifth floor window. [29 minutes]

  • Stoke Me A Clipper (#702)

    Rimmer's dashing alter ego, Ace Rimmer, arrives on Starbug terminally wounded. He asks Rimmer to take his place as the swashbuckling Guardian of the Universe. Rimmer however is too busy cataloguing his shoe collection. Can Ace make Rimmer understand the importance of his offer and is Rimmer really up to the task? Rimmer confides in Lister, the only other member of the crew who knows Ace is dying. With his help Rimmer nervously takes his leave of Starbug to "do good". [29 minutes]

  • Ouroboros (#703)

    When two realities converge, the Red Dwarf crew undergo their most terrifying ordeal yet. They bump into a real, live, human woman, who is none other than Lister's ex-girlfriend, Kristine Kochanski. [29 minutes]

  • Duct Soup (#704)

    When the generator and its back up go down in the middle of the night, the crew have to crawl through the two mile-long labyrinth of service ducts to restart the engines. On their journey through the innards of the ship, the crew discover a few surprising things about one another. [29 minutes]

  • Blue (#705)

    The Cat and Kryten are extremely worried about Lister when he admits he really misses Rimmer, especially since Lister reminisces about good times they did not have. [27 minutes]

  • Beyond a Joke (#706)

    In an attempt to overcome his extreme jealousy of Lister's desires for Kochanski, Kryten has made a wonderful dinner. No one seems too keen to eat as all they want to do is try out the new virtual reality program. Kryten has other plans and soon manages to draw them back to the eating table. [29 minutes]

  • Epideme (Part 1 of 2) (#707)

    While checking out a lifeless vessel, the crew find a female human body encased in ice and emitting very faint life signs. When her body comes to life in the middle of the night and snogs Lister before collapsing, it appears the only life signs the crew had really registered had been those of the virus inside her body, the virus which is now happily consuming Lister. [29 minutes]

  • Nanarchy (Part 2 of 2) (#708)

    Lister is extremely depressed after his ordeal with the epideme virus and the crew become increasingly concerned for his welfare. Kryten believes his missing Nanites may be able to help, if they can find Red Dwarf. When they find a planet emitting strange signals, they go down to investigate. As bizarre as it seems, their sensors indicate this planet is Red Dwarf. If they can find the Nanites, perhaps they can return to things to normal and perhaps Lister will find the solution to his own problem. [29 minutes]

  • Back in the Red (Part 1 of 3) (#801)

    Not only have the nanobots recreated Red Dwarf, they've also populated the ship with its original crew. This comes as extremely good news to Rimmer. [28 minutes]

  • Back in the Red (Part 2 of 3) (#802)

    Rimmer is invited to dinner with the Captain and to make the evening go swimmingly, he douses himself with the 'Sexual Magnetism Virus' to make himself irresistible to the female crew. [28 minutes]

  • Back in the Red (Part 3 of 3) (#803)

    Cat falls in love and does an elaborate tap dance with Blue Midget in order to impress the girl of his dreams. [28 minutes]

  • Cassandra (#804)

    Taking Holly's advice, Lister joins the 'Canaries', not realizing that they are a battle-hardened convict army trained to go on suicide missions and not the prison choir as Lister had thought. [29 minutes]

  • Krytie TV (#805)

    Kryten starts his own pirate television station to entertain the prisoners. [29 minutes]

  • Pete (Part 1 of 2) (#806)

    When Rimmer and Lister are forced to take on the guards in a basketball game, they sabotage the opposition's half-time juice with 'Boing!' - the virility enhancement drug. [28 minutes]

  • Pete (Part 2 of 2) (#807)

    The Dwarfers discover birds are descended from the dinosaurs when they de-evolve a sparrow into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. [27 minutes]

  • Only the Good (#808)

    Rimmer crosses into a mirror universe where he discovers another version of himself captaining the ship. [30 minutes]

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