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Bill Moyers Journal

Episode #1124

A look at the life of Rachel Carson, whose book "Silent Spring" launched the environmental movement. [56 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: Veteran journalist Bill Moyers returns to PBS with a weekly public affairs series that features interviews and news analysis on a wide range of subjects, including politics, arts and culture, the media, the economy and issues facing democracy. Moyers is re-inventing the broadcast for the 21st century.

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  • Buying The War (#1101)

    Pieces together the reporting that shows how the media were complicit in shaping the "public mind." [100 minutes]

  • Jon Stewart (#1102)

    Bill asks the Daily Show anchor why so many get their news and analysis from his fake news show. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1103

    Follow the trail of forged intelligence documents that made the Administration's case for war. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1104

    An in-depth exploration of Regent University, Pat Robertson's Christian leadership institution. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1105

    A look at the trade deal in the works between the Democrats in Congress and the Bush Administration. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1106

    Acclaimed writer and peacemaker Maxine Hong Kingston discusses her writing and her activism. [56 minutes]

  • D-Day Revisited (#1107)

    Veterans give their recollections of the war, including a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1108

    9/11 Commission member & former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey discusses staying the course in Iraq. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1109

    While executives from top airlines get big compensation, workers and retirees are seeing cuts. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1110

    Union president Andy Stern discusses what big corporate buyouts means for American workers. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1111

    The inside story of what journalist Ken Silverstein went undercover to recruit Washington lobbyists. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1112

    With mortgages entering foreclosure at a record pace, what does it mean for ordinary Americans? [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1113

    Biologist E.O. Wilson discusses what humankind needs to understand in order to save the planet. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1114

    A new opinion poll says nearly half of Americans favor the impeachment of the President. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1115

    Meet "The Yes Men," a duo of pranksters who use spoofs to get the press to cover serious issues. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1116

    Experts analyze the enemy in Iraq and ask "is it a civil war or the front line of a global war?" [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1117

    Examines what growing economic inequality means for the middle-class and working families. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1118

    A recent opinion poll says nearly half of Americans favor impeachment of the President. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1119

    Two years after Katrina, the lessons of the disaster are examined & what they say about our culture. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1120

    The FCC is considering new rules that will govern how much control the media titans will have. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1121

    Robert Bly and 92-year-old Grace Lee Boggs have spent their lives seeking change through poetry. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1122

    West Virginia evangelical Christians are turning to their faith to help save the earth. [56 minutes]

  • 9/11: for the Record (#1123)

    A special analysis of the 9/11 Commission Report, connecting the dots of what happened that day. [56 minutes]

  • Capitalism In Crisis (#1125)

    Investment industry giant John Bogle discusses the crisis in American capitalism. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1126

    A report on the politically powerful group Christians United for Israel and Pastor John Hagee. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1127

    Market Watchers Robert Kuttner and William H. Donaldson discuss potential Wall Street woes. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1128

    Journalist Jeremy Scahill discusses the public relation offensive by Blackwater CEO, Erik Prince. [56 minutes]

  • Presidential Power (#1129)

    The unprecedented Presidential power being amassed by our current Administration is discussed. [56 minutes]

  • Media Consolidation (#1130)

    A look at the how the FCC's intended media policy affects minority media ownership in America. [56 minutes]

  • Historian Thomas Cahill (#1131)

    The historian examines what our attitudes toward cruelty can tell us about who we are as Americans. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1132

    A look at Mississippi families who are still in need of housing, two-years after Katrina. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1133

    Theologian James Cone discusses the cross and the lynching tree as symbols of tragedy and triumph. [56 minutes]

  • Middle East Peace? (#1134)

    Profiles the politically powerful group Christians United for Israel & its leader Pastor John Hagee. [52 minutes]

  • New Media and the Election (#1135)

    A look at how YouTube and social networking have changed the face and language of the election. [52 minutes]

  • Keith Olbermann (#1136)

    MSNBC's popular and provocative anchorman discusses the media and the events of the week. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1137

    Capitalism, Consumerism & Christmas. Author Benjamin Barber discusses the holiday marketing blitz. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1138

    Historian Thomas Cahill discusses execution, from the Coliseum in Rome to death row in Texas. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1139

    Candidates Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich discuss the press, politics & getting shut out of key debates. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1140

    New York Times investigative reporter David Cay Johnston discusses big money's grip on Washington. [56 minutes]

  • Talk of Change (#1141)

    New York Times investigative reporter David Cay Johnston discusses big money's grip on Washington. [56 minutes]

  • John Grisham (#1142)

    The best-selling author discusses the beliefs and background that influenced his life and work. [56 minutes]

  • Government Waste (#1143)

    A look at the investigations conducted by Congress's Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. [56 minutes]

  • Presidential Reading (#1144)

    A review of the online submissions for the book he next President should take to the White House. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1145

    Public Agenda's Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson discuss the Federal government's budget crisis. [56 minutes]

  • Earmarks (#1146)

    Members of Congress who award federal funds to companies in their own districts are investigated. [56 minutes]

  • Analyzing Election Ads (#1147)

    Political expert Kathleen Hall Jamieson discusses the campaign messages of Clinton and Obama. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1148

    A report on the conservative evangelist John Hagee and his controversial endorsement of McCain. [52 minutes]

  • Government Waste (#1149)

    An examination of scandals investigated by Congress's Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. [52 minutes]

  • Casualty of War (#1150)

    Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro discuss the true cost of war and their documentary, "Body of War." [56 minutes]

  • Race and Politics (#1151)

    Newark Mayor Cory Booker discusses race 40 years after riots in several cities stunned the nation. [56 minutes]

  • Hope in the Congo (#1152)

    Aid workers and local relief efforts are bringing hope to a forgotten land, the nation of Congo. [56 minutes]

  • Hunger In America (#1201)

    $15 billion in wasteful spending that has flowed from Washington to America's farmers is uncovered. [56 minutes]

  • Battle In Sadr City (#1202)

    Journalist Leila Fadel, Baghdad Bureau Chief for McClatchy, discusses the Iraq War's latest events. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1203

    The Reverend Jeremiah Wright discusses the controversy over the remarks he made in his sermons. [56 minutes]

  • Healthcare (#1204)

    Victor S. Navasky and Christopher Cerf discuss their book on Bush and Iraq, "Mission Accomplished." [56 minutes]

  • Healthcare (#1205)

    A look at the fight the California Nurses Association has been waging over universal healthcare. [56 minutes]

  • A Democratic House Divided (#1206)

    Christopher Edley, Jr. and Maria Echaveste are married law professors advising different candidates. [56 minutes]

  • Chemicals In Food (#1207)

    A chemical contained in many plastics that is also found in 93% of human beings is investigated. [56 minutes]

  • Casualty of War (#1208)

    Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro discuss the true cost of war and their documentary, "Body of War." [52 minutes]

  • The Media, McClellan, and War (#1209)

    The Bush administration and the media's reaction to the former Press Secretary's book is analyzed. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1210

    [56 minutes]

  • Racial Inequality (#1211)

    Race issues are examined through the prisms of slavery and the current socio-economic landscape. [56 minutes]

  • Workplace Safety (#1212)

    Work place safety regulations and companies that inaccurately report injuries are discussed. [56 minutes]

  • Conservative Movement Woes (#1213)

    Mickey Edwards and Ross Douthat discuss why they believe their movement has gone off track. [56 minutes]

  • Mortgage Meltdown (#1214)

    A hard look at the causes and consequences of the mortgage meltdown, spotlighting Cleveland, Ohio. [56 minutes]

  • Congressional Torture Hearings (#1215)

    The debate over whether the U.S. sanctioned torture and the hearings in Congress are discussed. [56 minutes]

  • Abramoff Lobbying Scandal (#1216)

    An update on "Capitol Crimes" centers on the disgraced lobbyist who is expecting even more charges. [56 minutes]

  • Exploiting Poverty (#1217)

    A team of reporters track new corporate practices among auto dealers, banks and nonprofit hospitals. [56 minutes]

  • Us Imperial Presidency (#1218)

    International relations expert Andrew J. Bacevich discusses major problems facing our democracy. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1219

    Tough economic times hitting suburban Colorado and the economic power of China are discussed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1220

    Katrina vanden Heuvel and Adolph Reed, Jr. discuss the DNC and expectations of Barack Obama. [56 minutes]

  • Deploying to Iraq (#1221)

    A look at how deployments of troops to Iraq affect states' responses to domestic disasters at home. [56 minutes]

  • Rage on the Radio (#1222)

    A tough look at the hostile "Shock Jock" media and its effects on our nation's political discourse. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1223

    An in-depth look at what led to the recent economic crisis and what it means for American families. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1224

    Former Army Colonel Andrew J. Bacevich discusses the crises of economy, government and militarism. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1225

    Analysts discuss the vice presidential debate and what's at stake in the proposed bailout package. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1226

    George Soros, one of the world's most successful investors, discusses the global capital meltdown. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1227

    Mark Crispin Miller, an expert on propaganda and media, discusses recent voter fraud allegations. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1228

    Fresh alternative insights into the personalities and issues shaping the presidential election. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1229

    A discussion of how Beltway business as usual may stand in the way of real change in Washington. [56 minutes]

  • The Future of American Politics (#1230)

    The historic implications of electing Barack Obama and the new political alignment are discussed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1231

    Host Deborah Amos and guests discuss what Obama's promises of change will mean for the Middle East. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1232

    A Dallas TV reporter investigates tragic accidents resulting from natural gas explosions in Texas. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1233

    A hard look at how America's food policies affect global warming, healthcare and homeland security. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1234

    Senator Russ Feingold offers his thoughts on progressivism and its role in the Obama administration. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1235

    Glenn Greenwald of Salon.com discusses the Bush Administration's legacy and Obama's cabinet picks. [56 minutes]

  • What's Next for Afghanistan? (#1236)

    Author Sarah Chayes discusses Afghanistan. New York Governor David Paterson discusses the economy. [56 minutes]

  • Beyond Our Differences (#1237)

    Religious leaders and politicians give voice to the positive effects of spirituality and morality. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1238

    John Lithgow, a star of Broadway, film and TV, discusses theater, movies and his favorite poems. [56 minutes]

  • A Working Class Renaissance? (#1239)

    United Steelworkers' International President Leo Gerard discusses the future of U.S. manufacturing. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1240

    Historian Simon Schama addresses how conflicts in America's past resonate in political life today. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1241

    The significance of Obama's inauguration and expectations of his administration are discussed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1242

    A look at America's history of and current policy on bombing, Public higher education is discussed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1243

    Historian Eric Foner discusses the legacy and legend of Lincoln, America's most studied president. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1244

    President Obama's plan for economic recovery is examined by economist and professor Simon Johnson. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1245

    Journalist Robert G. Kaiser discusses how Washington lobbyists turned government into big business. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1246

    Economist Robert Johnson addresses the international ramifications of the bank bailout plan. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1247

    He's played heroes, villains, saints, sinners, a ballet-dancing elephant, and a space alien, now actor and children's author John Lithgow - best known as Dick Solomon from NBC's hit show 3rd Rock from the Sun - reveals a new side of himself... poetry lover. The award-winning stage and screen star Lithgow shares his favorite poems, insights into acting, and thoughts on the enduring power of art. Lithgow currently stars in the Broadway revival of Arthur Miller's All My Sons. He has penned several children's books, as well as compiled poems for Poets' Corner: The One-And-Only Poetry Book for the Whole Family. Then, Bill Moyers celebrates poetry at the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival, which included renowned poets Coleman Barks, W.S. Merwin, Stanley Kunitz, Kurtis Lamkin, among many others. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1248

    With economic, political, and social strife across the globe, prominent religious scholar Karen Armstrong discusses our human commonalities and her work on an international charter for compassion. The renowned author of The Battle for God and The Bible: A Biography, Armstrong is a 2008 recipient of the coveted TED Prize. In a distinguished career encompassing time as a Roman Catholic nun, an academic, and a television broadcaster, Armstrong has become one of the world's foremost commentators on religious affairs, who first drew attention with her critically-acclaimed book Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1249

    The government's response to the economic crisis is critiqued and compared to Roosevelt's New Deal. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1250

    Author William Greider spent years sounding the alarm about Washington's alliance with Wall Street. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1251

    Regulator Bill Black discusses what went wrong in the financial industry and critiques the bailout. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1252

    The legacy of Abraham Lincoln is celebrated with actor Sam Waterston and historian Harold Holzer. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1301

    Former police reporter and TV screenwriter David Simon of HBO's The Wire discusses inner-city crime. [66 minutes]

  • Episode #1302

    The Pecora commission, the 1930s investigation into the causes of the Great Depression is explored. [66 minutes]

  • Episode #1303

    Experts discuss the memos approving extreme measures of interrogation under the Bush administration. [66 minutes]

  • Episode #1304

    A closer look at money's stranglehold on politics features a conversation with Senator Dick Durbin. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1305

    The US's strained relationship with Pakistan and its impact on the war-torn region are examined. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1306

    Health care advocate Donna Smith explains how our broken system is hurting ordinary Americans. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1307

    The documentary "Torturing Democracy" examines America's detention and interrogation practices. [54 minutes]

  • Episode #1308

    Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill examines the human and financial costs of America's wars. [54 minutes]

  • Episode #1309

    Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich discusses the influence of lobbyists on policy and more. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1310

    Leymah Gbowee and thousands of women successfully fought for peace and dignity in war-torn Liberia. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1311

    Poet and Pulitzer Prize winner W.S. Merwin discusses language, his writing process and his career. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1312

    Renowned scholars discuss what our religious traditions and values say about America's politics. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1313

    A former insider reveals how insurance companies are standing in the way of health care reform. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1314

    Robert Wright, bestselling author of "The Evolution of God," discusses religion in the 21st Century. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1315

    The partisan messages that have emerged in the raging debate over health care are examined. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1316

    Wendell Potter discusses how for-profit insurers hijack health care and put profits before patients. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1317

    Conversations with Harvard professor and author Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot and artist Chris Jordan. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1318

    Conservative David Frum discusses why he's calling on Republicans to reform health care in America. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1319

    Roger Weisberg's film Critical Condition follows families fighting illness without health coverage. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1320

    "Money-Driven Medicine" reveals how our health care system squanders millions on unnecessary tests. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1321

    Legal experts argue the constitutionality of campaign finance limits for corporations and unions. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1322

    Public health and tensions in Afghanistan are discussed with Dr. Jim Yong Kim and Nancy Youssef. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1323

    Sam Tanenhaus discusses why he thinks that conservatism is dead and how it might come back to life. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1324

    Rory Stewart offers a sustainable policy that could benefit both the United States and Afghanistan. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1325

    Experts discuss the Wall Street bailouts and the state of the U.S. economy and financial reforms. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1326

    Mark Danner discusses Obama's challenges in resetting the mindset of America from war to peace. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1327

    A UN Human Rights Council report on the violence in Gaza last year has put Israel on the defensive. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1328

    James K. Galbraith explains why middle class Americans are still reeling from the economic crisis. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1329

    Veterans from World War II, Vietnam and Iraq reveal how battle experiences changed their lives. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1330

    The work of actor-playwright Anna Deavere Smith features personal stories of people facing illness. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1331

    Taped conversations shed light on Lyndon Johnson's decision to escalate troop levels in Vietnam. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1332

    Scientist and naturalist Jane Goodall challenges everyone to act to protect and preserve the Earth. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1333

    Director Oliver Stone discusses how the Vietnam War has affected his work and view of the world. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1334

    Historian Howard Zinn on the voice of today's people in the shadow of big interests in Washington. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1335

    Matt Taibbi and economist Robert Kuttner discuss Wall Street's power over the federal government. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1336

    Choreographer Bill T. Jones reimagines a young Abraham Lincoln in his formative years through dance. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1337

    As the push for regulation seems stalled, experts discuss the obstacles to reforming Wall Street. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1338

    Greg Mortenson argues for building schools and nurturing communities in Afghanistan and Pakistan. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1339

    Public Agenda analysts Jean Johnson and Scott Bittle discuss America's new energy policy options. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1340

    US workers need jobs and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is calling on them to stand up and fight. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1341

    In the wake of a recent Supreme Court decision, the effects of money on politics are discussed. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1342

    Dance artist Bill T. Jones reimagines Abraham Lincoln in his formative years through dance. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1343

    A hard look at how campaign contributions may be corrupting the American judicial process. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1344

    Lawyers team up to overturn California's Proposition 8 ballot measure outlawing same-sex marriage. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1345

    Former insurance executive turned public health advocate Wendell Potter discusses healthcare. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1346

    NYU president John Sexton discusses God, baseball and the role of thoughtful discourse in society. [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1347

    Scientist and conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall is author of "Hope for the Animals and Their World." [52 minutes]

  • Episode #1348

    Journalist Gretchen Morgenson discusses obstacles facing substantive reform of the financial system. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1349

    Bryan Stevenson and Michelle Alexander discuss Martin Luther King Jr., 42 years after his death. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1350

    Author Louise Erdrich discusses how her heritage and cultural experience has impacted her life. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1351

    The authors of "13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown" appear. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1352

    FCC commissioner Michael Copps on the future of net neutrality and journalism in the digital age. [56 minutes]

  • Episode #1353

    Populist Jim Hightower discusses the history and legacy of people's movements in the series finale. [86 minutes]

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