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In the Mix

Find Your Voice (#802)

A group of teens gain valuable life skills and confidence in a unique after school training program. [28 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Grade Levels
6-8, 9-12
Curricular Areas
Social Studies
Series Length
54 episodes
Average Episode Length
28 minutes
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Series Description: IN THE MIX is the series that "manages to be both hip and responsible." The series' single-theme episodes offer solution-oriented examinations of critical issues and profiles of model programs that provide teens with information needed to make thoughtful decisions. Also highlighted are the accomplishments of young people of diverse backgrounds, providing much needed positive role models.

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  • Teen Solutions to Racism (#401)

    This episode focuses on how teens across the country are coping with their feelings and problems surrounding racism. [26 minutes]

  • Action Against Aids (#403)

    On location at an AIDS dance-a-thon; Rosie Perez, Queen Latifah and KRS-1 discuss what they're doing for the cause; a look at an AIDS hotline; a heated discussion among teens about how HIV/AIDS affects their lives; and "Mail Call" answers questions about sex and abstinence. [28 minutes]

  • Twisted Love: Dating Violence Exposed (#407)

    When loves turns ugly, you have to learn to walk away. Neve Campbell of Party of Five joins In the Mix reporters for a powerful and emotional look at something that more and more teens are facing dating violence. We meet young women who have been emotionally and physically abused by the guys they loved -- and survived to get out of the relationship. We also talk to young men who have been abusers, and visit with teens teaching other teens about sexual stereotypes in a Boston program, and a program in New York where teens attack the issue of dating violence with a unique weapon: theatre. The District Attorney of Westchester County tells teens which legal rights they have, and we learn about the signs of abuse and where you can go for help. [28 minutes]

  • College: A Crash Course (#408)

    This program, the chronicle of a day with Ithaca College freshman Nathan Marshall, reveals the reality of college life. It also offers advice on how to find the right college, what college admissions officers really look for and how to pay for college. [28 minutes]

  • School: Making The Grade (#411)

    How cool is your school? Hosted by actor Donald Faison (who starred in the hit films Clueless and Waiting to Exhale) and In the Mix reporters, this show checks out unique school programs that are working to help students improve their grades, keep them from dropping out, and communicate better with teachers -- and teach the teachers a thing or two about relating to their students! We also talk to two young people whose lives were headed down a one-way track to nowhere -- but were able to turn things around with the help of their school and teachers. In the Mix also asks teens: What would you change about school if you were in charge? [28 minutes]

  • Alcohol: What You Don't Know (#416)

    This hard look at drinking includes a talk with recovering alcoholics and a man left brain damaged. [28 minutes]

  • Politics: Action! Not Apathy (#419)

    Spotlights youth working at the grassroots level to impact schools, communities and governments. [28 minutes]

  • Relationships: Love Me, Love Me Not! (#420)

    In this program, IN THE MIX teens and nationally syndicated radio psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky provide information on love, dating, sex and friendship. Viewers tag along on a blind date and hear true stories about the right and wrong ways to break up. [28 minutes]

  • Careers: Focus On Your Future (#421)

    Whether one is thinking of becoming an actor, lawyer or physical therapist, this episode explores some of today's hottest careers, offering advice on what it takes to get there, including tips for job interviews. [28 minutes]

  • Media Literacy: TV - What You Don't See (#422)

    In the age of information and 500 channels, teens are spending more time in front of the television than studying. They're bombarded with media images that they don't know how to deconstruct. In this special, we reveal the tricks and techniques used by the media to manipulate young audiences. Teens will hear from news media experts, including ABC's Peter Jennings, about why young people are so often stereotyped in the media. Viewers get a behind-the-scene look at how news stories are chosen and covered and how commercials and music videos ideas develop. We also meet a group of teens trying to educate their peers about reading between the lines when it comes to news coverage. From the news to music videos to commercials, In the Mix teaches the skills to analyze and evaluate TV in order to become savvy media viewers. [28 minutes]

  • Sports: Get in the Game (#423)

    How valuable is sports participation to a teenager? In the Mix helps teens understand the positive role that athletics can play in every aspect of their lives. Co-hosted by NBA superstar Stephon Marbury, the show profiles a group of teens who invented their own sport and visits with a group of girls who formed a softball league that really turned their lives around. The special also includes an interview with Olympic Gold Medalist Amy Van Dyken, who explains why she started swimming, what keeps her going, and how she deals with the physical challenges of asthma. Finally we meet a teacher who created an after-school running club for her students who reveal how it helped them stay off drugs, plus learn about how to set and meet their goals. [28 minutes]

  • Self-Image: The Fantasy, the Reality (#424)

    This episode shows viewers how to "tune-out" body-conscious media images in order to be more accepting of who they are. The American obsession with the "perfect" body is driving today's teenagers to diet, use steroids, abuse drugs and alcohol, smoke, and even develop dangerous eating disorders. Real teens speak their minds about how the media's images of waif-thin models and macho-males make them feel about their own bodies. They also share firsthand experiences of the dangers of eating disorders and steroid use and give advice on how to get help and achieve healthy self-esteem. [28 minutes]

  • Smoking: The Truth Unfiltered (#426)

    Featured segments include a look at the addictive aspects of tobacco; profiles of teens who are kicking the habit; an analysis of the physical effects of smoking tobacco and marijuana; a segment on successful peer education groups; and a profile of how cigarette companies target teens to manipulate them into smoking through advertising, sponsorship of sporting events, etc. [28 minutes]

  • Retro Music Special (#428)

    Over the last few years "In the Mix" has hung out with some of the hottest artists in the world of music. Some have been one-hit wonders and have dropped off the music radar. But others, from Tori Amos and Natalie Merchant to Will Smith, the Beastie Boys and Coolio, are still in the spotlight and making music. This episode revisits past interviews with these artists. Along the way, viewers meet some of the teen reporters who have worked with "In the Mix" over the years and have since left the show to go off to college, pursue their careers or because they simply became too old. In their place, fresh-faced and eager young "In the Mix" fans hope to nab a steady gig on the show. [28 minutes]

  • Depression: On the Edge (#429)

    One out of eight teenagers are seriously depressed and in need of treatment but never seek help. That means millions of teens suffer every year. Left untreated, depression can lead to and be the underlying cause of eating disorders, substance abuse, sleep disorders, headaches and may even result in suicide--which is now the second leading cause of adolescent death. "In the mix" visits Pierre, South Dakota, a small city of only 13,000, but which has the highest per capita rate of teen suicide in the United States. Teen activists in Pierre have joined together to fight the national epidemic of depression and suicide in their community. Plus, "In the Mix" visits a grief counseling session to take an intimate look into the lives of family and friends who have lost a loved one to suicide. The sooner teens learn the facts, the sooner they can help themselves and their peers. [28 minutes]

  • Teens Around The World (#430)

    This unique program explores the lives of teenagers from the Philippines, Russia, Namibia, India and England. Through meeting teens from other countries, American teens learn about the differences and the common ground shared with their peers. We see them in their homes, in school, at work and just having fun. We hear about the uniqueness of each country's culture and the common issues teens face such as violence, substance abuse and relationships. The program provides insight into the ways teens of other cultures live, promoting tolerance and understanding of other cultures. [28 minutes]

  • Teen Immigrants (#431)

    A record number of immigrants are being naturalized in America, especially Hispanics and Asians. However, animosity toward immigrants and tensions over race and customs often are sources of violent confrontations. IN THE MIX profiles six teen immigrants from different races and countries to gain a deeper understanding of their motivation in coming to America and their aspirations for the future. [28 minutes]

  • Consumer Smarts (#432)

    Did you know that this year teens will spend over a BILLION dollars on all kinds of stuff? Are we getting the most for our money or are we getting scammed? Our In the Mix interns worked around the clock to bring you their favorite consumer segments. Find out how to make a demo tape, break into the music biz, or simply what audiocassette is best for creating your own hot mixes. Plus everything you need to know if you're thinking about getting a tattoo. From car repairs to modeling, we give you the lowdown on how NOT to get ripped off. [28 minutes]

  • Drug Abuse: Altered States (#433)

    Drug abuse among teens is a harsh reality. Co-hosted by the rock band Everclear, this episode dispels the image of drugs as cool and glamorous. Dr. Alan Leschner, director of NIDA gives the hard facts on how different drugs affect the body and counters common myths. [28 minutes]

  • School Violence: Answers from the Inside (#434)

    Cliques and groups may be part of school life but stereotyping, scapegoating and conflict are not an inevitable result. In response to the recent incidents of violence in schools, this special, hosted by ER's Kellie Martin explores the reasons behind the tensions and shows what students and schools can do to prevent them from escalating. We take an in-depth look, through the eyes and voices of its students, at a diverse suburban school that has a variety of pro-active student-centered programs in place. These programs include peer mediation, conflict resolution, anger management and communication training, and human relations groups and mentoring. They are working to help prevent violence and break down stereotypes, creating a more respectful and tolerant school community. We also see the positive effect on several students who were perceived as "loners. " [28 minutes]

  • Financial Literacy: On the Money! (#435)

    This special takes an in-depth look at what teens need to know about money including credit cards, and checking and savings accounts. Fellow teens share advice on how to create a budget that works. [28 minutes]

  • Cliques: Behind The Labels (#436)

    IN THE MIX explores the various cliques that exist in schools, each with their own set of dress codes, slang, and behavior as well as the reasons for being part of a group. Hosted by actor Jerry O'Connell, viewers meet among others, the "popular girls," "skaters," "goths", and "floaters." Everyone, from the popular kids to the loners, say they experience harassment and often feel misunderstood. Whether they are labeled a "snob" or a "geek," we see how stereotyping creates rifts between groups and often leads to cruelty and mistreatment of individuals. Through understanding the people behind the labels, viewers discover they are individuals with a lot more in common than they thought. Teens who were "loners" also show how they reached out to make friends. [28 minutes]

  • Interns & Volunteers: Giving & Getting Back (#437)

    Hosted by In the Mix interns, this program looks at various ways teens can gain valuable skills and a head start on careers while making a positive difference in the world. We meet teens volunteering at Youthline, a hotline for their peers; teens that started a mentoring program in their neighborhood, and teen environmental activists who cleaned up their beach. We also take an ambulance ride with an amazing group of teens and lifesaving EMT's, and we see how other teens join Habitat for Humanity to build a house on their spring break. Plus a winner of react magazine's scholarship award and a teen intern at Polygram Records who designs album covers. They all give their time to help others, but they also get back much more in experience and self-esteem. [28 minutes]

  • Sex: Everybody's Doin' It - Not! (#438)

    This special is aimed at raising awareness among teens that not "everyone" is having sex and that you don't have to be sexually activeto be popular or be in a loving relationship. Teens from across the country discuss the pressure from their peers and partners to have sex before they are ready, and the effect of the media that too often glamorizes sex as "cool" and consequence-free. Using humor and real experiences, the program shows the emotional and physical consequences of having sex and empowers viewers to stick by their decision to wait, providing the practical skills to resist pressures. [28 minutes]

  • Dealing with Death (#439)

    We're constantly surrounded by death in the media, in the news and in our own lives. Yet it's often a taboo subject in families, schools, and communities; teens who lose loved ones -- whether to illness, suicide or violence -- are left to face their pain alone. With this special, IN THE MIX breaks the silence and encourages young people to express their thoughts and experiences surrounding the issue. We meet young video makers, writers and photographers who are using artistic resources and creativity to help themselves and their peers confront issues of dying. Laura, a teen surviving under the shadow of cystic fibrosis, talks about how it feels to outlive her friends, and one young man shares his heartbreak over his father's suicide. The program also visits a bereavement support group where teens participate in frank discussion and creative activities, empowering them to cope with loss. The message from all these young people is loud and clear: our lives become more fulfilling when we feel free to think and talk honestly about death. [28 minutes]

  • Political Literacy: Sifting Thru The Spin (#440)

    This episode focuses on political literacy in order to raise awareness and understanding of how candidates use the media to convey their positions on issues. Teen political reporters sift through the spin from journalists and politicians to discover ways to find out positions on the issues. The program goes beneath the surface of political ads; gets direct answers from New York State Comptroller Carl McCall at a town hall meeting; sees how the Internet can provide accurate information and discovers why the public's voice really matters. The reporters, pundits and personalities interviewed range from Senator Bob Dole, Dan Rather, James Carville and Mary Matalin, Tom Brokaw, Bill Schneider and an exclusive interview with Comedy Central's Jon Stewart. [28 minutes]

  • Soccer: Kickin' Butts (#441)

    Co-hosted by three members of the U.S. Women's National Soccer team (Tiffeny Milbrett, Lorrie Fair and Shannon MacMillan) this special encourages teens to pick up a soccer ball rather than a cigarette. Soccer stars from the Women's and Men's National teams, including Danielle Slaton and Eddie Pope, talk about how their involvement with soccer helped them stand up to peer pressure to smoke. Viewers also meet teen soccer players who volunteer as anti-tobacco advocates, spreading the word about the dangers of smoking. Experts explain how cigarettes, as well as secondhand smoke, affect athletic performance, and Dr. Alan Leshner, director of NIDA, debunks popular myths about nicotine addiction. Last is a look at two organizations that are bringing soccer to the inner cities as a healthy alternative to smoking, drugs and alcohol. [28 minutes]

  • What's Normal: Overcoming Obstacles and Stereotypes (#442)

    Most teens are concerned about being "normal" and "fitting in." But what if you also have to cope with being different in some way? In this program, teens speak out honestly and show how they live with physical problems that include learning disabilities, deafness, and loss of a leg. We also meet teens living in foster care group homes and gay teens who face their own challenges. By getting to know the people behind the stereotypes and how they want to be treated, viewers gain empathy and a new understanding of what "normal" really means. [28 minutes]

  • Ecstasy (#443)

    No longer used just in clubs, ecstasy and other drugs like special K, LSD, GBH and crystal meth are finding their way into school and at home as their use grows among young teenagers who view them as 'harmless fun.' Teens in rehab talk candidly about their experiences with ecstasy and the devastating effects on their lives. We ride along with an undercover cop and an EMT, plus we interview Dr. Alan Leshner, director of NIDA, and a District Attorney. Co-hosted by Erika Christensen, the teen addict in the movie Traffic, this special raises awareness about club drugs by showing their dangers, defining the penalties and exposing misconceptions about them. [28 minutes]

  • Show Biz 101: No Guts, No Glory (#444)

    More than just talent and luck, it takes a hard-nosed attitude to break into show business. In the special, we shine the spotlight on a group of teens trying to make it as dancers, singers, rappers and stand-up comedians to find out what drives their hearts and minds when auditioning and performing. We also meet three talented teens in the world famous Cirque du Soleil and see how they balance the rigors of touring with their personal lives. With lots of advice from talented teens and established professionals this special offers a head start to those interested in a career on stage. [28 minutes]

  • 9/11 Looking Back....Moving Forward (#445)

    Explores how the tragedy and ongoing events have impacted the way teens now view the world. [28 minutes]

  • Steroids: The Hard Truth (#446)

    This program addresses the growing use of anabolic steroids by boys as well as girls. Teens from across the country discuss the media influence and allure of steroids for sports and self-image. We hear from ex-users and experts who reveal the dangers and misconceptions about steroids. A nutritionist warns about the use of supplements and, with a physical trainer, shows teens how they can tone up by eating and exercising the right way. We also visit an effective drug and steroid prevention program in high schools. [28 minutes]

  • The New Normal: Living with Change (#501)

    Explore how teens have responded and coped with the impact of the ongoing events after 9-11. [28 minutes]

  • The New Normal: Get The News? (#502)

    Explore how news coverage on has impacted they way teens are coping with their changed world. [28 minutes]

  • The New Normal: Dealing with Differences (#503)

    Explore how schools, groups & individuals are promoting racial, religious & cultural understanding. [28 minutes]

  • Self-Esteem: Building Strengths (#504)

    Teens focus on physical, mental & emotional strength in workshops with psychologists & role models. [28 minutes]

  • Living with....Serious Illness (#505)

    Addresses issues and problems that challenge young people who are coping with chronic conditions. [28 minutes]

  • Student Power: Organizing for School Reform (#506)

    The process, obstacles and training of youth-led organizations engaged in grassroots activism. [28 minutes]

  • Voices from Iraq (#507)

    Teens in Baghdad meet with teens in Connecticut, via videoconference just before the war. [28 minutes]

  • Iraq Unplugged (#601)

    After the war, teens from Baghdad meet for a videoconference with American teens from Connecticut. [28 minutes]

  • Arts Education....A+ (#602)

    Teens discuss how art has a positive impact on their attitudes, behavior and academics performance. [28 minutes]

  • Ethics: Cheating and Plagiarism (#604)

    Polls show that 80% of high school students admit to having cheated. In this program, teens speak out frankly about why they feel the need to cheat and raise questions about "what counts" and the definition of cheating. Students also discuss the long-term effects of cheating and ways that it might be prevented. [27 minutes]

  • The Way We See It: What Makes A Teacher Worth Listening To? (#701)

    Young filmmakers create short documentaries about what they think makes a great teacher. [28 minutes]

  • The Way We See It: What Makes A School Worth Going To? (#702)

    Youth media teams create documentaries that present authentic perspectives about their schools. [28 minutes]

  • Divorce and Stepfamilies: Breaking Apart/Coming Together (#703)

    Teens and counselors explore solutions to problems and share experiences on dealing with divorce. [28 minutes]

  • Self-Expression, Self-Esteem....Around the World (#704)

    Musician and composer Moby hosts this examination of self-expression and mentoring for teens. [28 minutes]

  • Fit for Life: Eat Smart and Exercise (#705)

    An estimated 15% of teens are considered overweight or obese, with the numbers growing. This program points out the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle and helps viewers make smart choices. [28 minutes]

  • Love Shouldn't Hurt: Recognizing Dating Violence (#706)

    Dating violence is a serious problem affecting 1 in every 5 girls. This program features a symposium to raise awareness and educate both sexes. Attended by nearly 300 diverse teens, it highlights a group of peer educators who perform vignettes and then answer in character to questions raised by audience members who also give advice. It opens discussion among boys and girls on this critical issue. [18 minutes]

  • Stop Bullying....Take A Stand! (#801)

    Hosted by Erika Harold, Miss America 2003, herself a victim of severe harassment, this solution- oriented program presents a comprehensive and multifaceted approach that includes peer educators in middle and high schools, principals, bystanders and former bullies. It also raises awareness about the various forms of bullying and harassment (physical, verbal, sexual), and addresses how to deal with the new trend of cyber bullying. [30 minutes]

  • Voices from Inside: Incarcerated Teens Speak Out (#803)

    This program features teens, as well as former inmates, sentenced to juvenile and adult detention facilities in California, New Jersey, and New York for crimes such as burglary, assault and homicide. They expose the grim truth about life in prison that forces teens to think about the consequences of their actions and gang associations that could have a lifelong impact. [20 minutes]

  • Soundmix: Five Young Musicians (#804)

    The stories of five extraordinary teenage musicians who are reinvigorating American musical traditions. These dedicated young artists offer fresh and inspiring takes on a range of American music. Styles explored include jazz horn, old time fiddle, Native American flute, classical cello, rock bass, and Latin percussion. Mentors Wynton Marsalis and the late old time fiddle legend Melvin Wine are also featured. [28 minutes]

  • Native American Teens: Who We Are (#901)

    Teens share stories of what it's like to be a young Native American Today. Rap star Litefoot hosts. [28 minutes]

  • Bridging The Years....Teens and Seniors Mix It Up! (#903)

    “Bridging the Years” highlights three community programs in New York that give teens and seniors opportunities to collaborate on art projects, overcome autism, and develop theatrical productions. [28 minutes]

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