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Life (Part 2)

Life (Part 2)

LIFE (PART 2) is a smart, daring series on the subject of aging. The program doesn't offer a Pollyannaish vision of growing old. It's a straight-talking show filled with honesty, integrity and humor. Each week, host Alan Rosenberg and a panel of regular contributors, guest experts and celebrities delve deeply into a range of topics. Each episode features field pieces - visits to people around the country; freewheeling, roundtable discussions; one-on-one interviews; and brief personal essays.

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  • Denial (#101)

    Old age and denial: Is it better to face the facts and slow down, or simply ignore reality for as long as possible? Emmy Award-winning journalist Richard Cohen discusses the parallels between aging and chronic illness, and comedy writer Larry Gelbart talks about lessons learned over time. [26 minutes]

  • The Sandwich Generation (#102)

    This episode shares real-world insight for those caught in the middle.Comic Robert Klein shares his own aging experience, and filmmaker Melvin Van Peebles talks about aging and race in America. [26 minutes]

  • Adapting to Change (#103)

    Is it important for an aging population to keep up with a changing world? Ed Asner & Marilyn French. [26 minutes]

  • Aging and Fear (#105)

    Common fears about aging are explored, from losing your money to losing your mind. [26 minutes]

  • Is There Sex After 50? (#106)

    Are you ever too old to have sex? Panelists discuss sex and age from a psychological, medical and social perspective. Actor Elliott Gould stops by, and comedy writer Larry Gelbart talks about the mixed blessings of growing old. [26 minutes]

  • Language of Aging (#108)

    Underground artist David Greenberger debunks the language of aging and discusses why "old people are more than memories and nostalgia." Psychologist Marion Woodman's gives her perspective on "the crown of age," and Dick Cavett discusses the passage of time. [26 minutes]

  • Retirement (#109)

    Reinventing retirement: The latest news about second careers and the opportunities and challenges of retirement. Dr. Sherwin Nuland, National Book Award winner and Yale professor of medicine, discusses the art of aging, and author Susan Cheever gives an historical perspective on the concept of age. [26 minutes]

  • A Conversation with Bob Newhart (#110)

    Alan Rosenberg talks with the beloved comedian about life and aging with grace, vitality and humor. [26 minutes]

  • Don't Look Back (#111)

    Author Frank McCourt, poet Nikki Giovanni and comedy writer Larry Gelbart discuss getting older. [26 minutes]

  • Pioneer In Aging: Dr. Robert Butler (#112)

    A special one-on-one conversation with the founding director of the National Institute on Aging. [26 minutes]

  • Best of Life (#113)

    Highlights of the series' premiere season featuring Larry Gelbart, Dick Cavett, Robert Klein, Carl Reiner and Marion Woodman. Plus insights into memory and the downside of nostalgia. [26 minutes]

  • Boomer Marriage (#201)

    Suzanne Braun Levine of Ms. Magazine discusses how baby boomers have changed the face of marriage. [26 minutes]

  • Generation Gaps (#202)

    A look at differences between baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y and how to bridge the generation gaps. [26 minutes]

  • Caregiving (#203)

    A physician discusses the need to care for yourself while you are caring for a loved one. [26 minutes]

  • Dancing with Doctors (#204)

    Learn how baby boomers can ensure quality medical treatment for their parents, kids and themselves. [26 minutes]

  • Money Is Love (#205)

    Financial planner Ross Levin discusses how to be smart about financial issues within your family. [26 minutes]

  • Fighting Ageism (#206)

    An attorney and a workplace researcher discuss how baby boomers can recognize ageism in their lives. [26 minutes]

  • Plastic Surgery (#207)

    [26 minutes]

  • Boomer Dating (#208)

    [26 minutes]

  • Spirituality and Aging (#209)

    [26 minutes]

  • The Science of Happiness (#210)

    [26 minutes]

  • The New Face of Alzheimer's (#211)

    [26 minutes]

  • Brain Exercise (#212)

    [26 minutes]

  • Mechanics of Aging (#213)

    A professor showcases "empathy suits" that give students insights into how it feels to be older. [26 minutes]

  • Controlling The Boomer Belly (#214)

    Warding off the dreaded geezer gut. Mike Huckabee reflects on losing more than a hundred pounds. [26 minutes]

  • Encore Careers (#215)

    [26 minutes]

  • Purpose Prize Winners (#216)

    Social entrepreneurs over 60 who take on big challenges discuss their contributions to society. [26 minutes]

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