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20th Century Turning Points in U.S. History

Program 7: 1964-1973 (#107)

Program 7: 1964–1973
1964- President Johnson Announces the Great Society
1964- Vietnam War: Congress Passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
1965- Black Urban Riots Begin
1968- Vietnam War: The Tet Offensive
1970- First Earth Day
1972- Watergate
1973- Vietnam War: Cease-Fire Ends War
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This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: This new series highlights significant developments in science, art, politics, technology, and popular culture, providing a clear overview of the people and events that distinguished the twentieth century.

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  • Program 1: 1900-1907 (#101)

    Program 1: 1900-1907 1900- The Gold Standard Act Is Ratified by Congress 1901- Dr. Walter Reed Discovers Yellow Fever Is Transmitted by Mosquitoes 1901- McKinley Is Shot and Theodore Roosevelt Becomes President 1902- 140,000 Mine Workers Go Out on Strike 1902- The Government Passes the Newlands Reclamation Act 1903- Wright Brothers Fly at Kitty Hawk 1906- Upton Sinclair's Novel “The Jungle” Is Published 1906- U.S. Takes Over Construction of the Panama Canal 1907- Frank Lloyd Wright Completes the Robie House in Chicago [28 minutes]

  • Program 2: 1908-1918 (#102)

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  • Program 3: 1919-1928 (#103)

    Program 3: 1919-1928 1919- Prohibition Begins 1920- Women Gain the Right to Vote 1923- Teapot Dome Scandal Typifies the Roaring ‘20s 1924- J. Edgar Hoover Named Head of the FBI 1925- The Scopes Monkey Trial 1926- Goddard Initiates the Space Age 1926- David Sarnoff Founds NBC 1927- Charles Lindbergh Flies Across the Atlantic [26 minutes]

  • Program 4: 1929-1943 (#104)

    Program 4: 1929–1943 1929- “Black Tuesday” Foretells the Great Depression 1932- Amelia Earhart: Record-Breaking Woman Aviator 1933- President Roosevelt’s ‘One Hundred Days’ Begins His New Deal 1935- President Roosevelt Signs the Social Security Act 1936- Jesse Owens and Joe Louis Debunk Hitler's Claim of Aryan Superiority 1940- Ernest Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” Is Published 1941- Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor [28 minutes]

  • Program 5: 1944-1952 (#105)

    Program 5: 1944-1952 1944- D-Day “Operation Overlord” 1945- The U.S. Air Force Drops Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima 1947- The Marshall Plan for Europe 1950- President Truman Sends American Troops to the Aid of South Korea 1950-53- The Korean War 1951- Alan Freed Introduces Rock and Roll [27 minutes]

  • Program 6: 1953-1963 (#106)

    Program 6: 1953-1963 1953- John Foster Dulles Becomes Eisenhower's Cold War Warrior 1954- Senator Joseph McCarthy Is Condemned by the Senate 1954- Brown v. Board of Education 1955- Rosa Parks Is Arrested 1960- Nixon-Kennedy Televised Debates 1962- Astronaut John Glenn Is the First American to Orbit the Earth 1962- Cuban Missile Crisis 1963- Martin Luther King's “I Have a Dream” Speech [27 minutes]

  • Program 8: 1973-1999 (#108)

    Program 8: 1973–1999 1973- Second Battle of Wounded Knee 1973- Roe v. Wade 1976- Personal Computers Herald the Post Industrial Age 1983- The Grenada Conflict 1987- Alan Greenspan Becomes Chairman of the Federal Reserve 1990- The Gulf War Demonstrates American Military Supremacy 1991- The End of the Cold War 1994- Whitewater Leads to the Impeachment of President Clinton 1999- Y2K Ends the American Century [27 minutes]

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