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Biz Kid$

How to Make A Million Bucks! (#406)

If you start early and save consistently, you'll take advantage of the power of compound interest. [28 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Grade Levels
3-5, 6-8
Curricular Areas
Social Studies
Series Length
104 episodes
Average Episode Length
28 minutes
Record Rights
Record and retain for 4 yearsfrom each broadcast. No duplication allowed.
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Series Description: BIZ KID$ is the fun, new, fast-paced TV series where kids teach kids about money and entrepreneurship. Created for school-aged children, each half-hour episode features several young business owners and philanthropists who share their success stories. Whether it's a skateboard designer, a candy store owner, or a hip-hop music producer, the kids on the series inspire young viewers. Throughout the series, kids learn about saving, budgeting, investing and giving back to the community. Spoofs of old TV shows and comedy sketches performed by a humorous cast of characters make the series a hit with both kids and parents alike. The King of Ka-Ching, a cheesy lounge singer, and Francine Fairtrade, a world traveler with extensive knowledge of all things exotic and financial, are two of the characters who add to the fun.

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  • What Is A Biz Kid? (#101)

    Meet a skateboard designer, a rap music producer and a boy who made a business from worm poop. [28 minutes]

  • What Is Money? (#102)

    The kids get a crash course in the art of negotiation and exchange at a high-energy cattle auction. [28 minutes]

  • How Do You Get Money? (#103)

    Business celebrities, including Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, discuss their very first jobs. [28 minutes]

  • What Can You Do with Money? (#104)

    Visit the New York Stock Exchange and ponder the merits of spending, saving, donating and investing. [28 minutes]

  • Money Moves (#105)

    Watch the ebb and flow of money as the kids examine the concepts of supply and demand. [28 minutes]

  • Taking Charge of Your Financial Future (#106)

    The Biz Kids figure out where they want to be financially and make plans on how to get there. [28 minutes]

  • A Biz: What Is It? (#107)

    A successful business supplies goods or services and earns more money than it spends. [28 minutes]

  • How to Succeed in Biz-Ness by Really Trying! (#108)

    Identifying a need, making a plan to fill a need and taking action are the key steps to success. [28 minutes]

  • Cash and Credit (#109)

    Meet a young entrepreneurs who started a successful bath salts business, and another a design firm. [28 minutes]

  • How to Achieve Your Financial Goals (#110)

    Learn to track your expenses, get control of your spending and invest what?s left over wisely. [28 minutes]

  • Don't Blow Your Dough (#111)

    Discover ways to avoid identity theft and meet Washington State's Attorney General Rob McKenna. [28 minutes]

  • Introducing Entrepreneurs (#112)

    Learn the stories behind the Frisbee, the Slinky and blue jeans and meet a successful entrepreneur. [28 minutes]

  • The Biz Kids Challenge (#113)

    It's up to the kids to decide the price and promotion strategy to sell the most lemonade. [28 minutes]

  • How to Be a Smart Consumer (#114)

    Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and traps set by savvy marketers and high-pressure salesmen. [28 minutes]

  • Using Your Credit -- Crazy Or Compelling? (#115)

    Don't live on borrowed time. Meet entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated credit pitfalls. [28 minutes]

  • Budgeting Basics (#116)

    Take a look at spending and expenses and several proven methods on how to gain control of both. [28 minutes]

  • Understanding Business Ethics (#117)

    Do the right thing! Discover what it means for management to lead by examples. [28 minutes]

  • Saving and Investing for Your Future (#118)

    Discover the potential of starting a savings plan early in life and learn about investment options. [28 minutes]

  • A Closer Look at Financial Careers (#119)

    Learn ways to start exploring careers. Several celebrities discuss how they got their start. [28 minutes]

  • Money Moves (Global Economy) (#120)

    Follow the flow of imports and exports that make up the interconnected world economy. [28 minutes]

  • Bulls, Bears, and Financial Markets (#121)

    Stocks, bonds, commodities, and the markets where each of them are traded are examined. [28 minutes]

  • Sell, Sell, Sell (The Science of Sales) (#122)

    The kids explore philosophy and sales techniques and learn traits common to all good salespeople. [28 minutes]

  • Understanding Income and Expenses (#123)

    The kids learn methods for controlling expenses while growing income with new ideas and innovation. [28 minutes]

  • Building and Growing A Business (#124)

    The kids learn steps for organizing a new business and the benefits of effective communication. [28 minutes]

  • Understanding Your Paycheck (#125)

    The kids use a modern American pay stub to explore various social movements of the last century. [28 minutes]

  • Social Entrepreneurs (#126)

    The kids meet visionaries who create thriving organizations & powerful movements for social change. [28 minutes]

  • Have A Plan, Stan! (#201)

    Explore the different elements of a business plan and meet a teen who opened a snow-cone shack. [28 minutes]

  • Money Math - Who Needs It? (#202)

    Learn the importance of math and meet students helping save the environment and a handbag designer. [28 minutes]

  • Building Your Business Online (#203)

    Learn the advantages and potential pitfalls in Internet businesses and meet a graphic designer. [28 minutes]

  • Financial Institutions - All The Same? (#204)

    Services of different institutions, including checking accounts and online banking are discussed. [28 minutes]

  • How Credit Affects Your Life (#205)

    Join the Biz Kids and learn about building good credit and how the credit laws affect your life. [28 minutes]

  • The Art of Negotiation (#206)

    Discover effective strategies for negotiating with parents, teachers, friends, siblings and bosses. [28 minutes]

  • The World Is A Risky Place (#207)

    Learn ways to protect your business and your assets. Meet the owners of "Small Town Skateshop." [28 minutes]

  • Economic Cycles (What Goes Up Must Come Down) (#208)

    Learn how trends can affect a business and discover how to protect against negative effects. [28 minutes]

  • The Green Economy & You (#209)

    Discover your impact on the environment and learn how there's green to be made in thinking green. [28 minutes]

  • Secrets to Success (#210)

    Learn about ways to pay for your education and the importance of learning every day of your life. [28 minutes]

  • The Marketing Mix (#211)

    Learn how a barber service, a dog groomer and other businesses promote their services and products. [28 minutes]

  • Hidden Careers (#212)

    "Behind the scenes" careers in sports, music, entertainment, art and even aviation are showcased. [28 minutes]

  • Learning from Failure (#213)

    Learn how mistakes can make you stronger by looking at the work of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs. [28 minutes]

  • Are You Financially Literate? (#301)

    Explore the skills of goal setting, budgeting, saving and how to manage your money. [28 minutes]

  • Wheel of Misfortune (#302)

    Find out how to avoid common money mistakes and learn the importance of following a financial plan. [28 minutes]

  • More Bang for Your Buck (#303)

    Discover tips for stretching your dollars so you can know how to get the best value for your money. [28 minutes]

  • Where Is My Allowance? (#304)

    Learn how different families manage monthly income and expenses for vacations, education and more. [28 minutes]

  • Escape The Box (#305)

    Learn how to recognize and act on new opportunities in life and to be creative in problem solving. [28 minutes]

  • A World Without Taxes (#401)

    Explore how taxes impact your life and learn about the importance of federal, state and local taxes. [28 minutes]

  • Debt: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (#402)

    Learn to avoid the pitfalls of overspending by sticking to a budget and living a cash existence. [28 minutes]

  • Your First Big Purchase (#403)

    Learn about budgeting, researching and negotiating and meet a teen who purchased an old airplane. [28 minutes]

  • What's Up with the Stock Market? (#404)

    Learn the language of the stock market and how these terms apply to your life. [28 minutes]

  • Crash Course On Starting A Business (#405)

    Learn how to refine your ideas, make a business plan, identify funding sources and find a market. [28 minutes]

  • Scam-A-Rama (Protect Yourself from Being Scammed) (#407)

    Learn how to recognize a scam and protect yourself from identify theft, pyramid schemes and more. [28 minutes]

  • The Value of Money (#408)

    Learn why the value of the American dollar is important in your life. [28 minutes]

  • What's Your Money Personality? (#501)

    This episode looks at the range of emotional reactions and connections people have with money. [28 minutes]

  • Business Structures (#502)

    Examine the pros and cons of LLCs, sole proprietorships, partnerships and more business structures. [28 minutes]

  • Movin' On Out (#503)

    A kid's guide to the true cost of being independent looks at how much it costs to live on your own. [28 minutes]

  • You Are The Target! (#504)

    Every day, kids and teens are subjected to thousands of commercial messages from advertisers. [28 minutes]

  • The Economics of Economics (#505)

    Learn about everything from micro to macro economics, supply and demand and economic indicators. [28 minutes]

  • Businesses That Give Back (#506)

    Get to know some businesses that are giving back in big ways, including entertainer Cymphonique. [28 minutes]

  • What's in the Books? (#507)

    This episode examines bookkeeping and accounting, income and expenses and profit and loss. [28 minutes]

  • Take It to the Bank (#508)

    Get a kid's view of the services that banks, credit unions and other financial institutions offer. [28 minutes]

  • It's A Job to Get A Job! (#509)

    Learn tips and tricks for writing a great resume, dressing for success and nailing a job interview. [28 minutes]

  • Fundraising Can Be Fun (#510)

    Learn how to organize volunteers for a fundraiser, choose the right venue and get the word out. [28 minutes]

  • What to Do with a Windfall (#511)

    Explore investment alternatives and how to evaluate them based on time, risk and rate of return. [28 minutes]

  • Businesses Going Green (#512)

    Explore the profitable side of going green. Learn how to distinguish between hype and what's hip. [28 minutes]

  • All in the Family (#513)

    Learn how Family-run businesses work, grow and fight their way to profits. [28 minutes]

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