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Sid The Science Kid

The Sticker Chart (#101)

As Sid fills up his chore chart to get a new toy, he learns that charts are great science tools. [28 minutes] TV-Y Closed Captioning

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28 minutes
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Series Description: "Sid the Science Kid" uses comedy to celebrate children's natural curiosity about science and explores their "Why?" questions in everyday life. It features the energetic and inquisitive five-year-old Sid, who tackles the ideas that preschoolers find fascinating (Why do bananas go "bad"? How does my juice box straw work? How does a bird fly without a plane?). In each episode, viewers meet Sid's friends and family who help him find the answers to these questions.

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  • The Rolie Polie (#102)

    Sid uses a magnifying glass to make freckles on his skin, pebbles and his little bugs look bigger. [28 minutes]

  • Enough with the Seashells (#103)

    Sid uses a new strategy called estimation for making his best guess how many seashells he has. [28 minutes]

  • The Whale Episode (#104)

    Sid uses the non-standard measurement method to measure things with shoes, blocks and even people! [28 minutes]

  • Super Science Tools (#105)

    Sid learns that his ruler, estimation jar, chart and magnifying glass are amazing in their own way. [28 minutes]

  • My Mushy Banana (#106)

    Sid learns that it's natural for his banana to turn brown. Over time, fruits and vegetables decay! [28 minutes]

  • My Shrinking Shoes (#107)

    Sid discovers that it's hard to see things growing, because growing happens slowly over time. [28 minutes]

  • My Ice Pops (#108)

    Sid discovers that liquids can freeze into solid ice and can melt right back into liquid over time. [28 minutes]

  • The Perfect Pancake (#109)

    Sid wants to know how his Grandma makes perfect pancakes and discovers that heat changes things. [28 minutes]

  • No More Changes (#110)

    Sid learns about change and transformations such as decay, growth, and change caused by heat. [28 minutes]

  • The Itchy Tag (#111)

    Sid learns about different textures around him. Smooth, soft, bumpy and itchy like his shirt tag! [28 minutes]

  • What's That Smell? (#112)

    Sid learns how smells, from yummy to stinky, travel through the air and arrive inside the nose. [28 minutes]

  • Grandma's Glasses (#113)

    Sid explores his sense of vision after he tries on Grandma's glasses and everything looks blurry. [28 minutes]

  • Too Much Noise (#114)

    Sid explores his sense of hearing and learns that sounds travel through the air and into our ears. [28 minutes]

  • All My Senses (#115)

    At school, Sid and his friends embark on a quest to explore vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste! [28 minutes]

  • A Brush with Teeth (#116)

    Sid learns that people have different kinds of teeth that do lots of jobs like chewing our food! [28 minutes]

  • I Want Cake (#117)

    Sid and his friends learn that the best way to stay healthy is by eating nutritious food. [28 minutes]

  • The Big Sneeze (#118)

    Sid learns that washing his hands with soap and water will help him be healthy and keep germs away. [28 minutes]

  • Must See TV (#119)

    At school, Sid and his friends learn that exercising is a really fun way to stay healthy! [28 minutes]

  • Sid's Health Day (#120)

    Sid learns the benefits of nutritious foods, washing his hands, brushing his teeth and exercising. [28 minutes]

  • The Broken Wheel (#121)

    Sid explores how wheels help move all kinds of things like cars, trains, tricycles and toy trucks! [28 minutes]

  • My Slide (#122)

    Sid learns how inclined planes can make it easier to push up heavy things like a big stuffed animal. [28 minutes]

  • Sid's Amazing Invention (#123)

    Sid learns that his machine for launching toys is actually a lever that can help lift heavy things. [28 minutes]

  • The Tree House (#124)

    Sid discovers that a pulley is the perfect machine to help lift heavy things up to high places. [28 minutes]

  • Climb, Ignatz, Climb! (#125)

    Sid uses wheels, incline planes, levers and pulleys to get his stuffed panda to the top of a slide. [28 minutes]

  • Hello, Doggie! (#126)

    Sid learns many ways that animals communicate like using body language, making sounds and barking! [28 minutes]

  • Home Tweet Home (#127)

    Sid explores animals that build and live in their own homes, like beehives, anthills and bird nests! [28 minutes]

  • The Dirt On Dirt (#128)

    At school, Sid discovers that dirt is really important to the Earth because it helps things grow. [28 minutes]

  • Don't Forget The Leaves (#129)

    Sid learns that leaves are food for animals and they make nutrients so flowers and trees can grow! [28 minutes]

  • The Bug Club (#130)

    Sid uses a magnifying glasses to discover ants, rolie polies and caterpillars around the playground. [28 minutes]

  • Sid's Rainy Play Date (#131)

    Sid learns that rain comes from clouds and is really important because it helps living things grow. [28 minutes]

  • Sid's Special Dad Day (#132)

    Sid discovers that sunblock protects his skin and learns about the ways the sun helps the Earth. [28 minutes]

  • Sid's Holiday Adventure (#133)

    Sids visits a place that is very cold and learns that temperatures are different all over the world! [28 minutes]

  • The Wind Did It (#134)

    Sid learns that wind is strong enough to make waves, move sail boats and blow away a pile of leaves! [28 minutes]

  • Sid The Weatherman (#135)

    Sid learns that weathermen have to know all about rain, sun, wind and hot and cold temperatures! [28 minutes]

  • Special Mom Day Meal (#136)

    Sid smells French toast and his stomach growls. He wonders if his stomach is trying to talk to him. [28 minutes]

  • I Have Muscles Where? (#137)

    Sid and his friends learn that they have muscles all over their bodies, even in their faces! [28 minutes]

  • Sid's Amazing Lungs (#138)

    After racing around his room, Sid wonders where all the air is going in his body when he breathes. [28 minutes]

  • How Did My Dog Do That? (#139)

    Sid explores skeletons and discovers that animals have different bones and joints than people. [28 minutes]

  • Now That's Using Your Brain (#140)

    Sid learns that the brain controls many things like walking, thinking and getting ready for school! [28 minutes]

  • Getting A Shot: You Can Do It! (#141)

    Sid is nervous about getting a vaccination shot at school, until he learns his Grandma is the nurse! [28 minutes]

  • No School Singalong Special! (#201)

    Sid and his friends show in the backyard and take turns singing their favorite science songs. [28 minutes]

  • Slide to the Side! (#202)

    Sid is trying out his new dance but he can't slide in his new sneakers. He just squeaks to a stop! [28 minutes]

  • That's The Way The Ball Bounces (#203)

    Sid creates a sport called Play-Doh Ball. When he tries to bounce the ball it splats on the ground. [28 minutes]

  • Ignatz's Inertia (#204)

    Sid uses his skateboard to discover that things in motion stay in motion until they are stopped. [28 minutes]

  • Sid's Super Kick! (#205)

    On a trip to the Science Center Sid learns that using lots of force makes something move really far. [28 minutes]

  • Where Did The Water Go? (#206)

    At The Science Center, Sid explores how water travels in and out of our homes through pipes. [28 minutes]

  • Clean Air! (#207)

    Sid learns about pollution and learns that people and animals on Earth need to breathe clean air. [28 minutes]

  • Reused Robot! (#208)

    Sid and his friends investigate how to recycle and reuse items so that we make less trash. [28 minutes]

  • Save The Stump! (#209)

    Sid and his friends discover that there are animal habitats all around us, even in old tree stumps. [28 minutes]

  • Let There Be Light (#210)

    Sid explores the science of light and discovers that light comes from various energy sources. [28 minutes]

  • Discovering Darkness (#211)

    Sid investigates what happens when a light source is completely blocked, creating darkness. [28 minutes]

  • Shadow Smile! (#212)

    Sid investigates shadows and explores ways to create a shadow by blocking a light source. [28 minutes]

  • A Rainbow Every Day! (#213)

    Sid investigates rainbows and learns they can only form when light passes through water droplets. [28 minutes]

  • Sid's Backyard Campout! (#214)

    Sid, Gerald and Dad gear up for a big adventure by setting up tents for a campout in the backyard. [28 minutes]

  • Rock & Roll Easter! (#215)

    It's springtime and that means it's time to hunt for Easter eggs in the backyard. [28 minutes]

  • I Want to Be A Scientist! (#216)

    At the Science Center, a marine biologist talks about her exciting job SCUBA diving with whales. [28 minutes]

  • Get Up and Move! (#217)

    [28 minutes]

  • Halloween Spooky Science Special (#218)

    It's Halloween! Sid and his friends dress up in scary costumes and learn about bats and spiders. [28 minutes]

  • Sid's Pet Project (#219)

    Sid learns that taking care of a pet is a big responsibility when his class gets a praying mantis. [28 minutes]

  • Sleep? Who Needs It?! (#220)

    Sid explores how the body needs sleep to properly function and why we need sleep to stay healthy! [28 minutes]

  • Seed The Science Kid (#221)

    Sid learns that many living things grow in life cycles, including chickens, apples and butterflies. [28 minutes]

  • The Reason Sid's Sneezin' (#222)

    Sid learns that he might be allergic to pollen and goes on a mission to learn more about allergies. [28 minutes]

  • The Amazing Computer Science Tool! (#223)

    Sid wants to know what computers do! Mom volunteers to show Sid's class how a computer works. [28 minutes]

  • The Big Cheese! (#224)

    Sid finds a picture of the moon made of green cheese while surfing the Internet on the computer. [28 minutes]

  • Sid Wings It! (#225)

    Sid visits an exhibit showcasing gliders, flying contraptions and jet planes at the Science Center. [28 minutes]

  • Sid Engineers A Solution (#226)

    The kids work as a team and brainstorm some ideas to get a ball down that got stuck in a tree. [28 minutes]

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