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Nutrition Basics: Why Food Matters

Food Processing (#103)

This video field trip takes the viewer inside food processing plants to learn how companies put real strawberries in cereal boxes, create potato chips, and make a beef roast ready to heat and eat. Students also learn how they mill wheat into flour, make cheese and can food. [22 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

PBS Video

Series Description: Nutrition Basics: Why Food Matters covers nutrition from A--Z including the new food pyramid.

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  • Nutrition Basics: Why Food Matters (#101)

    Explore the “why” of nutrition. From the food we eat we obtain four basics of life – water, energy, protein and a handful of vitamins and minerals. This program is about why we need to eat and why we have to choose carefully. [19 minutes]

  • Minerals You Can Eat (#102)

    Humans contain about four pounds of essential minerals that must be obtained through food. This program teaches about macrominerals and trace elements. [22 minutes]

  • Your Nutrition Style: Personalizing the Pyramid (#104)

    Meet four students and watch as each gets a nutritional makeover. All four fall into common nutrition traps. The program explains how each pitfall could cause problems and how to adjust habits to match the new USDA dietary guidelines. [23 minutes]

  • How Much Should I Eat? (#105)

    We live in a super-sized world and our perception of what is an appropriate serving of food is distorted. This program helps viewers develop “portion awareness” so that they take control of their own nutrition. [20 minutes]

  • Fast Food Survival Guide (#106)

    Fast food is here to stay as a part of our culture and economy. We choose to eat on the run and vote for fast food with our pocketbooks. This program examines the role of fast food in society and shows that even though you might not want to become its best friend, you can learn to live with it. [21 minutes]

  • Eat Right (#107)

    2005 Food Pyramid – The revamped USDA food pyramid emphasizes, for the first time, the importance of physical activity and also discusses eating nutrient-dense foods. [24 minutes]

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