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Doctor Who: Confidential

Odds and Ends (#142)

The Confidential crew travel to the Ood Sphere to examine the return of the mysterious Ood to Doctor Who. They discover how a quarry in South West Wales in the middle of summer gets turned into a winter wonderland, and how David Tennant gets turned into an all action hero. [13 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

PBS Video

Series Description: Think you have what it takes to work on the set of Doctor Who? Offering the kind of behind-the-scenes access that most fans only dream of, Doctor Who Confidential is the complementary series to the massively successful drama that follows the production team, designers, writers and cast as they bring each story to our screens. Bursting with excitement and energy, Doctor Who Confidential details the painstaking work that goes into every episode from concept to script to shooting; plus each episode features interviews with cast and crew members revealing exactly what it takes to make such a successful TV series.

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  • A Noble Return (#140)

    In the first of a new series, Confidential features the welcome return of Catherine Tate as the unstoppable Donna Noble and gets up close and personal with the Doctor's latest companion - from her first days on set through to her battle against an army of sinister Adipose. [8 minutes]

  • The Italian Job (#141)

    Doctor Who Confidential travels the long road to Rome to witness the making of The Doctor's latest volcanic voyage. Filming at the famous Cinecitta Studios, the production team face an Italian job of colossal proportions and Confidential is on set to feel the heat. Plus David Tennant heads up Pompeii and climbs Mount Vesuvius in this latest Doctor Who Confidential exclusive. [9 minutes]

  • Send in the Clones (#143)

    Join Confidential, as we take you exclusively behind-the-scenes as Martha greets the Doctor again and meets his latest companion, Donna Noble. As confusion abounds, The Time Lord, Donna and Martha join forces in a battle to save the human race. [12 minutes]

  • Sontar-Ha (#144)

    For the first time in over 20 years, the Sontarans are back as Confidential explores the return of the ultimate warrior race. We speak to David Tennant and Colin Baker and go behind the scenes to look at the explosive Sontaran Invasion against U.N.I.T. forces. [12 minutes]

  • Sins of the Father (#145)

    Confidential are present at the birth of a new chapter in history as we see the Doctor's daughter 'Jenny' bound onto our screens. We speak to David Tennant and Georgia Moffett to see how this new relationship develops. [11 minutes]

  • Nemesis (#146)

    Join Confidential, become an armchair detective and find out exactly what goes into creating a classic murder mystery. Find out what it's like behind-the-scenes with such a big ensemble cast and discover the mysterious events surrounding the real Agatha Christie. [11 minutes]

  • Shadow Play (#147)

    The Confidential team materialise with the Doctor and Donna on the set of the Eerie Library Planet, to confront the monsters of the Dark, the vicious Vashta Nerada. We examine where the library was located, how the shadows were created and the contribution of writer Steven Moffat to the series. [13 minutes]

  • River Runs Deep (#148)

    Fresh from Stateside success and back in the UK to film her part in Doctor Who, we talk to Alex Kingston and discover more about her time travelling archaeologist River Song. [12 minutes]

  • Look Who's Talking (#149)

    Join Doctor Who Confidential as we take you behind the scenes of one the creepiest episodes of the series yet! As well as exclusive backstage footage, the show also reveals how the sound team put together the complicated soundscape of the hit show. [13 minutes]

  • Here Come The Girls (#150)

    Join Doctor Who Confidential as it witnesses Earth slowly unravelling through the eyes of a Doctor-less Donna. This week, the show travels backstage with the TARDIS and takes a stroll down the exotic Shan Shen Alley, it also welcomes back an old friend to the show with the return of Rose Tyler. [7 minutes]

  • Friends and Foes (#151)

    As The Doctor faces up to his greatest ever challenge, and companions from past and present join forces to defend the Earth, the Confidential crew lifts the lid on the deadly Daleks, and gets the inside story on the galaxy's greatest menace. [13 minutes]

  • Call Me The Doctor (#153)

    Go behind the scenes of “The Eleventh Hour” in this abbreviated episode of Doctor Who Confidential. [13 minutes]

  • All About The Girl (#154)

    A behind-the-scenes look at “The Beast Below” from Doctor Who Confidential. [14 minutes]

  • War Games (#155)

    Take a behind-the-scenes look at “Victory of the Daleks” in this episode of Doctor Who Confidential. [14 minutes]

  • Eyes Wide Open (#156)

    Go behind-the-scenes of “The Time of Angels” with an episode of Doctor Who Confidential. [14 minutes]

  • Blinded by the Light (#157)

    Go behind-the-scenes of “Flesh and Stone” in this episode of Doctor Who Confidential. [14 minutes]

  • Death In Venice (#158)

    Go on-location with Doctor Who as the series travels abroad for “ The Vampires of Venice.” Get all the behind-the-scenes details in the latest episode of Doctor Who Confidential. [14 minutes]

  • Arthurian Legend (#159)

    Actor Arthur Darvill (Rory) takes us behind the filming of “Amy’s Choice” in this episode of Doctor Who Confidential. [14 minutes]

  • After Effects (#160)

    Follow the production of “The Hungry Earth” from the editing suite to broadcast in this episode of Doctor Who Confidential. [14 minutes]

  • What Goes On Tour (#161)

    In this episode of Doctor Who Confidential, take an in-depth look at Cold Blood” and go behind-the-scenes of Doctor Who’s UK promotional tour. [14 minutes]

  • A Brush with Genius (#162)

    In this episode of Doctor Who Confidential, we go behind-the-scenes of “Vincent and the Doctor” with the episode’s writer Richard Curtis and guest star Tony Curran (who plays Vincent Van Gogh). [11 minutes]

  • Extra Time (#163)

    Karen Gillan takes us to the Royal Observatory, and Matt Smith and James Corden hit the football pitch in this 15-minute behind-the-scenes look at “The Lodger.” [14 minutes]

  • Alien Abduction (#164)

    Steven Moffat and the Doctor Who crew take you behind-the-scenes of The Pandorica Opens” in this episode of Doctor Who Confidential. [9 minutes]

  • Out of Time (#165)

    Go behind-the-scenes of “The Big Bang” with an episode of Doctor Who Confidential. [16 minutes]

  • Coming to America (#166)

    [14 minutes]

  • Breaking The Silence (#167)

    [11 minutes]

  • Ship Ahoy! (#168)

    [12 minutes]

  • Bigger on the Inside (#169)

    [12 minutes]

  • Double Trouble (#170)

    [14 minutes]

  • Take Two (#171)

    [12 minutes]

  • The Born Identity (#172)

    [9 minutes]

  • River Runs Wild (#173)

    [12 minutes]

  • About A Boy (#174)

    [13 minutes]

  • What Dreams May Come (#175)

    [11 minutes]

  • Heartbreak Hotel (#176)

    [9 minutes]

  • Open All Hours (#177)

    [12 minutes]

  • When Time Froze (#178)

    [9 minutes]

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