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Priceless British Antiques Roadshow

Episode #123

Fiona Bruce presides over another trawl through Antiques Roadshow's substantial back-catalogue. We hear about some of the strange places in which people have discovered very valuable items, and meet the potter who is determined to immortalise in clay Roadshow elder statesman, ceramics specialist Henry Sandon. ( [29 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: Everyone has their favorite moment from Antiques Roadshow; the exquisite jewelry found on a rubbish tip worth thousands; the cracked tea pot worth enough for its owners to buy their house; the blood-spattered Boer War book that saved the life of the owner's grandfather by stopping a near fatal bullet. In this very special series, the greatest moments from the Roadshow archive, spanning more than 30 years, are revisited, unpicked and explored with newly filmed and revealing accounts from the men and women who first brought these objects to light. The stories uncovered reveal the fascinating personal tales behind the lives of some of the program's most familiar faces - the experts - who in turn, shed new light on some of the greatest treasures rarely seen since their first broadcast.

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  • Episode #101

    Fiona Bruce guides us through some of the most memorable moments from thirty one years worth of the Antiques Roadshow. In this first episode experts and former host Hugh Scully helps to tell the tales behind some of the most valuable finds the show has ever seen, from rediscovered masterpieces to the first million pound object. Rupert Maas travels north to defend a remark he made about Shropshire ankles. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #102

    Michael Aspel joins Fiona Bruce and the team to examine some of the "tricks of the trade" used by the Antiques Roadshow specialists, in their quest for great reactions. The specialists advise on credit crunch proof collectables and a crew accompanies Paul Atterbury on his annual visit to the Somme - where he reveals the power of a personal family heirloom. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #103

    Fiona Bruce introduces the finds that stood out in terms of pure quality from thirty one years of Roadshow valuations, and we meet the mystery owner of a £10,000 piece of furniture. Eric Knowles remembers his first tentative steps on the show and we find out why kitchen collectables are a hot tip for the future. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #104

    Fiona Bruce and the team reveal some of the most valuable bootsale buys in the history of the series, and Hilary Kay recalls some saucy objects that made her blush. We visit the very special family home of one of the specialists and learn why he can't help taking his work home. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #105

    Fiona and the team examine the hidden meanings behind some of the stunning jewellery that has appeared on the Roadshow, and Henry Sandon recalls some crimes against ceramics, usually committed by the owner. Also, the cameras get access to all areas at the home of one of the specialists, who left rock n' roll behind to focus on his new obsession. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #106

    Fiona Bruce and the team are reuinited with some of the most memorable characters ever to appear on the Antiques Roadshow. The longest serving host, Hugh Scully, recalls his favorite finds, and ceramics buff David Battie uncovers a secret personal collection. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #107

    The team remember some amazing stories brought to the Roadshow by the children of prisoners of war. One of the specialists invites the cameras into his home, and Henry Sandon relives the day a prized find was snatched from his grasp. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #108

    Fiona Bruce is joined by Michael Aspel who shares his most memorable moments from eight years with the program. Jewellery expert Geoffrey Munn takes us to a prime spot for digging up buried treasure, and we relive some of the bizarre style statements that the show has witnessed. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #109

    Fiona Bruce and the team examine Celtic jewels and Egyptian grave goods in a bid to find the most ancient item ever appraised, and the specialists give bang up to date advice on what to collect in the credit crunch. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #110

    Fiona Bruce and the Roadshow specialists remember the Royal treasures that they have unearthed on the show, and portrait specialist Philip Mould unmasks the Queen of spin, Elizabeth I. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #111

    The specialists recall the debut of retro on the Roadshow, and ceramics man John Sandon turns his hand to the ancient art of slip trailing. But will his efforts rival Ozzie the Owl? [29 minutes]

  • Episode #112

    Is your object a fake or a real find? Would you prefer the good news or the bad news first? The team reveal some of the most memorable reactions to an Antiques Roadshow appraisal. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #113

    The team remember some of the most moving discoveries in the 32 year history of the series. The furniture specialists go back to their roots, and some celebrity memorabilia has the specialists in a spin. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #114

    Should the Antiques Roadshow team appraise modern items? The specialists are divided. To fuel the debate ceramics man Lars Tharp pays 2003 Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry a visit. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #115

    Fiona Bruce and the team are reunited with some of the youngest visitors to the Antiques Roadshow, and Eric Knowles revisits his very first job in the trade. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #116

    There's a fond look back at how the Roadshow has evolved since its early days in the late 1970s. Ceramics specialist David Battie reveals what first inspired him as a collector. And Paul Atterbury remembers one very special Roadshow visitor. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #117

    Ceramics specialist Will Farmer meets the Cliffies, fanatical members of the Clarice Cliff Collectors Club. And some of the more bizarre items seen on the Roadshow over the years are unwrapped. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #118

    Specialist Penny Brittain explains how she saved a valuable piece of porcelain from being used for target practice; and we follow one lucky Roadshow visitor all the way to the bank. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #119

    The specialists reveal how they deal with unidentifiable mystery objects; and furniture expert Lennox Cato goes back to his roots in Brighton. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #120

    Furniture specialist John Bly reveals what first fired his passion for antiques; and collectors get some handy tips on how to bag a bargain. Marc Allum explores why, almost a century on, the story of the Titanic still fascinates. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #121

    Fiona Bruce rummages in the Antiques Roadshow archive to find a selection of some of the more risque items to have appeared on the programme over the years. Plus a peek behind the scenes of the Roadshow to see how it's done. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #122

    Fiona Bruce introduces us to more Antiques Roadshow treasures, including some items that were bought for pennies and turned out to be worth a small fortune. And paintings specialist Mark Poltimore discovers what happened when his grandfather met the most famous soprano in the world. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #124

    Fiona Bruce takes another fond look back over three decades of the Antiques Roadshow. Specialist Paul Atterbury ponders why children make such dedicated collectors. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #125

    Another fascinating ramble through the Antiques Roadshow archive, with Fiona Bruce. Specialist Katherine Higgins explains why she thinks 60s fashion is a shrewd investment; and a trip to the Roadshow has unexpected consequences for one visitor. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #126

    Fiona Bruce introduces some more memorable moments from three decades of the Antiques Roadshow. Specialist Judith Miller relives her antiques-mad youth in Edinburgh and Hilary Kay takes to the dance floor with a very 'rock 'n' roll' Roadshow visitor. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #127

    Fiona Bruce introduces another pick and mix of some of the Antiques Roadshow's tastiest morsels. There are some dedicated antiques collectors, plus some of the newest additions to the Roadshow's team of specialists talk about what it's like to join the gang. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #128

    More treasures from 32 years of the Antiques Roadshow, introduced by Fiona Bruce. Ceramics specialist Fergus Gambon reveals a guilty childhood secret and Roadshow veteran Lars Tharp demonstrates his talent for music. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #129

    Another journey through the annals of the Antiques Roadshow, hosted by Fiona Bruce. Jewellery expert John Benjamin recalls a particularly memorable visitor to a Roadshow in Belfast, plus how some veteran specialists developed their gift of the gab. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #130

    Fiona Bruce introduces more priceless moments from the treasure trove of the Antiques Roadshow's archive. Furniture specialist Lennox Cato shares his tips for canny collecting, and Penny Brittain learns that a stitch in time is the watchword of textile conservation. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #131

    Fiona Bruce hosts another look back through the archives of the Antiques Roadshow. Specialist Penny Brittain shares some top tips for clever collecting, and the story of slavery and its abolition is told through some fascinating objects. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #132

    There's an international flavour as Fiona Bruce hosts another selection of the best bits of the Antiques Roadshow. Specialists share their hilarious memories of the difficulties of recording shows in Europe and glass expert Andy McConnell remembers a glass artist with a difference. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #133

    More gems from the jewellery box that is the Antiques Roadshow's vast archive, presented by Fiona Bruce. Silver specialists Alastair Dickenson and Ian Pickford learn the art of the silversmith, and Marc Allum enthuses about a piece of 20th century design. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #134

    Fiona Bruce introduces another selection of treasured items from 32 years of the Antiques Roadshow. We hear what it takes to present the UK's longest running antiques show and discover how owners react on hearing the F-word: fake. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #135

    Fiona Bruce hosts more of the Antiques Roadshow's choicest cuts. Veteran ceramics expert Henry Sandon is finally cast in clay and a poignant selection of Roadshow items remembers all those who fell in the Great War. [28 minutes]

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