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New Scandinavian Cooking

Mid-Norway: Old-Fashioned Sweet Tooth (#202)

Andreas Viestad showcases iced cake, raw milk pudding and cheesecake with cloudberries in Roros. [26 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

PBS Video

Series Description: Shot entirely on location, NEW SCANDINAVIAN COOKING offers a rich visual tour of Nordic cuisine, culture and history. Award-winning TV host, food journalist and cookbook author Andreas Viestad treats viewers to an eye-opening voyage through his native Norway, where he creates tantalizing recipes with unusual ingredients against stunning natural backdrops. In several episodes, two guest chefs - Sara La Fountain and Claus Meyer - join Andreas on his culinary adventures through Finland and Denmark.

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  • Common, Yet Tasty (#101)

    Seared Pollock with Onion Jam and Fish Fingers with Remoulade Sauce and Pollock Gratin are created. [26 minutes]

  • Slow River Dining (#102)

    Steamed and grilled Asparagus, Fish Cakes, a Fish Terrine and herb roast Chicken are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • The Mother of Invention (#103)

    Yogurt and Cream Cheese, a quick Gravlax and Lamb Shanks with a Root Vegetable Puree are made. [26 minutes]

  • Rye Bread for a Queen (#104)

    Features Memma, an old Rye-based Finnish dessert and a Roast Served with a variety of Vegetables. [26 minutes]

  • Mackerel - The Shiny Bounty of Summer (#105)

    Andreas prepares fried Sprats and Mackerel Sushi and grilled and smoked Mackerel. [26 minutes]

  • Many Flavors of Lamb (#106)

    Beer-braised Lamb Shanks with Sweet Onions and Pepper-fried Lamb Liver are served. [26 minutes]

  • Food for a Viking (#107)

    Fresh Oysters with Herbs, Corn Porridge and Beef Sirloin with Beans, Nuts and Thyme are served. [26 minutes]

  • Yesterday's Food for the Future (#108)

    Root Vegetables, Goat and Hen, Parsley Root Cream with Smoked Salmon and fricassee of Hen are made. [26 minutes]

  • The Holy Fish (#109)

    Dishes include smoked Greenland Halibut, pickled Halibut and pan-fried Halibut with Veal Demi-glace. [26 minutes]

  • Winning Game (#110)

    A Millefeuille of Venison Fillet, Venison Liver with Caramelized Tangerine and smoked Trout. [26 minutes]

  • Pyramids of the North (#111)

    Goose with Port wine and Broccoli Puree, pan-fried Svalbard Cod and King Crab are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • The South of Norway: Shellfish for Summer (#201)

    In this summer paradise, Andreas Viestad fishes for red shrimp and creates a Norwegian-style paella. [26 minutes]

  • Northern Norway/Italy: Dry But Tasty (#203)

    Andreas Viestad follows the codfish from its origin near the Lofoten Islands to the table in Italy. [26 minutes]

  • West Coast of Norway: All Is Well - If There Is Herring (#204)

    Host Andreas Viestad travels along the West coast of Norway and makes Scandinavian-style herring. [26 minutes]

  • The Coast of Mid Norway: Shellfish Eldorado (#205)

    A seafood dish with native scallops, crabs and lobster is prepared and rich fish banks are visited. [26 minutes]

  • South West of Norway/"Fat Ducks and Sweet Apples (#206)

    Duck and local trout are served to combine the richness of the land with the spirit of the river. [26 minutes]

  • The Mountain Region of Sothern Norway "On Top of Norway" (#207)

    Desserts using the fruits of summer, including sweet and tart berries are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • Southern Norway: A Modest But Generous Spud (#208)

    Andreas Viestad cooks with potatoes and catches and prepares crayfish [26 minutes]

  • Western Norway: A World of Apples (#209)

    An apple drink, a traditional sourdough bread and a hot apple dessert are prepared in Hardanger. [26 minutes]

  • Northern Norway: Ice Cold Bounty (#210)

    Andreas Viestad explores the rugged coastline of Vesteralen prepares fresh cod and Arctic char. [26 minutes]

  • Southern Norway: Smoke and Water (#211)

    Andreas visits Vestfold at the peak of the sardine season to catch and smoke the little fish. [26 minutes]

  • Rich Farmland (#301)

    The county of Hedmark in Eastern Norway, known for big farms and abundance of produce, is visited. [26 minutes]

  • Popular Sausage (#302)

    Andreas discovers the culture and history behind a well-made sausage and bakes potato pancakes. [26 minutes]

  • It All Starts with Kids (#303)

    Andreas visits Geitmyra Farm in Oslo, Norway, the site of his new food culture center for kids. [26 minutes]

  • Oil Adventure (#304)

    Andreas makes classic and innovative emulsion sauces and preserved and deep-fried mackerel. [26 minutes]

  • Costal Express (#305)

    Andreas makes reindeer burgers, king crab cocktail and Arctic char with lamb-flavored potato gratin. [26 minutes]

  • Fire in the Belly (#306)

    With an open fire and local salmon, Andreas makes gravlax from an ancient recipe and a fish soup. [26 minutes]

  • Captain Haddock (#307)

    Andreas makes haddock "envelopes" stuffed with carrots, saffron, cabbage and prosciutto. [26 minutes]

  • Rain and Rainbows (#308)

    In the fishing capital of Bergen, Andreas prepares trout and re-creates the city's famous fish soup. [26 minutes]

  • Packed to Go (#401)

    Andreas shares his favorite bread recipe and creates a healthy liver pate and a honey crusted ham. [26 minutes]

  • The Sweetest Cheese (#402)

    Andreas visits the valley of Gudbrandsdalen, home to the Norwegian delicacy known as brown cheese. [26 minutes]

  • Close to Home (#403)

    Wild Norwegian carpaccio, grilled sirloin with forest salad and Sunday roast with oxtail sauce. [26 minutes]

  • Back to the Roots (#404)

    An elegant surf-and-turf dish of redfish and langoustines cooked in lamb stock are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • Mighty Volcanic Oven (#405)

    Andreas visits hot spots around Iceland and cooks salmon and vegetables in a secluded geyser. [26 minutes]

  • The Grain Belt of the Country (#406)

    Andreas visits Nes in Eastern Norway and makes slow-cooked pig knuckle with beer-flavored peas. [26 minutes]

  • Mountain Lamb (#407)

    Andreas prepares a lamb carpaccio, lamb burger, slow-cooked lamb belly and lamb sirloin served rare. [26 minutes]

  • The Smokehouse (#408)

    Honey-glazed lamb with a crisp cabbage salad and vanilla-infused rutabaga puree are served. [26 minutes]

  • Milk and Chocolate of the North (#409)

    Andreas starts out with a warming Hot Chocolate in Oslo and cooks Halibut with Cocoa Butter. [26 minutes]

  • The Northern Way (#410)

    Andreas creates chicken with saffron and cinnamon and makes homemade marzipan with a spicy touch. [26 minutes]

  • A Taste of Winter (#501)

    After a day of winter activities, Tina prepares a soup with Meatballs and a Chocolate Dessert. [26 minutes]

  • Fish on a Platter (#502)

    Tina cooks Crab and Norwegian Lobster on the grill, diving for Scallops and grills Salmon. [26 minutes]

  • Land of Fish and Apples (#503)

    High atop a glacier, Tina makes a Norwegian drink and serves it with local fjord Trout. [26 minutes]

  • The Taste of Trees (#504)

    Andreas prepares hot-smoked Pork Glazed and pours a rich homemade Birch Syrup over Waffles. [26 minutes]

  • An Edible Park (#505)

    Homemade Ice Cream flavored with Rose Petals, a hearty Hamburger and Sausages are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • Summer on a Plate (#506)

    Andreas makes Blue Mussels grilled with fresh Herbs and Flatfish in a Nutty Butter Sauce. [26 minutes]

  • Fisherman's Harbor (#507)

    Smoked Seafood and Strawberries with Breadcrumbs and Mint-and-Honey-flavored Sour Cream are served. [26 minutes]

  • Hiker's Food (#508)

    Tina prepares baked Trout with herbs wrapped in cured Ham, grilled Sirloin and Mutton Sausages. [26 minutes]

  • Bergen Food Renaissance (#509)

    Andreas visits Bergen in Western Norway and makes a Trout Tartar and a Smoked Trout Dish. [26 minutes]

  • Mountain Riches (#510)

    Tina prepares Fried Fudge Cheese and creamy Chanterelles with cured Mutton and Lingonberries. [26 minutes]

  • Farmer's Food (#511)

    Chicken with Parsnip and Herb Dumplings and Glazed Pigeon Breast with Vinegar Pork Belly are made. [26 minutes]

  • Drama on a Plate (#512)

    Andreas visits the port town of Skien in Eastern Norway and prepares Herring Salad and Wild Duck. [26 minutes]

  • Tina's French Pantry (#513)

    Oysters and Mussels with Herbs and Cognac and Norwegian Salmon with warm grapes are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • Pale Fish (#601)

    Andreas visits the small community of Bulandet, a group of wind-blown islands in western Norway. [26 minutes]

  • A Traveller's Bite (#602)

    Andreas travels by train through the mountainous heart of Norway and prepares a shrimp sandwich. [26 minutes]

  • Norwegian Versions of Classic Recipes (#603)

    Andreas investigates traditional recipes that are similar to Mexican, Italian and American dishes. [26 minutes]

  • A Journey to the North (#604)

    Andreas travels north across the Arctic Circle to Bodo and fries a piece of Arctic beef. [26 minutes]

  • Eat Like The Vikings (#605)

    Andreas travels by boat to visit the islands of Lofoten, where he prepares a traditional cod dish. [26 minutes]

  • Northern Sea Passage (#606)

    Andreas learns what the sea and land can offer while going north on the Norwegian Coastal Express. [26 minutes]

  • Food for a Polar Expedition (#607)

    Andreas goes on a polar expedition, visits the mountains of northern Norway and cooks king crab. [26 minutes]

  • A Whole Salmon (#608)

    Andreas visits the island of Skrova in northern Norway and make his favorite salmon dish. [26 minutes]

  • Happy Holiday Food (#609)

    Andreas makes a Scandinavian Christmas feast and shares favorite Norwegian recipes of the season. [26 minutes]

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