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Roses Sing on New Snow (#105)

Maylin cooks mouth-watering meals at her father’s restaurant in Chinatown, but her father and brothers take all the credit. When a dignitary from China arrives for a sumptuous banquet, Maylin's father serves him her special new dish, Roses Sing on New Snow. The visitor is so impressed that he demands the recipe! After her brothers fail miserably at re-creating it, the father must call for his daughter. Maylin demonstrates as the dignitary follows every step. After tasting his own cooking, the man realizes he cannot duplicate the dish. The chef is the most important ingredient of all! Maylin finally receives the credit she deserves for her inspired fusion of Old and New World cuisine. [6 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

PBS Video

Series Description: The Talespinners Collection is an exceptional and vibrant series of short animated films for children aged 5 – 9. Adapted from books, each film is based on an acclaimed cross-cultural children’s story that will engage young viewers with appealing characters and dynamic storylines, while sparking their imaginations with finely crafted animation.

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  • The Chinese Violin (#101)

    A young girl and her father leave everything behind when they move to Canada from China. The only piece of home they bring with them is a Chinese violin. As they face the huge challenges of starting new lives in a new place, the music of the violin connects them to the life they left behind – and guides the girl to a musical future. [8 minutes]

  • The Friends of Kwan Ming (#102)

    Kwan Ming makes three friends on his journey from China to the New World. Once the men arrive, they all look for work but find nothing. When opportunities finally arise, Kwan Ming lets his friends have the best jobs: tailor, shoemaker and baker. Kwan takes a lowly position as helper to a mean store owner. His cruel boss makes three impossible demands. [6 minutes]

  • From Far Away (#103)

    This touching story tells of Saoussan, a young girl struggling to adjust to a new world after being uprooted from her war-torn homeland. She has come to seek a quieter and safer life in Canada although memories of war and death linger, and she must cope with a new language and culture. From Far Away speaks to the power within us all to adapt like Saoussan and to welcome a newcomer. [6 minutes]

  • Lights for Gita (#104)

    Eight-year-old Gita can’t wait to celebrate Divali, the Hindu festival of lights, in her new home. But it’s nothing like New Delhi, where she comes from. The weather is cold and grey and a terrible ice storm cuts off the power, ruining her plans for a party. Obviously, a Divali celebration now is impossible. Or is it? As Gita experiences the glittering beauty of the icy streets outside, the traditional festival of lights comes alive in a sparkling new way. [7 minutes]

  • Christopher Changes His Name (#106)

    Christopher hates his name ? it’s just too common! When Aunt Gail from Trinidad tells him a story about a larger-than-life character called Tiger, Christopher changes his name to Tiger. But then he finds a better name… When he has trouble cashing Aunt Gail’s birthday cheque made out to Christopher Mulamba, he realizes how special his real name truly is. Maybe he could stick with it… or maybe not! [6 minutes]

  • Christopher, Please Clean Up Your Room! (#107)

    Christopher is a terrific kid. He’s cool, he’s nice and he’s smart. But he has one big problem… he’s messy! His shoes smell funky, his fish bowl stinks… even the cockroaches can’t stand it. In the chaos of Christopher’s room, his fish rise up from their scummy bowl in protest. They enlist the help of a fastidious, well-connected cockroach. Together, the fish and the roaches hatch a plan that will change Christopher’s life and his cleaning habits forever. [6 minutes]

  • The Magic of Anansi (#108)

    Anansi the spider is tired of being looked down on by all the jungle animals just because his webs don’t catch bugs. The fearsome Mr. Tiger promises to respect the little spider if he brings him Mr. Snake, the world’s grumpiest creature. After much wily scheming and plotting, Anansi delivers a humiliated Mr. Snake to Mr. Tiger. Only then does he realize that Mr. Tiger’s respect comes at too high a price. Anansi doesn’t want to make anyone miserable, not even Mr. Snake. Anansi stands up to Mr. Tiger and, in the end, this is what wins him the respect of the other creatures. [6 minutes]

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