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When Can I Go to Mars? (#102)

Join the Mars Rovers on their journey to the “Red Planet.” Is there life on Mars? How long until we send a human there? [28 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

PBS Video

Series Description: This astronomy and astronautic series takes "tweens" beyond the classic of the Big Dipper and Moon on an informative and entertaining tour of our Solar System, the Milky Way and beyond.

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  • How Do I Become An Astronaut? (#101)

    Watch as astronauts train for a space mission. Learn how to make dinner on the Space Shuttle. Pay a visit to Space Camp and the International Space Stations. [28 minutes]

  • Why Is The Sun Hot? (#103)

    We travel around the sun to get to know how it works. Learn how stars are made. Explore dark sun spots, bright solar flares, the invisible solar winds and more. [28 minutes]

  • Why Do Stars Twinkle? (#104)

    Learn how our own atmosphere plays a role in what we see. Visit some of the largest telescopes on the planet. [28 minutes]

  • Where's Our Place In Space? (#105)

    Learn how tiny we really are compared to the rest of the Galaxy. There are more stars in the galaxy than grains of sand on a beach. [28 minutes]

  • Why Are Planets Round? (#106)

    Learn how the force of gravity influences the shapes of planets. Visit a gravity trap and learn about the ultimate gravity trap. [28 minutes]

  • How Do We Get Around In Space? (#107)

    Problems encountered when planning a mission into space. [28 minutes]

  • Why Do Comets Have Tails? (#108)

    Fly through the tail of a comet and collect some dust to study. What are they made of? Meet a modern-day comet hunter who has found new ones. [28 minutes]

  • What Are Shooting Stars? (#109)

    Meet the astronomers who patrol the skies for asteroids that can potentially strike the Earth and cause massive damage. [28 minutes]

  • Is Earth The Only Planet with Water? (#110)

    Explore other worlds that have some form of water. [28 minutes]

  • How Cold Is Pluto? (#112)

    Visit the observatory where Pluto was discovered and join the debate on whether Pluto deserves to be classified as a planet. [28 minutes]

  • Is Anyone Out There? (#113)

    The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). [28 minutes]

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