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What's Up In Space?

Stars (#106)

How are stars formed, and what are they made of? How far away are the stars we see in the night sky? These are some of the questions answered in the program, “STARS.” Information about comets and shooting stars is also included in this program. [11 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

PBS Video

Series Description: This series introduces young learners to the solar system with fascinating topics presented at a developmentally appropriate level, using a combination of live action, colorful illustrations and computer created animations.

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  • Exploring Space (#101)

    This program will explain the technology used to launch people into space, landmark missions by countries around the world, and recent scientific findings all designed for kids. [12 minutes]

  • Earth (#102)

    "Earth" introduces viewers to the planet where we live and its place in the solar system and explains the basics of Earth Science, including atmosphere, weather, rock cycle, erosion and the water cycle. [12 minutes]

  • Moon (#103)

    This program takes viewers to the surface of the moon and outlines the history of lunar exploration. [12 minutes]

  • Mars (#104)

    This program explores the similarities and differences between Mars and Earth, discussing recent missions to Mars and the discovery of ice on the planet, and includes amazing footage from the Mars Pathfinder. [12 minutes]

  • Planets (#105)

    From blazing hot Mercury through the rings of Saturn and on out to Neptune, each of the eight unique planets in our solar system are explored. This episode also reviews the most recent changes in the planetary status of Pluto, covered in an age appropriate manner allowing for an introduction to the concept of Dwarf Planets. [11 minutes]

  • Sun (#107)

    This program not only shows students how the sun works, but it also reveals how important the sun is to sustaining life on this planet. An explanation of photosynthesis reveals to students how the sun gives us air and food in addition to light and warmth. Sunspots, storms and sun quakes are included in this age appropriate exploration of our closest star. [12 minutes]

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