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Last of the Summer Wine

The Man from Owestry (#1015)

Compo and Clegg are minus one playmate now that Blamire has gone, but things soon look up when Foggy Dewhurst (Brian Wilde) arrives on the scene and makes his presence felt. (15)
[30 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: When Last of the Summer Wine finally ceased production, it had up 32 series, numerous Christmas specials and a 1988 prequel, First of the Summer Wine, with the whole canon being written by just one man: Roy Clarke. Created as a submission for the BBC's Comedy Playhouse in 1973, before the year was up, a full series had hit our screens. A whimsical comedy with a penchant for light philosophy and full-on slapstick, that first run followed the misadventures of three elderly friends tramping around the Yorkshire countryside (the town of Holmfirth and its surroundings). The upper, middle and lowers classes writ large: they were Former Royal Signals Sergeant and notional gang leader Cyril Blamire; flat cap-wearing voice-of-reason Norman 'Cleggy' Clegg and scruffy hormone-riddled layabout Compo Simonite. In a world where men are just over-grown kids, the authority figures come in the shape of some of TV's most formidable women. There's the physically intimidating tea shop owner Ivy, but even she pales in comparison to Nora Batty. With her wrinkled stockings and hair curlers, she's both a bogeyman figure curtailing the trio's fun and became an unlikely lust object for Compo.

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  • Pilot - Comedy Playhouse (#1001)

    Taking flowers to his wife's grave, Clegg (Peter Sallis) stops to chat with the vicar. Blamire (Michael Bates) and Compo (Bill Owen) meet up with him to reminisce about life, death and tiddlers. (1) [30 minutes]

  • The Lost Key (#1002)

    A visit to the barbers-but Compo's key is missing. It may be in the library-but where is the librarian? (2) [30 minutes]

  • Compo Goes to Church (#1003)

    Blamire decides it's time Compo went to church. (3) [29 minutes]

  • They Don't Make Sandwiches Like That Anymore (#1004)

    A day out at a stately home with Compo's nephew and family. (4) [27 minutes]

  • Compo's Suit (#1005)

    If Nora won't have Compo, what are his chances with a thrice-widowed woman from Bradford? [29 minutes]

  • The 30s Car (#1006)

    The trio buy a car, but Clegg has to drive! (6) [27 minutes]

  • The Art of Photography (#1007)

    When Blamire takes up photography, no one can hide from his demon lens. (7) [27 minutes]

  • Forked Lightning (#1008)

    Clegg's bike attacks him where it hurts, so he decides it should be returned to where he bought it [29 minutes]

  • Who's That Dancing with Nora Batty Then? (#1009)

    Neighbour Gloria Is emigrating to Australia. A party is organized to give her a good send-off [29 minutes]

  • The Changing Face of Rural Blamire (#1010)

    A trio of salesmen is Blamire's latest idea, but Shinyglow cleaner turns out not to be all it is meant to be. (10) [29 minutes]

  • Some Enchanted Evening (#1011)

    When Wally Batty (Joe Gladwin) decides to leave home, Compo seizes the opporunity to woo and win the woman he loves. Easier said than done, of course, where Nora is concerned. (11) [29 minutes]

  • A Quiet Drink (#1012)

    Can Mouse be conned into buying a round? It may take more than second sight. (12) [29 minutes]

  • Ballad for Wind Instruments and Canoe (#1013)

    An expedition in the jungles of Yorkshire by canoe roes can catch it! (13) [29 minutes]

  • Northern Flying Circus (#1014)

    Compo takes up motorcycling, so look out Barry Sheene f Homfirth! (14) [27 minutes]

  • Mending Stuart's Leg (#1016)

    Stuart has a 'click' in his knee. Has anyone else got one? [29 minutes]

  • The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper (#1017)

    The lads are on a holiday break to Scarborough, but what is the secret of Compo's cardboard box? [29 minutes]

  • Cheering Up Gordon (#1018)

    Despite being on holiday, Compo's nephew persists in being miserable. What can be done to cheer him up? (18) [29 minutes]

  • The Kink In Froggy's Kiblick (#1019)

    Foggy decides football is too dangerous, so he goes back to playing golf 19) [29 minutes]

  • Going to Gordon's Wedding (#1020)

    It is Gordon's wedding day, but how many comings and goings under the threat of Big Malcolm can the assembled guests stand? (20) [29 minutes]

  • Isometrics and After (#1021)

    Foggy decides Compo and Clegg are not as fit as they should be. The path back to physical fitness is isometrics, or is it? (21) [29 minutes]

  • Ferret Come Home (#1022)

    Compo's ferret has escaped and taken up residence at Nora Batty's. Can Wally get it back safely? (22) [29 minutes]

  • Getting on Sidney's Wire (#1023)

    Sid at the café is trying to install a bell, but its advanced technology is beyond Compo, Clegg and Foggy. (23) [28 minutes]

  • Jubilee (#1024)

    Holmfirth is organizing its own celebrations for the Queen's Silver Jubilee, and Foggy decides the trio should have their own float. (24) [29 minutes]

  • Flower Power Cut (#1025)

    Some people talk to trees, but Clegg is serenading flowers in the caf . (25) [30 minutes]

  • Who Made A Bit of a Splash In Wales Then? (#1026)

    Foggy visits a lady friend in Wales, but what will happen when the others arrive? (26) [29 minutes]

  • Greenfingers (#1027)

    Deciding that the deterioration of the British vegetable is due to a lack of good honest muck (manure), our heroes go in search of good fresh vegetables and encounter a giant carrot. (27) [29 minutes]

  • Bandit from Stoke On Trent (#1028)

    'Laugh-a-minute' Amos Hames may have toured Europe in the 1940s, but what is he doing here at Holmfirth now? It all seems rather suspicious (28) [28 minutes]

  • Full Steam Behind (#1029)

    Foggy takes Compo and Clegg on a nostalgic trip to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. (29) [29 minutes]

  • The Flag and It's Snag (#1030)

    Foggy has a vision to put a flag in a prominent place on the great British landscape - but first he needs a flag and a flagpole. [29 minutes]

  • The Flag and Futher Snags (#1031)

    Foggy collects his flag and achieves his vision. (31) [29 minutes]

  • Deep in the Heart of Yorkshire (#1032)

    Sid and Wally are seen disappearing into the woods. Why are their wives worried? [28 minutes]

  • Earnshaw Strikes Again (#1033)

    Anyone criticising Yorkshire is rousing old Yorkshire ghosts - Clegg, for one, is very superstitious. [29 minutes]

  • Here We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder (#1034)

    Compo contemplates the sport of hang-gliding. Nora gets Wally to take her out for a meal. [28 minutes]

  • Here We Go Again Into the Wild Blue Yonder (#1035)

    Compo gets his hang-glider, courtesy of Wally Batty. [28 minutes]

  • In the Service of Humanity (#1036)

    After a close encounter with an emergency, Foggy decides to go into the rescue business. [29 minutes]

  • Car and Garter (#1037)

    Compo enters a car race to impress Nora. After all, Wesley Pegden's (Gordon Wharmby) old banger never starts. [30 minutes]

  • The Odd Dog Men (#1038)

    Foggy decides there is money to be made in walking people's pets. (38) [29 minutes]

  • Bicycle Made for Three (#1039)

    Foggy gets Compo and Clegg to each design a bicycle to suit their personalities. (39) [30 minutes]

  • One of the Last Places Unexplored by Man (#1040)

    Compo wants his photograph taken – in Nora Batty's bedroom! [29 minutes]

  • Serenade for Tight Jeans & Metal Detector (#1041)

    When Clegg buys a metal detector, our heroes head off to the hills to look for treasure. [27 minutes]

  • From Wellies to Wet Suits (#1042)

    Compo buys a wet suit from Sid and decides to take up water ski-ing. [29 minutes]

  • The Frozen Turkey Man (#1043)

    Compo convinces a barmaid that Foggy is an eccentric millionaire. [29 minutes]

  • The White Man's Grave (#1044)

    Wally is fed up with Nora's constant nagging so Compo, Clegg and Foggy devise a plan to get him out of the house for a few hours. (44) [29 minutes]

  • The Waist Land (#1045)

    Foggy discovers there is money to be made selling food to the desperate inhabitants of a local health farm. (45) [28 minutes]

  • Cheering Up Ludovic (#1046)

    Ludovic has bought a new van and, to cheer him up, Clegg is given the job of test-driving it. [30 minutes]

  • The Three Astaires (#1047)

    Foggy enlists Compo and Clegg to help out at the church concert. (47) [27 minutes]

  • The Art of Concealment (#1048)

    Trying to camouflage himself, Foggy upsets a group of cyclists. Compo also upsets someone - over the state of his trousers. (48) [29 minutes]

  • The Loxley Lozenge (#1049)

    Wesley has discovered an old racing car. Compo, Clegg and Foggy offer to help him transport it back to his shed, not reckoning on its condition. (49) [30 minutes]

  • The Mysterious Feet of Nora Batty (#1050)

    Compo, Clegg and Foggy attempt to settle a question involving the size of Nora Batty's feet. (50) [30 minutes]

  • Keeping Britain Tidy (#1051)

    An old, discarded matress prompts Foggy to institute the Dewhurst Campaign for a Cleaner Countryside. One of his first recruits is an innocent insurance salesman in a Mini. (51) [30 minutes]

  • Enter The Phantom (#1052)

    Encouraged by Foggy and Clegg, Compo sets out to impress Nora Batty by becoming daredevil motorcycle rider 'The Phantom'. (52) [30 minutes]

  • Catching Digby's Donkey (#1053)

    The complete inability of Digby to catch a simple-brained animal is beyond the comprehension of Foggy. With the assistance of Compo and Clegg, Foggy sets out to show the donkey who is the boss. (53) [31 minutes]

  • The Wollen Mills of Your Mind (#1054)

    In an effort to give Nora Batty a much-needed interest in life, Compo surprises everyone by announcing that he will be running for her in the forthcoming marathon. (54) [30 minutes]

  • Who's Looking After The Cafe (#1055)

    Ivy has to leave the cafe for the afternoon. But are Compo, Clegg and Foggy Dewhurst the wisest people to leave in charge? [29 minutes]

  • Why Does Norman Clegg Buy Ladies Elastic Stockings? (#1056)

    Foggy has left Holmfirth to run an egg-painting business in Bridlington, but Compo and Clegg have found a wonderful new friend in Seymour Utterthwaite (Michael Aldridge), a former headmaster and amateur inventor. But when Seymour's new invention has to be road- and field-tested, their initial interest is dimmed. (56) [33 minutes]

  • The Heavily Reinforced Bottom (#1057)

    In Seymour's opinion, what Compo urgently needs is some tough physical exercise to get himself back into peak condition, and there is no better way of achieving this than the ideal combination of Compo, a canal and a canoe. (57) [28 minutes]

  • Dried Dates and Codfangler (#1058)

    Compo discovers (too late) that the little black ball he has just tossed into Seymour's pond is of great sentimental value to him. But Seymour is more interested in his new voice-activated electronic door-lock. (58) [29 minutes]

  • The Really Masculine Purse (#1059)

    Compo willingly agrees to 'road-test' Seymour's new concept of a gentleman's purse, especially as there will be real money provided in it. (59) [30 minutes]

  • Who's Feeling Ejected Then? (#1060)

    With Wesley's help and a specially made chassis, Seymour's latest invention xecutive in charge of testing', finds it far from safe. (60) [27 minutes]

  • The Ice Cream Man Cometh (#1061)

    Compo's craving for ice-cream in remote places gives Seymour the idea that the time could be right for bringing back the old 'stop me and buy one' mobile ice-cream vendor. All that is required is a bike, a fridge, a uniform and a volunteer. (61) [30 minutes]

  • Set the People Free (#1062)

    Clegg and Compo are used to the sight of Wally and Howard doing routine domestic chores under the scrutiny of their wives, but Seymour cannot accept this and decides to help them escape for a few moments of freedom. [29 minutes]

  • Go with the Flow (#1063)

    Despite Clegg's disturbing experience with two young evangelists, Seymour decides it is time to do something worthwhile and puts his talents at the vicar's disposal. [28 minutes]

  • Jaws (#1064)

    Edie's days of carrying a heavy dustbin are numbered. Her brother Seymour has invented a state-of-the-art waste disposal unit and insists that Wesley plumbs it in for her. Will this be Seymore's breakthrough to fame and fortune? [29 minutes]

  • Edie and the Automobile (#1065)

    Look out! Edie is learning to drive again. Compo and Clegg are justifiably alarmed when Seymour, a non-driver, volunteers to take over the instruction. All he needs is a qualified driver to simply sit next to her [30 minutes]

  • Wind Power (#1066)

    How can Seymour harness the wind for everlasting good of mankind? With the steadying help of Clegg, an old pair of roller skates, an impoverished sail, and a gullible test-pilot (Compo), he sets out to make history. [30 minutes]

  • When You Take A Good Bite, Yorkshire Tastes Terrible (#1067)

    When Bill Henry, an old friend, dies in America, Clegg takes Compo and Seymour on a sentimental journey to re-create the times when his old school chum would walk gates and climb trees together.Then certain uncanny things happen [29 minutes]

  • The Experiment (#1068)

    [29 minutes]

  • The Treasure of the Deep (#1069)

    Crusher's final appearance. Is the piece of silver fished out of the canal really a thief's haul? Is there more where it came from? (69) [29 minutes]

  • Dancing Feet (#1070)

    Compo's feet hurt, but why go to visit 'The Witch' for a cure? (70) [29 minutes]

  • That Certain Smile (#1071)

    First appearance of Clem Hemingway, alias Smiler. A visit by a much loved pet seems the only way to bring a smile to Clem's face during a spell in hospital. (71) [29 minutes]

  • Downhill Racer (#1072)

    Seymour tries to prove thta skiing is more than just a winter sport for the rich. (72) [29 minutes]

  • Day of the Welsh Ferret (#1073)

    While the trio are on their way to a funeral, Compo loses his pet ferret. (73) [28 minutes]

  • Come Back Jack Harry (#1074)

    [29 minutes]

  • The Kiss and Mavis Poskit (#1075)

    Clegg could be the answer to a lonely widow's prayer! Meanwhile, who is kissing whom? (75) [29 minutes]

  • Oh, Shut Up and Eat Your Choc-Ice (#1076)

    How do you get a bale of hay back up the hill after you have been the cause of it rolling down? (76) [29 minutes]

  • Who's That Bloke with Nora Batty? (#1077)

    Compo is concerned when he sees Nora going out mysteriously and then sees her in the pub with another man. (77) [29 minutes]

  • Happy Anniversary, Gough and Jessie (#1078)

    Cmpo, Clegg and Seymour are determined Gough's anniversary will include an extra celebration - without his wife Jessie! (78) [29 minutes]

  • Getting Barry Higher in the World (#1079)

    Seymour makes a giant kite and gets Barry to test it out. (79) [29 minutes]

  • Three Men and a Mangle (#1080)

    What can happen when you offer to move an old mangle for Nora Batty? (80) [29 minutes]

  • Return of the Warrior (#1081)

    [28 minutes]

  • Come In Sunray Major (#1082)

    Foggy has an idea to use portable radios to improve communications. (82) [29 minutes]

  • The Charity Balls (#1083)

    Foggy gets Compo and Clegg to enter the 'sponsored dribble' to raise money for charity. (83) [29 minutes]

  • Walking Stiff Can Make You Famous (#1084)

    Foggy is upset because he's not famous for anything, so he invents the sport of bicycle polo. (84) [29 minutes]

  • That's Not Captain Zero (#1085)

    Our trio help Captain Zero when his vehicle breaks down but don't reckon on him getting drunk. (85) [29 minutes]

  • Das (Welly) Boot (#1086)

    Compo is determined to get Nora onto Foggy's old restored boat, but first Foggy has to come up with an ideal plan. (86) [28 minutes]

  • The Empire That Foggy Nearly Built (#1087)

    After a heated encounter with two motorists, Foggy decides there must be money to be made providing parking spaces. (87) [30 minutes]

  • Last Surviving Maurice Chevalier Impression (#1088)

    To stop Nora taking him for granted, Compo becomes a TV star for the day doing his legendary impression. (88) [29 minutes]

  • Roll On (#1089)

    To prove they are still fit, the trio enter the local barrel rolling contest. [29 minutes]

  • A Landlady for Smiler (#1090)

    Compo is more than a little concerned when Smiler moves in as Nora Batty's lodger. [30 minutes]

  • Quick, Quick, Slow (#1091)

    [30 minutes]

  • Give Us A Lift (#1092)

    [29 minutes]

  • Was That Nora Batty Singing (#1093)

    [29 minutes]

  • Cash Flow Problems (#1094)

    In order to ease his financial situation, Compo goes searching for Biff Hemingway, an old school pal who still owes him money. [29 minutes]

  • Passing the Earring (#1095)

    Howard needs Clegg's help to get an earring belonging to Marina out of the house without Pearl knowing. [29 minutes]

  • Pole Star (#1096)

    [29 minutes]

  • By The Magnificient Thighs of Ernie Burniston (#1097)

    [29 minutes]

  • Errol Flynn Used to Have A Pair (#1098)

    [29 minutes]

  • The Phantom of the Graveyard (#1099)

    [29 minutes]

  • The Self-Propelled Salad Strainer (#1100)

    [29 minutes]

  • Ordeal By Trousers (#1101)

    [29 minutes]

  • Happy Birthday Howard (#1102)

    Marina leaves a giant panda with Clegg for Howard's birthday. Along with Compo and Foggy, he then has the task of delivering it, without Pearl knowing. [29 minutes]

  • Who's Got Rythym? (#1103)

    [29 minutes]

  • Camera Shy (#1104)

    [29 minutes]

  • Wheelies (#1105)

    [27 minutes]

  • How to Clear Your Pipes (#1106)

    [28 minutes]

  • Where There's Smoke There Is BBQ (#1107)

    [28 minutes]

  • The Black Widow (#1108)

    [29 minutes]

  • Have You Got A Light Mate (#1109)

    [29 minutes]

  • Stop That Bath (#1110)

    [28 minutes]

  • Springing Smiler (#1111)

    [28 minutes]

  • Concerto for Solo Bicycle (#1112)

    [28 minutes]

  • There Are Gypsies at the Bottom of Our Garden (#1113)

    [29 minutes]

  • Aladdin Gets On Your Wick (#1114)

    [29 minutes]

  • Glory Hole (#1115)

    [28 minutes]

  • Adopted by a Stray (#1116)

    [29 minutes]

  • Defeat of the Stone Worm (#1117)

    [29 minutes]

  • Once in a Moonlit Junkyard (#1118)

    [29 minutes]

  • The Space Ace (#1119)

    [29 minutes]

  • Most Powerful Eyes In West Yorkshire (#1120)

    [29 minutes]

  • Dewhirsts of Ogleby Hall (#1121)

    [29 minutes]

  • The Sweet Smell of Excess (#1122)

    [28 minutes]

  • Leaving Home Forever Til Teatime (#1123)

    Compo's passion for Nora Batty remains unrequited while Foggy continues to reminisce about his war years and watch his pennies. Howard finds that getting lipstick on his collar is a sure way of becoming homeless. [29 minutes]

  • Bicycle Bonanza (#1124)

    Compo, Clegg, and Foggy hire bikes from Auntie Wainwright so that they can go off the road bicycle trekking. The three get stuck in the mud on their bikes. Wesley pulls them out and they all get splattered with mud. [29 minutes]

  • The Glamour of the Uniform (#1125)

    Marina's apparent fascination with men in uniform forces Howard to take drastic steps. [29 minutes]

  • The First Human Being to Ride A Hill (#1126)

    Compo, Foggy, and Clegg band together to help a distressed Howard, who's fearsome wife, Pearl, has just confiscated her philandering husband's bicycle. [29 minutes]

  • Captain Clutter Buck's Treasure (#1127)

    [29 minutes]

  • Desperate for a Dubfield (#1128)

    [29 minutes]

  • The Suit That Turned Left (#1129)

    [29 minutes]

  • Beware of the Elbow (#1130)

    [29 minutes]

  • The Things In Wesley's Shed (#1131)

    [29 minutes]

  • Brushes at Dawn (#1132)

    [29 minutes]

  • A Clean Sweep (#1133)

    When a sweep, wearing a chimney, threatens to throw himself off a bridge into the shallow river, Compo, Clegg, and Foggy take him in hand. [29 minutes]

  • The Mysterious C.W. Northrup (#1134)

    Smiler suddenly falls in love with Ivy and sends her a note signed C. W. Northrop. Unfortunately he accidentally sends her a note to himself reminding him to call the cleaners. [29 minutes]

  • A Double for Howard (#1135)

    [29 minutes]

  • How to Create a Monster (#1136)

    [29 minutes]

  • Deviations with Davenport (#1137)

    The trio discovers Davenport as he is climbing a steep hill. Who better to guide him safely on his way than jungle explorer extraordinaire - Foggy Dewhirst. [29 minutes]

  • According to the Prophet (#1138)

    [29 minutes]

  • Next Kiss Please (#1139)

    [29 minutes]

  • Destiny & Six Bananas (#1140)

    [29 minutes]

  • A Sidecar Named Desire (#1141)

    [29 minutes]

  • Love Mobile (#1142)

    [29 minutes]

  • Beware of the Oglethorpe (#1143)

    [29 minutes]

  • Tarzan of the Tow Path (#1144)

    [29 minutes]

  • Oh Howard We Should Get One of Those (#1145)

    [29 minutes]

  • The Suit That Attracts Blondes (#1146)

    [29 minutes]

  • Diesel Powered Saxophone In Captivity (#1147)

    [29 minutes]

  • Perfection, The Name Is Ridley (#1148)

    [29 minutes]

  • Nowhere Particular (#1149)

    [29 minutes]

  • Truly and the Hole Truth (#1150)

    [29 minutes]

  • From Audrey Nash to the Widow (#1151)

    [29 minutes]

  • Support Your Local Skydiver (#1152)

    [29 minutes]

  • The Pony Set (#1153)

    Auntie Wainwright has a new line of all things equestrian, even a riding simulator, which Compo thinks might come in rather handy. (153) [29 minutes]

  • How Errol Flynn Discovered The Secret of Nora Batty (#1154)

    Compo tries to win Nora's heart by dressing up as Robin Hood. (154) [29 minutes]

  • Who's Thrown Her Tom Cruise Photographs's Away (#1155)

    When Marina gets stood up by Howard, she decides the time has come to give up her interest in men. (155) [29 minutes]

  • What Happened to Barry's Nose (#1156)

    Howard decides to pump iron, so Barry sets out to be more assertive. Truly takes charge when failure looms on all fronts. (156) [29 minutes]

  • Optimism of the Housing Market (#1157)

    Smiler's first day as a door-to-door salesman is a painful one. (157) [29 minutes]

  • Will Barry Go Septic Despite Listening to Classical Mu (#1158)

    Compo, Clegg and Truly are intrigued when they meet a man testing for earthquakes. (158) [29 minutes]

  • Beware the Vanilla Slice (#1159)

    Compo is reminded of a boisterous game he used to play at school, a game far too rough for Clegg to remember. Truly, meanwhile, has a lawnmower on his mind. (159) [29 minutes]

  • Howard Throws a Wobbler (#1160)

    When Howard overhears Pearl laughing on the phone, he suspects the worst. So Truly organizes a surveillance team to follow her. [29 minutes]

  • The Phantom No. 14 Bus (#1161)

    Former police inspector 'Truly of the Yard' investigates the mystery of the disappearing bus. (161) [29 minutes]

  • Ironing Day (#1162)

    Auntie lets Smiler try some homemade wine. (162) [29 minutes]

  • Lipstick and Other Problems (#1163)

    The telltale signs of Barry's chivalrous rescue of Marina cause marital strife. (163) [29 minutes]

  • Under The Rug (#1164)

    Clegg knows there is trouble ahead when Howard tells him to expect a postal delivery that he doesn't want Pearl to know about. (164) [29 minutes]

  • Magic and the Morris Minor (#1165)

    Comedy series. Compo, Clegg and Truly happen upon a couple whose car has got stuck in a remote field. (165) [29 minutes]

  • Elegy for Fallen Wellies (#1166)

    When Nora forsakes her wrinkled stockings for black tights, the results are catastrophic. (166) [29 minutes]

  • Surprise at Throstlenest (#1167)

    While preparations are being made for Compo's funeral, Nora finds a letter he has written. (167) [28 minutes]

  • Just A Small Funeral (#1168)

    Clegg and Truly brace themselves for their saddest moment, Compo's funeral - while Howard is torn between three demanding ladies. (168) [28 minutes]

  • From Here to Paternity (#1169)

    Clegg and Truly learn that Compo has a son who is about to pay his father a visit. (169) [29 minutes]

  • Some Vans Can Make You Deaf (#1170)

    Compo's son, Tom, sparks chaos when he tries to find a spare exhaust pipe for his van. (170) [29 minutes]

  • I Didn't Know Barry Could Play (#1171)

    Truly and Clegg find themselves searching for Tom's missing, untalented protogee, Babs. (171) [29 minutes]

  • Waggoners Roll (#1172)

    Clegg and Truly collect Bab's music from the station. (172) [29 minutes]

  • Getting Barry's Goat (#1173)

    Tom causes chaos when he leaves something special in Barry's garage. [29 minutes]

  • The Art of the Short's Story (#1174)

    Howard panics when Pearl asks him why one of his undergarments is missing. [29 minutes]

  • The Missing Bus of Mrs Avery (#1175)

    The ladies hire a minibus to take them on a picnic, which becomes more a mystery tour. [29 minutes]

  • Hey Big Vendor (#1176)

    Wesley produces a go-anywhere vending machine - ideal for thirsty & foolish customers. [29 minutes]

  • Enter The Hawk (#1177)

    Billy Hardcastle finds that having a friend with a powerful pinstriped suit is adventurous enough. [29 minutes]

  • Gnome and Away (#1178)

    Howard has a unique present for Marina to put in her garden. The problem is, how can he get it delivered without Pearl seeing it? [29 minutes]

  • A Hair of the Blonde That Bit You (#1179)

    When Pearl finds a long blonde hair on Howard, he calls on his friends to help him establish how such a thing could possibly happen. [29 minutes]

  • A White Sweater and a Solicitor's Letter (#1180)

    A letter intended for Compo interests the town and terrifies his son, Tom. [29 minutes]

  • Why Is Barry at An Angle (#1181)

    Barry finds promotion at the building society brings problems. [29 minutes]

  • The Coming of the Beast (#1182)

    When Truly mischievously alerts Billy Ingleton that there is a tiger on the loose, he has no idea how far the story will spread, and what the repercussions will be. [29 minutes]

  • A Brief Excursion in the Fast Lane (#1183)

    Barry is having a mid-life crisis and feels that he needs to do something exciting. While his wife Glenda seeks the help of Truly and Clegg to bring him back to his senses, Billy Hardcastle has got caught up in the scooter craze and thinks this may fill Barry's lust for danger. [28 minutes]

  • The Mystical Squeak of Howard's Bicycle (#1184)

    Howard's bicycle has developed a loud squeak whenever he is sneaking away from his wife Pearl for a tryst with Marina. Meanwhile,Truly has issued a challenge to Billy Hardcastle to see who has the stronger sixth sense. [29 minutes]

  • Mervyn Would Be Proud (#1185)

    Billy (a descendant of Robin Hood on his mother's side) is regretting an alcoholic boast to demonstrate his skills with a bow and arrow at the forthcoming vicarage garden party. He can't back out as he'll lose face with Mervyn, his greatest fan. [29 minutes]

  • The Incredible Ordeal of Norman Clegg (#1186)

    When Howard asks Clegg to look after one or two illicit picnic items, he didn't realize that they would include Marina. But with Pearl next door, he is not sure what to do and calls upon the help of Truly and Billy. [29 minutes]

  • Beware of the Hot Dog (#1187)

    Wesley is planning to sell hot dogs to weary hikers and travelers from his new barrow and recruits the unwilling Barry to be his assistant. He has utilized his considerable engineering skills to make the first turbo-assisted mobile hot dog grill. [29 minutes]

  • In Search of Childlike Joy and the Farthest Reaches of the Lotus (#1188)

    Billy is demonstrating the advantages of having a quarterstaff (a long wooden pole with an iron tip, an old weapon of defence) to Truly and Clegg when he is nearly run over by Smiler on Wesley's new deluxe, hand-made trolley. Smiler ends up stuck in a hedge and the only way to get him out is to leave his trousers and shoes on the other side. [29 minutes]

  • A Chaise Lounge Too Far (#1189)

    Auntie Wainwright sells Barry a very large chaise lounge as an anniversary present for Glenda, who hates it and tells him get rid of it. Pearl has locked Howard in his bedroom, preventing him from keeping an appointment with Marina. [29 minutes]

  • Exercising Father's Bicycle (#1190)

    Tom is in mid-flight from a pursuing debt collector, when he runs into Truly, Clegg and Billy. They regale him with stories of Compo and his famous skill on his old bicycle. In an attempt to live-up to his father's reputation, Tom dusts down his Compo's old bike and sets off to perform wonders in the saddle. [29 minutes]

  • Sadly, Madly, Bradley (#1191)

    Billy has been burdened with his dour brother-in-law, Bradley. Truly and Clegg suggest a day-out in the countryside, but nothing interests Bradley at all. [29 minutes]

  • It All Began with An Old Volvo Headlamp (#1192)

    Driving a Landrover and caravan, Kevin is nursing a broken heart and is looking for the loneliest spot in the area. When he gets the idea of becoming a Wise Man of the Woods, Clegg, Truly and Billy take him to see Auntie Wainwright. [29 minutes]

  • Lair of the Cat Creature (#1193)

    [29 minutes]

  • Ancient Eastern Wisdom - An Introduction (#1194)

    [29 minutes]

  • Pickup of the Later Ming Dynasty (#1195)

    [28 minutes]

  • The Secret Birthday of Norman Clegg (#1196)

    [28 minutes]

  • In Which Gaven Hinchcliffe Loses the Gulf Stream (#1197)

    [29 minutes]

  • Miraculouse Curing of Old Goff Helliwell (#1198)

    [28 minutes]

  • The Frenchies Are Coming (#1199)

    [29 minutes]

  • Man Who Invented Yorkshire Funny Stuff (#1200)

    [29 minutes]

  • The Second Husband & The Showgirls (#1201)

    [29 minutes]

  • All of a Florie (#1202)

    [29 minutes]

  • Jurassic No Parking (#1203)

    Howard gets Truly, Clegg and Billy to select a suitable surprise birthday present for Marina. They happen upon a despondent Barry, who has won a model dinosaur in a competition and has been instructed by Glenda to get rid of it because of its size. [29 minutes]

  • The General's Greatest Battle (#1204)

    Alvin is amused to see his next-door neighbour Nora Batty dressed in Victorian costume. She explains that, in the annual parade to celebrate the Battle of Mazurka, she will be on a float, sitting next to an effigy of General Monkaster. [29 minutes]

  • Spores (#1205)

    Lionel (comedian Roy Hudd) has a reputation for being unpredictable, so when he just walks off from his wife Mavis (Anita Carey) while out for a drive in the hills, she is not surprised. [29 minutes]

  • Happy Birthday Robin Hood (#1206)

    Billy surprises everyone by turning up in a green suit to commemorate the birthday of his famous ancestor. No one is surprised when the gullible Barry also dons a green suit, although there are many embarrassing moments when he goes for a picnic with Glenda. [29 minutes]

  • Who's That With Barry & Glenda? It's Not Barry & Glenda (#1207)

    It's Not Barry & Glenda - Truly, Clegg and Billy surprise Barry in the wood carrying a suitcase. Truly deduces that he is up to something serious and decides to investigate. Meanwhile, Glenda is also concerned about Barry and his suitcase, and decides to follow him (dressed as a man) to see if another woman is involved. [29 minutes]

  • An Apple A Day (#1208)

    Nora Batty informs Alvin that he has volunteered to take some old-timers out for the day. After enlisting some support from Clegg and Truly, they all proceed to the Scrooby's distant farm to pick them up. But taking out Bert (Brian Peck) and his cranky old wife Sal (Jacqueline Clarke) isn't going to be easy. [29 minutes]

  • Barry Becomes A Psychopathic Killer, But Only Part Time (#1209)

    Just as Smiler is beginning to believe he will never find a woman to share his fun-filled life, along comes Bessie (Joanna Mays), who is mad about him. [29 minutes]

  • Things to Do When Your Wife Runs off With a Turkish Waiter (#1210)

    Barry and Glenda unwisely exchanged addresses with a little man named Wendell and his wife while on holiday to their surprise, Wendell (Tony Peers) turns up, minus his wife, who has left him. Soon he is taking up all of Barry's time in the pursuance of his hobby -charming birds with his penny whistle. [29 minutes]

  • Beware of Nora's Laughing Hat (#1211)

    Alvin is disappointed when Nora Batty declines his invitation to ride in his newly-made bicycle-and-sidecar. While he is trying to persuade her, Audrey Craig (Audrey Brooke) passes by. The women's eyes meet, with scorn. Audrey once had the audacity to laugh at Nora's hat at a wedding, and she has never been forgiven. [29 minutes]

  • Your's Truely, If You're Not Careful (#1212)

    Truly keeps missing calls on his mobile telephone. When the caller eventually gets through to him, he is horrified - it is his former wife. [29 minutes]

  • Your's Truely, If You're Not Careful. (#1213)

    Alvin is teaching Nora Batty Line Dancing, Howard and Marinaare trying out diving suits, and Barry is hiding from his neighbour - the Repo Man who, although he is completely useless at it, wants to play golf with him. Then, while walking by the canal, Clegg, Truly, Alvin and Billy see a strange figure in the nearby reservoir pond wrestling with a large inflatable swan's neck. The man turns out to be Lenny -who is determined to get to Ilkley by canal in his swan boat, and become famous as The Swan Man of Ilkley. But first he must fix a puncture or two. [29 minutes]

  • Watching The Clock (#1214)

    Clegg has bet an old friend that you can still see the clock in the village over the hills from the top of a certain tree. Unwisely, he sets out to prove that he was right, but gets stuck up the tree and can't get down. Meanwhile, Nora Batty, Ivy, Pearl and Glenda buy a slightly used cooker from Auntie Wainwright for the Church hall. Smiler and Tom (Tom Owen) are charged with delivering the cooker and soon find that its weight makes the handcart uncontrollable -especially on hills, when it passes a police car. [29 minutes]

  • Has Anyone Seen A Peruvian Wart? (#1215)

    Billy is keen to marry-off his fearsome sister-in-law to get her out of his house. Alvin suggests that they get famed Lothario - Crowcroft to do the job, as he is currently free from any attachment. Truly thinks that the man should be tested on Nora Batty first, to make sure he is up to the job of tackling Billy's sister-in-law. Alvin remembers that Nora Batty bakes a fruitcake that men would die for, so they manage to trick Nora Batty into baking a cake for them, which they duly allow Crowcroft to sample. He is completely hooked, and willingly demonstrates his gift for wooing the women - and Nora Batty in particular. [29 minutes]

  • Hermoine (#1216)

    Howard and Pearl are very concerned when Clegg doesn't answer his door - is he all right? Truly and Billy arrive and find that Clegg is merely writing-up his diaries and doesn't want to be disturbed. Smiler is pining for Hermione, a lost love and Alvin is upsetting Nora Batty by complaining about the depressing drabness of her washing. [29 minutes]

  • Who's That Mouse in the Poetry Group? (#1217)

    The day starts with Clegg reading in the local paper that a statue of some civic dignitary has been unveiled. Truly, Alvin, and Billy remember when they were at school and would hold their breath as long as possible to see who could stay still the longest. They decide to do this, and create some incredulous interest for two passing walkers. [28 minutes]

  • Available for Weddings (#1218)

    Cycling down a hillside for a short-cut, Clegg ends up with a fractured foot. Truly decides that the accident could have been avoided if they had used studded tyres, and promptly puts in hand a practical demonstration of his theory. [29 minutes]

  • The Macdonachs of Jaimison (#1219)

    Smiler has met a woman who - forgetting to leave her address - told him to look her up sometime. Truly, Alvin and Billy go on the trail to track her down. With the help of Nora Batty and Ivy they find out that the woman lived at Jamieson Street. And Entwistle finds out that everyone in Jamieson Street was re-housed to Pepworth Street. So they go knocking on doors. Unfortunately, the first door has a rather ugly dog and the enquiries come to a sudden end. [29 minutes]

  • The Afterthoughts of a Co-Op Manager (#1220)

    Truly leads the enquiries into the whereabouts of a Co-op Manager who was a tyrant when Clegg worked there. With the help of Alvin and Billy, their enquiries lead them to Billy Pilsworth, the father of an ex-boyfriend of Marina, who reveals that his son, Ronnie, went off to Australia. Ultimately, Clegg finds out that the Co-op Manager lost his life in the war and was commended for bravery. [29 minutes]

  • Lot No 8 (#1221)

    Overcome by the smell of a real bargain, Auntie Wainwright has made a successful bid at the auction rooms. Unfortunately she doesn't know what it is, and when she finds out, she doesn't know what to do with it. [29 minutes]

  • Little Orphan Howard (#1222)

    Clegg convinces the gullible Howard that, contrary to his belief, he was left on a doorstep as a baby. While Howard tries to come to terms with this, Alvin is coming to terms with the fact that his newly-made kite won't fly. [29 minutes]

  • A Merry Heatwave - Christmas 1977 (#1270)

    Nora Batty's brother is near to death and not likely to see another Christmas. So Foggy decides to re-create a nice traditional, old-fashioned Christmas - in the middle of a sweltering hot summer [35 minutes]

  • And A Dewhurst Up A Fir Tree - Christmas 1979 (#1271)

    Foggy Dewhurst decides to beat the Christmas rush by shopping for presents in the middle of summer. He ends up being conned by Big Eric, who sells him 100 Christmas trees crawling with insects! [30 minutes]

  • Christmas 1981 Whoops (#1272)

    Christmas isn’t what it used to be, so the trio decide to look for two old school chums to help recapture the spirit of their youth. [31 minutes]

  • Christmas 1982 All Mod Conned (#1273)

    A break from the commercial side of Christmas as Foggy books a seaside caravan for himself, Compo and Clegg. [33 minutes]

  • Merry Christmas, Father Christmas (#1277)

    Seymour believes that the correct place to see Father Christmas is on a rooftop. [35 minutes]

  • What's Santa Brought for Nora, Then? (#1280)

    It's Christmas 1989, and Compo is trying to earn some money to buy Nora a Christmas present. [49 minutes]

  • Barry's Christmas (#1281)

    Glenda is upset because Barry didn't come. The trio find him dressed as Santa Claus at a local pub. [29 minutes]

  • The Man Who Nearly Knew Pavarotti (#1285)

    Wesley almost runs over Billy Ingleton and Foggy gets to prove his talents as a concert promoter. [58 minutes]

  • A Musical Passing for a Miserable Muscroft (#1291)

    Billy Ingleton acquires a mobile pipe organ. The ladies feel its appropriate for a charity pageant. [29 minutes]

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