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The Victory Garden

Borders (#2903)

Add some romance to your garden by using borders to create intimate private spaces. Looking for inspirational ideas, host Michael Weishan visits the breathtaking formal garden rooms at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami. Back at The Victory Garden, Michael and expert John Feerick share a simple technique for installing fences in a weekend. Then, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom trims out the competition and introduces the right tools to make crisp edges on your garden beds and borders. Then, heading south to Miami, Michael meets with guest chef Aar?n Sanchez to create a dish from Puerto Rico - Ensaladade Bacalao - and adapts it for brunch. [26 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: THE VICTORY GARDEN, television's longest-running gardening program, continues to inspire viewers to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Hosted by Australian gardening and television sensation Jamie Durie, its simple, easy lessons help seasoned and amateur gardeners alike make the most of their outdoor spaces in a way that respects and preserves the environment for future generations.

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  • Edinburgh Botanic (#1227)

    International correspondent Peter Seabrook visits the world renowned Edinburgh Botanic Garden in Scotland. The unparalleled skill of planting and cultivation is evident everywhere in this vast garden. Highlights include: the prize-winning alpine collection, the two hundred yard herbaceous border with an English Beech tree screen, and a series of ponds that stretch through the grounds lined with some of the finest rock gardens in the world. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1434

    Led by a team of regional hosts and guest experts, "The Victory Garden" showcase gardening techniques and tips, innovations and updates, and chef Marian Morash's recipes and cooking demonstrations using the garden harvest. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1727

    The Victory Garden voyages to the Caribbean this week. Peter Seabrook visits the island of Tortula to walk through the O'neil Botannical Gardens, while Holly Schmizi tours the nursery of Kurt Bluemel who explains the cultivation process of ornamental grasses. Chef Marian makes a tasty dish out of pureed brussel sprouts. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1729

    Victory Garden's Peter Seabrook and Marian Morash set sail to Openhagen, Denmark to visit the floral shop of the British royal family, the Rozenberg Castle, and the world famous Tivoli Gardens. While Peter follows the ship's captain on a tour of the bridge, Marian Morash gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the provisions that fill the kitchen of this floating hotel. The program closes with advice from Roger Swain for protecting plants from the winter cool. [26 minutes]

  • Isola Bella, Italy (#1730)

    International correspondent Peter Seabrook travels the globe to the town of Stresa on Lake Maggiore in northern Italy to visit one of the finest baroque gardens in all of Italy, Isola Bella. This island dates back to the early 17th century and is still owned by the Borromeo family. Garden presenter Lucinda Mays reports from the Victory Garden south in Callaway, Georgia. Host Roger Swain reports from the suburban garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1733

    THE VICTORY GARDEN is a gardening magazine with visits to gardens and food preparation from Marian. Peter and Marian are on location on the island of Madeira, Portugal. Peter looks at the terrarce gardening that is practiced and the wine-making procedures. Marian visits a fish market and a banana farm. Then they both meet up at the Reid's Hotel --Marian watches as the chef prepares pan fried fish and banana and Peter eats is for lunch. Roger closes the show with a look at indoor plants, specifically citrus plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1829

    THE VICTORY GARDEN is a how to that combines practical gardening advice with visits to top gardens plus recipes from Marian. Peter travels to Barbados, West Indies to visit two local gardens and meet the gardeners -- Audrey Thomas then Hetty and Arthur Atkinson. Back at the suburban garden, Roger picks argula for Marian's recipe of argula salad with fried squid with a warm dressing. Plant of the week is the berry producing callicarpa dichomata. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1836

    International gardening correspondent Peter Seabrook heads south of Dublin to county Wesford to visit the Marfield House Hotel in Gorey and its formal gardens. An elegant regency mansion, the Marfield House was once owned by the aristocratic earls of Courtown, and is now a prestigious country house that caters to discerning guests. One of the Marlfield House Hotel's most celebrated attractions is its culinary vegetable and herb garden which harvests the ingredients for its internationally recognized menu. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1921

    West coast correspondent Bob Smaus heads to Oakland, California, to enjoy the humor and plantcraft of garden designer Bob Clark in a rare look at his own home garden. Back at the Suburban Garden, Roger Swain looks at plants that light up the landscape late in the season. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1922

    International correspondent Peter Seabrook visits Matapouri Bay in New Zealand to see the beautiful and unusual plants of Earthsea Gardens. Roger Swain discusses organic lawn maintenance and renovation techniques with Michael Talbot, an ecological landscaping expert. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #1923

    International correspondent Peter Seabrook travels to Kerikeri, New Zealand, where he learns the secret to growing the perfect kiwi. Roger Swain prepares for next year's garden by planting bulbs and preparing the fall soil. [26 minutes]

  • San Diego Zoo (#2001)

    Special correspondent Bob Smaus reflects on winter and reviews a list of must have gardening tools. Later he takes a field trip to the San Diego Zoo, which features a range of green environments. At the Victory Garden, Host Roger Swain teaches viewers the pruning technique. [26 minutes]

  • Isle of Jersey (#2002)

    International correspondent Peter Seabrook visits the Island of Jersey to see the secrets of "Jersey Royal" early potatoes. Host Roger Swain shows how to get potatoes off to a quick start and learns how bedding plants are started by the pros. In the kitchen, chef Marian combines fresh carrots and dried cranberries to make the sweet and tangy New England favorite, baked carrots and dried cranberries. ~ [26 minutes]

  • Holly Shimizu at Naumkeag (#2019)

    In this episode of "The Victory Garden", Holly Shimizu visits two gardens in Stockbridge, MA designed by Steele and Choate. The first garden at the Mission House Museum reflects the colonial gardening ideas of combining useful plants i.e., herbs and edible plants, in a beautiful setting close to the house. At the Choate home, various styles of gardens are featured: a serpentine rose garden, a Chinese-style garden complete with a Chinese temple, and a thin water tunnel that leads to "blue steps" of fountains surrounded by birches. Back at the Victory Garden, Host Roger Swain provides tips as he plants spring bulbs of tulips and daffodils. He goes to the vegetable garden to see the last hurrah of the peppers and tomatoes. He warns that these plants are frost sensitive. Blankets or sheets should cover tomatoes to protect them, not plastic sheets which are infrared transparent. Full-grown, perfect, green tomatoes with a white, star pattern on their bottom can be taken inside for ripening. Chef Marian Morash makes a broccoli soup without cream. [26 minutes]

  • Chile (#2025)

    The wide range of climate zones of Santiago, Chile produces various, indigenous plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2026

    This episode of "The Victory Garden" opens with host Roger Swain protecting the Suburban Garden's young trees from hungry voles by covering their trunks with plastic or mesh hardwire tree guards. Lucinda Mays travels to the central region of Chile to visit a private garden. She meets with Juan Grimm, the garden's landscape architect to tour the grounds. Swain readies the Victory pond for winter by removing the pump from the pond. Swain prepares his root vegetables for the hard freeze. He uses a galvanized trash bucket buried in the ground and places layers of carrots and damp sand inside to keep the vegetables fresh during the winter. Chef Marian Morash makes pumpkin fiesta soup. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2029

    Led by a team of regional hosts and guest experts, "The Victory Garden" showcase gardening techniques and tips, innovations and updates, and chef Marian Morash's recipes and cooking demonstrations using the garden harvest. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2030

    Led by a team of regional hosts and guest experts, "The Victory Garden" showcase gardening techniques and tips, innovations and updates, and chef Marian Morash's recipes and cooking demonstrations using the garden harvest. [26 minutes]

  • Olives (#2031)

    Chef Marian Morash visits Italy's Tuscany region to witness the harvesting the olive. [26 minutes]

  • Holly Shimizu On Nantucket (#2117)

    Holly Shimizu visits Connie Umberger at her Nantucket garden. Umberger turned to gardening after one of her children committed suicide. Much of her garden evolved naturally with many of the garden's "rooms" designed purely by chance. Umberger tells how she has tried to protect her garden from deers and the elements. Back at the Suburban Garden, host Roger Swain learns about the various pests and fungal problems tomatoes face and the solutions from guest Cheryl Smith. By showing examples, Smith tells how temperature and moisture fluctuations can affect tomatoes. She also brings along a few tomato pests that a gardener should be recognize. [26 minutes]

  • Holly Shimizu at Naumkeag (#2118)

    Holly Shimizu visits two different gardens, one small and one large, on the island of Nantucket. Ginny Hill's small 10 x 20 garden mixes colors and shapes. Gleaves Rhodes' large garden has a two levels. The first level is flat for crochet play. The second level is terraced with imported stone walls. At the Victory Garden South, Lucinda Mays learns from LuAnn Craighton how to create a hummingbird feeder and what plants attract hummingbirds to the garden. Back at the Suburban Garden, host Roger Swain gets the garden ready and plants the fall crop of spinach. Chef Marian Morash creates cauliflower with toasted bread crumbs. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2124

    Holly Shimizu tours Mt. Vernon with horticulturalist, Dean Norton. Norton shows Shimizu George Washington's home, vegetable garden, flower garden, greenhouse, and grounds. Landscape contractor, Roger Cook returns to the Suburban Garden to start the renovation of the landscape. Trees are removed and a large amount of earth is added to even out the grounds. A new walkway is put into place. Chef Marian Morash creates eggplant tapenade. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2126

    This episode of THE VICTORY GARDEN takes a look at gardens in winter in New England, and in springtime in South Africa. Host Roger Swain looks on as florist Ken Smith culls a selection of winter greens from the yard to make a decorative winter window box. In Cape Town, South Africa, plant expert Adrian Bloom talks with historian Gwen Fagan about her country's rich horticultural traditions, brought about by English and Dutch colonists hundreds of years ago. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2127

    Plant expert Adrian Bloom visits The Cellars at Hohenort, an old wine estate converted into a hotel. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2128

    In this episode of THE VICTORY GARDEN, plant expert Adrian Bloom visits the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Institute. This stretch of land, located in the shadows of Table Mountain in South Africa, was converted from farmland to a botanical garden in 1913. Educational officer Christien Malan takes Bloom on a tour of the park, which contains a mixture of natural and re-created botanical environments. He visits the forest surrounding the park with estate manager Philp Leroux, who shows Bloom how native species of trees are being saved. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2129

    Plant expert Adrian Bloom visits Vergelegen, a South African winery surrounded by extensive gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2130

    Guest correspondent Adrian Bloom visits the Stellenbosch Botanical Garden, a teaching garden asssociated with the University of Stellenbosch. The garden's head curator Wim Tijmens takes Bloom on a tour of its reknowned succulent houses and introduces him to some of their more interesting research projects. Back home in the Suburban Garden, host Roger Swain and houseplant expert Tovah Martin review the range of pelarg [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2131

    The last of the South Africa episodes begins in THE VICTORY GARDEN's greenhouse where host Roger Swain introduces viewers to the protea. Guest correspondent Adrian Bloom closes the last of the South Africa programs with a guided tour of the Reserve by Ranger Jim Hallinan. There on the tip of the Cape of Good Hope, Hallinan introduces Bloom to the astonishing range of indigenous plant life -- 5,800 species in an area the size of Great Britain. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2132

    Led by a team of regional hosts and guest experts, "The Victory Garden" showcase gardening techniques and tips, innovations and updates, and chef Marian Morash's recipes and cooking demonstrations using the garden harvest. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2133

    Led by a team of regional hosts and guest experts, "The Victory Garden" showcase gardening techniques and tips, innovations and updates, and chef Marian Morash's recipes and cooking demonstrations using the garden harvest. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2134

    [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2136

    [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2202

    The gardens of Carol Macelwe, the San Juan Capistrano Mission and Casa Del Herrero are visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2213

    Southern correspondent Lucinda Mays goes garden fountain shopping at Atlanta's famous Great Gatsby auction-house -- a one-stop-shopping must-see for anyone interested in architectural antiques and garden ornaments. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2216

    Residential landscape designer Louis Raymond visits Roger Swain at THE VICTORY GARDEN. He's brought a truckload of unusual plants that are ready to be potted. In Vermont, correspondent Holly Shimizu tours the grounds surrounding the home of horticultural writer Wayne Winterrowd, who has chosen hardy plants that are able to adapt to the rocky soil in his garden. In the kitchen, Chef Marian Morash uses fresh cilantro to make a Mexican salt cod salad. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2217

    In this episode of THE VICTORY GARDEN, correspondent Bob Smaus visits an artfully arranged private garden in Berkeley, California. Marian Morash visits with landscaper Edwina vonGal, who shares tips on how to use unusual plants from the garden to create lovely indoor arrangements. Chef Marian makes a Caesar salad, using fresh romaine lettuce and a simple dressing made from scratch. [26 minutes]

  • Tohono Chu (#2218)

    At Tohono Chul gardens in Arizona, plantsman Russ Buhrow shows correspondent Bob Smaus how the staff deals with the harsh conditions of the weather and the soil inherent in a desert region. Smaus also talks with Steve Buchmann, author of "The Forgotten Pollinators," about the alarming decrease in the native honeybee population. Chef Marian Morash visits the Tohono Chul Tearoom, where Chef Wendy Lair creates a poblano pepper dish garnished with a mild mexican cheese and fresh cilantro. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2219

    Landscape designer Craig Bergmann's garden, the Atlanta Botanic Garden and Wave Hill are visited. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2224

    In this episode of THE VICTORY GARDEN: Host Bob Swain shows viewers how to clean the garden area before Fall and how to plant daffodil bulbs for Winter forcing; correspondent Lucinda Mays visits a specialty conifer nursery in Woodstock, Illinois; chef Marian Morash prepares the last cucumber and dill salad of the season. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2225

    In this episode of THE VICTORY GARDEN: correspondent Adrian Bloom visits Grasse in the south of France. Grasse is known as the perfume capitol of the world, where they make fragrant scents from everything from jasmine to tarragon. In the kitchen, chef Marian Morash creates her fiesta corn dish usising fresh corn off the cob and red peppers. [26 minutes]

  • Provence (#2226)

    Visit the Scheinert Gardens in France, home to beautifully terraced landscapes and Italian cypresse. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2227

    In this episode of THE VICTORY GARDEN: Correspondent Adrian Bloom visits one of the finest showcases of Mediterranean plants in France; host Roger Swain demonstrates how to put outside plants away for winter storage; and Chef Marian Morash shares her recipe for pickled beets. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2228

    International correspondent Adrian Bloom tours what is considered one of the most English of the Provence gardens by English landscape designer Timothy Rees. While Peter Coats, the English designer, created the "bones" of the garden, many have contributed to its evolution, including the English garden expert Rosemary Verey and American garden designer Ryan Gainey. Set against sweeping vistas of the French countryside, its strikingly beautiful landscape includes; distinct garden rooms, lavender and wildflower meadows, and a rose garden with English, French and Italian varieties. Some of its most prized areas are the cutting garden designed by Gainey and a potager designed by Verey. [26 minutes]

  • Cote D' Azur (#2229)

    Tour the stunning landscape design and subtropical gardens of the five-star Grand-Hotel Cap-Ferrat. [26 minutes]

  • Truffles (#2230)

    International garden correspondent Adrian Bloom travels to the south of France to hunt truffles. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2231

    Garden correspondent Katherine Whiteside visits Wave Hill, a public estate garden which was donated to the Bronx in the 1960s. There she meets with Marco Polo Stufano, director of horticulture, who explains the inspiration for the many unexpected plant combinations that have made Wave Hill a must-see on any New York City garden tour. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2232

    Garden correspondent Lucinda Mays visits a beautifully maintained estate garden in Lake Forest, Illinois, on the shores of Lake Michigan. After exploring the cutting garden, she tours the remainder of the garden rooms and learns about the various spaces. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2233

    Viewers are treated to a Victorian Christmas in this episode of THE VICTORY GARDEN as we revisit the village of Woodstock, Vermont. The entire "VICTORY GARDEN family" comes together to bring gifts and prepare for the Christmas holiday. As the sounds of the Revere Handbell Choir permeate the air, Roger Swain and David Miller demonstrate how long ago farmers harvested and stored ice. Marian Morash visits a Vermont farm kitchen to get a lesson in baking Scottish short bread in a hundred-year-old wood burning stove. Jim Wilson performs heavy-duty farmwork by shoeing horses, while Lucinda Mays joins Geraldine Brown in crafting Victorian ornaments and trimming the Christmas tree cut by Roger Cook. The show is tremendously festive and the air, cozy, as the entire VICTORY GARDEN family sits down to a delicious holiday dinner. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2234

    International correspondent Adrian Bloom hops over the French border to Monaco to visit the Jardin Exotique, which houses one of the largest collections of cacti in the world. Over 7,000 different varieties of succulents flourish in this "Exotic Garden." Back at the Victory Garden, host Roger Swain shows viewers how to force chicory during the winter months. Chef Marian uses cod, an old New England favorite, and garden fresh kale to make a delightful seafood dinner. ~ [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2301

    The Victory Garden opens the first show of their twenty-third season with a look at what an early spring means to a gardener. Host Roger Swain shows viewers the proper method for pruning trees, preparing soil, and planting peas, while correspondent Bob Smaus voyages to California to participate in the Goldsmith Seas. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2302

    Roger Swain opens this week's Victory Garden by showing viewers the secret to pruning an apple tree. Landscape contractor, Roger Cook, visits to help replace the Bradford pear tree destroyed last spring with a cherry tree and offers tips for choosing and measuring trees for planting. In sunny Mill Valley, California Bob Smaus meets with produce coordinator James Parker to tour one of a chain of grocery stores specializing in organic foods. Expensive as these vegetables and fruits are, Roger Swain demonstrates how viewers can start, organize, and nurture their own vegetable gardens and ends this episode by reviewing techniques for planting grass. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2303

    Roger Swain continues his soil preparation lesson in this week's episode of "The Victory Garden" by reviewing ways to make a "poor man's greenhouse", proper techniques for using a trowel, and the best places to buy different varieties of cow manure. Viewers join Bob Smaus in Sonoma, California to follow organic farmer Bob Cannard on a tour of his garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2304

    This week's episode of "The Victory Garden" travels to Ojai, California with Bob Smaus to tour the International Center for Earth Concerns. Roger Swain teaches viewers the proper way to plant onions, while Chef Marion Morash cooks up a sweet parsnip bread. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2305

    This week's episode of "The Victory Garden" follows Bob Smaus to California where he visits a theme park devoted to bizarre shaped trees. Roger Swain explains the proper way to plant potatoes, and Chef Marian Morash shows viewers how to cook a tasty asparagus antipasto. [26 minutes]

  • Getty Center (#2306)

    In this week's episode of "The Victory Garden" Bob Smaus takes viewers on a tour of Californian architecural landmarks, The Getty Center and Lexington Gardens. Roger Swain shows viewers the process for inserting plants into wall crevices, while visiting stone mason Roger Hopkins reviews the procedure for laying a stone pathway. Chef Marian makes a chunky and tart rhubarb and strawberry sauce. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2307

    Roger Swain introduces viewers to a new style of water gardening in this week's episode of "The Victory Garden." Bob Smaus in Galeta, California takes a tour of an organic fruit and vegetable farm, and chef Marian whips up a healthy spinach and tortillini pasta dish. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2308

    Lucinda Mays visits this week's episode of "The Victory Garden" by taking viewers on a tour of Georgia's beautiful Callaway Gardens. She demonstrates how to make miniature potted vegetable gardens. Roger Swain plants clematis and offer tips for growing huge onions, peppers, and tomatoes. Chef Marian Morash cooks a creamy Italian rosetta with dandelion greens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2309

    Dr. Michael Dirr, an expert professor of horticulture, visits "Victory Garden" to provide viewers with a list of ten all time favorite ornamental woody plants. Lucinda Mays takes a tour of the Atlanta Botannical Gardens, while Roger Swain explains natural ways to support perennial plants. Chef Marian demonstrates how viewers can make their own guacomole with springtime radishes. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2310

    Travel with Bob Smaus to California to see beautiful roses of the future during this week's episode of "The Victory Garden." Roger Swain plants a fig tree, while chef Marian Morash uses romaine lettuce to make a cob salad. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2311

    Roger Swain teaches viewers how to plant swamp pots and fix apple troubles in this episode of "The Victory Garden." Lucinda Mays visits a blacksmith who demonstrates methods for making a customized trellis. Chef Marian Morash whips up a nutritious broccoli and sorrel soup. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2312

    This week's episode of the Victory Garden travels to Richmond, Virginia with Holly Shimizu to tour gardens. Back in Massachusetts Roger Swain teaches viewers how to control slugs. Chef Marian tops the program off with a delicious recipe for sauteed shrimp and peas. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2313

    This week on "The Victory Garden" Roger Swain showcases a gorgeous hasta collection and teaches viewers how to build wooden and metal cages to support tomato plants. Lucinda Mays of Victory Garden South demonstrates how to put in a new garden for year round interest. Chef Marian whips up a spicy Mexican bean and scallion dip fit for a fiesta. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2314

    Viewers are treated to a tour of the fabulous Gardens of Jack and Russell Huber during this week's episode of "The Victory Garden." Horticulturist Peter Sadeck explains methods for creating oddly trimmed plants, and chef Marian makes a crispy fennel salad. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2315

    This week's episode of "The Victory Garden" focuses on pruning plants as Roger Swain joins Dennis Collins, a curator for Mount Albans Cemetery, for a lesson on hedge pruning. In Richmond Holly Schmezu tours the Lewis Ginter Botannical Gardens, and chef Marian whips up a spicy green bean dish. Also included in this program are tips for controlling potato beatles and picking various types of water lillies. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2316

    This week on "The Victory Garden" Lucinda Mays visits the garden of author and garden writer, Lee Mays. Roger Swain demonstrates special techniques for protecting crops in the vegetable garden, and chef Marian prepares a roasted squash salad. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2317

    This week's VICTORY GARDEN travels with Holly Schmizu to Richmond, Virginia to tour a 12th century castle. Adrian Bloom visits from England for a showing of a beautiful garden he designed, planted, and gave to an American family; chef Marian demonstrates how to make a tangy salad made form crunchy cucumbers. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2318

    Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu takes us to the Asticou Azalea Garden in Northeast Harbor, Maine. Garden manager Mary Roper shows off the collection of plants that were transplanted from the garden of renowned gardener Beatrix Farrand, founding member of the American Society of Landscape Architects. The two and a half-acre Japanese influenced landscape also feature a sand garden, several stone structures including a Japanese lantern and a natural pond. Featured recipe: Fish with Cherry Tomatoes and Clams. Chef Marian uses garden fresh cherry tomatoes to add color and flavor to this seafood delight. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2319

    Viewers travel to Maine with garden correspondent Holly Shimizu to visit a spectacular garden with noted landscape architect Patrick Chass. The 1950's home and grounds are set back from the shoreline, allowing the natural splendor of the setting to shine. Featuring sweeping views and lush greenery, striking color combinations, naturally occurring reflection pools and a dwarf conifer collection, this garden offers a surprise at every turn. The highlight of the tour is a rich moss garden that serves as a velvety backdrop for original stone sculptures. Featured recipe: roast chicken stew with peppers. Red and green peppers add freshness and pizzazz to Chef Marian's rich chicken stew. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2320

    Host Roger Swain takes viewers for a behind-the-scenes look at a mail order seed catalog business. Swain shows how seeds at Johnny's Selected Seeds of Albion, Maine, are cultivated and developed. Vegetable trials manager Terri Allan shows off the latest All-America Selections winner, Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights.'. President and founder Rob Johnston demonstrates how new seed varieties are created. Featured recipe: tomato sauce. Wondering what to do with all those fresh tomatoes? Chef Marian solves the problem with the perfect sauce for canning. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2321

    Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu visits Camden, Maine, to show viewers the private garden of renowned cultural anthropologist Steven Huyler. Influenced by his many trips to India, Huyler has cultivated an exquisite contemplative garden featuring perennials, conifers, wild flowers and ancient artifacts as well as a "sacred grove" for meditation. Featured recipe: mango and cilantro chutney. Chef Marian creates a versatile and flavorful chutney with fresh picked cilantro. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2322

    International garden correspondent Adrian Bloom takes viewers to Holland's renowned Keukenhkof to experience what is arguably the most striking tulip display in the world. Over 800,000 tourists visit the town of Lisse to see the bulbs of the most prestigious gardeners in Holland. Of the over 3,000 Dutch tulip growers, only 50 are chosen each year to plant in Keukenhof. Bloom guides viewers through this showcase of intricate patterns and vibrant colors. Featured recipe: corned beef & pickled cabbage wrap. Chef Marian creates this old favorite with garden fresh cabbage. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2323

    Viewers travel with special correspondent Adrian Bloom to visit the tulip fields in Noord, Holland. Bloom meets bulb grower Engel Hopman for a behind-the-scenes look at how tulips are cultivated and harvested for export. See what new varieties are being developed to anticipate the next trends in gardening. Featured recipe: escarole soup. Chef Marian adds garden fresh escarole to create superior flavor and texture in this Italian classic. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2324

    Viewers visit the private garden of Loeki Schwartz in Maarssen, Holland, with international correspondent Adrian Bloom. With its dramatic use of foliage against brilliant perennials and room after room separated by carefully pruned Hawthorn hedges, Schwartz has created a garden with the illusion of grandeur despite its small backyard size. A prominent piece in the garden is a small temple built as a place for the gardener to rest and view the fruits of her labor. Featured recipe: braised collards. Chef Marian shows how to braise collards to retain their just-picked flavor. CC (VGAR #2324, 10/16/99, 1230-1000; OB: 10/17/98) [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2325

    George and Marian Hogervorst invite international correspondent Adrian Bloom to tour their private garden in Noordwijk, Holland. In contrast to their modern Dutch home, the Hogervorsts have created a garden filled with antique objects. The highlight of the tour is their extensive collection of galvanized buckets and watering cans. Then Bloom is off to Tineke's Bloemenwinkel, one of the finest flower shops in Holland. What makes this shop so different is its owner, Tineke Geerlings, who creates surprising and exquisite floral arrangements [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2326

    International correspondent Adrian Bloom visits the Tea Garden known to the Dutch as De Theetuin in Weesp, Holland. On hand to guide the tour is garden designer and landscape architect Jacqueline van der Kloet. Viewers see how van der Kloet and her colleagues turned a neglected piece of land formerly owned by the Ministry of Defense into an enchanting collection of plants and art. The garden is home to spectacular groupings of color with sections brimming with blues and golds. The pinnacle of the tour is a secret garden room with a raised pool and potted tulips. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2327

    The Victory Garden's six-week garden tour of Holland concludes with visits to two of the country's most respected and innovative garden establishments. First stop is the Rosbergen and Grootendorst Nursery in Boskoop, Holland. International correspondent Adrian Bloom is given a tour of one of Europe's most distinguished suppliers of trendy plant varieties and eclectic topiaries by its managing director Jan Grootendorst. Last stop is Intertuin, a magnificent garden center that resembles a mini-Disney World. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2328

    This week on "The Victory Garden," viewers learn about the least subtle seasoning, garlic, as Bob Smaus travels to California to observe theprocess of growing and commercial processing of garlic and visits a g arlic connoisseur who has eighty-four separate varieties in his personal collection. Chef Marian whips up a whole roasted garlic dish. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2329

    This week on "The Victory Garden," Bob Smaus travels to California visiting artichoke crops and chef Marian prepares an unusual artichoke dish. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2330

    [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2401

    This week on "The VIctory Garden," Roger Swain travels to Orlando, Florida where he tours the new Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort. Roger also offers viewers advice on obtaining soil rich with organic matter and reviews tools every serious gardener should have. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2403

    This week on "The Victory Garden," Roger Swain tours a beautiful garden in Orlando, Florida and chef Marian demonstrates how to create a delicious rhubarb dish. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2404

    This week on "the Victory Garden," Holly Schmizu visits a private estate in the Bahamas, and Roger demonstrates how to plant onions and make a raised bed. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2405

    This week on "the Victory Garden," Holly Schmizu travels to Key West, Florida to look at several tiny pocket gardens, and chef Marian makes avocado scallion salsa. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2406

    This week on "The Victory Garden," Roger observes the results of a tulip experiment, Holly Schmizu continues her tour of the little pocket gardens of Key West, Florida; and chef Marian whips up a delicious festy with aspargus [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2407

    Why do those at the McIlhenny plant package their renowned tabasco sauce in such tiny bottles? We won't find the answer to this question, but will discover how they make this spicy sauce. Steps include picking the peppers, grinding them up, pureeing them with coarse salt and storing them in cavernous barrels for up to three years to perfect the taste of tangy and tart tabasco sauce. Plus, Marian Morash samples foods at the Tabasco Deli, where almost any dish can find room for a splash of tabasco. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2408

    Host Roger Swain and others investigate the secrets to growing the healthiest and most robust fruits and vegetables in a garden. With a little bit of twine, wire, wood blocks and netting, Swain demonstrates the advantages of housing blueberry patches to stringing together tomato plants to avoid wilting. Meanwhile, a gourmet spinach salad is created by Chef Marian. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2409

    Learn the proper ways of handling and planting annuals. Visit a bamboo garden in a Louisiana Bayou. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2410

    In this Victory Garden episode, Roger Swain explores the Chinese rhubarb and the process of planting beans and corn. Helen Phillips gives a tour of a flower and vegetable garden where small, hand-made troughs made from a sand and water mixture rivals actual rock structures with its durability and rock-like appearance. Finally, Chef Marian proves that instant food need not come in a box and a long shelf life. In just under five minutes, she prepares a hearty batch of bok choi, or Chinese white cabbage, seasoned in lemon juice and garlic. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2411

    Cheryl A. Smith discusses the origins of the crabapple and the extensive life cycle it undergoes as it mutates from its first stage as seemingly harmless cedar apple rust growing on plant galls to a hairy, sprouting mass of overgrown spores. Bob Smaus visits the lush, picturesque garden of a swank Bel Air, CA home and Chef Marian whips up Tarragon Goat Cheese and Russian dressings to complement a nice head of iceburg lettuce. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2412

    Despite the heat and dry winds, Roger's vegetables are coming a long nicely. They include broccoli, leeks, parsnip and potatoes. Lee May, Garden Editor with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, talks with bonsai artist Tony Smith about planting trees in trays. And Marian Morash designs a lovely salad bowl topped with vinaigrette from her freshly grown buttercup lettuce. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2413

    As host Roger Swain takes us on a tour of his garden, he points out the many different varieties of roses that are in full bloom. Lee May visits Tomy Mixon, the recycling guru, who can turn an old milk crate into a flower basket, old carpet into a garden pathway or an icebox into a handy supply cabinet outdoors. Chef Marian prepares Lamb and Cauliflower Stew. [26 minutes]

  • Casa Del Herrero Montecito, California (#2414)

    Host Roger Swain enlists the help of aborist Matt Foti to check a failing white bark birch tree for insect infestation and root damage. Bob Smaus is in Santa Barbara touring a Spanish-inspired garden (Casa del Herera). Marian Morash prepares a basil sauce for soups or to top baked summer squash. [26 minutes]

  • Fraser Garden Santa Barbara, California (#2415)

    The flowers are in bloom in the Victory Garden. Roger Swain introduces garden lilies which may be threatened by the bright orange lily leaf beetle. Country cottage roses are pruned to increase re-bloom, and in the vegetable garden, the corn has grown knee-high and the garlic is near ready for harvest. Bob Smaus visits a private estate in Santa Barbara that boasts a magnificent garden carefully designed by the homeowner Katherine L. Fraser in consultation with landscape architects. The 4-acre garden was planned in cooperation with the hilly landscape especially for irrigation and drainage. Marian Morash makes an eggplant and goat cheese dip served with roasted pita bread, chopped red onions and sliced lemons. [26 minutes]

  • Anderson Garden Vista, California (#2416)

    Succulents, the flowers that bloom by the bushel, are the subject of this Victory Garden episode that features host Roger Swain perusing the many varieties of this colorful plant. Bob Smaus visits Patrick Anderson in Fallbrook, California where he tours an elaborately designed garden, complete with cacti for that Southwestern flair to succulents, for a rich and vibrant splash of color. Meanwhile, Chef Marian Morash arranges Salad Nicoise, a "French classic" that boasts ingredients ranging in texture and taste, from hard-boiled eggs to anchovies to dill cucumbers and tuna. [26 minutes]

  • Bromeliads Vista, California (#2417)

    Roger Swain introduces summer flowers including border marigolds, zinnia and an african daisy, all drought resistant. Potted plants and oriental lilies also are in bloom in the Victory Garden. Bob Smaus visits Jeffery Kent owner of a bromeliad greenhouse in Vista, California. Kent goes to great lengths to collect bromeliads in the wild from the jungles of Central and South America. He shows video of his expedition on Peru's Inca trail. Marian Morash makes roasted beans and shallots in the Victory Garden kitchen. [26 minutes]

  • Vanderlip Garden Palos Verdes, California (#2418)

    Landscape contractor Roger Cook tours a wheel-chair accessable garden with home gardener Kitty Stein in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Elin Vanderlip and her daughter Narcissa Vanderlip-Fuller give Bob Smaus a tour of their Italian villa and garden home in Palos Verdes, California. In the Victory Garden, Roger Swain admires the blooms on the water lillies and the Momo Botan water lotus known as the sacred lotus in India. The raspberries are ripening, but the sweet corn was in danger of being pre-harvested by racoons. Swain introduces the use of an electric fence charge (4,000 volts) to keep racoons out of the garden. Marian Morash, author of THE VICTORY GARDEN COOKBOOK, makes a corn salad. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2419

    Discover the art and science behind creating the meadow look with correspondent Bob Smaus, as he tours John Greenlee's spectacular garden nursery overlooking the Malibu, California coast. Roaming through meadows that range from giant feather grass to the native California creeping wild rye, Bob learns how coupling these wild grasses with colorful plants like the blue-eyed grass or naked coral trees can add artistic flair to a natural looking garden. Bob then travels to Palos Verdes to see how similar combinations fare in front of a real home, only to find a glorious collector's garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2420

    Chef Marian Morash discovers the possibilities of avocados when she visits two towns in Southern California. Encinitas, just north of San Diego, is home to a production grove where the `Hass' avocado is grown and harvested. In nearby Rancho Santa Fe, Chef Marian enjoys a cook's lunch with Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken, authors of the current best-selling cookbook, "Too Hot Tamales." Over a luncheon of savory avocado dishes-Tomatillo Guacamole, Avocado Corn Salad, Chilled Cream of Avocado Soup, and Avocado Frappe-the chefs enjoy engaging in a little dish. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2421

    The Victory Garden celebrates the holidays with a visit to Cooperstown, NY. Famous for the Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown is also home to the Billings Farm Museum, a tableau of 19th century Americana. Host Roger Swain, garden correspondents Lee May and Holly Shimizu, landscape contractor Roger Cook and Chef Marian Morash tour the notable landmarks to learn about Coopertown's unique holiday decorating traditions. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2422

    International correspondent Adrian Bloom opens the first episode of The Victory Garden's tour of the gardens of Europe from one of Iceland's natural wonders -- a geothermal hot spring. Then he's off to visit a geothermal-heated greenhouse to learn how the Icelandics employ technology to extend their growing season. Iceland's best-known TV chef, Sigmar Hauksson, invites Chef Marian Morash to sample fare from his country's culinary past -- dried cod and headcheese. Following this culinary adventure, Chef Marian heads to Reykjavik for some fabulous modern fare created by renowned Chef Agnar of the Saga Grill. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2423

    International correspondent Adrian Bloom tours some of Iceland's most spectacular private gardens and learns about the unique challenges growers face in such an extreme climate. Some of the most interesting surprises on his route include a natural lava garden and a collectors' garden featuring a stunning display of dahlias. [26 minutes]

  • The Parterre's of Scotland's Drummond Castle (#2424)

    International correspondent Adrian Bloom visits the prominent 17th century Drummond Castle. Featuring perfectly maintained topiaries and some of the most amazing parterre work ever seen on The Victory Garden, Adrian introduces viewers to the master behind the aesthetics, head gardener Peter Randlo. Then he travels from the kingly to the contained, to meet Tom Shearer whose small, private garden boasts more than 5,000 plants. [26 minutes]

  • The Kinloch House Is Scotland's Countryside (#2425)

    International correspondent Adrian Bloom and chef Marian Morash visit Kinloch House in Perthshire. This beautiful country home and hotel, which was built in 1840, also boasts a fantastic vegetable garden. The two enjoy not only a respite in this charming locale, but also some culinary lessons from head chef Bill McNicholl. [26 minutes]

  • Scotland's House of Pitmuies (#2426)

    Mrs. Marguerite Ogilvie gives a grand tour of the many gardens on this amazing landscape. [26 minutes]

  • Kilts, Battles, and Castles (#2427)

    After being properly outfitted with a kilt and sporran in Inverness, Scotland, international correspondent Adrian Bloom travels to Culloden where he learns about the notorious 1746 battle, which restored the Stuart dynasty to the British throne. Then it's off to the nearby 14th century Cawdor Castle. A prominent setting in Shakespeare's MacBeth, the formidable-looking castle is surrounded by glorious medieval gardens including a holly maze and stunning herbaceous borders. [26 minutes]

  • From The Grain to the Glass: The Making of Single Malt Scotch Whiskey (#2428)

    While on a sojourn through the spectacular gardens of the United Kingdom, international corespondent Adrian Bloom makes a stop in the barley fields of Scotland to learn about the making of Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Bloom reports on barley's journey from the field to the glass when he visits a local grower and the famous Glen Grant distillery. While on a foreign tour, a sampling of the local cuisine is necessary. Series chef Marian Morash celebrates the Scottish tradition with hearty homemade soup featuring this native grain. [26 minutes]

  • Hill of Tarvit (#2429)

    When touring Scotland international correspondent Adrian Bloom visits and explores Hill of Tarvit, a mansion-house and garden perched on a hillside in Perthshire. Magnificent buttressed yews and colorful border gardens tended by master gardener Peter Christopher surround the Edwardian mansion. Later, chef Marian Morash enjoys a tour of the manse's wonderful period kitchen by property manager June Pratt. [26 minutes]

  • The East Ruston Old Vicarage Garden In England (#2430)

    The final destination of The Victory Garden's nine-week tour of the gardens of Iceland, Scotland, and England brings international correspondent Adrian Bloom back to his native East Anglia to the East Ruston Old Vicarage Garden. Owner and plantsman Alan Gray gives Adrian a tour of the wonderful garden behind his 1913 Arts and Craft-style home. The core of this lush garden, which was started from scratch in 1986, features a series of rooms including a sunken garden and a Dutch garden with striking topiaries. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2501

    In this episode of THE VICTORY GARDEN we take a look at the past with host Roger Swain. See the favorite memorable moments of THE VICTORY GARDEN as its 25th anniversary season. These moments feature Roger Swain, Bob Smaus, Adrian Bloom, and chef Marian Morash, along with tips, tours and recipes. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2502

    In this episode of Victory Garden, host Adrian Bloom travels to Inverewe Scotland. While there, he visits the famous Inverewe Gardens. Known for their unusual variety of plants, the Inverewe grounds play host to species typical of South America and Australia. [26 minutes]

  • Victoria Medal of Honour (#2503)

    The only father and son ever to be awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's highest accolade, the Victoria Medal of Honour, Alan and Adrian Bloom are truly innovators in their field. In this special Victory Garden, international correspondent Adrian Bloom interviews his father, Alan, about his long and distinguished career and groundbreaking work with hardy perennials and alpines. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2504

    THE VICTORY GARDEN celebrates how the good, green earth contributes to health and wellness when it sends West Coast correspondent Bob Smaus and Chef Marian Morash to Rancho La Puerta in Baja, California. Founded in the 1940s, with the mission of educating its guests about the mind, soul and body connection, the enduring popularity of this renowned health spa has proven that it was way ahead of its time. Through the decades, its organic garden has grown to encompass six acres and now provides all of the produce used for its internationally applauded spa cuisine. Chef Marian Morash is treated to just how delicious spa cuisine can be when she samples the house specialty prepared by Rancho La Puerta's Executive Chef and cookbook author, Bill Wavrin. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2505

    The notion of Hollywood in its heyday evokes images of glamour that Virginia Robinson, first lady of Beverly Hills, was able to recreate in her own private garden, begun in 1906. Now open for guided walking tours, The Virginia Robinson Garden evokes the glamour of this bygone era with its elegant, winding woodland pathways that connect the formal mall to the striking palm garden and finally, to the luxurious rose garden. West Coast correspondent Bob Smaus interviews superintendent Timothy Lindsay to learn how these gracious gardens came to be bequeathed to the City of Los Angeles in 1977. And finally, Chef Marian Morash teams up again with the Rancho La Puerta spa's Executive Chef Bill Wavrin to create another healthful dish with fresh organic produce. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2506

    Spring blooms in California with a dazzling array of daffodils, irises, poppies and roses all showing their handsome, colorful foliage. Garden correspondent Bob Smaus tours a private garden in Southern California learning more about the wide variety of blooming vines, citrus trees and perennials that all thrive in temperate year-round climates. Head caretaker Chris Rosmini and horticulture consultant John C. MacGregor are both on hand to answer Bob's questions and provide greater insight into the plant selection and care of this beautiful garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2507

    Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu celebrates the 25th anniversary season of THE VICTORY GARDEN in Bermuda, where she discovers how island gardeners combine both indigenous and naturalized plants to create a symphony for the senses. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2508

    Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu explores the luscious public and private gardens that contribute to the island of Bermuda's paradise atmosphere. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2509

    THE VICTORY GARDEN's correspondent Holly Shimizu learns that Bermuda isn't just about pink sand when she takes a look at the creative and innovative gardens that reflect its carefree island lifestyle. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2510

    Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu tours the majestic gardens of Biltmore, the palatial 19th- century George Vanderbilt estate in Asheville, North Carolina. The 8,000 acres that surround the 250-room home are the work of a landscape genius, Frederick Law Olmsted. From the formal wall garden to the wandering woodland paths that are a study in American forestry and preservation, the variety and breadth of plantings distinguishes Biltmore as a world-class garden. Special highlights include The Festival of Flowers. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2511

    Football and gardening? VICTORY GARDEN correspondent Holly Shimizu learns that the two can co-exist as she enjoys the gracious hospitality of University of Georgia's famed football coach Vince Dooley when he offers a tour of his garden in Athens, Georgia. Dooley's passion for woodland plants is evident and emerges as a stunning visual display that bursts with depth and variety. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2512

    VICTORY GARDEN correspondent Holly Shimizu explores the campus gardens at the University of Georgia in Athens and gains higher knowledge of the future of horticulture. She learns about the plant research that occurs at the University, and gets a sneak peek at what will be appearing at local nurseries in the coming years. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2513

    The laughter of children greets VICTORY GARDEN correspondent Holly Shimizu when she arrives at the Camden Children's Garden in Camden, New Jersey. Executive director Mike Devlin explains the themes of the individual gardens and speaks about the special challenges of creating interactive garden spaces for children where they can learn while enjoying their surroundings. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2514

    The Victory Garden hosts Roger Swain continues his never-ending search for summer bloomers while Chef Marian serves up a classic with a twist, peas and carrots with basil. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2515

    Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu goes back to school and learns about the exciting horticultural programs and research at the University of Georgia in Athens. Professor Allan Armitage guides her through the trial gardens, explaining the student research on the plants that lay before them. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2516

    Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu explores the gardens and courtyards of Chanticleer, a 31 acre estate located in a Philadelphia suburb. This pleasure garden features a wide variety of plants including herbaceous perennials, trailing and twining vines, potted tropical plants as well as a woodland garden with exotic groundcover. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2517

    A wonderful garden oasis in the heart of Historic Philadelphia welcomes garden correspondent Holly Shimizu. Its owners have transformed the small space into an inviting shade retreat. The cool, fence enclosed environ allows visitors to relax amidst the hustle and bustle of the hot city streets just a few feet away. [26 minutes]

  • Victoria Medal of Honour (#2518)

    The only father and son ever to be awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's highest accolade, the Victoria Medal of Honour, Alan and Adrian Bloom are truly innovators in their field. In this special Victory Garden, international correspondent Adrian Bloom interviews his father, Alan, about his long and distinguished career and groundbreaking work with hardy perennials and alpines. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2519

    Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu tours a bountiful private garden in Rhode Island while back at The Victory Garden kitchen, Chef Marian shares a favorite recipe for cucumbers. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2520

    Correspondent Bob Smaus travels to Portland, Oregon, to visit Lucy Hardiman who has landscaped her own private garden expressly for the enjoyment of her surrounding community. Hardiman shares how she reworked her steeply sloped front yard to include a "public space" with benches and fragrant flowers for passersby to stop and enjoy. She also shows how she translated the same sentiment to the backyard that she shares with her neighbors. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2521

    Equally famous for their fresh cuisine as for their vegetable garden, Arrows restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine welcomes The Victory Garden's Chef Marian with a tour of their gardens and a special invitation into their kitchen. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2522

    Garden correspondent Bob Smaus travels to Bainbridge Island in Oregon to meet George Little and David Lewis, whose company creates stunning garden sculptures and architectural forms. Bob tours their private garden and experiences the tranquility of a water garden and burbling fountains, before witnessing the actual creation of one of their signature pieces-a four-foot concrete sculpted leaf. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2523

    Garden writer and flower arranger Valerie Easton shows garden correspondent Bob Smaus around her Seattle, Washington garden. Planted primarily as a cutting garden, Valerie explains how she selects the flowers and foliage, and what makes for a beautiful flower arrangement. . [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2524

    Garden correspondent Bob Smaus finds himself in Portland, Oregon talking with local gardener Sean Hogan who gives a whole new meaning to neighborhood beautification program. Hogan, with the permission of his neighbors, has embarked on an ambitious curbside-planting program for his street, creating an inviting environment for evening walks and neighborly talks. [26 minutes]

  • Tuscany: A Victory Garden "Classic" (#2525)

    Embark on a six-week tour of the both the majestic and intimate gardens of Italy. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2526

    The 25th anniversary season of THE VICTORY GARDEN continues in grand style as international correspondent Adrian Bloom proceeds on his six- week tour of Italy. During week two, Adrian meets Enzo Margheriti, owner of Vivai Margheriti, one of the largest nurseries in Italy. In addition to learning about the latest Italian gardening trends from the source that supplies most the country, Enzo invites Adrian to his own home garden. [26 minutes]

  • Umbria: A Victory Garden "Classic" (#2527)

    Visit an estate in Umbria with a modern renaissance style garden and a castle with ancient gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2528

    International garden correspondent Adrian Bloom meets Renaissance historian Allen Grieco at Georgetown University's Center for Renaissance Studies, Le Balze. Together they tour the gardens of Castello Ruspoli, which were designed in the 16th century and include the oldest existing parterre in Italy. Allen then takes Adrian to see Villa La Foce, a Renaissance-style garden designed by noted English landscape architect Cecil Pinsent in the 1920s. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2529

    The Victory Garden continues its six week tour of Italian gardens with a visit to Venzano Nursery. International garden correspondent Adrian Bloom learns more about the nursery, which specializes in aromatics, and the property, whose recorded history dates back more than one thousand years. Adrian continues on to the nearby town, Volterra, where he witnesses an ancient tradition filled with pomp and pageantry: a flag throwing demonstration. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2530

    Stunned by the beauty of the Italian gardens, international garden correspondent Adrian Bloom learns about an organization dedicated to preserving these landmarks when he meets with Judith Bernardi of Grandi Giardini Italiani. Together they tour Villa Garzoni, a Renaissance-style garden, in the village of Collodi. Later, Adrian discovers the clay makes all the difference when he visits Impruneta, where terra cotta planters are still painstakingly crafted by hand. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2601

    The Victory Garden kicks off its 26th season when garden correspondent Holly Shimizu tours Unbelieveable Acres in West Palm Beach, Florida. Aptly named for visitor's frequent reactions upon seeing the garden, owner Gene Joyner has worked for thirty years to transform a stark, empty pasture. The result is a lush tropical rainforest that has attracted hummingbirds, owls, butterflies, the attention of the National Wildlife Foundation, and of course, The Victory Garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2602

    The Victory Garden and garden correspondent Holly Shimizu discover more garden treasures in Southern Florida with a visit to Morikami Gardens. Originally part of a turn of the century farming community, the park was bequeathed to Palm Beach County in 1976 when landowner George Morikami passed away. Landscape designer Hoichi Kurisu guides Holly through the period gardens which chronicle the progression of Japanese landscape design. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2603

    Bob Smaus, the West Coast garden correspondent for The Victory Garden, meets with Dave Schreiner of Schreiner's Iris to learn more about this beautiful plant and bloom. While explaining the different types of colors available, Dave recommends a meeting with his cousin, Ray, a hybridizer who works extensively to create new, vibrant, viable irises for the coming seasons. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2604

    Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu meets with Brent Heath, a Victory Garden alum and co-owner of Brent and Becky's Bulbs, to understand more the specialty bulbs Heath and his wife grow on their 10 acre farm in Virginia. Shimizu learns more about their techniques and what it means to be a third generation bulb grower. [26 minutes]

  • Costa Rica: Garden of Ileana Teran (#2605)

    The Victory Garden takes a closer look at the exotic plant life in Costa Rica, exploring the tropical nation's beautiful public and private gardens. While a wide variety of vegetation thrives in this environment, some plant species, like the Cattleya orchid, are endangered. Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu meets with Ileana Teran, who is working to save the Cattleya orchid. She gives Holly a tour of her private garden while explaining her efforts and organization, Save Costa Rican Orchids (SACRO). [26 minutes]

  • Costa Rica: Eco-Tourism/Rainforest (#2606)

    Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu meets with David Clark when she tours La Selva, a biological preserve and research facility. She learns that his research tracks how the tropical rainforests respond to climate changes. Together they tour areas of the preserve to demonstrate the breadth of bio-diversity in these forests. Later, Holly meets with Jean Pierre Knockaert, director of Centro Neotropico Sarapiquis, a non-profit model for eco-tourism, which enables people to enjoy the glorious natural surroundings while respecting the fragile relationship man has with the rainforest. Holly learns about the village that dates back to the pre-Columbian era and explores the area to find out about the endangered ecosystem preservation efforts. [26 minutes]

  • Costa Rica: Wilson Botanic/Medicinal Plants (#2607)

    The Victory Garden garden correspondent Holly Shimizu continues to tour the beautiful gardens of Costa Rica when she visits Wilson Botanic Garden. Located in a cloud forest that receives over 160 inches of rain a year, the gardens have one of Central America's richest plant collections. Director Luis Diego Gomez shows Holly several interesting species while discussing medicinal plants and tropical medicine, an area of study at the garden. Finally, Holly is introduced to a local Guaymi healer who explains the uses of many local plants. [26 minutes]

  • Costa Rica: Heliconias (#2608)

    Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu continues to be amazed by the stunning flora and fauna of Costa Rica. One of her favorite flowers, the heliconia, grows in abundance and is shipped throughout the world from Costa Flores. Owners David and Cathy Carli show Holly through the display garden which features different species of heliconias and gingers, explaining the name and origin of many of the plants. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2609

    Victory Garden host Roger Swain travels to the Arnold Arboretum in Boston, Massachusetts to discover more about the care and propagation of lilacs. The Arboretum is the ideal learning facility with over 24 species and over 2000 varieties. Chief propagator Jack Alexander explains what takes to be a top-grade lilac, while arborist John Del Rosso shows Swain the best techniques for pruning, demonstrating on an overgrown specimen. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2610

    Featuring a trip to Jefferson's Pavilion Gardens at the University of Virginia with Holly Shimizu. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2611

    On location in Finland, Chef Marian Morash tours the garden of ceramic designer Dorrit von Fieandt, learning about the native flowers such as the Wild Finnish Orchid that are the inspiration for her designs before being joined by international correspondent Peter Seabrook for lunch overlooking the lake. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2612

    The gardens of Palm Beach County, Florida series continues as garden correspondent Holly Shimizu meets with landscape architect Don Skowron on the site of his latest project. As Skowron guides Shimizu through the work he explains to her the challenges of tropical landscaping in the harsh ocean environment of southern coastal Florida, and how he's incorporated several beautiful species that can withstand the salt air. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2613

    Featuring Bob Smaus' visit to Fairview Gardens in Goleta, California, with author and farmer Michael Ableman. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2614

    Victory Garden host Roger Swain visits a pre-eminent seed factory in Maine to learn about the behind-the-scenes organization and distribution of seeds from Maine to California. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2615

    Garden correspondent Holly Shimizu meets with Chris Woods, executive director of Chanticleer, when she tours the estate's gardens while on location in Philadelphia. She learns how to create contrast in the garden by using wheat and juniper trees. Back in the Victory Garden kitchen, Chef Marian creates an "Other Good Things Salad." [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2616

    The Victory Garden garden correspondent Holly Shimizu continues to be amazed by beautiful destination gardens when she heads south to Sundy House in Florida, a restaurant which incorporates fresh vegetables into its famed recipes from its beautiful surrounding gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2617

    The Victory Garden visits a stone store in Georgia to discover how hard scape features can be used to add structure to your garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2618

    Have you ever wondered what a real Victory Garden was? This fall The Victory Garden pays a special visit to the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History to view a World War II era victory garden that was re-created from a 1943 pamphlet. Garden Correspondent Holly Shimizu speaks with Historian Susan Pennington to learn about the history and origin of a victory garden. The 130 foot long garden contains over 50 varieties of vegetables, showcasing mainly heirloom species and older varieties that were available to gardeners during the 1940s.The garden was designed to complement the museum's new permanent exhibition "Within These Walls_". The exhibit tells the 200 year story of American history as seen from the doorstep of one house that stood from colonial days through the mid 1960's in Ipswich, Ma. ~ [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2619

    The Victory Garden visits Atlanta, Georgia this week as guest presenter Lee May tours Tony Smith's bonsai garden. With a spectacular view of Atlanta's skyline, Smith's rooftop garden features dozens of meticulously pruned miniature trees. Watch and learn as Smith shows beginners how to start a bonsai tree. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2620

    The Victory Garden's correspondent Bob Smaus travels to Portland, Oregon this week to visit the private garden of Craig Quirk and Larry Neill. Highlights of this extraordinary garden visit include how to use distinctive colors in the forefront of your garden bed to provide year round color and bloom, and how creative garden containers can divide a small space effectively. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2621

    The Victory Garden's Correspondent Bob Smaus visits the garden of longtime friends and gardening companions Joanne Fuller and Linda Ernst in Portland, Oregon. Fuller shows how to give a garden entrance texture throughout the year by using plant diversity, which also brings about natural pest control. Ernst maximizes her small lot by creating small garden rooms. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2622

    The Victory Garden's garden correspondent Holly Shimizu finds herself in West Palm Beach, Florida talking with local gardener Pat Cooke, who makes a magical outdoor living space by combining her artistic flair for design with her love for gardening. Holly learns how different combinations of foliage can be used to make separate but graceful outdoor rooms. Pat also shows how adding white and silver to the garden makes it come alive during the day and at night. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2623

    The Victory Garden's garden correspondent Holly Shimizu travels to beautiful Palm Beach, Florida to visit the private home and garden of Kit Pannill. Kit has cultivated a mass planting of yellow and red philodendron that make for a beautiful and impressive garden. Most memorable is Holly's tour of Kit's separate orchid house that includes a fine collection of orchids and even a hybridized orchid named after Kit herself! [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2624

    The Victory Garden gets hot and spicy this week with a trip to Avery Island, Louisiana, home to America's favorite pepper sauce. Learn how the pepper Capsicum frutescens is turned into a condiment loved the world over. Chef Marian heats up the kitchen with Cajun Chef Eula Mae Dore as they demonstrate the versatility of this beloved hot sauce. ~ [26 minutes]

  • A Nantucket Christmas (#2625)

    Picture Nantucket at Christmas time: festive wreaths on doorways, trimmed trees along picturesque streets; a maritime heritage celebrated. The Victory Garden brings you a traditional New England Christmas straight from this idyllic island, dressed in its holiday best. Join the Victory Garden crew as they experience the sights and sounds of Nantucket at this beautiful time of year. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2701

    Host Michael Weishan tours the new victory garden and demonstrates how the philosophy "design twice, plant once" saves time and money later on. Also on hand is gardening correspondent Paul Epsom who gives tips on garden design tools worthy of investing in-everything from a simple pencil to high-tech software. For those looking to spice things up in the kitchen, the Victory Garden's new "Green Cuisine" segment shows you how to savor the fruits and veggies of your labor with recipes from world-class chefs. This week, Jody Adams, author of In the Hands of a Chef, shows how to jump start the vegetable garden season with her mouth-watering recipes using spring greens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2702

    A chicken coop in every garden? It's one of the latest gardening trends. Host Michael Weishan teams up with landscape contractor Roger Cook to show you how to get one started in your own backyard. Join gardening correspondent Paul Epsom in his new "Tools of the Trade" segment as he explores the latest array of weather forecasting options available-from the simple weather stick to the more complex weather center. See how a cutting garden gets started with Margaret Hensel, author of English Cottage Gardening for American Gardeners, then join celebrated chef Gordon Hamersley who shares the pleasures of cooking with fresh eggs from your own home fowl. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2703

    Is your roof deck garden or courtyard in need of rejuvenation? Are you looking for a major redesign of your garden this summer? Tune-in and watch host Michael Weishan as he takes on the challenge of transforming a small 12X12 Boston roof deck garden into a fragrant, vibrant, outdoor-living space. Looking for garden inspiration? Come with us as we visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the heart of Boston for a genteel indoor garden tour. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2704

    Tune-in and learn the perks of introducing bees into your own home garden. 10,000 are all it takes to get the Victory Garden's beehive buzzing! Host Michael Weishan also shares his best bets for selecting spring herbs and creates a culinary masterpiece_an herb container you'll want make yourself to keep close to your kitchen. Chef Jody Adams, a "James Beard Best Chef of the Northeast," rolls up her sleeves to prepare a luscious spring dish with salmon and sorrel. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2705

    Learn about "Best Bets" for small shrubs. Chef Ming Tsai prepares steamed bok choy with rock shrimp. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2706

    Learn soil preparation and growing tips that will ensure a healthy and delicious tomato harvest. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2707

    Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom shows the latest in garden hoses, reels and watering vessels. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2708

    David Gilson of the Herb Lyceum shares his advice for planting and using your favorite herbs. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2709

    A floral designer shows how to create an arrangement of annuals that will brighten your home. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2710

    Learn how and why some of the most elegant gardens use stone. Visit the Stoneyard in Littleton, MA. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2711

    Visit Portsmouth Rhode Island's Green Animals Garden, one of the country's largest topiary gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2712

    Learn an approach to growing beautiful roses and get advice on the best tools to maintain them. [26 minutes]

  • Fresh Fruit (#2713)

    Chef Alice Waters of Berkeley's Chez Panisse celebrates the intense flavor of fresh garden fruit. [26 minutes]

  • Summertime (#2714)

    Consider designing a low-maintenance landscape with shrubs that require minimum upkeep. [26 minutes]

  • In The Garden (#2715)

    Learn techniques for the perfect combination of flowers & foliage for abundant container gardens. [26 minutes]

  • Eat Your Veggies (#2716)

    Visit Verrill Farms in Concord, Massachusetts. Scallops, bacon and summer succotash are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • Garden by the Sea (#2717)

    Learn innovative approaches for planning a shoreline garden and tips on tools for water gardening. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2718

    Come join The Victory Garden and the popular Antiques Roadshow as we take a road trip to the famed Brimfield Antiques Show in Brimfield, Massachusetts to uncover hidden treasures that you'll want to have in your own backyard. Gardening correspondent Lee May explores the dramatic renovations recently completed at The Elms, a grand Gilded Age estate in Newport, RI. Also, taste what's "new again" as author Amy Goldman introduces us to her passion for heirloom seed varieties, including a unique array of melons. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2719

    The Victory Garden's antique and heirloom exploration continues as host Michael Weishan unearths creative ideas for placing unique antiques in and around your garden. We'll also meet up again with nationally known heirloom vegetable gardener Amy Goldman, as she provides a tour of her more than 80 varieties of tomatoes, along with demonstrating an age-old method for drying them. Cathy Miller, author of "Harvesting, Preserving, & Arranging Dried Flowers" also joins Michael and shares her secrets for drying flowers, a skill that has earned her invitations to create arrangements for the past four Presidential administrations. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2720

    Creating a water garden is a hot new trend - host Michael Weishan offers his "Best Bets" for plants that are both beautiful and functional whether you're planting your water garden in a pond, steam or bog. And for added inspiration, this week The Victory Garden travels to The Fells, a nostalgic refuge reminiscent of an early 20th-century summer estate, to tour its rock garden - featuring over 600 distinct species of plants. Then it's off to the kitchen where celebrated guest chef Chris Schlesinger, author of "Let the Flames Begin," shows how to prepare a magnificent dish of mussels and garden-fresh parsley. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2721

    Having trouble getting your garden to flourish with only a tiny bit of sunlight in your yard or deck? Plan your landscape design accordingly by using the The Victory Garden's best tips for gardening in the shade-including an introduction to the many types of shade that gardeners cope with. Then, join us as we demonstrate a great project for the crisp fall days - preserving ferns with a plant press. Host Michael Weishan also pays a visit to the magnificent Garden in the Woods at the New England Wild Flower Society, which boasts New England's finest collection of wildflowers. [26 minutes]

  • Lawns (#2722)

    Is the grass always greener on your neighbor's lawn? Help is on the way. Tune-in to The Victory Garden for the latest in lawn care from host Michael Weishan. Get your "Best Bets" on mowers and lawn maintenance tools from garden correspondent Paul Epsom. Michael also visits "The Mount," Edith Wharton's first "real home" to tour the recently restored gardens inspired by Wharton's original 19th century design. [26 minutes]

  • Fall Gardening (#2723)

    Do you want your front doorstop to be the envy of your neighborhood? Tune in for cutting edge ideas for colorful fall container gardens. Sharon Lovejoy, author and illustrator of the children's book Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots, visits The Victory Garden and shares unique projects that will keep kids and adults alike entertained in the garden. Then, it's off to the kitchen with guest chef James Walt who'll prepare a mouthwatering dish of new potatoes with clams. [26 minutes]

  • Bulbs (#2724)

    Digging now means a brighter spring! The Victory Garden reveals tips for selecting and planting unusual bulbs for your garden-along with a variety of design ideas. Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom shows " how-to" plant bulbs for optimal growth and colorful spring bloom. Also, renowned Japanese chef Hiroko Shimbo, of New York's Hiroko's Kitchen, incorporates the bold flavor of garlic in an Asian favorite, gyoza, commonly known as pot stickers. [26 minutes]

  • Best Plants for the Greenhouse (#2725)

    Don't let the bad weather get you down, bring the best of the garden indoors with The Victory Garden's "Best Bets" on plants for the greenhouse - including citrus. If you have trouble getting your indoor garden to sing, tune in as gardening correspondent Paul Epsom shares advice from his maintenance kit that makes for happy houseplants. Well-known Asian chef Hiroko Shimbo returns to The Victory Garden kitchen and creates a delightful dish of autumn eggplant with a spicy/sweet vinegar marinade. [26 minutes]

  • Fall Harvest (#2726)

    The Victory Garden celebrates fall harvest! Join us as we reap the bounty of our 27th season and share an exploration of time-tested gardening ideas with the editor of Old Farmer's Almanac. Pre-eminent heirloom gardener Amy Goldman also returns to demonstrate creative ways of incorporating gourds in your fall plans. We'll also show how a feast can be found by foraging for food in nature, and cooking up what we unearth. And finally, as we put our garden to bed, you'll learn how it's never too early to start planning for spring. See you in April! [26 minutes]

  • New Orleans (#2801)

    As a special tribute to New Orleans, THE VICTORY GARDEN presents an encore of a trip to Louisiana's French Quarter, where host Michael Weishan tours private gardens that boast a bounty of spring color. Gardening correspondent Lee May introduces Callaway Gardens, the award-winning Victory Garden South, set in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Pine Mountain, Georgia. In this episode, Lee tours the historic vegetable garden and shares five fantastic tips for soil. Viewers also get the lowdown on starting a simple espalier. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2802

    Gardening correspondent Lee May joins us once again from Georgia's Victory Garden South where he shares tips for maintaining magnificent camellias. At the New Orleans Botanical Garden, host Michael Weishan joins well-known Louisiana personality Dan Gill, who shares his best bets for Southern spring-flowering trees and shrubs. Later, Michael is back at The Victory Garden and meets up with gardener Kip Anderson for an introduction to creating a picture-perfect frame to your garden with decorative and antique edging options. Then, it's off to the kitchen with guest chef Deborah Madison, an expert in vegetarian cooking, who will create the delicious dish, "Golden Beets and their Greens with Marjoram Pesto." [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2803

    Have you always wanted your own greenhouse, but lack the space and time to care for one? Watch as gardening correspondent Paul Epsom provides easy ideas for creating your own terrarium. Also, The Victory Garden takes a field trip to visit the gorgeous greenhouses of Mark Ward, a specialist in restoration and preservation. Back in our greenhouse, gardener Kip Anderson is sowing Asian greens, a delicious addition to any garden. We'll also hit the road with gardening correspondent Lee May, who will join University of Georgia' s Dr. Allan Armitage at the spectacular butterfly conservatory at The Gardens at Callaway for an introduction to tropical plants that would be glorious in any garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2804

    How to start a perennial garden is a perennial question for many viewers. This week The Victory Garden shows how and where to begin -including removing trees and preparing the soil. Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom also offers his best advice about the leading tools of the trade including pruners worthy of investing in. Then, expert Ed Palmer shares a cutting-edge lesson in proper pruning techniques on apple trees. Meanwhile, host Michael Weishan is visiting with Massachusetts' Tower Hill Botanic Garden for an introduction to heirloom apples. Michael then goes "digging deeper" with radio personality Jim Zoppo to answer your questions about growing your own fruit trees. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2805

    Plotting to have the best garden on the block? Tune-in to The Victory Garden as host Michael Weishan joins garden design expert Monique Allen, to plant a few ideas for growing your own spectacular space. Then, Michael and gardener Kip Anderson demonstrate ways to create privacy, and add beauty, to your garden with fencing. Kip also heads out to the vegetable garden to sow spinach. Later, it's back to the kitchen where guest chef Lidia Bastianich, of PBS' Lidia' s Italian Kitchen, uses garden-fresh ingredients in her scrumptious recipe for "Michelangelo's Spinach." Finally, we're answering our viewer's questions about how to help houseplants thrive. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2806

    The Victory Garden contest returns! Host Michael Weishan will give viewers the scoop on this year's search for America's Most Beautiful Herb Garden, including how you can win an appearance on the show. Gardening correspondent Lee May visits The Gardens at Callaway, our Victory Garden south, getting the dirt on the best ways to cut daffodils, along with some fresh design techniques for arranging them. Michael also joins gardener Kip Anderson for a demonstration of " Kip's tips" for transplanting lettuce and pea plants with spectacular results. In the kitchen, guest chef Deborah Madison uses the freshest of ingredients to cook up her refreshing soup "Elixir of Fresh Peas." Finally, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom explores the "tools of the trade" and gives the low-down on gardening hoes. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2807

    Have you always wanted to make your garden a little more earth friendly? Tune-in to The Victory Garden as host Michael Weishan and gardener Kip Anderson show the latest in hands-on techniques for creating a composting area in your own backyard. Then, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom visits with Boston- based Greenleaf Composting for tips in backyard production that anyone can use at home. Later, Kip shows how to sow Asian greens, like the ones used by renowned Japanese chef Hiroko Shimbo, of New York's Hiroko's Kitchen. Then, Hiroko joins us in the kitchen for a mouthwatering recipe using Asian greens with a Black Sesame Seed Dressing. Finally, we'll continue our new perennial garden as Michael and Kip go in search of perfect plants for borders. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2808

    Do you love gardening, but don't have an expansive landscape? Tune-in to The Victory Garden as host Michael Weishan shares his best tips for planning an urban garden that will spruce up even the smallest of spaces. Michael and gardener Kip Anderson are back tending to our new perennial garden, as planting begins. Next, special guest Jim Zoppo, of Boston's WRKO, helps answer some of our viewer's questions, including the how-to for starting plants from seeds. Finally, guest chef Lidia Bastianich, of PBS' Lidia's Italian Kitchen, shares her secrets for cooking with scallions and onions and serving it up in a sumptuous dish, "Risotto with Scallions, Swisschard and Gorgonzola." ~ [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2809

    The Victory Garden hits the road to visit Massachusetts' Old Sturbridge Agricultural Fair, where history comes alive and host Michael Weishan gets a firsthand look at how gardening was done in the 19th century. Michael then heads out to the vegetable garden to get started on his own pumpkin patch, and is joined by gardener Kip Anderson, who shares his tips and techniques for growing these autumn-minded gourds as well as winter squash. We'll also examine the current growth, and amazing selection, of seed-saving and heirloom variety fruits and vegetables... You won't believe the delicious treats we unearth! Finally, we'll be joined by radio personality Jim Zoppo as he helps us answer our viewer's perplexing questions. [26 minutes]

  • The Great Outdoors (#2810)

    It's a farmer's delight this week at The Victory Garden! Amy Goldman, celebrated chef and heirloom vegetable expert, joins host Michael Weishan and provides insight into heirloom melons and venerable melon culture - including the best way to protect the precious seeds. Gardener Kip Anderson then helps start our new pumpkin patch, and plant some unique varieties of winter squash and pumpkin. Finally, nature authors and birders Don and Lillian Stokes show how to make backyards more inviting for our feathered friends. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2811

    Want to dress up your deck on a limited budget? Tune in as artist Annie Sloan joins host Michael Weishan in The Victory Garden and demonstrates fun and dramatic design basics that can make affordable plastic pots look like antiqued marble! Stone mason Michael des Sesto is on hand showing how to select pavers that will transform your outdoor living space, including a tour to an inspired garden he designed. Finally, it's back to the kitchen where authors Bob and Melinda Blanchard show Michael creative and delicious ways to dress up lettuce by whipping up a selection of salads and dressings sure to please everyone at the dinner table. [26 minutes]

  • Vancouver - Part One (#2812)

    Visit British Columbia's masterful gardens, the VanDusen Botanical Garden the Sooke Harbour House. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2813

    Ample, and attractive storage is a challenge for many gardeners looking for creative ways to store, house or protect their plants and supplies. Tune into The Victory Garden as gardening correspondent Paul Epsom discusses sheds and other structures for a variety of garden settings. Next he is joined by author and gardening expert Sharon Lovejoy, whose latest book Trowel & Error unearths both gardening wisdom and practical hints for the backyard. Host Michael Weishan then joins celebrated guest chef Didi Emmons, who stirs up an unusual and delicious dish featuring garden-fresh cabbage. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2814

    The Victory Garden is on the road! Tune in as host Michael Weishan goes north of the border to visit the lush gardens of British Columbia, Canada. Join Michael as he explores the stunning gardens of the Governor's House is Victoria, and meets the volunteers who care for them. Also, learn about the Victoria tradition of marking the beginning of summer with a colorful hanging basket. Then, at the Sooke Harbour House in Victoria, Michael serves up an enticing recipe of red snapper with nasturtiums-you won't want to miss this dish! Back in the States, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom visits Stonegate Gardens in Massachusetts for an apropos tutorial in Plant Staging 101. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2815

    Slug it out with your garden pests! Tune in as host Michael Weishan and gardener Kip Anderson discuss ways to rid your garden of pesky slugs. Then, join The Victory Garden to discover The Garden Conservatory's "Open Days" garden visits, which explore gorgeous private gardens to help raise awareness and preservation funds to keep America growing. Back home, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom welcomes gardening expert and author Sharon Lovejoy, who returns to share unique and fun tips from her latest book "Trowel and Error." Finally, it's off to the kitchen where celebrated guest chef Didi Emmons prepares delectable garden-fresh cabbage in a tasty new recipe. [26 minutes]

  • Vancouver (Part 2 of 2) (#2816)

    Walk amidst the peace and harmony of a traditional Chinese garden at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden. [26 minutes]

  • Quebec (#2817)

    Enjoy spring in full bloom at the Reford Gardens and visit the Chateau Frontenac rooftop garden. [26 minutes]

  • Montreal (#2818)

    Explore the four-season appeal of a private Asian-style home garden and the Montreal Botanic Garden. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2819

    This week The Victory Garden resumes the ongoing summer urban project with appropriate and cost-effective hardscape, including tips for installing brick. Correspondent Paul Epsom welcomes back gardening expert Sharon Lovejoy to discuss gardening fun for little hands with weekend projects for the kids. Then, join bird experts Don and Lillian Stokes at the Tower Hill Botanic Gardens in Boylston, Massachusetts, to learn which feeders attract the birds you love. Finally, Michael pays a special visit to the delightful Reford Gardens in Quebec for their international garden display tours. [26 minutes]

  • In The Garden (#2820)

    From garden bed to tabletop, fresh vegetables are a gardener's delight. Host Michael Weishan explores the exquisite vegetable garden at Arrows Restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine, and discovers some unique methods for growing tomatoes. Some of these fresh (and healthy! ) tomatoes from the garden are then brought into the kitchen by Chefs Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier for a tasty summer gazpacho recipe. Back at The Victory Garden, head gardener Kip Anderson builds and installs a beautiful redwood trellis that could be done in weekend; then guest Gary Koller joins Michael to discuss not-just-the-basics of pool landscaping. [26 minutes]

  • Grasses (#2821)

    Get the grass greener on your side of the fence. Host Michael Weishan enters the major leagues with David Mellor, director of grounds at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, and gets advice on hitting a home run with proper lawn care. Then, Michael returns to The Victory Garden to meet up with Kip, who introduces a variety of ornamental grasses that help add texture and color to a perennial border. The Urban Project, based in Somerville, MA, is completed with final planting tips and suggestions for ground coverings that thrive in the shade. Finally, it's off to the kitchen with chef Didi Emmons, author of "Entertaining for a Veggie Planet," who whips up a delicious dish of broccoli and noodles. [26 minutes]

  • Heirlooms and More (#2822)

    We asked, and you responded! This week, The Victory Garden unveils the winners of our America's Most Beautiful Herb Garden contest. Tune in to discover whose crafty creation grabbed the attention of our judges. Host Michael Weishan will also demonstrate how to keep your edible garden going with tips on drying herbs and preserving your fall harvest. Then, heirloom gardening expert Amy Goldman pays a visit and shares the basics of seed saving with a variety of tomatoes. Finally, learn some simple techniques for updating the look of your window boxes in a snap, by swapping liners. [26 minutes]

  • Suburban Makeover (#2823)

    This week on The Victory Garden, host Michael Weishan tackles a challenging landscape design project - the overhaul of a home's front entrance. The first part will introduce the site, create a plan, and start deconstruction. Also, tune in for best bets in shrubs that won' t outgrow their space, ideal for framing your foundation. Michael then pays a visit to a private garden in Massachusetts for some inspired ideas that everyone can use, including how to incorporate a play space for kids into a beautiful design. [26 minutes]

  • Changes in the Garden (#2824)

    Gardening is all about change - adapting to challenges while enjoying the fruits of your labor. This week in The Victory Garden, we'll review what was successful in the garden and what didn't grow to its potential, and why. Then, host Michael Weishan will continue with our front entrance re-design, examining fencing options that fit your home. Next, learn the best bets for making your own stone walkway with this lesson in hardscaping. Finally, gardener Kip Anderson shares tips for growing garden-fresh peppers, like the ones chef Martin Boucher uses in his delicious Ratatouille recipe from Maison des Erables in Montmagny. [26 minutes]

  • Fall Prep (#2825)

    Ready to add a little spice to your fall? This week on The Victory Garden host Michael Weishan welcomes expert Amy Goldman, who will explain why transplanting your chile peppers to indoor pots will keep your plants happy this winter. Then, Michael will teach you how to give new life to your bounty of peppers by drying them. With a chill in the air, Paul Epson returns to the garden to show you the proper way to put your tools to bed for the winter. Finally, tune in to see the results of our front entrance re-design challenge as Michael and gardener Kip Anderson put in the last plantings and take you on a tour. [26 minutes]

  • Extending The Season (#2826)

    With the last of your summer gardening complete and the first frost on it's way its time to get ready for spring! This week on The Victory Garden, host Michael Weishan will share the best way to plant your bulbs for a spectacular spring display. Then learn how you can extend your harvest into the coldest months with fresh winter greens. Gardener Kip Anderson returns to the garden to teach you the secrets of planting garlic to ensure a healthy spring crop. Next, join us as we head to Arrows Restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine for a delicious dish of Poached Garlic Soup with Thyme and Red Pepper Creams. Finally, Michael will show you the best way to bring your houseplants indoors after a summer in the garden. [26 minutes]

  • Exotics (#2901)

    It's time to spice up your garden and heat up your spring with a brand new season of The Victory Garden. Make your garden sizzle by adding a few unusual- but wonderfully edible favorites discovered by host Michael Weishan at the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead, Florida. Introduce these fabulous flavors into your cooking with [26 minutes]

  • Ecologically Friendly (#2902)

    Celebrate the Earth with The Victory Garden by creating a garden that works with nature, but uses your design style! To begin this lesson, host Michael Weishan heads to Plant Creations Nursery in Homestead Florida to learn a few of plant manager Ken Cook's best bets for native plants. Then, Michael is off to the Tropical Audobon Society in Miami to find out how to encourage wildlife habitats in your own backyard. Bringing these ideas back to The Victory Garden, Michael and gardener Kip Anderson meet with Cheryl Lowe and Bill Cullina from the New England Wildflower Society to design a backyard makeover with environmentally sound techniques-and great style. [26 minutes]

  • Transitions (#2904)

    Get ready for a transformation! Join host Michael Weishan and experts from the New England Wildflower Society to see the amazing results of The Victory Garden ecological-friendly backyard makeover. Also find out how to change a small space in to a delightful outdoor living area with Michael and guest gardener Hank Bruno at The Victory Garden South. Don't forget to refresh the indoors too! Floral designer Ruth Benson Levin shows gardening correspondent Paul Epsom the proper technique for forcing some beautiful, fragrant branches into bloom and then demonstrates how to use them in elegant arrangements. [26 minutes]

  • Containers (#2905)

    Small space or large, containers can add instant color and punch to your garden. Segments include creating a container water garden; how to choose the right vegetables to grow in containers; and tips on spanning the seasons with container gardening. [26 minutes]

  • Jump Start On Spring (#2906)

    It's FINALLY spring! After a long winter, there's nothing better than getting outdoors - let the glory of spring overwhelm your senses. We start with a walk through one of the Boston area's most inspired gardens; then, we take a look at our own gorgeous bulb displays at The Victory Garden (the payoff for fall's hard work!). Vegetable garden progress begins when we learn how to make natural plant supports, and renowned chef Deborah Madison joins us and creates a frothy pea soup that tastes like the essence of the season. [26 minutes]

  • Garden Chores (#2907)

    The Victory Garden shows you how to make your gardening life easier when tackling chores. Paul Epsom tells us about back-saving tools; learn how to make watering easier by installing sprinklers where necessary; Kip shares vegetable garden tips; and Chef Michael Schlow makes magic and "melts" cabbage. [26 minutes]

  • Spring in Holland (#2908)

    Visit gorgeous gardens and get hands-on lessons from a designer at the Keukenhof in the Netherlands. [26 minutes]

  • The Netherlands (#2909)

    Visit historic homes & get a glimpse behind the beautiful facades that line the canals of Amsterdam. [26 minutes]

  • Solving Garden Problems (#2910)

    Need some advice on solving your garden's problems? You'll find it right here on The Victory Garden. We'll visit a garden here in Belgium that's extremely "space challenged" - and we'll learn how to take advantage of an awkward, narrow layout. Back in the states, we'llsee some disease resistant dogwoods... learn how to best combat invasive plants.. and meet an inspired artist who's taken advantage of the worst of the invasives - oriental bittersweet - to create trellises, arbors and other rustic furniture for the garden. [26 minutes]

  • Garden in the City 2 (#2911)

    Okay urban gardeners, get ready! This time on the The Victory Garden, we start our new urban project here in Massachusetts - the renovation of a small 35 x 15 space in the heart of the city that poses some incredible challenges for the gardeners that live there. We'll then take a tour of two tiny city gardens in Belgium for some inspiration.. . and then it's over to another wonderful city... New Orleans... for some herb recipes with renowned Chef Horst Pfeifer. [26 minutes]

  • Episode #2912

    We're livin' for the city... this week, we'll cover next steps at our new urban project here in Dorchester, Massachusetts - there'll be plenty to inspire you to get growing. We'll then take a tour of some secret pocket gardens in Boston's Beacon Hill for some great design lessons... we'll show you some best bets for plants that have interesting habit and leaf shape - a must for any small garden. Then it's off to Maison des Erables outside of Quebec for a delicious recipe with peppers. [26 minutes]

  • Summer Projects (#2913)

    Evaluation & plant replacement and our year old perennial border; a gardening primer on making a raised bed with special guest Maya Morales from ZOOM, and lettuces and easy dressings with authors Bob & Melinda Blanchard. [26 minutes]

  • Outdoor Living (#2914)

    Finish at our Urban Project including fencing, annual plantings in containers, and furniture; a garden in the Netherlands where the owner sees her garden as a pure extension of her home; how to select a sundial; cool summer salad from "A Cook's Garden" author Ellen Ecker Ogden. [26 minutes]

  • Tough Plants (#2915)

    Create and plant an old-fashioned trough garden; best bets for drought tolerant plants at Tower Hill Botanic garden; broccoli culture, and broccoli recipe with Chef Jasper White. [26 minutes]

  • Water Water Everywhere (#2916)

    This week, on The Victory Garden we'll take a look at watering in its many forms - from making a tabletop fountain, monitoring an in-ground sprinkler installation; and learning the right way to water with hoses. All this and more, coming up, on The Victory Garden! [26 minutes]

  • Midwest Makeover (#2917)

    Bring curb-appeal to a tired front yard in Michael Weishman's hometown of Milwaukee. [26 minutes]

  • Water Garden: Start to Finish (#2918)

    From the dig to stone selection to marginal plants, learn how to create a beautiful water feature. [26 minutes]

  • Late Summer (#2919)

    This time of year is a great time for gardening. Create habitats for garden-friendly critters. [26 minutes]

  • Step Back Into The Past (#2920)

    Visit the Brimfield Antiques Show and the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum in Milwaukee. [26 minutes]

  • Viva Las Vegas (#3001)

    The team tackles dry-weather gardening ideas on this trip to sunny Las Vegas. [26 minutes]

  • Indoor Displays (#3002)

    Enjoy the art of indoor gardening with tips for home arranging for drama and caring for houseplants. [26 minutes]

  • No Water? No Worries! (#3003)

    Visit Las Vegas Water District's Springs Preserve for tips on efficient water-wise gardening. [26 minutes]

  • Undercover (#3004)

    Tackle the evergreen issue of groundcovers, helping unearth the best choices for your garden. [26 minutes]

  • Victory Garden Weekend Projects (#3005)

    Learn to build & use a moveable trellis, attract birds & make an antique stone & a rosemary topiary. [26 minutes]

  • Evergreens and Others (#3006)

    Create a "bonsai" scene and learns how creative types of garden greens can enhance an arrangement. [26 minutes]

  • Defining Spaces (#3007)

    Get tips for overcoming the challenges of roadside planting & growing onions without shedding tears! [26 minutes]

  • History Repeats Itself (#3008)

    Visit the restored garden at Longfellow House in Cambridge and discuss popular heirloom varieties. [26 minutes]

  • City Gardens (#3009)

    Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and a New York City rooftop garden for tips on urban dwelling. [26 minutes]

  • City Gardens II (#3010)

    Garden Design: Special guest correspondent Jamie Durie visits a city oasis at the top of the Frank Gehry-designed Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Inspired Garden: Host Michael Weishan is back at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for a look at the Osbourne Garden's Italianate style, finishing with its lilac collection in full bloom. Garden Basic: Michael visits a terrific home and garden retail shop, Root Stock & Quade, to share facts about finding the best resources for urban gardeners. Weekend Project: Lifestyle co-host Sissy Biggers demonstrates how to create gorgeous city windowboxes that are ideal for any urbanite. [26 minutes]

  • Made in the Shade (#3011)

    Visit the Boerner Botanic Garden in Milwaukee to check out Hosta trial gardens with Hosta Bob. [26 minutes]

  • Makeover Madness (#3012)

    An exposed backyard is desperate for a makeover, creating a warm and private living space. [26 minutes]

  • Color (#3013)

    Michael Weishan shares some of his favorite color palettes and combinations for any garden. [26 minutes]

  • Great Combinations (#3014)

    Explore classic flower and plant combinations that can fit any garden, big or small. [26 minutes]

  • Green Cuisine - The Victory Garden Cooks! (#3015)

    As a special treat to our viewers, The Victory Garden presents a unique episode chock-full of our best Green Cuisine segments. Old friends of the garden and new special guests, such as Chef Mary Ann Esposito, share cooking tips and recipes that complement the very best from the backyard. Who knew that bringing the garden to the table could be so enjoyable, or delicious! [26 minutes]

  • Transitions (#3016)

    Inspired Garden: Join host Michael Weishan as he tours a garden in Brimfield, Massachusetts, where the gardener has completely transformed her landscape with a rill and beautiful borders. Tried and True: The Victory Garden crew visits Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, where gardening correspondent Paul Epsom transforms a bare path with steppable plants. Weekend Project: Lifestyle co-host Sissy Biggers visits a former garage turned into a beautiful potting shed that any gardener would love - and gets creative with garden craft by making simple and elegant "moss balls." The Victory Garden's 30th Anniversary: Join special guest Holly Shimizu as she visits the personal garden of artist Stephen Huyler in Maine, which features a series of garden rooms - all of which sprung from within a very plain suburban backyard. [26 minutes]

  • Perennial Favorites (#3017)

    Best Bets: Host Michael Weishan and special guest plantsman and Victory Garden veteran Adrian Bloom visit Russell's Nursery in Wayland, Massachusetts, to discuss new perennial introductions. Tried and True: Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom is back to share his technique on properly dividing perennials to stretch a dollar in your garden. Edible Gardens: Lifestyle co-host Sissy Biggers visits The Food Project in Lincoln, MA, where grower Elise LeClair shares the project's philosophy about creating a sustainable food mission - and shares some tips on growing peppers for the home gardener. Green Cuisine: Special guest Chef Mary Ann Esposito visits The VictoryGarden kitchen to create pepperoni ripieni sottosopra -delicious upside-down stuffed peppers! Digging Deeper: Michael is back at Russell's Nursery to look at assorted perennial vines, and to demonstrate which vines work for different gardens. [26 minutes]

  • On The Water (#3018)

    Inspired Garden: Join host Michael Weishan as he visits a magnificent garden on the water in Marblehead, Massachusetts that has been restored to its early twentieth-century roots. Best Bets: Join garden correspondent Paul Epsom at Seaside Daylily Farm on Martha's Vineyard to learn why daylilies are a perfect plant for those gardens near the water. Green Cuisine: Lifestyle co-host Sissy Biggers saves her appetite for an afternoon at The Coach House restaurant in Martha's Vineyard, where Chef Ryan Hardy works with local farmers to create dishes using ingredients fresh from the land. Digging Deeper: Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom visits the Chicama Vineyard in West Tisbury, Massachusetts, to learn more about viticulture and how the home gardener can successfully grow grapes. [26 minutes]

  • Georgia On My Mind (#3101)

    A close-up look at some of the most beautiful and impressive gardens the Peach State has to offer. [26 minutes]

  • For The Birds (#3102)

    Visit the Polly Hill Arboretum in Martha's Vineyard, with special guest ornithologist Vern Laux. [26 minutes]

  • Indoor Displays (#3103)

    Admire the bonsai collection at Harvard University's Arnold Arboretum and share tips on maintenance. [26 minutes]

  • The Victory Garden's Garden Basics (#3104)

    Showcases some of the best "Garden Basic" segments from episodes past. [26 minutes]

  • Decor and the Garden (#3105)

    Construct a bog terrarium and willow obelisks, and tips for quick and easy tabletop arrangements. [26 minutes]

  • Spring Flowers (#3106)

    Celebrate the simple beauty and popularity of lilacs while visiting the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. [26 minutes]

  • City Gardens (#3107)

    The makeover team helps a community gardener maximize space. Visit a garden in Atlanta. [26 minutes]

  • Annual Pleasures (#3108)

    Experiment with color and learn how annuals can supplement and enhance a perennial border. [26 minutes]

  • Know-How (#3109)

    Learn what can happen when good gardeners go bad and how to correct some not-so-good habits. [26 minutes]

  • Ornamentals (#3110)

    Learn how ornamentals can be worked into your garden and craft and repair perfect containers. [26 minutes]

  • Ireland (#3111)

    Tour the inspired gardens and meet the inspired gardeners of this breathtaking country. [26 minutes]

  • Victory Garden-Inspired Gardens (#3112)

    Learn tips & techniques to keep gardens bright & beautiful with the best Inspired Gardens segments. [26 minutes]

  • North, South, East, West (#3113)

    Learn how to grow some terrific vegetables and cook them with author and chef, Michel Nischan. [26 minutes]

  • More from the Emerald Isle (#3114)

    Tour the formal gardens & towering turrets of Glen Castle & a beautiful woodland garden in Dereen. [26 minutes]

  • Fall for Fall (#3115)

    Mark Filippo shares tips on selecting and maintaining the chrysanthemum, a beautiful fall favorite. [26 minutes]

  • Dry: Use Less Water In Your Landscape (#3201)

    Visit the Water Conservation Garden near San Diego & learn about xeriscaping, water-wise gardening. [26 minutes]

  • Wet: Learn About Water, In All Its Forms, In Your garden (#3202)

    Learn about water features & elements that can add to gardens at Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia. [26 minutes]

  • Hot: Create A Garden That Beats The Heat (#3203)

    Explore cycads in Los Angeles and learn about this ancient plant that thrives in a hot climate. [26 minutes]

  • Vertical: Think Up! (#3204)

    Create a vertical element with a bougainvillea espalier, inspired by the Getty Museum's art. [26 minutes]

  • Cool:Create A Garden That's Cool (#3205)

    Explore a private garden in Beverly Hills and see some fantastic pool-side landscaping. [26 minutes]

  • Hybrid 1: Discover An Eclectic Mix of Gardening Tips (#3206)

    Explore the Huntington Botanical Gardens in California and learn about the art of staging. [26 minutes]

  • HORIZONTAL: Look across your garden and discover the possibilities (#3207)

    Tour the luxurious landscape of garden designer Dinah Grisdale and learn about plants that spread. [26 minutes]

  • Simplify Your Garden with Tricks and Tips (#3208)

    Learn how to "learn from the big guys" at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. [26 minutes]

  • Sky: Enjoy a variety of garden views (#3209)

    Learn how the weather and climate affect plant choices from Boston weatherman David Epstein. [26 minutes]

  • Friends: Entertain with a Twist (#3210)

    Homeowners are on a quest for the perfect deck. Chef Michel Nischan shares crisp appetizers. [26 minutes]

  • Earth: Celebrate The Earth (#3211)

    Visit the Massachusetts Horticultural Society and learn to plant the right tree for the right spot. [26 minutes]

  • Hybrid 2: Discover A Colorful Variety of Gardening Tips (#3212)

    Tips for creating the quintessential outdoor room, including an outdoor "bath" and "living room." [26 minutes]

  • Trends: Get on the Cutting Edge of Your Garden with these innovative ideas (#3213)

    Jamie picks plants that can cope with pollution if you live in the city. Enjoy art in the garden. [26 minutes]

  • Tough: Beat All of the Elements with These Hearty plants (#3214)

    Jamie Durie recommends bulletproof selections of plants that stand up to almost any condition. [26 minutes]

  • Green: Discover the Color with Many Meanings (#3215)

    Focus on foliage when gardening correspondent Paul Epsom tours a lush Philadelphia garden. [26 minutes]

  • Old (#3301)

    Jamie visits San Francisco for the instillation of "Victory Gardens 2008" in front of City Hall. [26 minutes]

  • New (#3302)

    Jamie visits Cornerstone Gardens, a premier collection of exciting new garden design and ideas. [26 minutes]

  • Light (#3303)

    Using light to an advantage in the garden is discussed at Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, CA. [26 minutes]

  • Dark (#3304)

    Jamie learns how the San Francisco Botanical Garden has worked dark plants into their collections. [26 minutes]

  • Soft (#3305)

    Visit the Filoli gardens in California to learn how good plant choices are used to soften design. [26 minutes]

  • Edible (#3306)

    The vegetable gardens and orchards at COPIA, the American Center for Food and Wine, are toured. [26 minutes]

  • Perennial Favorites (#3401)

    The Huntington Botanical Gardens in California and the New York Botanical Garden are explored. [26 minutes]

  • Inspired Gardens (#3402)

    A seasonal walk in the New York Botanical Garden provides a lesson in sustaining a seasonal border. [26 minutes]

  • Light Up Your Garden (#3403)

    Specimens that reflect light and bring light into the garden are found at the Ruth Bancroft Garden. [26 minutes]

  • Edible Gardens (#3404)

    Visit the Cornerstone Festival of Gardens and the edible gardens at the New York Botanical Garden. [26 minutes]

  • Urban Oasis (#3405)

    Community gardens popping up in New York City and Boston's oldest farmer's market are showcased. [26 minutes]

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