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The Red Green Show

Outside (#415)

Red makes a heated driveway out of chain link fence and a stove. Bill and Harold go ice fishing. [23 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: If you've never had this viewer favorite in your schedule, maybe it s time to take Red out for a test drive. It's good clean humor and sage advice for that ever-growing population of middle-aged men and the women who "at least find them handy." Red is backed by a talented cast of characters who help keep things interesting at Possum Lodge.

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  • The Beef Project (#101)

    Junior Singleton inherits a cow from a farmer and the men of the Possum Lodge offer to butcher it. [23 minutes]

  • The Owl Project (#102)

    A rare Unicorn Owl is spotted near Possum Lodge, and the whole area is on the verge of becoming an environmentally protected sanctuary with no hunting or fishing. [23 minutes]

  • The Beer Project (#103)

    The men of the Possum Lodge decide to save money by brewing their own beer. [23 minutes]

  • The Firewood Project (#104)

    The men of the Possum Lodge decide that there's a market for "pick your own" firewood. [23 minutes]

  • The Hydrogen Project (#105)

    A large amount of hydrogen is released during an attempt to turn Possum Lake into a big car battery. [23 minutes]

  • The Schoolhouse Project (#106)

    When a city couple try to purchase the old schoolhouse, the locals try to find a way to save it. [23 minutes]

  • The Firefly Project (#107)

    A member of Possum Lodge decides to light his home by trapping fireflies in a huge skylight. [23 minutes]

  • The Badger Project (#108)

    Old Man Sedgwick gets a badger caught in his pants. [23 minutes]

  • The Conveyor Project (#109)

    Buster Hadfield buys conveyor belt and the Lodge members try to make it look like a smart decision. [23 minutes]

  • The Electrical Project (#110)

    The Possum Lodge members protest the utilities company and try to generate their own electricity. [23 minutes]

  • The Storm Damage Project (#111)

    The Possum Lake area is hit by a huge storm, as predicted by Old Man Sedgwick's body. [23 minutes]

  • The Marine Show Project (#112)

    The men of Possum Lodge fly in a couple of seas cows to create a marine entertainment center. [23 minutes]

  • The Silver Project (#113)

    After seeing Busters Hadfield's vacation pictures, the men try to suck the silver off the negatives. [23 minutes]

  • The Ski & Golf Project (#114)

    Moose Thompson successfully sues the local golf and ski resort and ends up owning it. [23 minutes]

  • The Auction Project (#115)

    The men hold a big auction because they believe tourists will pay any amount of money for anything. [23 minutes]

  • The Rustproofing Project (#116)

    Tired of watching their vehicles turn to rust, the men take the law of nature into their own hands. [23 minutes]

  • The Movie Project (#117)

    Filmmakers invade the Lodge to shoot a documentary on the environmental fallout of manly behavior. [23 minutes]

  • The Painted Leaves Project (#118)

    An unexpected explosion in the paint shop gives the men the idea of painting all the local trees. [23 minutes]

  • The Real Estate Project (#119)

    Somebody buys the lot next door to Possum Lodge and starts fixing it up, ruining the neighborhood. [23 minutes]

  • The Stuck Truck Project (#120)

    Stinky Peterson's girlfriend gets his truck stuck in the ditch, and Stinky gets stuck and ditched. [23 minutes]

  • The Group Photo Project (#121)

    Everyone stands in the centre of town for an aerial photo, to celebrate the spin casting reel. [23 minutes]

  • The Guard Dog Project (#122)

    Junior Singleton decides to get a guard dog when all of his lawn ornaments are stolen. [23 minutes]

  • The Mt. Rushmore Project (#123)

    Desperately seeking sustenance, the men decide to carve Rock Reef Point into a tourist attraction. [23 minutes]

  • The Catfish Project (#124)

    The men make a 47-foot catfish into perfume, Red makes a mobile sports bar and gives Harold a car. [23 minutes]

  • Men's Night on the Mountain (#201)

    Harold spends a night out with the boys. Animal Control Officer, Garth Harble swallows a rodent. [23 minutes]

  • The Driving Test (#202)

    Red makes an anti radar device and Bill demonstrates alternative modes of transportation. [23 minutes]

  • The Satellite Dish (#203)

    Red shows how to turn a discarded dashboard into the ultimate remote control. [23 minutes]

  • Father and Son Banquet (#204)

    Red & Harold need fathers for the banquet. Red makes a girl's bedroom suite out of recycled tires. [23 minutes]

  • The New Doctor (#205)

    The local Tastee Freeze is converted into Possum Lake Medical Clinic. Red makes a golf cart. [23 minutes]

  • The Vertical Grandstand (#206)

    A new transformer tower is the inspiration for a grandstand. Red demonstrates bonding metals. [23 minutes]

  • The Network Deal (#207)

    A big network becomes interested in the show and makes a few changes, including replacing Harold. [23 minutes]

  • Medieval Times (#208)

    Camelot comes to Possum Lake, Red makes a crossbow courier device and Bill does some fencing. [23 minutes]

  • Van Go (#209)

    The Possum Van is stolen. Red burglar proofs a car. Cycling is featured on "Adventures With Bill." [23 minutes]

  • Possum Lodge Radio (#210)

    CB Radios replace the telephone system at Possum Lake. Red turns an outhouse into a phone booth. [23 minutes]

  • X Marks The Spot (#211)

    Lodge members search for buried treasure. Red makes a lawn roller from a bicycle and clothes dryers. [23 minutes]

  • Sedgwick The Thief (#212)

    Old Man Sedgwick is arrested for shoplifting. Red converts an ordinary car into a cable car. [23 minutes]

  • The Cement Load (#213)

    The men of Possum Lodge contend with 15 truckloads of cement. Red converts a boat into a hovercraft. [23 minutes]

  • The Gas Shortage (#214)

    Possum Lake's only gas station closes, causing a crisis. Red converts the Van into a huge gas tank. [23 minutes]

  • Trout Season (#215)

    The lodge members create innovative and sometimes illegal ways to catch fish in Possum Lake. [23 minutes]

  • The Lost Dog (#216)

    Lodge members search for a lost dog in the woods. Red has creative ways to keep your dog at home. [23 minutes]

  • The New Statue (#217)

    Lodge members replace a statue they destroyed. Red makes a non chemical mosquito control system. [23 minutes]

  • One Man's Garbage (#218)

    Members decide to clean up the lodge and end up in the landfill business. Red builds a Compactor. [23 minutes]

  • The Big Thing (#219)

    A big mysterious machine creates excitement at the lake. Red builds an elevated observation chair. [23 minutes]

  • Bottled Water (#220)

    Lodge Members set up their own still. Red builds a robot and Bill installs an above ground pool. [23 minutes]

  • Floating Church (#221)

    Religion comes to Possum Lake with explosive consequences. Red makes himself unsinkable. [23 minutes]

  • The Not-Chicken Franchise (#222)

    Red and Harold promote the new restaurant in town. Red makes a neon sign and Bill plays soccer. [23 minutes]

  • The Compost Heap (#223)

    Lodge members decide to grow their own beer nuts. Red demonstrates his planting technique. [23 minutes]

  • Homemade Cheese (#224)

    Junior's house develops a major mouse infestation, Red offers pest control tips & Bill makes cheese. [23 minutes]

  • The Science Fair (#301)

    Red gives Harold unwanted help on his science project with disastrous results. [23 minutes]

  • Sedgwick The Tenant (#302)

    Old Man Sedgwick moves into the Lodge causing Red and Harold considerable aggravation. [23 minutes]

  • The Driving Lesson (#303)

    Harold fails his driving test again and makes another wrong turn in getting help from Red. [23 minutes]

  • The Tax Refund (#304)

    Red's tax refund may be too good to be true. A boat and trailer are made into an amphibious car. [23 minutes]

  • No Church (#305)

    When the only Reverend leaves town, all of the church activities are transferred to the Lodge. [23 minutes]

  • The Petting Zoo (#306)

    The Lodge members open a zoo full of forest animals. Red uses aquariums to put skylights in a van. [23 minutes]

  • Good Government (#307)

    Lodge Members take advantage of their discovery that their political representative is deceased. [23 minutes]

  • The Poker Game (#308)

    Red loses in the weekly poker game and develops tactics to get even. Red builds a personal jetpack. [23 minutes]

  • The Drill (#309)

    The purchase of a cordless drill turns into a major shopping expedition. Bill tires pole vaulting. [23 minutes]

  • Maxi Golf (#310)

    Lodge members banned from the local golf course develop creative ways to play their favorite game. [23 minutes]

  • Bernice's Birthday (#311)

    Red has problems coming up with a last minute present for the wife. The van is in for a paint job. [23 minutes]

  • The Church Casino (#312)

    Lodge Members sneak off to the charity casino and have to find ways to hide all their winnings. [23 minutes]

  • The House Raising (#313)

    Buster Hadfield's house burns down and Lodge Members try to raise a new one. [23 minutes]

  • The Love Boat (#314)

    Junior Singleton's love interest affects his participation in lodge activities. [23 minutes]

  • The Girlfriend (#315)

    Harold goes overboard after meeting his first girlfriend. Armchair Fisherman on Handyman Corner. [23 minutes]

  • The New Lease (#316)

    Red has to make a government presentation to renew the lodge lease. Later, Red tries Beermaking. [23 minutes]

  • The Baseball Tryouts (#317)

    Red is upset when Harold beats him for a spot on the team. Albert Schultz guest stars. [23 minutes]

  • 30 Minutes Or Free (#318)

    Red comes up with a low cost plan to cater the hockey banquet. Bill and Harold assemble a log cabin. [23 minutes]

  • Fund Raiser (#319)

    Lodge Members stage a fundraising fair to save the community center. Red invents a macrowave oven. [23 minutes]

  • Real Estate (#320)

    Moose hires Red as his real estate agent. Red uses a lawn mower to make a batting machine. [23 minutes]

  • The Stag Party (#321)

    The lodge members hold a stag party for Junior Singleton. No one can find him on the wedding day. [23 minutes]

  • The Suits (#322)

    Harold sues Junior for hitting his bike and sets off a chain of litigation involving everyone. [23 minutes]

  • The High School Reunion (#323)

    Red has a do-it-yourself makeover for the high school reunion and shows how to improve gas mileage. [23 minutes]

  • Harold's Wheels (#324)

    Red gives Harold a car, which turns out to be trouble. Red tries to construct a mobile sports bar. [23 minutes]

  • Running of the Bulls (#401)

    The gang stages a Running of the Bulls at the Lodge. Red builds a Hummer out of two Hyundai Ponys. [22 minutes]

  • Swiss It Up (#402)

    Red and Harold sell the show to Switzerland and change the content to suit the Swiss audience. [22 minutes]

  • The Implosion (#403)

    A fundraiser for the Historical Society results in the destruction of their Heritage Building. [22 minutes]

  • Adopt-A-Highway (#404)

    The Lodge adopts a stretch of highway dubbed "Orphan's Bend." Red builds a barbeque out of bathtubs. [22 minutes]

  • The Strange Ranger (#405)

    Ranger Gord is missing from his tower. Red does a van conversion and Bill shows his rock collection. [22 minutes]

  • Big Guy Little Guy (#406)

    Red joins a big brothers club so he can compete in a soapbox derby and turns a car into a tow truck. [23 minutes]

  • The Movie (#407)

    Red makes a feature film on Super 8 and turns a hot water heater into a man-sized espresso machine. [23 minutes]

  • Expropriation (#408)

    Red speculates in real estate when he hears about a new highway coming through Possum Lake. [23 minutes]

  • The Stool Pigeons (#409)

    Harold creates an informer's club to snitch on criminals. Red gives a few handyman kitchen tips. [23 minutes]

  • Celebrity (#410)

    Werner Klemperer buys a cottage in the area. Red discusses the wisdom of buying a used Police car. [23 minutes]

  • Let Me Count The Ways (#411)

    The men fix up their cabins for their wives' visit. Red builds a cigarette car out of a city bus. [23 minutes]

  • Pardi Gras (#412)

    The Lodge gets 137 tubas and decides to have a parade. Red replaces his car tires with footwear. [23 minutes]

  • The Splinter Lodge (#413)

    The men are unhappy with Red as a leader and form their own lodge. Red turns a freezer into a den. [23 minutes]

  • The Good Old Hockey Game (#414)

    The Lodge and the Yuppie cottagers argue over if local rink should be used for hockey or curling. [23 minutes]

  • The Town Mall (#416)

    Using the sewers, the men turn downtown Possum Lake into an indoor mall. Bill and Red put on skates. [23 minutes]

  • The Winter Carnival (#417)

    The men stage a winter carnival at the lodge so their wives won't want to go south for the winter. [23 minutes]

  • Harold's Leaving (#501)

    Harold ruins everything by going off to college. Red builds a fishing boat out of furnace ducts. Bill gets a trout in his pants and Ranger Gord describes his numerous lightening encounters. [22 minutes]

  • House Moving (#502)

    Red and the guys try to move an old building by balancing it on pick up trucks, bill finds out about ladders and gravity. Red turns a Cadillac into a backhoe. Special Guest: Graham Greene [22 minutes]

  • Neither Rain Nor Sleet (#503)

    Red starts his own postal system. Bill demos the rifle range. Red makes a heart pacemaker out of a digital clock. Mike Hammer shares a trick for high school reunions. [22 minutes]

  • The Cult Visit (#504)

    The lodge is visited by a strange cult from the planet Gorgon. Red builds a riding mower out of a Pontiac and a ceiling fan. Bill tries roller blade street hockey. Special Guest - Gordon Pinsent [22 minutes]

  • College Life (#505)

    Harold goes off to college where he shares an apartment with three girls. Red makes a doggie ride out of a car door. Bill has chain saw problems. Special Guests - Peter Keleghan, Albert Schultz, Gordon Pinsent. [22 minutes]

  • The New Monument (#506)

    The lodge inherits an old army tank and gets it running. Red shows you how to teenproof your car. Bill tries axe throwing. Special Guests - Boyd Banks, Gordon Pinsent, Paul Gross. [22 minutes]

  • Free Apricots (#507)

    A tractor-trailer flips over and the lodge members get an unlimited supply of apricots. Red makes a really high car jack. Bill goes rock climbing. Special Guests - Wayne Robson, Bob Bainborough, Peter Keleghan. [22 minutes]

  • The Mayor Race (#508)

    Red runs for mayor of Possum Lake. Red tries to run the lodge electrical system from a car cigarette lighter. Bill goes backpacking with a shopping cart. Special Guests - Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Boyd Banks, Jerry Schaeffer. [22 minutes]

  • Better to Give Than Receive (#509)

    Possum Lodge has a blood donor competition with Caribou Lodge. Red turns a garage and a dishwasher into a home car wash. Bill tries to collect wild honey. Special Guests - Wayne Robson, Peter Keleghan, Graham Greene. [22 minutes]

  • Town Services Contract (#510)

    Possum Lodge gets the contract to supply tow truck, snow plow and ambulance service to Possum Lake. Red turns a car into an exercise machine. Bill tries to plant a garden over the Trans Canada pipeline. Special Guests - Wayne Robson, Bob Bainborough, Peter Keleghan. [22 minutes]

  • Life Cycle (#511)

    Red in the possum van competes with Harold on a bicycle for distance covered on a $10 budget. [22 minutes]

  • Mad About You (#512)

    Harold teaches Red about anger management. Red shows us how to re- cane a chair with garden hose. [22 minutes]

  • Bingo Was His Name (#513)

    Red has the lodge declared a religion to allow bingo games and Bill dabbles in archeology. [22 minutes]

  • Harold's Job (#601)

    A major change in the show as Harold leaves the Lodge and moves to the city to take a job as Assistant Account Executive at Multi-Corp International Inc. This makes room for several new features that will be introduced throughout the season, the first of which is Ranger Gord's Animated Educational Films this week's topic Tree Holes. On Handyman Corner, Red demonstrates how to clean out your car with a garbage truck. [22 minutes]

  • The Fishing Derby (#602)

    When nobody catches any fish in the Fishing Derby, the men have Possum Lake tested for contaminants and the report shows that the lake is no longer classified as water. Also Red visits Harold at his new job in the city. On Handyman Corner Red customizes a car so that it can get in and out of tight parking spots. Four of the Lodge members have a big adventure trying to build a backyard play set for the kids. [22 minutes]

  • Lady In Red (#603)

    A beautiful young chiropractor goes into business in Possum Lake and creates more kinks than she removes. Red builds a forklift using a pair of skis and an extension ladder. The men turn the challenge of putting up a flagpole into a major adventure. Red visits Harold at work and crashes his computer. In a new feature, Red and Ed help Dalton convince his wife to watch action movies. [22 minutes]

  • The Bachelor Auction (#604)

    The men decide to have a Bachelor Auction as a way of raising money and getting dates. A new feature, Possum Lodge Life & Times, focuses on the life of local con artist Honest John Jonassen. Red builds a dragster out of junk he finds in the shed. Young Walter is stuck way up in a cherry picker and getting him down turns into an adventure. Meet Dale, a new character played by Gavin Crawford, who is pumping gas for the summer. [22 minutes]

  • Angel (#605)

    Red and the boys argue about the existence of angels. Mike volunteers to produce one. Red makes a bread maker out of an automatic washing machine. He also shows you a way to stop dogs from chasing your car. Ranger Gord has a picture of the abominable snowman. They also have fun with the local magnetic hill. Red takes some mementos from the Lodge for Harold to display on his desk at Multi Corp. International Inc. [22 minutes]

  • School Bus Blimp (#606)

    Red talks the guys into converting an old school bus into a hot air balloon, Harold goes over-board using sticky notes. Hap claims the metal plate in his head is magnetized. Red finds a way to paint a fence with a wringer washer. Edgar demonstrates a cheap way to make interlocking brick. Dalton helps a youngster fly a kite. This week' s adventure is all about golf. [22 minutes]

  • Coup De Grass (#607)

    Red creates a new type of grass seed that only grows two inches tall. Edgar creates a fireworks display using real explosives. Animal Control Officer Ed Frid brings a falcon to the show. Red makes a backyard swing out of a car seat. Ranger Gord has made a cartoon about sun protection. Mike has Harold join him for a special feature on careers. [22 minutes]

  • Rent A Wreck (#608)

    Mike borrows Red's van to use in a demolition derby. Red paves the Lodge driveway with crushed apples. Dalton's wife dropped the television remote into her clam chowder. Red and Walter have an adventure with a rope and pulley. Learn how to make a tool belt out of old socks. A brief biography of the Manning triplets. Red tries to teach Dale what a car horn is for. [22 minutes]

  • Curse of the Mummy (#609)

    Red and Mike have some fun with artifacts from the local museum. Red shows how to prevent your car from being stolen. Hap brings his lie detector in for repairs. The men try to move a fridge down a long staircase. Red makes a kinetic lawn ornament out of a set of drums and a bicycle. [22 minutes]

  • Roll Out The Barrels (#610)

    The local brewing company gives their old beer barrels to the Lodge. Red decides to take his over the falls. Animal Control Officer Ed Frid buries a twelve foot python. Ranger Gord makes environmental tapes. Red shows you how to do woodworking with kitchen appliances. [22 minutes]

  • No Retreat (#611)

    Harold's company tries to buy the Lodge. Red invents a Garbage Canadarm. Ranger Gord presents and animated feature on Tree Species. Edgar Montrose gets help fixing his explosive locator. Red has advice on what you can expect after the age of 45. [22 minutes]

  • The Battle Call (#612)

    The men stage a mock battle against their rival club, the Caribou Lodge. Red devises a way to carry his boat under the car. Ed Frid has an unfortunate incident with bees. Red and Walter install a new dock. Also featured, the life and times of local thespian, Roderick Featherstone. [22 minutes]

  • Hurricane Doug (#613)

    The Lodge is threatened with a Force 5 hurricane. Red shows a cost-effective way to make a refrigerated van. Hap Shaugnessey is auctioning off the jacket he wore when he was a 50's rock star. Red and Walter use wind-power to make paint dry faster. Red gives married guys tips on when to say nothing. [22 minutes]

  • Guinness World Records (#614)

    The men try to devise ways of getting themselves into the record book. Red makes a dog-powered swing out of a car seat. Ed Frid has trouble with a weasel. Mike makes a huge slingshot out of tire inner tubes. Also featured a biography of three-legged clown Brainy Clogfield. [22 minutes]

  • The Auto Club (#615)

    The men of the Lodge form an auto club to make money servicing other people's vehicles. [22 minutes]

  • Too Much Information (#616)

    Harold gives the guys a bunch of old computers, which changes their lives. Red makes a snowball gun. [22 minutes]

  • Sausage Envy (#701)

    The boys do their wurst for the Possum Lake Sausage Carnival. Red meets with the network programmer - an 18 year-old woman played by Stephanie Beard of Toronto's CISS FM. Red makes popcorn in a clothes dryer, converts a hot water tank into a snowmobile, and uses his dog to wash his car. George Buza plays the lazy owner of the Port Asbestos Marina. Dalton locks the keys in his car and has to blow the doors off to get them. [22 minutes]

  • Foster Child (#702)

    Red learns that the Lodge has a foster child who's coming to spend the weekend with him. Red demonstrates a fun way to take out the garbage and builds a revolving restaurant out of a dining tent. Ranger Gord presents an educational cartoon on cloud factories. Also featured is a biography of the first man in the Possum Lake area to put zippers into men's pants. [22 minutes]

  • What a Dump (#703)

    The Lodge proposes itself to the city of Toronto as an ideal place to dump garbage. Red makes an extremely elaborate automated firewood chopper. He also demonstrates how to use a manhole cover as a spare tire and how to deter unwanted visitors. The Adventure film is an attempt at roof repair. Ranger Gord has a gang of tree huggers chained to trees and he doesn't want them to ever leave. [22 minutes]

  • Winston's Wedding (#704)

    Winston needs Red's help in planning his wedding. He has everything except the bride. Dalton tries to sneak a new boat home without telling his wife. Red and Walter have a melon tossing contest. Red demonstrates easy ways to exercise and keep your windshield clean. He also makes a stretch limo out of two mini-vans and a pick-up truck. [22 minutes]

  • Man of the Year (#705)

    The guys at the Lodge nominate a man who doesn't exist, as Possum Lake's Man Of The Year, hoping to win a new fishing boat. Dalton gets home late and tries to fool his wife. Ranger Gord's animated film is all about rainbows. Red has a solution for irritating phone calls. He also make house awnings out of car hoods and turns a mini-van into a riverboat paddlewheeler. [22 minutes]

  • Survivor (#706)

    A toxic cloud in the area forces Red to stay locked in the Lodge for a few days. Also Red makes a woodshop out of a truck. The men have fun rolling down a hill inside oil drums. Red demonstrates an easy way to exercise your dog and how you can use a belt sander to bring you drinks. Red meets with a network executive who wants Red to add profanity and violence to the show. Ranger Gord plays the word game -the word is `stool'. [22 minutes]

  • Historic Site (#707)

    Red and Mike try to save the Lodge by having it declared a historical site. Red demonstrates how to get two cars into a one-car garage. Red makes a hedge trimmer our of a weed whacker on roller blades. Winston and Walter have a homerun contest. Red brings personal ads to show Ranger Gord. Red installs a coffee maker into the Possum van. [22 minutes]

  • Twinning (#708)

    Possum Lodge twins with the state of Iowa and Red stays back to host the 500 visiting Americans. Ranger Gord presents an animated film about aliens. Red converts his old hockey equipment into fishing gear and demonstrates how to use small airplanes to remove tree stumps. The Possum Lake funeral director also has tips on giving a eulogy when you don't know the deceased. [22 minutes]

  • Lunar Eclipse (#709)

    The men try to recapture their youth by watching a lunar eclipse together, just like they did thirty-five years ago. Red converts the Possum van into an airboat. Dalton decides to use the Drive-In Theater as a golf driving range. The men do a featured biography on Walt Gorgovich - Possum Lake's Daredevil. Red demonstrates how to use a gas siphon hose to keep yourself cool and how to use a cel phone as a massager. [22 minutes]

  • Barter Starter (#710)

    Red, Dalton and Winston trade somewhat valuable items to each other for the weekend but it doesn't work out so well for Dalton. Red and Walter use a giant electo-magnet to find lost car keys. Red makes an outside elevator out of a phone booth and a hot water heater. Red also demonstrates how to convert the junk on your lawn into a miniature village. Local marina operator finds a lazy way to change the name of Red's boat. [22 minutes]

  • Out of the Woods (#711)

    Red and Ed trap a large animal roaming the woods at night. Red demonstrates a carefree way to travel by using wear-on luggage. Ranger Gord presents an animated feature about signs on the forest. Red uses a car exhaust system to make a caliope. Winston does a couple of promotional messages for his septic suckiing business. Red makes automatic space ship doors using windshield wipers and shower curtains. [22 minutes]

  • Cheap Jeep (#712)

    Red sends away for an army surplus jeep that shows up in kit form. Ed Frid brings in a chameleon to show everyone. The men have a soapbox derby race. Red uses a convertible to demonstrate an easy way to pick cherries. Red makes decorative pottery using kitchen appliances. Life & Times features low brow Lodge member, Delomre Clumstead. [22 minutes]

  • DNA All The Way (#713)

    A rich eccentric passes away and everyone tries to prove they're related to him. Red demonstrates how to use an electric fan to start your lawnmower. Ed Frid brings in a Tasmanian Devil to show. Red makes a bush buggy with some chain link fence wrapped around knobby tires. Mike and Walter have a strongman contest. Red makes a bicycle easier to ride by attaching two of them together. [22 minutes]

  • Who Wants to Be A Smart Guy (#714)

    Dalton represents the Lodge as a contestant on a tv trivia game show. Red shows how you can be in your own tourist photos without asking a stranger to take the picture. Red turns a van into a sports car using duct tape and paint. Ranger Gord has an animated film about defending yourself against a sasquatch. Ed Frid hypnotizes a chicken and Red puts a rotary antenna on his car to improve his radio reception. [22 minutes]

  • The Beaver Dam (#715)

    Possum Lake is rising because the beavers have built a dam across the river running out of it. Red uses the van exhaust to inflate children's toys. Dalton tries to sneak out of the house to go fishing. Red visits Ranger Gord just as he comes out of hibernation. Walter and Ed help Red install a satellite dish at the Lodge. Red uses empty duct tape rolls to make a beer cellar instead of a wine cellar. [22 minutes]

  • The Dandruff Foundation (#716)

    The men find a charity for the Lodge to affiliate with as way of avoiding tac and receiving government grants. Red makes a device that automatically clears snow from your driveway. Ed Frid brings in a bucket of leeches. Red makes a fireworks display out of screen doors and a high voltage transformer. The men have a brief tennis competition. Edgar Montrose is the featured guest on Up Close and Personal. [22 minutes]

  • Damn You Emu (#717)

    Dalton starts an emu ranch and gets Red to help him out. Red turns a plumbing breather into an Olympic torch. Ranger Gord has an animated feature that incorporates time travel. Red builds a poor man's remote car starter. Winston does a series of sewage promos. Mike Hamar is the featured guest on Up Close and Personal. [22 minutes]

  • No Duct Tape (#718)

    Everyone panics when the Lodge runs out of duct tape and the local hardware store is back-ordered. Red uses a frozen turkey as a toboggan return. Ranger Gord gets struck by lightning. Ed Frid enlists Red's help to catch his pet ground hog. Red uses gumball machines to dispense nuts and bolts. Ed Frid is the featured guest on Up Close and Personal. [22 minutes]

  • New Job In Town (#801)

    Everyone is shocked when Harold is the successful candidate for the Public Relations position. [22 minutes]

  • Gladiator (#802)

    The town is staging a live version of the movie Gladiator with Dalton Humphrey in the lead role. [22 minutes]

  • The Whooping Crane (#803)

    Harold gives advice on how to tell a fellow employee that they have a body odor problem. [22 minutes]

  • Back to Nature (#804)

    Harold rents out the Lodge to old nudists that he thinks are naturalist organization executives. [21 minutes]

  • Dalton's Hot Gift (#805)

    Mike gets Dalton a new barbecue for his birthday. Red believes Mike stole it form Dalton's store. [22 minutes]

  • Viva Las Possums (#806)

    Harold stages a 50s weekend at Possum Lake, culminating in an Elvis Impersonation contest [22 minutes]

  • Y2 Cans (#807)

    To raise money, the men decide to sell rusty unlabeled food cans left over from the Y2K scare. [21 minutes]

  • The Ghost of Possum Lodge (#808)

    Mike tries to catch a ghost. Red uses an arc welder to protect his van from parking lot dents. [21 minutes]

  • The Chainsaw Races (#809)

    Red strikes back at teens with loud car radios by turning a van into a giant portable boom box. [22 minutes]

  • Something in the Heir (#810)

    Winston wants a child to carry on his septic sucking business. Red turns a car into a castle. [22 minutes]

  • Daredevil (#811)

    Psycho Ernie backs out of his attempt to jump over the Lodge on a motorcycle & Mike takes his place. [22 minutes]

  • Mike Goes Straight (#812)

    Mike volunteers as a Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Red turns a treadmill into a moving sidewalk. [22 minutes]

  • Xmas In July (#813)

    Harold stages a summer Christmas for tourists. Red uses a car engine to make a sprinkler system. [21 minutes]

  • The Fishing Derby (#814)

    Harold tags a prize fish and releases it in the lake. The catcher will receive a thousand dollars. [21 minutes]

  • Masquerade Marathon (#815)

    Mike uses the Masquerade Picnic to hide from a bad guy. Red puts hot peppers in the bird feeder. [21 minutes]

  • Harold's Dilemma (#816)

    Harold decides to do a massive renovation to the Lodge to make it more appealing to tourists. [22 minutes]

  • Go Fish (#901)

    The wives stage a protest to prevent the men of the Lodge from going on a fishing weekend. [22 minutes]

  • The Possum Ponderosa (#902)

    Red shows how to cut down on your coffee intake and how to deliver pizza with a skeet thrower. [22 minutes]

  • Possum Air (#903)

    Harold starts his own airline to bring tourists into the area and Red is his first passenger. [22 minutes]

  • The IQ Test (#904)

    Harold wants to open a chapter of MENSA, so he has everyone write an IQ test. [22 minutes]

  • Day of the Sunflowers (#905)

    As part of a beautification project, the men grow sunflowers to hide the Lodge from motorists. [22 minutes]

  • Reality TV (#906)

    Harold changes the show to make it more in keeping with the current trend towards reality shows. [22 minutes]

  • Possum Lodge Provincial Park (#907)

    The men go after government money by offering to convert the Lodge property into a provincial park. [22 minutes]

  • The Silver Wasp (#908)

    Harold goes to a Comic Book Convention and enlists Red's help in pretending to be a Super Hero. [22 minutes]

  • The Go Go Bars (#909)

    Harold gets a shipment of energy bars to test market on the men of Possum Lodge. [22 minutes]

  • The Missile Crisis (#910)

    The men try to detonate a missile they found in an abandoned well. Red builds an outdoor escalator. [22 minutes]

  • Never Send A Man (#911)

    Harold allows a boy scout troop to come to the Lodge and educate the men about the outdoors. [22 minutes]

  • Power Struggle (#912)

    The men of Possum Lodge try to generate their own power using a windmill and a lot of vehicles. [22 minutes]

  • Mr. Possum Lake (#913)

    Harold is chosen to represent the Lodge in the annual Mr. Possum Lake contest. [22 minutes]

  • Red and Breakfast (#914)

    Harold gets Red to help him turn the Lodge into a bed and breakfast. [22 minutes]

  • The Moosetrap (#915)

    The men host a dinner theatre at the Lodge. Red builds a portable desk using an old suitcase. [22 minutes]

  • Stupid Cupid (#916)

    In an effort to meet women, Harold makes a tape for a video dating service. [22 minutes]

  • A Lot Like Christmas (#1001)

    The men of Possum Lodge run into a problem as they prepare for the Santa Claus Parade. [22 minutes]

  • Snowed In (#1002)

    A massive snowstorm traps three of the men in the Lodge. Red uses helium to reduce his body weight. [22 minutes]

  • You've Got Oil (#1003)

    The Lodge makes a deal with a big oil company to allow them to run a pipeline through oil property. [22 minutes]

  • The Drive-Thru (#1004)

    A truck full of burgers flips over and turns the Lodge into a Drive Thru. Red makes a hybrid car. [22 minutes]

  • School Demo (#1005)

    The men of Possum Lodge get to tear down the local Public School and have deep emotional reactions. [22 minutes]

  • Change Will Do You Good (#1006)

    The guys use a septic truck to pump coins out of a wishing well. Red makes a huge Swiss army knife. [22 minutes]

  • The Earring (#1007)

    Rumors run rampant at the Lodge when Winston gets an earring. Red decides to make turkey jerky. [22 minutes]

  • Mailbox Wars (#1008)

    The men at the Lodge try to capture the teenagers who are smashing all the mailboxes in the area. [22 minutes]

  • The String Ball (#1009)

    Dalton wants to win the biggest ball of string contest. Red makes a heavy-duty garbage disposal. [22 minutes]

  • The Spelling Bee (#1010)

    The men of the Lodge decide to submit a couple of entrants into a spelling contest to win money. [22 minutes]

  • Pay It Forward (#1011)

    The men try to get their unemployment benefits back by pretending to work for each other for money. [22 minutes]

  • Possum Day (#1012)

    The Lodge members celebrate Possum Day, where a possum predicts how much longer summer will last. [22 minutes]

  • The Boat Ramp (#1013)

    The men save a rowboat in a flood. Red uses streetcar technology to devise a way to cut the grass. [22 minutes]

  • Comrade Harold (#1014)

    Harold takes part in a University experiment to convert the Possum Lake community to communism. [22 minutes]

  • Spokesman Red (#1015)

    Red makes an incorrect assumption when he gets hired as a spokesman for a major corporation. [22 minutes]

  • The Chain Letter (#1016)

    Harold convinces the guys at the Lodge to make money by sending out lots and lots of chain letters. [22 minutes]

  • The Women's Circle (#1017)

    The men learn that the women have formed a Women's Circle where they meet and discuss their lives. [22 minutes]

  • Ranger Harold (#1018)

    Harold fills in for Ranger Gord while he's sick, leaving Uncle Red alone and lonely at the Lodge. [22 minutes]

  • The Sinkhole (#1019)

    The Lodge leans over as it sinks into the ground. Red customizes his car with old kitchen fixtures. [22 minutes]

  • Cyber Girl (#1020)

    Harold meets a girl on the Internet. Red shows how he comes up with all of his wacky project ideas. [22 minutes]

  • Red's Hot Sauce (#1101)

    Red creates his own spicy barbecue sauce that turns out to work better as a gasoline additive. [22 minutes]

  • Life Is A Circus (#1102)

    The men put on a circus to celebrate the Lodge's 75th anniversary. Harold is the human cannonball. [22 minutes]

  • Once More to the Well (#1103)

    The Lodge well runs dry so the men decide to drill a new one rather than go on town water. [22 minutes]

  • The Statue (#1104)

    Red knocks over a historic statue downtown and must replace it. He also builds a boat launcher. [22 minutes]

  • False Idol (#1105)

    Red converts a furnace into a dry cleaning machine and Harold tries out for a Canadian reality show. [22 minutes]

  • Harold's One and Only (#1106)

    Red thinks Harold is spending too much time with his girlfriend and gets them to take a week off. [22 minutes]

  • The Grapes of Wrath (#1107)

    The men use the next door neighbor's grapes to make their own wine. Red makes a flintlock musket. [22 minutes]

  • The Lodge Election (#1108)

    Red breaks the rules of the Lodge Charter and the men call an election to pick a new leader. [22 minutes]

  • Ticket to Fame (#1109)

    Red owes Harold fifty dollars and repays him with a lottery ticket. Red also makes a homemade Jeep. [22 minutes]

  • Stay Tuned (#1110)

    The men build a tower for a satellite dish when a government building blocks the satellite signal. [22 minutes]

  • The Butter Man (#1111)

    Red works through the difficulties that arise from giving someone an inappropriate Christmas gift. [22 minutes]

  • Red Green Insurance (#1112)

    Red decides to personally insure the Lodge and turns a treadmill into a heavy duty belt sander. [22 minutes]

  • Lodge Luau (#1113)

    In an attempt to attract tourists, Harold convinces the men to have a Hawaiian theme weekend. [22 minutes]

  • Hoard of the Flies (#1114)

    Flies swarm the Lodge just as an antique roadshow-type crew comes to appraise everyone's valuables. [22 minutes]

  • A Shot in the Dark (#1115)

    Red and Harold contract an extremely contagious virus and have to give each other flu shots. [22 minutes]

  • Bye Bye Bonnie (#1116)

    Harold is upset because his girlfriend is seen around town with another guy. Red uses a snowblower to make applesauce. The men have a run-in with a skunk. Edgar Montrose designs a new art form involving explosives. Red recycles road signs and demonstrates a way to make a newspaper windproof. Special Guest: Graham Green. [22 minutes]

  • Fishy Canusa Games (#1117)

    Harold freaks out when a Lodge from the United States challenges the men to a fishing contest. [22 minutes]

  • The Possum Drop (#1118)

    Harold is upset about possible animal abuse and tries to replace the possum for the Possum Drop. [22 minutes]

  • Rules of Engagement (#1201)

    Harold has broken up with Bonnie. Red pairs up with him for a white water race in a two-man kayak. [22 minutes]

  • The Folk Art Convention (#1202)

    Red thinks the Lodge can make money by making objects of folk art and selling them at a convention. [22 minutes]

  • Mr. Clean (#1203)

    Trying to beat Caribou Lodge in the ratings for tourist resorts, Red and the men do a big clean-up. [22 minutes]

  • No Tell Boatel (#1204)

    Red buys a motel, but finds out it doesn't include the land and he has to move it off the property. [22 minutes]

  • Cell Hell (#1205)

    Red gets free cell phones and tries to make them work without signing up for cellular service. [22 minutes]

  • Cart Blanche (#1206)

    Reacting to the high price of gasoline, the guys switch to electric golf carts [22 minutes]

  • New Yorkshire Puddings (#1207)

    Red discovers Yorkshire puddings and decided to open up a fast food Yorkshire pudding outlet. [22 minutes]

  • Exit Stag Right (#1208)

    Red and the boys plan a surprise stag for Harold. Red makes a man-sized lawn torch out of birdbath. [22 minutes]

  • Mad You Say? (#1209)

    Red gets a side of beef super cheap and Harold suspects it carries the mad cow virus. [22 minutes]

  • No Place Like The Home (#1210)

    Old Man Sedgwick's son is trying to put him into a home and Red intervenes to prevent it. [22 minutes]

  • Flying Blind (#1211)

    When Red is denied a permit for an Air Show, he tries to fool the crowd with model airplanes. [22 minutes]

  • The Bigger the Better (#1212)

    Red and the guys decide to have the world's biggest crayons by painting all the silos. [22 minutes]

  • The Big Retreat (#1213)

    A group of CEO's have a retreat at Possum Lodge and as it turns out they're all women. [22 minutes]

  • Rites of Passage (#1214)

    The men get into a fight over access to Possum Lake waterfront and decide to settle it with a tank. [22 minutes]

  • Sasquatch (#1215)

    Red uses Harold as bait as he hunts for Sasquatch. The men play against kids in a soccer game. [22 minutes]

  • Rain Man (#1216)

    Faced with a drought, Red tries to create rain by seeding the clouds with chemicals using a cannon. [22 minutes]

  • Love Is in the Air (#1217)

    Harold accidentally uses animal musk instead of after shave before meeting his fiance's family. [22 minutes]

  • Toe the Line (#1218)

    Red and Harold compete in a line dancing contest. Red turns a sedan car into a hideaway hardtop. [22 minutes]

  • Do As I Do (#1219)

    Harold loses the church and decides to get married at the Lodge with Red as minister. [22 minutes]

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