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Waiting for God

The Funeral (#301)

A local vicar has a nervous breakdown at one of the residentIs funeral. Tom and Diana set him off on an interesting pat to sanity. TomIs son has a spot of bother with his dipsomaniac and nymphomaniac wife. [29 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: Feeling old? You will after a visit to the Bayview Retirement Village. The food's appalling, the staff treats you an like incontinent child, and any show of independence is strictly frowned upon. But wait until you meet two elderly eccentrics who aren't prepared to give in or grow old gracefully.

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  • Christmas Special (#92)

    Diana refuses to join the Christmas spirit so Tom sends for Baby Diana and also invites some homeless people to stay in Harvey's flat for the holiday. [49 minutes]

  • Christmas Special (1993) (#93)

    Diana is asked to direct the Nativity play. [29 minutes]

  • Welcome to Bayview (#101)

    Tom is a reluctant new member of the Bayview Retirement Village. He meets Diana, a sharp-tongued spinster who lives next door. They strike up an uneasy alliance which portends many an adventure ahead. [29 minutes]

  • A Trip to Brighton (#102)

    Diana commandeers her nieceIs Porsche for a trip to Brighton and brings Tom along for company. By the time their journey ends, the police have been alerted about two renegade senior citizens on the loose in a sports car. [26 minutes]

  • Cheering Up Tom (#103)

    Diana has discovered that Tom has taken to his bed where he protests that he is dying. Diana might not be the best to cheer up her friend. She admits to having last been happy herself in 1955. [27 minutes]

  • The Christening (#104)

    Diana has a secret illness that Tom is afraid it may put her residential status in jeopardy. He conjures up an outrageous plan to blackmail the management of Bayview. Tom and Diana also disrupt the christening of Tom's great-nephew. [29 minutes]

  • Fraulein Mueller (#105)

    The arrival of a new matron creates a great rift between Tom and Diana. The matron promptly gets rid of flower beds, removes the piano from the dining room and plots to have Diana voted out of the retirement home. [28 minutes]

  • The Psychiatrist (#106)

    The Bayview management attempt to remove Tom and Diana by having them certified. The psychiatrist passes them both as mentally sound even though Tom announces that he is Sir Edmund Hillary and has just conquered Everest. [29 minutes]

  • The Helicopter (#107)

    Diana relives her past as a photo journalist with a bit of aerial photography from a helicopter. Tom has accompanied her but is not too keen on the event. "Up here is far to close to God." [28 minutes]

  • Counselling for the Dying (#201)

    Tom and Diana continue to be rebel senior citizens determined to squeeze the most from life before meeting their Maker. This week the duo also take up counseling for the dying. [28 minutes]

  • The Partition (#202)

    Tom is in a decline. He admits to Diana that he is feeling lonely and suggests that they "shack up" together. Diana's immediate reaction is to erect a partition between their quarters. [28 minutes]

  • Daisy Takes Charge (#203)

    There is still a wall dividing Tom and Diana. But while Diana waits for an apology from Tom, she must witness Daisy Williams, the newcomer to the Bayview Retirement Home, taking charge. [27 minutes]

  • The Thief (#204)

    Mysterious thefts at Bayview set Diana and Tom off on a bit of sleuthing. However, the ingenuity leads Tom into hot water as he finds himself taking the rap for a shop lifting offense. Diana defends him as "the most harmless, boring person in the world." [31 minutes]

  • Tell The Truth (#205)

    Tom decides that honesty is the best policy and vows to tell the truth at all times. Diana must deal with her ghastly niece, alias " The Clapham Strangler." [29 minutes]

  • The Hip Operation (#206)

    To Tom's great concern, Diana breaks her hip and has to go into hospital. Diana's great concern is that she get out in time to ruin her nieceIs wedding. [29 minutes]

  • Glamorous Grannies (#207)

    The Glamorous Granny Competition has come to Bayview Retirement Village. On a bet, Diana tries her hand at being nice and entering the competition. She loses the bet. [28 minutes]

  • Foreign Workers (#208)

    Harvey, the despicable manager of Bayview, has determined to cut costs by employing a group of short foreigners. And there is the nasty business of knife fights on the croquet lawn. [29 minutes]

  • Young People (#209)

    The unimaginable occurs--young people come to Bayview. Diana is thrilled by their visit, while Harvey works overtime trying to get her thrown out. [29 minutes]

  • The Boring Son (#210)

    Tom is proud of his son Geoffrey when he summons courage to leave his awful wife. But when he moves in with Tom and begins boring everyone stiff, Diana leaps into action. [28 minutes]

  • Two Nasty Children (#302)

    It falls on Tom and Diana that they must look after two rather nasty children. Diana decides to teach them a thing or two. [28 minutes]

  • Looking for Work (#303)

    Life at Bayview Retirement Village is not exactly hectic. Tom and Diana decide they are so bored that they will have to get jobs. [29 minutes]

  • Harvey's Fiancee (#304)

    An unexpected guest and Harvey's fiance are the sources for some malicious fun on the parts of Tom and Diana. [29 minutes]

  • The Estate Agent (#305)

    As they sort through what to do with their time, Tom and Diana turn their attentions to the local area outside of Bayview. In doing so they lock horns with an estate agent. [29 minutes]

  • Scandal (#306)

    When Diana is found in TomIs bed, the shock waves reverberate around Bayview. Tom is suddenly the center of attention of the ladies bowling team. [29 minutes]

  • Sabotage (#307)

    Tom and Diana decide they should to away on holiday. First they will have to outwit HarveyIs building plans and raise some money. [29 minutes]

  • Politics (#308)

    Diana decides she needs to broaden her horizons to encompass her energies and talent. She launches herself into politics only to find Tom and Harvey running against her. [29 minutes]

  • Sleeping Pills (#309)

    Diana falls ill and believes herself to be in critical condition. She takes matters into her own hands and asks Tom for sleeping pills. [29 minutes]

  • Great Aunt Diana (#310)

    Diana's niece Sarah goes into labor. Despite the great aunt's protestations of being too squeamish for such stuff, Diana and Tom are pressed into service. [29 minutes]

  • Financial Difficulties (#401)

    Diana has run into severe financial difficulties, and the management of Bayview delight in the prospect of losing her as a resident. Will soul-mate and fellow "inmate" Tom come to her rescue? [28 minutes]

  • Episode #402

    The always abrasive but now penniless Diana is forced to live with Tom. A new resident turns them into a most unlikely pair of love birds. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #403

    After only a few weeks spent together "living in miserable sin," Diana is in desperate need of a few months of solitary confinement. Tom scrutinizes his lease agreement for a get out clause to rid himself of his acid-tongued flat mate. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #404

    Diana is away and greatly missed at Bayview, especially by Tom. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #405

    A spiritualist is hell-bent on splitting up Diana and Tom who are " living in sin." At a seance, she puts Tom in touch with his dear departed wife and Tom falls under he powers. Diana decides she will remove the spell. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #406

    Harvey wants to produce a glossy video on Bayview to help him set up franchises around the country. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #407

    When the local council cancels Tom and Diana's favorite classes as the Adult Education Centre, Diana looks to roll some heads. But when they take on City Hall, Tom and Diana are put firmly in their place. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #408

    Diana causes Harvey to have what he terms a nervous breakdown. For once the other residents side with management and cause Diana to be sent away to Coventry. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #409

    Tom has a night out at his regimental reunion, and Diana has reason to believe he has met up with a girlfriend. Have Tom and Basil turned into geriatric Lager Louts? [28 minutes]

  • Episode #410

    Bad news for Tom as his doctor alerts him to impending problems with his prostate. Diana senses that Tom's doctor is not telling him everything there is to tell. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #501

    Tom has a spell in hospital with prostate trouble. When he returns home he finds his son Geoffrey has finally left his completely flipped out wife and wants to stay with Tom and Diana. They will have none of it. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #502

    Harvey has asked a Japanese designer to look at Bayview with a view to "packing in more oldies per square foot." This leads him into immediate confrontation with Tom and the newly formed Bayview Conservation Society. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #503

    Diana is less than thrilled with the prospect of a Royal visit to Bayview. Her stern views on the British class system and the Royal family are directly opposed to TomIs pronounced sense of patriotism. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #504

    With no sign of improvement to her suppurating foot. Tom presses Diana into a trip to the doctor. The prognosis is not good. Neither is her mood when she is told to adopt a new diet. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #505

    Diana is surprised to find she has something in common with Jane. They are both being driven to distraction by men. Jane is being pursued by Harvey. [28 minutes]

  • Episode #506

    Tom lands in jail after a driving lesson goes awry. Jane grows increasingly more religious and Harvey orders a mail-away ordination in order to become a priest. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #507

    Following DianaIs rejection of his proposal of marriage, Tom decides to go bungee jumping. At the very edge of his leap Diana withdraws her refusal but lays down strict ground rules for their future married life. [29 minutes]

  • Episode #508

    Two weddings are on order - that of Tom and Diana and that of Harvey and Jane. The betrothed couples are surprised to find that they are sharing their marriage with a funeral. [29 minutes]

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