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Between the Lions

Between the Lions

BETWEEN THE LIONS is named for a family of lions-Theo, Cleo, Lionel, and Leona-who run a library like no other on earth. The doors "between the lions" swing open to reveal a magical place where characters pop off the pages of books, vowels sing, and words take on a life of their own. The series combines innovative puppetry, animation, live action, and music to achieve its educational mission of helping young children learn to read.

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  • Pecos Bill Cleans Up The West (#101)

    A storybook tornado blows into the library and makes a terrible mess. Dr. Ruth guest stars. [28 minutes]

  • The Lost Rock (#102)

    A rock rolls out of his book and then can't remember which book he belongs in. [28 minutes]

  • Little Big Mouse (#103)

    Click's feelings are hurt when Lionel and Leona start a fan club for a heroic storybook mouse. [28 minutes]

  • Farmer Ken's Puzzle (#104)

    Lionel won't let Leona play a computer game for ages "7 and up" because she's "4 and down." [28 minutes]

  • Shooting Stars (#105)

    The very sleepy Lion family tries to stay up very late at night, so they won't miss the most spectacular meteor shower of the year. [28 minutes]

  • The Hopping Hen (#106)

    Everyone in the library goes crazy after Lionel puts up signs about new rules. [28 minutes]

  • Touching The Moon (#107)

    Leona keeps the whole family awake because she wants a queen to touch the moon. [28 minutes]

  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf (#108)

    The cubs show a shepherd boy how to cry "Wolf!" when his sheep are threatened, but he doesn't stop. [28 minutes]

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy, Wuzzy? (#109)

    Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he? Well, was he? [28 minutes]

  • Lionel's Antlers (#110)

    Just like the girl in the book Imogene's Antlers, Lionel wakes up with antlers on his head. [28 minutes]

  • To The Ship! to the Ship! (#111)

    Lionel and Walter Pigeon think all pirates were men, so they won't let Leona and Clay Pigeon join their pirate game. [28 minutes]

  • The Chap with Caps (#112)

    The Lion family helps a writer fix a story about a chap, a cap, and lots of chattering monkeys. [28 minutes]

  • Pandora's Box (#113)

    Should Lionel and Leona open a mysterious box that has a "Do Not Open! " sign on it? [28 minutes]

  • Lionel's Great Escape Trick (#114)

    Lionel ties himself up with ropes and tries to escape without magic words. [28 minutes]

  • There's A Fly In My Soup (#115)

    Everyone reads jokes to Click the Mouse to try to make her laugh. [28 minutes]

  • The Popcorn Popper (#116)

    When Click takes a magic popcorn popper out of a book, the cubs can't make it stop popping! [28 minutes]

  • Something Fishy (#117)

    Leona gets an idea about how to make one of her biggest dreams come true from a Cliff Hanger book. [28 minutes]

  • Hug, Hug, Hug! (#118)

    Leona helps a sculptor who falls in love with his statue. [28 minutes]

  • The Ram in the Pepper Patch (#119)

    A rambunctious ram leaves his book, butts everyone and everything in the library, and won't go back! [28 minutes]

  • A Peck of Peppers (#120)

    Lionel thinks he is the king of tongue twisters and nobody can write one that he can't say. [28 minutes]

  • Sausage Nose (#121)

    Theo, Cleo, Lionel and Leona watch a video about a husband and wife, 3 wishes, a sausage and a nose. [28 minutes]

  • Red Hat, Green Hat (#122)

    Leona's new hat stirs up trouble in the library. [28 minutes]

  • The Lucky Duck (#123)

    Lionel tries to help a very cute duck from a very cute book stop being so cute. [28 minutes]

  • The Old Man (#124)

    Writer Babs Caplan visits the library to write the world's scariest story. [28 minutes]

  • A King and His Hawk (#125)

    Leona thinks a book Lionel reads to her is too sad, so she tries to make sure nobody else can read it. [28 minutes]

  • The Roar That Makes Them Run (#126)

    Leona and Lionel try to get their dad to roar a mighty roar. [28 minutes]

  • Piggyback, Piggyback (#127)

    Leona decides to ride piggyback on her dad's back forever and ever. [28 minutes]

  • The Fox and the Crow (#128)

    Walter and Clay Pigeon want The Fox and the Crow banned from the library because they think the book makes birds look like birdbrains. [28 minutes]

  • Giants and Cubs (#129)

    Leona thinks scary giants are coming into the library to clobber lion cubs. [28 minutes]

  • Be Bop (#130)

    Everybody gets in the groove when jazzy shoes come out of a book and dance all over the library. [28 minutes]

  • The Sad Dad (#201)

    Theo reads a story about a sad Dad who gets advice from a wise woman and gets animals in his house. [28 minutes]

  • Humph! Humph! Humph! (#202)

    Lionel's friend Gus gets humphy when Leona asks him to read to her. [28 minutes]

  • The Good Seed (#203)

    Click the Mouse has a computer virus! [28 minutes]

  • The Wings of Icarus (#204)

    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Barnaby B. Busterfield III! Featured text: myth. Key word: wing. [28 minutes]

  • Zoop! Zoop! (#205)

    With the help of her mother and a ukelele, Leona faces her fear of a scary fictional giant. [28 minutes]

  • Clickety-Clack, Clickety-Clack! (#206)

    Theo borrows a cow's typewriter and doesn't want to give it back. Featured text: storybook. [28 minutes]

  • Poetry Day (#207)

    Two pigeons named Walter and Clay learn all about poetry on Poetry Day! Featured text: poetry. Key word: train. Target vowel: ai. [28 minutes]

  • Bobby The Hopping Robot (#208)

    Why is Bobby the Hopping Robot not hopping? Featured text: instructions. Key word: hop. [28 minutes]

  • Teacher's Pet (#209)

    Cleo has the"I-can't-hear-or-tell-or-smell-if-someone's-sneaking-up-on-me" flu. [28 minutes]

  • The Last Cliff Hanger (#210)

    Lionel is very unhappy because author Livingston Dangerously has written The Last Cliff Hanger. [28 minutes]

  • Pebble Trouble (#211)

    Leona is under a table and won't come out. Featured text: storybook. Key word: pebble. [28 minutes]

  • Oh, Yes, It Can! (#212)

    Can yams, gloves, and hammers talk? Oh, yes, they can! Featured text: folktale. Key word: can. [28 minutes]

  • Five, Six, and Thistle Sticks (#213)

    Can Lionel and Lenny still be best friends if they don't like the same things anymore? Featured text: storybook, biography. Key word: six. Target vowel: short i. [28 minutes]

  • Bug Beard (#214)

    A woodcutter and his wife need the lions' help with a man who has bugs in his beard. [28 minutes]

  • Trains and Brains and Rainy Plains (#215)

    Lionel and Leona ride a train into a book called "Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain." [28 minutes]

  • Quest, Quest, Quest! (#216)

    Faith Prince stars in an adventure about two knights and a nasty villain, written by Babs Caplan with a little help from the lions. Featured text: folktale. Key word: quest. Target vowel: short e. [28 minutes]

  • The Spider and the Lie (#217)

    It's up to Judge Click the Mouse to find out who's telling the truth, Leona or a shady monkey. [28 minutes]

  • Why The Baboon's Balloon Went Ka-Boom! (#218)

    A little bug goes ka-choo! and a baboon's balloon goes ka-boom. Featured text: storybook. [28 minutes]

  • But, Mama, But . . . (#219)

    Cleo is going away for a few days and Leona thinks she's too big to miss her mother. [28 minutes]

  • Dreaming Shakespeare (#220)

    Can Anthony Asbury help a chicken looking for a book about plumbing become a star in a Shakespeare play? Featured text: Shakespeare. Key word: dream. Target vowel: ea. [28 minutes]

  • Rats (#221)

    Sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can never hurt you. Or can they? Featured text: Celtic legend. Key word: rat. Target vowel: short a. [28 minutes]

  • Tweet! Tweet! (#222)

    Walter and Clay Pigeon meet face-to-face with Tyrannosaurus rex! Featured text: poetry, nonfiction. [28 minutes]

  • Good Night, Knight (#223)

    Orlando Furioso, will save Angelica and lift the curse of Fallerina if he can be put back together! [28 minutes]

  • The Chess Mess (#224)

    It's Alice Day! It's Alice Day! Callooh! Callay! Hooray! Featured text: chapter book. Key word: chess. Target vowel: short e. [28 minutes]

  • Stop That Chicken! (#225)

    It's poultry in motion when Chicken Jane flies out of her book into the library. [28 minutes]

  • Hay Day (#301)

    Can Lionel, Leona and Gus help a girl named Fay turn hay into gold in just one day? [26 minutes]

  • Pigs Aplenty (#302)

    Theo and Cleo leave Marmy in charge of the cubs, and she throws a big pig party in the library. [26 minutes]

  • What Parakeets Need (#303)

    Theo and Cleo give the cubs a pet parakeet,but will Sweety Tweety talk? Kelly Ripa guest reads. [28 minutes]

  • Too Cool (#304)

    Lionel thinks the new kid at school, Derek Cheetah, is too cool to be on his baseball team. [26 minutes]

  • You Can't Touch Me! (#305)

    Lionel gives Leona "The Gingerbread Man" book for her birthday. Will it spoil her party? [28 minutes]

  • Huff and Puff (#306)

    Leona and Lionel write their own sequels to the story of the three little pigs. [26 minutes]

  • Out In Outer Space (#307)

    Grandpa Lion visits to tell the cubs a true story about a friend who traveled in outer space. [28 minutes]

  • Help! (#308)

    The search for a lost book helps Theo and Cleo teach the cubs about responsibility. [26 minutes]

  • Two Coats, One Goat, and One Boat (#309)

    Lionel's copy of a very rare Cliff Hanger book is missing! Did some bunny take it? [28 minutes]

  • Treats! (#310)

    A hired advertising team needs a little help creating a commercial for the library. [28 minutes]

  • Art Party (#401)

    Can Lionel and Leona make sense of a mysterious painting? Kelly Ripa guest stars. [28 minutes]

  • Grow, Mane, Grow! (#402)

    Lionel is still a growing cub, but he'll do anything to grow a grown up mane like his Dad's! [28 minutes]

  • Three Goats, No Waiting (#403)

    Who can act scary enough to be the troll in Lionel's play of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff?" [28 minutes]

  • Step By Step (#404)

    The lions find a map and go hunting for library treasure. Melissa Etheridge reads. [28 minutes]

  • Dance In Smarty Pants (#405)

    Lionel teaches his parents a new dance. Oliver Platt reads. Al Franken guest stars. [28 minutes]

  • Pigs, Pigs, Pigs!/The Three Little Pigs (#501)

    Pigs run amok in the story "Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore!" and try to escape the wolf in the folktale. [28 minutes]

  • The Carrot Seed/The Empty Pot (#502)

    What happens when the flower seed you plant for the Emperor doesn't grow? Key word: seed. [28 minutes]

  • Wings/What's in the Box? (#503)

    Watch out! The cubs find out what warnings mean and why it's important to pay attention to them. [28 minutes]

  • A Shower of Stars/Two Moons and One Lagoon (#504)

    The Lions watch a beautiful meteor shower & read a story about a queen who wants to touch the moon. [28 minutes]

  • The Golden Meaty Awards (#505)

    This first annual music awards show features tunes from Between the Lions and very tasty awards. [28 minutes]

  • Click, Clack, Moo/The Little Red Hen (#506)

    Farm animals have a lot to teach the cubs about the power of writing and the value of helping. [28 minutes]

  • Sylvester and the Magic Pebble/I Miss You, Stinky Face (#507)

    It's hard to be away from your family, especially when you've been turned into a rock. [28 minutes]

  • A Tasty Piece of Cheese/The Lion and the Mouse (#508)

    A taste for cheese leads a fox to trick a crow and lands a mouse in the paws of a hungry lion. [28 minutes]

  • Earl's Too Cool/When I Was Five (#509)

    Making new friends and keeping old friends is too cool! Key words: too, five. [28 minutes]

  • It's Red! It's Green!/Joseph Had A Little Overcoat (#510)

    In these folktales, a red hat is really green (or is it red?) and an old overcoat is also a button. [28 minutes]

  • Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash/Knuffle Bunny (#601)

    The cubs find items on a clothesline, but are reluctant to turn over their things for a washing. [28 minutes]

  • Sheep on a Ship/Mississippi Skip and His Pirate Ship (#602)

    There's lots of slipping, sliding, swabbing and colliding when sheep and pirates take to the seas. [28 minutes]

  • Yo! Yes?/Very Loud, Very Big, Very Metal (#603)

    Leona makes a new friend and shows her brother a music video with big, noisy construction vehicles. [28 minutes]

  • I'll Fix Anthony/Jamaica Louise James (#604)

    A brother and a jack-in-the-box need fixing and an artist draws plans to fix up a subway station. [28 minutes]

  • Pete's A Pizza/Pygmalion (#605)

    A father turns his son into a pizza. Some loving hugs bring a statue to life. [28 minutes]

  • Here Come The Aliens/Abiyoyo (#606)

    Strange creatures lurk in outer space, but even stranger creatures dwell right here on earth. [28 minutes]

  • King Midas/The Dirty Smelly King (#607)

    King Midas gets what he wished for. King Chuck the Mucky Muck wishes he weren't so smelly. [28 minutes]

  • Cheesybreadville/Stolen Smells (#608)

    A disaster in the kitchen creates a new treat and a boy gets in trouble for smelling tasty smells. [28 minutes]

  • The Coyote and the Rabbit/The Gingerbread Man (#609)

    A hungry coyote gets tricked by a clever rabbit. A gingerbread man thinks he can outrun everybody. [28 minutes]

  • The Goat in the Coat (#610)

    Lionel is upset when his copy of a new Cliff Hanger book vanishes from the library. [28 minutes]

  • The Problem with Chickens & An Egg Is Quiet (#701)

    What to do about chickens that don't lay eggs and eggs that just sit there quietly and don't hatch? [28 minutes]

  • Spicy Hot Colors & Yesterday I Had The Blues (#702)

    A colorful pinata holds a meaty surprise for the Lions, who experience a dazzling array of feelings. [28 minutes]

  • Bear Snores On & Night in the Country (#703)

    Cleo sleeps through a noisy party and the cubs learn about the noises night creatures make. [28 minutes]

  • How to Be A Good Dog & Not Afraid of Dogs (#704)

    A cat tries to teach a dog to behave and a boy learns that dogs aren't so scary after all. [28 minutes]

  • Dear Mr. Blueberry & I Wanna Iguana (#705)

    Lionel uses notes to help solve the mystery of a whale in a swimming pool, get a new family pet. [28 minutes]

  • Violet's Music & What Instrument Does Alvin Play (#706)

    Lionel and Leona discover that there are so many wonderful instruments to play. [28 minutes]

  • Moon Rope & Welcome to the Moon (#707)

    Leona is on a mission to find out if you can climb up to the moon on a rope. [28 minutes]

  • The Three-Legged Pot & When Jabo Jammed (#708)

    Pepe can't get a pot with three legs to walk, but Leona can make it dance. Jabo can really jam. [28 minutes]

  • Charlie's Dinosaur & Here Come The Aliens (#709)

    There were dinosaurs roaming the earth long ago but could one of their relatives be in the library? [28 minutes]

  • Making Bread & Cheesybreadville (#710)

    After Theo Lion's failed attempt at making bread, a video and a book come to the rescue. [28 minutes]

  • Ruby Sings The Blues & The Camel Dances (#801)

    A very loud girl learns to sing. Leona, a camel and perhaps even Lionel discover the joy of dancing. [28 minutes]

  • Mole and the Baby Bird & Owen and Mzee (#802)

    Lionel and Leona learn why some animals aren't meant to be pets and how animals develop friendships. [28 minutes]

  • Stop That Pickle & Chicks and Salsa (#803)

    The Lions and a sandwich chase a pickle in the library. The Book and a Meal show leads to a fiesta. [28 minutes]

  • Are You A Snail? & Wonderful Worms (#804)

    Some creatures try to determine if they are snails or slugs. A pet worm is missing in the library. [28 minutes]

  • Stone Soup & Bee-Bim Bop! (#805)

    Lionel and Leona learn to make a soup from a stone and enjoy a Korean meal called Bee-bim bop. [28 minutes]

  • Bein' with You This Way & How to Be (#806)

    Lionel and Leona and their friends sing about the ways that they look alike and different. [28 minutes]

  • No One Told The Aardvark & Sea Horse (#807)

    Leona pretends to be different animals and tries the sea horse's trick of camouflage in the library. [28 minutes]

  • Elephants Can Paint Too! & Jamaica Louise James (#808)

    A girl's paintings brighten up a subway station. Leona decides to decorate the library with her own. [28 minutes]

  • Trosclair and the Alligator & The Coyote and the Rabbit (#809)

    A clever boy tricks a hungry alligator who gives Lionel a scare. A coyote gets tricked by a rabbit. [28 minutes]

  • I Don't Want A Birthday Party & Knuffle Bunny (#810)

    Leona can't understand why Roodles the Clown doesn't want a birthday party. Where is Lovey? [28 minutes]

  • Night Shift & Under Construction (#901)

    The family helps a monkey who sells ice cream and tries to rid the library of a large tree branch. [28 minutes]

  • Bugs & Beetle Bop (#902)

    Can Cleo cure Theo of his fear of caterpillars? The Beetles singing group comes to the library. [28 minutes]

  • Cliff Hanger, The Pheasant, and the Phone & Terrific (#903)

    The Cliff Hanger fan club enjoys a lost adventure story. "Terrific" doesn't always mean terrific. [28 minutes]

  • River Story & Salmon In Alaska (#904)

    The cubs take a trip down the river and the entire Lion family heads to Alaska. [28 minutes]

  • Pigs In Hiding & Stop That Pickle! (#905)

    The Lions play hide-and-seek and join a sandwich on the hunt for a runaway pickle in the library. [28 minutes]

  • Priceless Gifts & King Midas (#906)

    Is Lionel going to get to see Cliff Hanger get off the cliff? King Midas gets what he wished for. [28 minutes]

  • The Popcorn Popper & Oh, Yes, It Can! (#907)

    Lionel and Leona can't make a popcorn popper stop popping. The cubs meet a yam that can talk. [28 minutes]

  • The Emperor's New Clothes & The Hungry Coat (#908)

    The cubs find an emperor in the library in his underwear. Click the Mouse picks a perfect outfit. [28 minutes]

  • Like A Windy Day & Winter Is The Warmest Season (#909)

    The Lions deal with wind during their picnic. Lionel tries to convince Leona that winter is warm. [28 minutes]

  • Angelina's Island & Chinese New Year (#910)

    The Lions celebrate their heritage and a visitor to the library introduces them to Chinese New Year. [28 minutes]

  • Three More Little Pigs & The Ants and the Grasshopper (#1001)

    Lionel, Leona and the Wolf each try their hand at writing a sequel to The Three Little Pigs. [28 minutes]

  • A Birthday for Cow! & Rabbit's Gift (#1002)

    The humble turnip stars in this show about birthday celebrations, vegetables and the gift of giving. [28 minutes]

  • City Mouse And Country Mouse & The Happy Hocky Family Moves To The Country! (#1003)

    Click the Mouse trades places with a real mouse, and the country comes to the library. [28 minutes]

  • Pablo The Artist & Dream Carver (#1004)

    Gus is inspired when he and Lionel work on a page from the Cliff Hanger Coloring Book. [28 minutes]

  • Roller Coaster & What Do Wheels Do All Day? (#1005)

    Leona takes the training wheels off her bike. Squeaky the Wheel causes laughter in the library. [28 minutes]

  • Not Norman & Me and My Cat? (#1006)

    Theo feels as unappreciated as a goldfish and a broken computer gets the Lion family all mixed up. [28 minutes]

  • My Dog Is As Smelly As Dirty Socks & Just What Mama Needs (#1007)

    The Lion family turns a box of junk into self-portraits. Leona tricks Lionel into cleaning her room. [28 minutes]

  • Castles, Caves, and Honeycombs & My House (#1008)

    Leona helps a snail find a new home in the library's new "All Different Kinds of Homes" wing. [28 minutes]

  • Deep in the Swamp & Trosclair and the Alligator (#1009)

    Lionel tries to frighten Leona with creepy swamp things. A clever boy tricks a hungry alligator. [28 minutes]

  • Red Parka Mary & Not Afraid of Dogs (#1010)

    Leona and her friend Sadie are scarier than they think. A boy learns that dogs aren't so scary. [28 minutes]

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