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Caillou The Bookworm (#311)

He takes Rosie to the library, reads his pirate book in his closet and tells a story at playschool. [28 minutes] TV-Y Closed Captioning Descriptive Video Service

PBS Video

Series Description: Growing up is not so tough - especially with a friend like Caillou (pronounced KY-YOO), a lovable four-year-old who has a unique way of relating to the world. Based on a series of best-selling Canadian children's books, CAILLOU demonstrates how the first experiences of life, from going to the park to understanding one's own family, can be perceived with wonder and a sense of discovery. Blending animation and live-action segments with humor, kid logic and imagination, Caillou helps preschoolers make sense of the world. The stories address real problems and conflicts typical to a young child's development. Through it all, Caillou remains an irresistible little boy in a very big world, with whom every young child and parent can identify.

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  • When I Grow Up (#101)

    Caillou contemplates possible future jobs, like being a mailman or policeman. [28 minutes]

  • Summertime (#102)

    Days at the beach building sandcastles, a camping trip in the woods and fun with the lawn sprinkler! [28 minutes]

  • I'm All Better (#103)

    Caillou goes to the dentist and the doctor and brings Dad snacks and a card when he is sick. [28 minutes]

  • Pets (#104)

    In this episode, Caillou learns about taking care of his beloved cat, Gilbert. And Gilbert decides he wants to have a pet, not just be one. He adopts Rexy, but decides having a pet is too much work. Caillou also discovers the rigors of responsibility. First, he comforts Gilbert during a trip to the vet for his shot. Later, when Gilbert is stranded up a tree, Caillou rallies the fire brigade to his rescue. He also plays detective to find the missing Gilbert when the cat disappears (napping in Caillou's bed!). And he plays diplomat, too, when Gilbert's resistance to children's games forces Caillou to figure out kitty games that his pet much prefers. [28 minutes]

  • My Sister Rosie (#105)

    It's a mixed bag having a little sister. Caillou and Rosie sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's in new bunk beds -- but delight turns to fright for Caillou in the top bunk, and he cuddles on the bottom with Rosie instead. Later, sibling strife during a car ride with Dad turns to chivalry when the car breaks down and Caillou takes care of his frightened sister as the tow truck takes them to the garage. Caillou also reflects on the day Rosie first arrived two years ago, and begins to understand why Mom does things for Rosie he doesn't do for her. Meanwhile, Rexy plays with his imaginary sister in the yard until a baby squirrel becomes his surrogate sibling. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Creates (#106)

    Caillou discovers his creative side. He begins with a Father's Day gift for Dad, a creation of paint and Popsicle sticks that, to Caillou's delight, Dad instantly treasures because Caillou made it. A day at Grandma's with Rosie reveals that playing music together can be noisy fun. And a gloomy mood is lifted when Caillou turns his blues into a session with Grandma's paints. Caillou also has a ball performing in the daycare center play, especially when Mom and Dad come to watch. The puppets are in a creative mood, too; Teddy creates a collage, Gilbert writes an ode to the garden, and Rexy does wonders with found odds and ends. [26 minutes]

  • Caillou Cooks (#107)

    After making too much of a mess trying to help Mom, Caillou plays pretend-cooking with Sarah. [28 minutes]

  • Food-A-Licious! (#108)

    Caillou begins to realize how many yummy things there are to eat. First, a visit to a farm teaches Caillou where eggs come from. Then, a walk in the park with Grandma lifts Caillou's low opinion of vegetables when he sees how much birds and animals love them. Veggies get a further boost when Grandpa shows Caillou how to plant carrots, and he finds that nursing his plants gives them great new flavor. Caillou gets another taste treat at dinner at Sarah's house, along with a lesson in how to use chopsticks. But not even chopsticks can help Rexy, Teddy and Gilbert. The puppets' best-laid plan to eat each other's food goes awry when they find they like their own only. But there are no hurt feelings and it's bon appetit all around. [26 minutes]

  • Traveling (#109)

    Trains, boats, cars, planes; Caillou is learning about travel. Caillou and Grandpa fix up an old toy boat and sail it on the lake in the park. Then Caillou and Dad explore the many things to do on a train during a cross- country family trip. Back home, Caillou helps Dad wash the car and pretends they're zooming down the road. But it's even more exciting when he gets to sit in the cockpit during his first plane flight. The puppets, however, are getting nowhere fast. Rexy thinks he can drive around the world until Gilbert explains about oceans. And Teddy attaches wings to his back, pretending to fly. It's a good thing one can travel by walking, too! [28 minutes]

  • Puppy Love (#110)

    Cat-loving Caillou discovers dogs, and Gilbert is jealous! Caillou and Dad bring home a lost pooch, and by the time they find its owner, Caillou is attached to his new pup pal. Later in the park, a stranger's fierce dog scares Caillou. Then he meets the kind "seeing eye" companion of a blind woman. Caillou's so intrigued by the dog's abilities that he and Mom visit a training school where these special dogs learn their skills. Caillou decides he wants a dog of his own, but Mom and Dad remind him he has Gilbert to love and care for. It's a reminder not lost on Teddy and Rexy, whose dress-up game of puppies rouses the sleeping Gilbert, their very favorite cat. [28 minutes]

  • Best Behavior (#111)

    Sometimes it's okay to be messy and loud, but Caillou is learning there are times and places when he has to be on his best behavior. During a Sunday brunch with the family at a fancy restaurant, Caillou minds his Ps and Qs; it's Rosie who fools around under the buffet table! Caillou also conducts himself well when he's Sarah's guest at school at Little Brother or Sister Day. But he learns that good behavior also means being considerate of the feelings and belongings of others after he's mean to Rosie and ruins one of her dolls. The rambunctious Rexy, too, gets lessons in good manners from Gilbert and Teddy -- but he's still got a lot to learn! [26 minutes]

  • The Starry Night (#112)

    Things that go bump in the night, and others that light up the sky, are on everyone's mind today. A family corn-roast dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's under the star-studded sky prompts Grandpa to bring out his telescope and introduce Caillou to the constellations, planets and moon. But fun turns to fear at bedtime when Caillou decides that a monster is lurking in his room. Maybe he's picked up the puppets' jitters; their own night under the stars convinces Rexy that a monster's hovering over them! All's well when Mom and Dad unmask Caillou's monster as a tree branch on the window, and Rexy's one-eyed monster turns out to be the shimmering moon! [26 minutes]

  • Lost and Found (#113)

    A day of new discoveries! Caillou loses his voice, finds a frog in his throat, and learns other neat ways to communicate, until the frog goes away. The puppets are also in on the discovery action when Rexy finds what he believes to be a magic Bauble on the ground. But when he finds out Didi lost her precious "thing," Rexy magically returns it to her. Caillou, later on, is missing one of his favorite socks. He searches the house, and accidentally locks himself in the basement. Daddy comes to the rescue -- only he locks himself in the basement too. All is well when Mommy saves them both and finds the missing sock. [28 minutes]

  • Just for Laughs (#114)

    Caillou's clowning around today and having a wonderful time. Seeing Bravo the magician at a friend's birthday party inspires Caillou to become Caillou the Great and put on a magic show of his own. Later, he plays the clown for a wary Rosie, who's afraid of clowns until Caillou shows her they're just people wearing silly costumes. Caillou also gets to go to a parade, have another pretend parade with Dad, and even makes puppet clowns with Grandma. Meanwhile, the resident puppets, Rexy, Teddy and Gilbert, trade jokes and hearty laughter. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Helps Out (#115)

    Everyone's lending a helping hand today. Caillou plans a surprise birthday party for Grandpa with Grandma's help. He and Grandma get everything ready, and Grandpa is very surprised and very happy. Rexy, on the other hand, is disappointed when Teddy and Didi are too busy with their chores to play with him. Gilbert suggests that Rexy help the others out -- that way they'll be finished sooner and ready to play. Caillou really likes to play with Leo's pet hamster and would love to have one of his own. He doesn't realize how much hard work having a hamster can be until he offers to look after Leo's pet while Leo and his parents are out of town. He soon realizes it's not all fun and games - especially with Gilbert around! [28 minutes]

  • Imagine! (#116)

    Today, Caillou discovers something inside him that makes ordinary things fun: imagination! Unable to fly his kite on a windless day, Caillou stares at the clouds and finds they're really wagons, balloons and dinosaurs, if you look at them just right. When rain grounds his kite another day, Caillou and Dad turn the living room into a pirate ship -- with Gilbert shaking the dormant kite like a lively fish. It's also fun playing with his friend George, who no one can see but Caillou. Meanwhile, the puppets fall into individual reveries about singing, dancing, and conducting an orchestra -- then realize they can imagine together, and make a full concert of it! [28 minutes]

  • Big Brother Caillou (#117)

    Caillou learns the importance of being a big brother today. Caillou remembers when this big brother thing first started -- he was just two and a half. Everyone was so excited when his baby sister Rosie first came home -- everyone but Caillou, who felt left out until he got to help Daddy change Rosie's diaper. He soon realized that his new role as a big brother was important. Rexy, who is "sort-of" a big brother to Didi, is at a loss for words when she asks his opinion on her painting. He doesn't want to hurt her feelings, but Teddy advises him to just be honest. Rexy soon finds out that the truth (that the painting looked like a big green blob) was exactly what Didi was going for. Later on, Caillou gets to exercise his big brother skills when Mommy is gone for the day and he has to help Daddy with the daily routine. [28 minutes]

  • Words! (#118)

    Writing and reading are the focus today. Caillou is all excited to read the weekend paper with Daddy, but the wind and a very mischievous cat delay his reading time. With a little patience and persistence, Caillou finally gets to enjoy his favorite comic strip. Later, when Mommy is upset because the mailman only brings bills, bills and more bills, she tells Caillou that it would be nice to get a nice letter for a change. Caillou and Daddy decide to write Mommy a really nice letter, and the next morning they give it to the mail carrier to deliver. Mommy is thrilled! Meanwhile Teddy and Rexy each learn a new word from the dictionary and decide to use their new words all day long. [28 minutes]

  • I Can Do It (#119)

    Caillou's learning to do new things, and discovering it's okay to have help while he learns. To prove he's ready to help Dad paint the porch, Caillou paints Rosie's dollhouse first -- and Gilbert, with paint-dipped paws, does some painting too! Caillou moves from renovation to recreation when Dad and Sarah teach him to play baseball, Dad teaches him to swim, and Clementine goads him into going down the big kids' slide. With courage and practice, he's soon able to do these things on his own -- unlike Rexy, who makes a mess of his efforts to build a snowman until Gilbert and Teddy help him out, and make it more fun, too. [28 minutes]

  • My Family (#120)

    Today Caillou learns that being a part of a family is something very special. Dad lends Caillou his old camera and helps him take pictures of every member of their family - including Gilbert. Looking at the photo album, the family remembers when Gilbert was a kitten and first came to live with them. When Caillou and his family go to the zoo, Caillou is thrilled to see that animals have families too. Meanwhile, Rexy is heartbroken when he discovers he doesn't have a family or any papers. Teddy and Gilbert decide to draw up official papers and adopt Rexy, who is thrilled to have a family just like everyone else. [26 minutes]

  • Winter! (#121)

    Wintertime brings lots of new experiences. Sarah teaches Caillou to build a snowman, Dad helps him stay upright on his ice skates (and picks him up when he falls down), and Mom shows Caillou the fine points of downhill skiing, including how not to be afraid of the ski lift. Meanwhile, Rexy has never seen snow and thinks the backyard is disappearing. The shimmering winter blanket inspires Gilbert to write a poem. And, Teddy, in true bear style, just craves a long winter's nap! But soon, a glorious sight makes everyone sit up and take notice. When Caillou and Dad get to the vendor too late to buy a good Christmas tree, they decorate one in the yard instead. All the beautiful colored lights chase away the winter gloom. [28 minutes]

  • After Dark (#122)

    Things get a little scary today. Caillou and his new neighbors, Jason and Jeffery, are playing hide and go seek in the backyard, until dusk brings out the shadows. A flashlight and Mommy help chase the shadows away. That evening, Caillou can't fall asleep when he hears scary " scratchy monster" noises and thinks there's a monster in his room. Daddy shows him that a tree branch brushing against the window is making the noises and the only monster in Caillou's room is Gilbert. Later, a bad dream about a scary monster leads to a restless night for Caillou. Mommy and Daddy help him learn to fall asleep safely in his own bed. Meanwhile, in a burst of imagination, Rexy makes up a scary "Spookindoodle" character. It takes Teddy and Gilbert to help Rexy realize the "Spookindoodle" only exists in his mind. And, finally, when Caillou sleeps over at Leo's house for the first time, he has fun till it's time to go to sleep. A phone call to Mommy reminds Caillou that Teddy was looking forward to spending the night. Together they rest easily. [28 minutes]

  • Nature (#123)

    Today Caillou discovers the wonders of the natural world. Grandma introduces Caillou to the many birds that live in the park, and then gives him a bird house for his own backyard. That's why Caillou's prepared when he and Sarah find a baby bird that's fallen from its nest, and they nurse it back to health. Later, Caillou and his daycare buddies have a treasure hunt in the forest. With Sarah and a magnifying glass, Caillou pretends to be a jungle explorer, hunting " big game" (like Gilbert and butterflies) in the garden. The puppets are on their own safari: Gilbert plays a detective game with flowers, Teddy searches for wild berries, and Rexy goes on the lookout for wild animals. [26 minutes]

  • Knowing I'm Growing (#124)

    Caillou is getting bigger! Caillou's feet are growing, so Mommy takes him to the shoe store where the salesman measures his feet, and Caillou gets a new pair of shoes. But he's not as big as Andre, who can ride a big bike, or Sarah, who is losing a tooth and waiting for the Tooth Fairy. Caillou is reassured he's growing when the growth chart shows how tall he has become. And, Caillou is too big for his favorite shirt, so he gives it to his favorite teddy bear to wear. Meanwhile, Rexy is discouraged when he realizes he hasn't grown - not even an inch! Teddy explains to Rexy that growing happens inside as well as outside. [28 minutes]

  • All Kinds of Weather (#125)

    Rain, sleet, sun, and snow: Caillou is amazed by all the ways that weather changes. He's nearly in a state during a thunderstorm until Dad explains what thunder is (and how to tell it's going away. And when a winter storm hits, Mom and Dad make a scary blackout into a fun indoor camping trip, complete with sleeping bags and marshmallows! For their part, Teddy and Rexy can't figure out why the sky goes to so much trouble to change, but Gilbert tells them that rain and snow help things grow. [26 minutes]

  • Caillou Discovers (#126)

    Caillou discovers new things today and is so excited when Daddy brings home a computer. He learns to share the computer with his entire family -- even Gilbert! Caillou and Leo are playing dinosaurs in the backyard and discover a fish fossil rock. They visit the library to learn more about dinosaurs and fossils. Meanwhile, Teddy helps Gilbert move a rock closer to a flower to make them both look prettier. [28 minutes]

  • Friends (#127)

    Caillou makes a new friend named Andre who is so clumsy he breaks his favorite chair. [26 minutes]

  • Springtime! (#128)

    Caillou is excited that spring is coming, but is disappointed when he finds out there will be no more snow. Caillou and Sarah find a way to save a patch of snow they find under the porch, but soon learn they can't keep it forever. Also, Caillou's excited because it's raining, and he's looking forward to puddle splashing when he goes out with his mommy. It seems like forever before they can leave because there' s always something else he has to do. By the time they're ready to go the rain has stopped, but there are still plenty of puddles for Caillou to jump in! Rexy discovers what he thinks are tiny " snowpeople" in the yard. Teddy tells him they aren't tiny people, but the first flowers of spring. [28 minutes]

  • All in a Day (#129)

    Caillou does a lot in a day, and today he wants to dress himself, only his mommy is doing the laundry and he doesn't have any clean clothes, so Daddy and Caillou decide to play a dressing game with Daddy's old clothes. Later, it's bath time, only Caillou doesn't like to take baths, but Daddy turns bath time into playtime with a motorboat and a big bottle of bubble bath. The puppets are suffering from the heat outside, until Rexy makes up a "cool" game where everyone pretends they are freezing. [28 minutes]

  • Celebrations (#130)

    It's time to celebrate! Caillou is invited to a Hispanic themed birthday party for his friend Xavier. With a stick in hand, Caillou discovers the special surprise hidden in the pi?ata. There are moresurprises for Caillou as he learns all about Chinese New Year with Sarah and her cousin. The celebration continues as Caillou's friends gather to celebrate Caillou's birthday. Later, Caillou and Grandma throw Grandpa a surprise belated birthday party! Grandpa is surprised, and very happy! Also today, Teddy plans a surprise celebration for Rexy and Gilbert. [28 minutes]

  • Games to Play (#131)

    When the kids can't go to the zoo, Caillou's Mom and Dad cheer them up by pretending to be animals. [26 minutes]

  • Grown-Ups and Me (#132)

    Caillou recalls the first time Julie babysat him, picks strawberries and makes friends in day care. [28 minutes]

  • Try, Try Again (#133)

    With some practice, Calliou learns how to swim on his own, catch falling leaves and tie his shoes. [28 minutes]

  • Adventure! (#134)

    The family go to the car wash, a theme park and use their imagination to go far away places. [28 minutes]

  • Getting Along (#135)

    Caillou learns how to get along with others today. When he learns a bad word from an older child, Caillou uses it on Clementine and hurts her feelings. When Mommy finds out, she makes Caillou apologize, and soon he and Clementine are friends again. Caillou and Rosie are at odds as they play in the sandbox. Caillou promises Mommy that they will take turns and share the space. Later, Caillou learns just how important it is to keep a promise when he meets up with his friends Jason and Jeffery in the park. The twin boys promise to take Caillou to the circus, but then don't follow through with their promise. Meanwhile, Gilbert's upset with Rexy for messing up his game with Teddy, but thanks to Teddy all is resolved. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou's Neighborhood (#136)

    Caillou gets to know his neighbor, Mr. Hinkle, through a fun game of hide-and-seek, and then goes along with Grandma to visit some of her friends in a retirement home. Later, Caillou's trip to the park teaches him that cooperation is key when playing with Leo and Clementine. [28 minutes]

  • Old and New (#137)

    When Calillou helps Mommy clean out the attic, they find neat treasures inside an old chest. [28 minutes]

  • Vacation (#138)

    Caillou's first airplane ride brings new experiences. Later, he misses Sarah when she goes to China. [26 minutes]

  • Getting The Message (#139)

    Calliou mets a deaf boy and learns sign language and shops for a surprise gift for Mommy. [28 minutes]

  • Fall Is in the Air (#140)

    The kids play in the leaves, visit the pumpkin patc, and get into the spirit of Thanksgiving. [28 minutes]

  • Knowing How (#201)

    Caillou's skating lessons are harder than he expected and he learns his address with Daddy's help. [28 minutes]

  • Changing Plans (#202)

    Caillou copes with change. [28 minutes]

  • Sounds and Music (#203)

    Caillou explores playing music, hearing music played and having fun with sounds. [28 minutes]

  • I'm Learning (#204)

    Caillou has fun with some interesting first time experiences. [28 minutes]

  • People I Love (#205)

    Explores the special people in Caillou's life. [28 minutes]

  • The World Around Me (#206)

    Explores Caillou and how he relates to the world around him. [28 minutes]

  • Machines! Brrrrmmm! (#207)

    Caillou learns about the mechanical world around him. [28 minutes]

  • It's Cold Outside! Brrr! (#208)

    Caillou explores all the fun things to do in winter. [28 minutes]

  • New Places and New Things! (#209)

    Caillou has a variety of new experiences as he continues to grow and see the world around him. [28 minutes]

  • Step By Step! (#210)

    Caillou learns the value of helping others, whether they are close friends or new acquaintances. [28 minutes]

  • I Love to Pretend! (#211)

    [28 minutes]

  • All Wet! (#212)

    Caillou learns about having fun with water. [28 minutes]

  • Animals and Me! (#213)

    Explores animals and how Caillou relates to them. [28 minutes]

  • Outdoor Adventures (#214)

    Caillou explores outside in nature. [28 minutes]

  • All Around The Block! (#215)

    Caillou learns more about living in his neighborhood and what that entails. [28 minutes]

  • Doing It Together! (#216)

    Explores things we need help with and the things that require more than one person. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou The Detective (#301)

    Gilbert goes missing. Caillou misplaces his new toy car and learns about the jungle at playschool. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou The Sports Star (#302)

    Caillou realizes he is getting stronger and imagines he's an Olympic athlete and a real bike racer. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou The Builder (#303)

    He imagines himself as a construction worker and builds a road through the playschool sandlot. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou to the Rescue (#304)

    He tries to help Rosie fall asleep, sits in a big fire truck and pretends he's a tow truck driver. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou The Brave (#305)

    Caillou learns about ships and pretends he's a sea captain who's not afraid of the thunderstorm. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou The Snowman (#306)

    He takes a close look at snowflakes, practices playing hockey and uses a carboard box as a toboggan. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou The Musician (#307)

    He pretends he is a drummer, marches like a real marching band and sings in a talent show. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou The Magnificent (#308)

    He must decide what toy to bring to show and tell, does magic tricks and builds a castle from boxes. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou The Explorer (#309)

    He imagines he's at the south pole with penguins and a deep sea diver in the class fish tank. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou The Scientist (#310)

    He learns about magnets, looks at dinosaur skeletons at the museum & plays with his friends outside. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou The Artiste (#312)

    He makes Mommy a picture of the sun, helps Jeffrey and Jason make pizza and paints for his Grandma. [28 minutes]

  • Captain Caillou (#313)

    Calliou races his remote control sailboat and find many loud sounds outside while exploring. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Loves The Fall (#314)

    Caillou goes shopping for crayons, apple picking on a field trip and picks a Halloween costume. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Outdoors! (#315)

    The family makes a scarecrow and takes a car trip. Caillou meets a boy with Down's Syndrome. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou's Surprise (#316)

    Caillou learns how to make a cup in pottery class and throws Miss Martin a surprise birthday party. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou The Helper (#317)

    Caillou falls down and scrapes his knee, helps a police officer and meets one of Grandpa's friends. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou's Christmas (#318)

    Caillou goes caroling, brings his holiday stocking to playschool and tries to wait up for Santa. [28 minutes]

  • Springtime for Caillou (#319)

    Caillou makes valentines for his friends. Daddy plays an April Fool's trick on Mommy. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Can Do It! (#320)

    He helps Grandma with her garden, gets the measles, puts on a finger puppet show and collects rocks. [28 minutes]

  • Starry Night (#401)

    Grandpa brings out his telescope and introduces Caillou to constellations, planets and the moon. [28 minutes]

  • Lost and Found (#402)

    Caillou loses his voice, finds a frog in his throat and finds other neat ways to communicate. [28 minutes]

  • Just for Laughs (#403)

    Seeing a magician at a friend's birthday party inspires Caillou to put on a magic show of his own. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Helps Out (#404)

    Caillou plans a party for Grandpa, looks after Leo's pet hamster & takes care of Dad when he's sick. [28 minutes]

  • Imagine! (#405)

    Caillou stares at the clouds, turns the living room into a pirate ship & helps wash the family car. [28 minutes]

  • Words (#406)

    Caillou enjoys his favorite comic strip, writes a letter to Mommy & visits a big school with Sarah. [28 minutes]

  • I Can Do It! (#407)

    Caillou and Gilbert paint Rosie's dollhouse. He learns to play baseball, swim and tie his shoe. [28 minutes]

  • My Family (#408)

    Caillou takes pictures of his family, visits the zoo and helps Daddy built a present for Mommy. [28 minutes]

  • Winter! (#409)

    Sarah teaches Caillou to build a snowman and Dad helps him stay upright on his ice skates. [28 minutes]

  • After Dark! (#410)

    Caillou can't fall asleep when he hears scary "scratchy monster" noises and has a bad dream. [28 minutes]

  • Nature (#411)

    Caillou nurses a baby bird back to health, pretends to be a jungle explorer and camps in the woods. [28 minutes]

  • Knowing I'm Growing (#412)

    He needs new shoes and is too big for his shirt. He visits Sarah for little brother day at school. [28 minutes]

  • All Kinds of Weather (#413)

    Caillou learns about thunder, splashes in puddles and creates a pirate ship in his living room. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Discovers (#414)

    Caillou gets a new computer, finds a fish fossil rock, visits the library & takes his first flight. [28 minutes]

  • Friends (#415)

    Caillou's new friend Andrew accidentally breaks his chair. Leo hurts his ankle playing soccer. [28 minutes]

  • Springtime! (#416)

    Caillou helps with spring cleaning, jumps in puddles and contributes toys to a rummage sale. [28 minutes]

  • All in a Day (#417)

    Calliou plays a dressing game with Daddy's clothes, prepares a picnic with Mom and takes a bath. [28 minutes]

  • Celebrations (#418)

    Caillou has a party with all of his friends for his birthday. He learns about the Chinese New Year. [28 minutes]

  • Games to Play (#419)

    Mommy & Daddy help Caillou pretend to be animals when he's disappointed that he can't go to the zoo. [28 minutes]

  • Grown-Ups and Me (#420)

    Caillou spends the day with Clementine's family and makes new friends at his first day at day care. [28 minutes]

  • Try, Try Again (#421)

    Caillou goes for a hike in the woods, ties his shoe, learns to swim and plays baseball. [28 minutes]

  • Adventure! (#422)

    Caillou and his family go to the carwash and have a wonderful day riding rides at a theme park. [28 minutes]

  • Old and New (#423)

    Caillou goes to Grandma and Grandpa's house, a rummage sale and to the library for story time. [28 minutes]

  • Vacations (#424)

    He takes his first airplane flight, visits the beach and sets up a tent in the garden with Grandpa. [28 minutes]

  • Getting The Message (#425)

    He makes friends with Robbie, a deaf boy, and learns how to communicate using sign language. [28 minutes]

  • Fall Is in the Air (#426)

    Caillou plays in a pile of leaves. makes a jack-o-lantern and trick-or-treats as an astronaut. [28 minutes]

  • Knowing How (#427)

    Caillou takes skating lessons, learns about home addresses and tries to teach Rosie the A-B-C song. [28 minutes]

  • Changing Plans (#428)

    Caillou makes up a story on his own and plays it out with Rosie and plays a board game with Mom. [28 minutes]

  • Sounds and Music! (#429)

    Caillou makes a pretend horn with cardboard tubes and takes the subway with Mommy. [28 minutes]

  • I'm Learning (#430)

    Caillou visits a ranch and learns about horses. He practices a fire drill and has his face painted. [28 minutes]

  • People I Love (#431)

    Caillou gets a valentine card, dances with Grandma & helps as the waterboy for Dad's baseball team. [28 minutes]

  • The World Around Me! (#432)

    Caillou has a beanbag race with his friends and builds Gilbert a doghouse with a box and crayons. [28 minutes]

  • Machines! Brrrrrmmm! (#433)

    Caillou takes the subway with Mommy, learns about recycling, takes a boat trip & goes car shopping. [28 minutes]

  • It's Cold Outside! Brrr! (#434)

    Caillou takes a sleigh ride through a maple forest, makes a snow fort and goes tobogganing. [28 minutes]

  • New Places and New Things! (#435)

    He takes a boat trip and gets rewarded with stickers for brushing his teeth and cleaning his room. [28 minutes]

  • Step By Step! (#436)

    Caillou helps the repairman fix the washing machine and goes with Grandma to the Senior's residence. [28 minutes]

  • I Love to Pretend! (#437)

    Caillou pretends to be a robot and a bear. He demonstrates Karate moves and makes a pretend horn. [28 minutes]

  • All Wet! (#438)

    Caillou goes fishing, meets a girl who is in a wheelchair and makes a water park in his backyard! [28 minutes]

  • Animals and Me! (#439)

    Caillou visits a sheep farm, sees the elephants at the zoo and helps Mr. Hinkle build a dog house. [28 minutes]

  • Outdoor Adventures (#440)

    Caillou takes a canoe trip, has a picnic at the park & learns about patience when he goes fishing. [28 minutes]

  • All Around The Block! (#441)

    Caillou visits a tree nursery, plays an old toy horn and makes Mr. Hinkle a card when he is sick. [28 minutes]

  • Doing It Together! (#442)

    Caillou transforms a cardboard box into a rocket ship & makes snow castles & his own bowling alley. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Cares (#501)

    Caillou decides to keep a cricket as a pet, but it gets loose and he goes on a wild-cricket hunt. [28 minutes]

  • Can Do Caillou (#502)

    Caillou practices to learn how to roller skate. Clementine can whistle and Caillou can't! [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Gets Active (#503)

    Caillou shows Mommy and Daddy they can have fun no matter where they are - even a soggy beach! [28 minutes]

  • Cooking with Caillou (#504)

    Caillou makes pizza for dinner with his family and learns how much fun bowling can be. [28 minutes]

  • Big Time Caillou (#505)

    When Mommy gets a new pair of specs, Caillou wants glasses too so he pretends he has bad vision. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Explores (#506)

    Caillou learns that it's much easier to find the answers you're looking for when you ask questions. [28 minutes]

  • Blast Off to Space Caillou (#507)

    Caillou and Leo squabble over a toy shuttle they decided to share. Grandpa coaches the soccer team. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Learns Patience (#508)

    Daddy is building an ice rink in the backyard and Caillou can't wait to skate. [28 minutes]

  • Safety First Caillou (#509)

    Caillou realizes the importance of handwashing and following safety rules to cross the road. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou's Toy Trouble (#510)

    Caillou decides to trade his tiny toy shovel for some stickers, but soon he changes his mind. [28 minutes]

  • Considerate Caillou (#511)

    Caillou wants to learn to play a song on his little keyboard, but Rosie won't stop distracting him. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Tells The Truth (#512)

    Caillou and Leo accidentally break Rosie's clay poodle while playing and try to make another one. [28 minutes]

  • Creative Caillou (#513)

    Caillou accidentally crashes Sarah's kite into a tree and Daddy suggests they make a homemade kite. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Helps Out (#514)

    Grandma shows Caillou her composter and Caillou and Daddy make a visit to a tree farm. [28 minutes]

  • Big Brother Caillou (#515)

    When Caillou accidentally breaks Daddy's guitar string, he realizes accidents happen sometimes. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou's Discoveries (#516)

    Caillou is working on a model of the solar system but a little ball he's using for Mars disappears. [28 minutes]

  • Growing Up Caillou (#517)

    Caillou wants to run a marathon, just like Daddy. Caillou likes sailing with Daddy and Grandpa. [28 minutes]

  • Good Friend Caillou (#518)

    Caillou is annoyed because Clementine is being a copycat. Caillou draws a poster for his friend. [28 minutes]

  • Thoughtful Caillou (#519)

    Mrs. Howard has sprained her ankle and Caillou wants to help her around the house. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou Shows Responsibility (#520)

    Miss Martin agrees to loan Caillou a preschool book, as long as he promises to take good care of it. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou in the Garden (#521)

    Caillou takes Grandpa for a walk in an effort to keep him away from the house for a surprise party. [28 minutes]

  • Caillou The Brave (#522)

    Caillou is afraid to go on a camel ride after Leo tells him camels are mean and they like to spit! [28 minutes]

  • Caillou's Play Time (#523)

    It's a rainy day and Caillou doesn't know what to do, until Daddy discovers some old puzzles! [28 minutes]

  • Caillou's Favorite Things (#524)

    Caillou finds a tiny kitten while searching for his beloved Rexy and he wants to keep it. [28 minutes]

  • Team Player Caillou (#525)

    A musician shows the kids many instruments and Caillou is chosen to be the orchestra's conductor. [28 minutes]

  • Surprise Caillou! (#526)

    [28 minutes]

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