Episode Three

The common denominator for humans across cultures--and through time--is the power the National Parks of Colorado have on the human spirit.
April 16, 2019 1:00 pm on IPTV.3 | Episode #103 | 56 minutes | Visit Website

Heart of the World: Colorado's National Parks

Series Overview

Narrated by Grammy-winning country music star Kathy Mattea, "Heart of the World: Colorado's National Parks" tells the stories of five of the most amazing parks on the planet. Each episode elegantly fuses together the natural histories of each park (approximately 10 -12 minutes per park, per program). The three-hour documentary series combines stunning photography of the parks filmed through the seasons; breathtaking helicopter aerials; inspirational on-camera interviews; outstanding wildlife shots that include bears, bighorn sheep, moose and elk; and fascinating 3D graphics to tell the stories of five of the most remarkable places on the planet. Ten-time Grammy nominee Peter Kater created the moving and poignant musical score.