Episode #105

Bucket takes Marley's ledger from a surly Scrooge, and goes to visit Venus who is helping him with his bad back. Then he pores over the names of the creditors looking for clues. Arthur returns to his rooms, startled to find Compeyson there. Compeyson realising that Arthur is concerned by his sexuality, bullies him provocatively. Compeyson then pretends to be an old friend of Hawdon's in order to get close to Amelia again at the New...
December 16, 2018 10:00 pm on IPTV.1 | Episode #105 | 57 minutes


Series Overview

Dickensian is a bold reinvention of Charles Dickens' timeless novels, where his most iconic characters live side by side in the same Victorian neighbourhood. Free from the straightjacket of adaptation, Dickensian takes familiar characters on new journeys. Discover the events that lead up to Miss Havisham's wedding day, the sacrifices made by a young Lady Dedlock and find out what happens to ruthless moneylender Jacob Marley. You don't need to know Dickens' novels to fall in love with these stories - packed with romance, scandal and intrigue they deliver a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns to surprise and delight viewers to the final episode. The stunning backdrop of Victorian London is brought to life by a stellar cast including Stephen Rea, Pauline Collins, Caroline Quentin and Peter Firth. Dickensian is period drama as we've never seen it before.